5 New Sections on G@G that NEED to be Created

This site has a weird phenomena where the overwhelming majority of the users on here are tired of the same questions, yet still get asked into the ground beyond all logic and reasoning. So, instead of blocking entire sections, here are a few sections that should be created solely to leave the rest of us alone, cause clearly the blocking strategy doesn't work 🙄. On top of that, gag admin should be able to change the category it was originally posted in.

1- Politics

Contrary to popular belief, I actually really like politics. Took AP gov, 2 American politics classes in college, etc... but so many people are literally too stupid to talk about politics (and a multitude of subjects) that it's not worth it. This is literally the reason for this take. Despite me already blocking Trending/News and Society/culture sections and planning on it for the next 6 months cause I'm tried of election talk, I'm still getting a stupid amount of feeds of cancer, that is election talk. We get it.

You Trump supporters are the epitome of obnoxiousness and sore winners. We get it. Y'all won despite literally no one believing it (not even the GOP and trump camp, so stop acting like y'all knew shit) and wanna gloat about it. Congratu-fucking-lations! And you pussy shit Clinton fucktards are nothing more than butthurt hypocrites. Y'all literally acting like the same whiny brats trump monkeys were acting for the past 18 months. Trump won. Get over it! Either move on and quit being annoying, or if you continue to be miserable and obnoxious, leave the other 95% of us out of your shit 🖕

2- Dick size question

The incredible part isn't the fact that dudes are so concerned about their dick size. It's the fact that these morons went out of their way to get a ruler and actually measure their dicks, not only randomly, but when they have a boner and probably in the middle of jerking off

3- Tits or ass

Again, it's not so much to me that people keep asking it, despite it getting asked 30x a minute on this site. It's the fact that, despite it being asked 30x a minute on this site, when I (or others) tell them to stop asking, it's somehow me (or others) being rude cause of its unoriginality. No one cares and most will take both

4- Potpourri

There is an "other" section, but this is different. Inexplicably, this site has this tendency where users ask the same question over and over again from different users. Last 1 was last time, it was the "what do you think of me?" thing. It was actually fun to answer the 1st 4 or 5 times... After that, y'all just need to stop 😑. Anytime a question gets asked 8 times or so in like 2 hours, they all should just get transposed into this section

5- Miscellaneous

This is just anything I missed... and I know I missed shit load, but I'm blanking 🙃. I know some will say "am I fat?" or "am I ugly?", but there are entire sections of the same question (here's to you "how do I look" section 👍🍻)


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  • They had a Politics section when they switched go this new layout a few years ago. Nowadays, it's the Society & Culture and Trending & News sections.

    They need... absolutely NEED to ban penis size questions again (they did once, but lifted it). Likewise with the questions about *ahem* feminine features.

    They do have a "miscellaneous" section. It's "Other".

    • They need to bring it back, then. The reason why is because society and culture is more than just politics. I've also been lobbying for a travel section, among other things (to no avail)... and that's depressing. Knowing they have the power to ban certain questions, yet they don't despite literally everyone complaining except blue anon 🙄

      I meant miscellaneous as in any question that I hadn't named should have their own section, not a miscellaneous section... shoulda maybe explained that better...

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  • Good ideas but for me I have perfected a eyes glazing over approach where I daydream my way through questions till I find one I like

  • What about NSFW?
    The hell man?
    Perhaps a /b/ board too.

    • Technically they delete shit nsfw... although, I find it weird that they'll also allow cussing and allow people to be descriptive as possible about sex

  • Section for social justice warriors please?