G@G Tip: Utilizing the Follow Feature!

Hey GAGers!

We're here to briefly talk about the follow feature! Here are a few concepts that you should get on board with to enrich your GirlsAskGuys experience! :)

Following other users will enrich your GAG experience

When you start following other users you will be able to customize your GAG content flow. This will expose you to more interesting Questions and myTakes to view!

To view content ONLY from your followed users simply click/tap on the Followed Users icon ("buddy" icon) located at the top of your Live Feed and Questions/myTakes list pages.

You will also see these users' opinions first on single Question and myTake pages, since the users you follow will be stacked on top of other opinions.

Recommended Questions/myTakes favors your followed users too.

You can see all your follows (users/topics) in your profile under the "Follows" tab.

Filter your feed by Followed users!

When you post a question, an opinion, a comment, or a myTake, your followers will see your activity in their Live Feed if they filter their activity by "follows." Similarly, you can filter your Live Feed, Questions, or myTakes pages by clicking the "buddy" icon located at the top right of those pages. This will show only the activity from the users you are following!

Following "Private" profiles

When you have a private profile, only the users you are following will be able to see the information on your profile. You will also receive a notification when a user requests to follow you and then you can approve or deny the follow request.

Receive messages only from users you follow

By following users you can even customize who can message you. There is a setting for this in your profile. To change this setting, simply go to your profile/settings page and check the box that says "Allow messages only from people I follow" and then click "Save."

Earn Xper points for followers!

Every time you are followed by another member, you will receive +1 Xper point. Being active on the site will get you noticed and help you receive more follows which is a great way to earn more Xper points!

For more information about follows or if you have any other questions about following and how it works, check out the FAQ section or feel free to contact us! :)

PS: Following Questions/myTakes feature is being improved and will soon be available again.


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  • The follow feature of this site at the moment is pretty much useless, the whole point of getting in touch with the user is lost. The only time it is useful is when I forget the name while mentioning then I can look up for them in the following.

    Instead of "My recent activity" on profile page, there should be "friend's recent activity" in there.
    That way I can tell what people I am following are doing.

    • What do you mean by "point of getting in touch with the user is lost"?
      You can see your following users' activity on the live feed when filtered by clicking on the "buddy" icon.

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    • Please let me know if I'm understanding correctly but the activity of followed users you want to see on your profile can already be viewed on your Live Feed page:
      Click on the "buddy" icon... You can even save that preference, so that the next time you go to Live Feed you will see the same content again.

    • @menguc Oh ya we can, I was using the buddy option on the questions section, and that's why I thought we cannot see the activity. Thanks.

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What Girls Said 3

  • When will you guys give out personal information", like addresses and phone numbers, so I can really follow them?

  • Can you add an option to finter out anonymous questions when they pop up on your feed because someone you follow answered one?

    I get the need for allowing anonymous questions... but soooooo many of them are just senseless trolling...

    People are free to answer as many as the want of course... but it really clutters your feed with garbage and wastes a lot of time... assuming that you value your won time. 😉😉

  • Does this divide GaG in any way? Ex) if there is a great question in the feed, but I mostly see stuff my groups of friends like, does this change the way I see GaG vs someone else in another friend group?

    • If you filter your feed by users you follow then yes, you will see the things they post on. If other people filter by users they follow, they will see different posts because it depends on what questions the users they follow are being active on.

What Guys Said 4

  • Why do we no longer have the option to follow questions?

  • 5000 followers = 5000 xper -> win.

    Finally this has some use and the site seems to take an improvement to the right direction. Time to follow some chicks

  • Oh damn the irony