G@G Update: Like, Mute, and More Xpers?

G@G Updates: A Guide to Our Recent Changes!

Hey GAGers!

Most of you have probably noticed quite a bit of changes in this recent update. So, we wanted to provide everyone with a complete list of the changes that were made and what you need to know to navigate/use the site with these updates.

"Like" Feature

We are happy to announce the introducation of a "like" feature!

  • The like button is the heart-shaped icon located at the bottom left corner of questions, myTakes, and Opinions.
  • This feature takes the place of the up/down vote system. So now, when you like a Question, myTake, or Opinion, you can simply click the "like" button to show that you agree or enjoyed reading the post.
  • If you accidently "like" a post, don't worry, you can simply click the button again to "un-like" it.
  • This feature also comes with a new notification! When a user "likes" your question or myTake, you will receive a notification letting you know who liked it! If you do not want to receive these notifications, you can simply go to your profile settings, scroll down to where it says "notifications" and uncheck the box that says "Someone likes your Question/myTake." Then click "save."

New "look" for the Interaction Bar

The interaction bar is the bar you see when you visit a question or myTake that lets you know information such as how many users have left opinions from each gender, etc. There are now new options located in this area, it can also be seen on Opinions, Opinion Comments, Question list pages, and the Live Feed.

On Question and myTake pages

  • You will see the "like" button with like count by gender
  • "Share an opinion" button with opinion count by gender.
  • "More" button with the option to report the question and mute notifications for that post.
  • "Next" button which will take you to the next question or myTake in the list.

On Opinions for Questions and myTakes

  • You will see the "like" button and like count by gender.
  • "Comment" icon and comment count by gender.
  • MHO button (for question askers).
  • "More" button with option to report the opinion or the "Anonymous" option on your own opinion.

On Opinion Comments

  • You will see the "Reply to this comment" button.
  • "More" button with the option to report the comment.

Xper Changes

With this new update comes a few new changes to our Xper point system!

  • Having a question/myTake "liked" 5 times gives 3 Xper points to the Question Asker/myTake Owner. If members "un-like" their content, it does not remove the Xper points that were given.
  • Having an Opinion "liked" at least 5 times gives 3 Xper points to the Opinion Owner. If members "un-like" the opinion, it does not remove the Xper points that were given.
  • Having an Opinion "liked" by the Question Asker/myTake Owner still gives 1 Xper point, just like with the previous "up voting" system that was in place.

Mute Notifications

Users can now have the option to "mute" notifications!

  • If you no longer want to receive notifications for a specific post, simply click the button that says "mute notifications" located where the "more" button is on the bottom right corner of the question.

  • This button is visible to the Question Asker/myTake Owner, anyone who left an Opinion on the question/myTake, and anyone who left an Opinion Comment on the question/myTake.
  • The button will "mute" notifications for new opinions, new comments, mentions, MHO awards, and "like" notifications.
  • By clicking "unmute notifications," the post will be "un-muted" and the user will receive all new notifications for their posts.

Play icon for Videos

  • When you see a video on a question or mytake there is now a "play" icon in the image on the homepage, live feed, and other places on the site!

So there you have it, GAGers! Let us know what you think of all of these changes in the comments below! If you have any questions, feel free to post them and we will respond as quickly as possible :)


Most Helpful Girl

  • I told you guys letting people know who likes things is going to be problematic and here we are. A feature no one needs that takes away from the site. I also notice the follow system THAT WAS ACTUALLY USEFUL still isn't back and the button glitch for mobile hasn't been fixed either. And no quick jump to each genders' posts. WHY DOES THIS SITE KEEP GETTING HARDER TO USE?

    The only good part of this update is the muting system. Because it's USEFUL.

    And where did you guys get this heart idea? It doesn't fit the site theme, it doesn't fit the site atmosphere, and it *definitely* doesn't fit the community. Little hearts and no downvotes aren't going to make the community a nicer place. Effective community management and logical topic promotion would do that for you.

    This update is so frustrating because it shows that, once again, the administrators aren't listening. You don't listen to things we do want, you constantly make the moderators' jobs harder, and you make ridiculous decisions. Stop that.

    • The button bug is even worse now. Buttons rarely respond on the first tap if at all.

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    • @BuchitaBuchys lol let me hold back my surprise.

    • :O
      I can read things now. The fonts were grey n thin all this time.

Most Helpful Guy

  • ... you know, I liked the downvotes. Did you know that people since the start have been eager to get a DISLIKE button on Facebook? There used to be extensions for it and everything.
    It showed that you've resonated a chord in some people. I loved collecting downvotes, they were each like trophies. Now all I get is a pat on the back. I find it disheartening.

    And with all the text everywhere, the UI feels bloated, even if less cryptic (it was certainly awkward for new users, considering they had no idea what was what; but all they saw was icons).

