G@G Improvements That May Help (From My View)


G@G Improvements That May Help (From My View)
Just some ideas I had and may share with others on G@G. Born out of my frustrations with the Zoo Keepers here.

G@G Improvements That May Help (From My View)

1. Suggest an Edit.

People work very hard on their Takes and it doesn't help them or sit well with them to have someone else revamp them. If Editors were in fact true Editors it would be most welcome if they suggested what may need improving rather than changing it outright. Allowing the G@G member to learn and adapt. At the very least we could be more involved with OUR Content ultimately choosing how are work is received.

G@G Improvements That May Help (From My View)

2. Give everyone 24 hours to edit the spelling in their Takes and Questions.

Sometimes we don't catch it until after posting and it's very annoying to read the one or two comments on the use of "They, They're, Their, Your and You're." We are all Human and prone to mistakes, give us the chance to fix our misspelling and partially silence the Grammar Nazis.

G@G Improvements That May Help (From My View)

3. The Down Votes.

Bring them back so the rest of us, that don't care either way, won't have to listen to the complaints any more.

G@G Improvements That May Help (From My View)

4. Add a Humor/Sarcasm Topic category.

There are a lot of posts that I have seen that are very funny as long as they are not taken seriously. Sarcasm is hard enough to pull off online without people taking offense to everything you didn't mean that way. That and I think most times people here need a laugh or two.

G@G Improvements That May Help (From My View)

5. Limit the number of "How do I look?" posts to one per month, per member.

This would just prevent a repeat Askers and Trolls from controlling the live feed. (I know it's a big ask that won't happen but it's MY-TAKE.)

G@G Improvements That May Help (From My View)

6. Tailor the Live Feed to the Member.

Put the questions and MyTakes of the Topics that they follow above those that have just been commented on. It's very aggravating to see 5 new posts on the same question in separate blocks on the Live Feed page.

G@G Improvements That May Help (From My View)
Maybe in a year I'll get to see if my suggestions take hold but the rate of bitching to reality is roughly as fast as seeing Haley's Comet twice in a lifetime. Anyways that is all I can think of...for now...

G@G Improvements That May Help (From My View)
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  • smell-my-fingers

    Very nice, bra! I say #1 (SHOCKING REVOLATIN!) Yet necessarily explicitly explained to some editors! *rolls eyes* Like were attacking THEM! Yes, I absolutely hate you because I think you should edit your myTake! (BTW:see next part)

    #4 is 110% on target, "relax, lay back and expect a little bit of purposefully (though seemingly cruel, esp. to the low-self-esteemed) sarcasm and/or tongue-in-cheek humor without throwing a temper tantrum! You can pull through, I'm PRETTY sure! Try biting your lip if necessary! :/

    But how dare you suggest #5! LOL! Yeah, if you need to be reassured of your appearance more than every two weeks or so, then you probably should seek a better forum for help that G@G, although some people can be considerably helpful,... of course! (call me!)

    I never knew it was so common Hal'y Cm't; y=(bitching/reality); y=? Hmm... yep, I agree!

    Nice job on the 'myTake', my friend, and I just woke up like 7 seconds ago! Nice to see someone setting the stage/ideals for realistic writing a little bit!

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    • Ouch! "*REVELATION"

    • Hey, what's he "thumbs down" from, I remember it but I can't quite place it! It's (by my easily amused sense of humor) hilarious! I find humor in the most minute things far harder to keep from breaking into a hard-fast laugh than that's a' cracking obvious BS whatever! It's just slow damn slow right at the perfect pace/pause/timing to make me go "That's got laugh built into it!" I'm "LOL-ing" or actually, let's be realistic, I'm TECHNICALLY "L-ingOL!" Why should I lie?

      thanks BTW!

  • Fathoms77

    I would like to say that as an admin, I appreciate your suggestions here and you will find a direct message from me, addressing some of them. :)


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