Why I am STILL on G@G

My take on the relationship of a random guy on internet with a website

Why I am STILL on G@G

Namaste from India. It is always a pleasure when people around the world read what you have to say. This paragraph is a little bit off-topic and is only for my fans, nerds, stalkers and curious people. I am criticised for lengthy takes so you can just scroll down until you see a picture of banana. At least it will cut one or two paras and save some time.

Why I am writing a take about why I am here? Why should you know? What's the point? It's been more than a year that I've been using this site. I spent just way too much time here that it really affected me somewhat, but I carried on because I always thought that I am always right, nobody can stop me from doing what I wanna do here. My opinions are better and that's why I can judge the people. New users are ruining the site, moderation is unfair, this place has become a popularity contest.

I still remember why I signed up. A guy was so confused and I was like "Man, the solution is very easy" but I needed an account to help him and rest is history. It was the place to make your opinions count. The UI was awesome, that captivating 'Guru' badge which made me feel like I'm not in an uncharted place. A cool mod badge which was like you are stung by a spider and you became spider-man. Oh boy, good old days. But I made a mistake, I became addicted. I was just a mere visitor of this website. This site was for me, I wasn't for this site. I started to mention the things I "hate". Then, there came a guy that I thought wasn't helpful for this community, he taught me that "hate" is such a powerful word. You may dislike several things but hating something will deride your own values. If you "hate" this place, then why are you here? I was speechless. I had no answers.

Some other users also told me to take a break or just discontinue for good because I was no longer the man I used to be. Thank god, I realised it on time. And now after logging in again, I felt like I am coming back to my home sweet home after accomplishing so much in my real life and being a better person. But why I logged in again? Scroll down.

Here's banana so, we can start counting the reasons why I will probably always keep an account on this site.

1. Introversion and lonliness

The most obvious reason why more than 90% people are on this site. Some people don't have close friends to talk and share their feelings, some people are depressed because of various hurdles in their relationships, some people are so shy and hesitant to meet new people and some are just introverts sitting inside their bedroom wondering if there is another human on this planet or not. No wonder, I am one of them. Fortunately or unfortunately, I am an introvert and unluckily, I am a shy guy too. I don't talk as much as I type on my computer on a daily basis. I have so many friends but I always felt detached with the society. There are a few close childhood friends too, who know me more than anyone else but as we grew up, I started losing them one by one. Human is a social animal and without society, he cannot expect life. This site compelled me to write, compelled me to participate, compelled me... to talk. My weakness. I never felt that happiness before. An ingenious person said:

There is no introvert, online.

2. To understand the opposite sex

GirlsAskGuys is all about closing the gap between genders by bringing them together to help each other by sharing their experiences and opinions to help the opposite sex understand their own. Thanks to GAG, I am finally 1% closer to understand what women are. It's so easy. All you have to do is not to do what you are supposed to do which should be done but don't even think to speak about it and at the same time don't remain silent and perpetually reply to her questions like "are you okay?" in either no or yes (which also means 'no'). Simple af. Thanks GAG, you the real MVP!

Jokes aside, it is really helpful to be honest. Generally, we meet the opposite sex as one of your parents (who won't judge you and be nice to you), your friends (who are the best peeps on the planet) and your SO (who loves you). They will keep you happy and frequently try to compromise. Then how are you supposed to understand what's actually in their mind? How are they from inside? The answer is, anonymous community. You can find a real piece of constructive criticism here. I started to look girls from different angle now. I believe, there are only three astute users here (yes, I'm egoistic) who are always better percipient than me. And out of these three, there are two girls. 66%!