    I dislike the new placement of the "Post a comment" button and the "...".
    I think the LIKE (numbers) then COMMENT (numbers) is.. disorienting. Oh well.

    I really dislike the lack of downvotes.

    • ... yeah, I'm now going to click on the "..." instead of "post a comment" for a while.

      Ugh. >.>

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    • @redeyemindtricks That too.

      I feel like the site has no purpose for me anymore.

      I'm not even sure why I'm here.

    • I honestly loved it when it was [3,6] and [5,2] or something along those lines.
      As great as it is to have [3,10] and [2,0] I prefer the more balanced one since it shows that there are people that disagree with me that aren't just bitter.

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What Girls Said 25

  • I absolutely hate that you are furthering censoring and are trying to PG this site... it was nice having a simple dislike vote to know when my opinion is unpopular and to easily know when someone disagrees... by taking that away you are taking away opinions... those people most likely are not going to comment on my post saying that they disagree, so now I'll never know if people dislike what I'm saying.

    I don't want to be part of a world where it's only okay to upvote things and it's wrong to easily express a different opinion.

    Also, I dislike that you moved the "post a comment" button. It's really annoying and definitely will take an adjustment period... it was better fitted on the right side.

    • I agree with you

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    • This si the only thing i don't like, getting rid of the dislike feature or down vote, should be allowed.

  • The "like" button and removal of the down vote makes it seem more like Facebook

    • Funny thing because that's exactly why I find Facebook boring.


  • interesting changes... but why remove the downvote button? :/

    • i think they do this because otherwise people will change their opinion to popular opinions because people will down vote what is not popular. then you will get a bunch of variations of the same popular opinion while unpopular opinions are down voted into oblivion.

  • The update looks like you took a Manic Pixie Dream Girl, threw her in a meat grinder and spread her innards all over the website. Fix it. It's horrible.

    • Oh my god i feel so bad for laughing right now XD

    • @BellePepper no Manic Pixie Dream Girls were harmed in the writing of this opinion. The same cannot be said for the website update.

  • Some things are good, like not getting notifications when the QA up votes but the down vote button... Nope.. That wasn't a good idea... The down vote button was so good to avoid arguments, you might get so annoyed of what u read that u just can't leave it alone, so to avoid any arguments, u just down vote it but now, we must go through an argument and might be mean... That sucks.. I REALLY hope the down vote button would be back, besides, the good thing is that u will have no notifications about it, so you won't notice it unless u go back to your opinion, and SOME gaggers need to learn how not to care about how many downvoted them coz not everyone will agree, and life goes on...

  • I hope to get more points now :P

    • Same here, I'm going to cash in on XPer because my posts gets lots of likes. πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°

  • Well i assure you that lack of the dislike button won't make the site a happier place. I'll be forced to use my words now... Even more that usual

  • Guess it's time for me to find a new forum.

  • I came up with the mute feature. πŸ˜›

  • Did they fix the mention glitch yet?
    Can we finally receive notifications for mentions again?

  • -I'm still waiting on being able to follow questions and takes again like we used to before all these update shenanigans.

    -Bring back the downvote! You could make it a broken heart to go with this cutesy, pixie, cheesy theme you got going on.

    -Will there ever be an app for Android users? I remember y'all had one for iPhone, but iPhone is not my thang, you know what I'm sayin'?

  • Please bring back the down vote button. Some people need to know we disagree with what they are saying but sometimes we don't want to have to explain why we disagree to trolls

  • Lmao so we can see the users who liked the posts now? This is going to ruin some gag friendships I bet.

    I'm not popular here so I could care less. The new features are awesome

    I love that we can unlike something we accidentally liked

  • I am still a little confused hahah! Its okay I'll get the hang of it!

  • This site has changed so much from wheni first started!

  • "When a user "likes" your question or myTake, you will receive a notification letting you know who liked it!"

    Is it the same with opinions? Meaning, when someone likes your opinion can you know who liked it?

    Also, thank you for this update explanation! :)

  • I'm so happy I can stop being notified when the QA upvotes my opinion. That was so a bit much.

  • I want downvote back!

  • alright thanks :)

  • I am very recent to GirlsAskGuys andd I was wondering... what exactly do you do with xper points? It's a great site to be on with many opinions that are interesting to read, but seriously... What are xpers and what do you do with them?

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What Guys Said 28

  • I think a lot of people are frustrated with the down-vote feature being removed.

    Do you guys have an explanation or reason for removing the feature?

    • Yes to many butt hurt people.

    • It's probably an effort to promote ~Harmony~ which is ironic considering the content that's encouraged by the staff.

    • There's been a lot of negative anonymous trolling in the past few years. in my opinion this change makes sense because for someone to publicly disagree the person is forced to identify themselves (opinion comments cannot be post anonymous).

  • What happen to the dislike button I miss it that was the first thing I notice what's happening with that... Stop messing around on the site and work on creating a mobile app.

  • Now I cannot downvote that creepy guy's opinion, who told that underage girl to get implants.

    But now some insane haters cannot stalk me and downvote my opinions without any reason.

    I am confused if I should be happy or not.

    Other changes are cool! :)

  • On the removal of downvoting:

    GaG has been getting increasingly tedious and toxic over time. A lot of the people I actually liked and admired on the site had left, in large part because the atmosphere was often repellent. It's getting to be like the worst of a stereotypical high-school experience, and especially for mature users (of all ages) that is by no means a selling point.

    Without downvotes, people will have to actually engage ideas with which they disagree, and articulate, as best they can, a counter argument. That's a postive, both for people who can disagree and articulate a counter argument, AND for the people whose opinions they wish to critique. People who preferred to drive-by criticize while hiding behind anonymity will be at a disadvantage. Then again, that activity was no asset to the site.

  • I want to make a request. I think it's an easy one.
    This is on mobile, and
    I know the ads are loaded from another source, but could you please put them inside something (a div) with a preset height?
    Because in the mobile version, if I start scrolling as the page loads, it keeps shifting down because the ads add vertical space in the page while they're loading.

    If scrolling sounds stupid, it mostly happens when I press the back button, because the browser puts me directly where I was before, and I start scrolling and 2 seconds later the ads come and I get a bit lost on where I was.

    Please let me know if you have no idea of what I'm talking about here

    • Seriously, no one?
      Nobody faces this problem? And no developer saw this? Please it's an easy one 😒

  • Where is the promised "Follow" button?

  • U know what... GaG may have removed the dislike button to force those who disagree to use words AND identify themselves (opinion comments can't be done anonymous).

    Not a bad idea. This will completely dead anonymous trolling. Anyone who wants to display their disagree-ance has to reveal themselves.

    We will see how this plays out.

    • I would dislike this if I could. I want to be able to simply say "no, I disagree" to things without wasting any real time. I also like to be able to anonymously express disagreement with more popular or universal opinions.

    • I agree 100%.

  • people are dying of serious diseases, people are dying of starvation, people are being killed in car accidents on a daily basis, families are broken or falling apart, and this world is generally just a mess...

    ... yet here people are moaning about tiny little changes to an internet forum. Perspective. its not the end of the world... stop treating it like it is.

    • You could say that about every single thing that irritates you. It doesn't stop it from being irritating, now does it?

    • sometimes we need reminding how shit the world is and how many problems there are. changes to an internet forum are not even worth getting stressed or pissed off about if you think about it...

  • I like these changes alright. Guess the FB users will be happier lol. Time to use the heart shaped button here too :D

  • Another load of pointless changes that does nothing to improve the user experience. There have been just too many over the last few months. GAG is slowly but surely becoming less pleasant. Not because of GAGers, but because of the site itself.

    • The serif font for some of the text is now awful, as well! Is GAG trying to drive us all away? Come on, Admin! Give us back a decent site that's a pleasure to use!

    • This is literally impossible to read.

  • Stop trying to become some kind of viral social media like Facebook, because you're not. Get rid of the "like" shit and bring back upvotes. And definitely bring back downvotes, like wtf? We're not allowed to disagree with people anymore?

    • in my opinion this is an experiment to get rid of negative anonymous trolling. For one to show their disagreeance one has to use words, AND can't go anonymous (comments aren't allowed to go anonym ).

      So u can disagree. U just have to use words and reveal yourself.

      We will see how this experiment goes!

    • @Prof_Don Hmm, didn't think of it like that. I understand now

  • Thanks for the explanation πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • So where's the dislike button?

    • This update looks more like a downgrade.
      Why did you remove the column at the top which would allow me to skip to guys or girls opinions?
      What about following myTakes? Bring that back!!!

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    • I guess the GaG admins decided that was a good trade off to eliminate "pessimism trolls"

    • @Prof_Don Did people really care if they got a lot of dislikes from bitter people?

  • Now all you need to do is make messaging formats with unlimited characters, and allow users to either edit their Takes after posting or be able to repost it altogether if they want to start over.

  • I dont get notifications for mentions anymore. Is this according to plan or?

  • I actually love the fact that downvotes were taken out. Now people will actually have to explain why they don't like a post.

    Purely disliking a post without any reason would be the equivalent of throwing an insult.




  • wish i delayed posting my recent myTake...

  • I can see posts of people I blocked and who blocked me... I think at least the ones I blocked before were not visible before. is this normal?

    • another thing: mentioned notification are not working... I noticed multiple times that I got mentioned without receiving a notification. nothing muted or blocked

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    • You shouldn't be seeing blocked user's content on the Feed and on Question and myTake list pages... However you see them on the single Questions and myTake pages (as it was before)

    • @menguc okay thanks

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