3. A million ways to live in the west

I'm not a traveller kind of person, thanks to my weak immunity and lazy friends. There is so much to learn from the countries around the world. Eastern and western world is so alike and yet so different. Being advanced and trendsetter, it is nice to juxtapose and keep up with the western peeps and their culture. With around 47.72% from US, 7.94% from UK and 5.91% from Canada, this place has a tremendous share of western visitors. I learned so much about their lifestyle, fashion, culture, festivals, music, revolutions, perspective and some other random shit. Some things are better while rest are bitter, creating an equilibrium across the globe indicating we all are given equal amount of resources and opportunities. The most shocking one for me was the parenting system. Parents there don't care about the grades but happiness of the child unlike here, but once they grow up, they have to pay the expenses while here in the east, I am browsing this site without any concern while my dad is paying the bills. This sums it all up.

4. To learn English

I cannot believe I am admitting this. I put this in #4 because generally, people tend to read first two and last two points of the article and ignore the rest. This is the real reason why I joined and used this site a lot. I am a little bit ashamed to admit this. "Little bit" because it is not my mother tongue and I belong to a very backward city, where if you will try to speak in English, 85% won't understand a single sentence and rest would consider you a show-off. In order to become a successful person, it is kind of necessary to have a good knowledge of English and a good vocab. At first I joined this site, I was terrible but now, I guess I'm improved. In fact, a lot of users complimented my English, lol unbelievable. I took some help from my best friend too (he is very good at English). I showed him my opinions on GAG and he was like "Dude, wtf happened to your p*nis?" I replied that there is nothing wrong with my pee pee but I am helping someone. He replied that "But why do you care about someone else's p*nis?". That convo was really awkward haha but at the end of the day, I learned a lot.

I think my trick worked. I never showed the people here that I can't speak English. I lied, I kept it simple, I repeated and finally, people believed. THIS is what I want to teach some Turkish users here. Last year, I visited a lot of questions from Turkish fellows. They wanted to learn English. The mistake they made was that they admitted it directly. I tried to help them, dunno if it worked but at least they logged out happily. So guys, either pay for a good teacher or just... fake it and try over and over again by indulging in discussions and similar environment. Even a lion will start eating grass if he left in grassland alone.

5. Only site where site owners talk to me (us?)

Admins are always available to hear your cry and feed-backs. They also accept your rants as long as they make sense. Good thing is, they reply. I used so many accoladed sites, they receive your feedback but they don't contact you back which makes this place unique.

Out of the blue, they even teach you some serious life lessons. I was talking with a senior admin about the inequality of this site and his response made me realise that I have a long way to go.

6. To make this world a happier place

THIS makes this site really addictive. Ask questions, share opinions, help each other and be happy. Loved every reply containing "Aww", "Thanks man", "It helped", "You're really a nice guy" (dunno if it was for or against), "I'm feeling better :)", etc. etc. I noticed that there is an xper system and points which will give you rewards. I didn't want anything. I have everything so what could I do with those points. I found that there was an option to donate to an organization called RAVEN. I have witnessed domestic violence and believe me, it is traumatic. It was such a pleasure to contribute (by just having fun on a website). I felt so contented. It is a dream to make every person happy. I know it is impossible because even god failed to do so, but since my birth, I realised that this burden is upon my shoulders. I think I really made this world... a little bit less terrible.

7. To actually get some help

I joined this site when I was on the verge of break-up. I returned after a long break and history really repeated itself. Life is so unfair and people are so mean. I must say, people here provided a good support in my dark days. There was a point where I was so scared of some transmitted diseases but ~20 users answered my question and gave a relief. That serenity is worth a million. I usually use this site for fashion and health tips, it's top-hole!

8. To do what I can't do elsewhere

First of all, I hate ("dislike" I should say) to write articles. I dunno why I am doing this but I really-really don't like it. I was born intelligent but education ruined me. I never got more than 7 marks out of 10 in article writing. But here on GAG, I don't know how easily my takes were promoted. Either they must be god or I'm improving. I use this site to enhance my writing skills too. The thrill of getting your work promoted is marvellous.

There are so many things I do here which I can't do in real world like uploading ugly pics (no one will judge you here and if someone did, would you even care?), pics in formal suit (my friends would mock me if I did that on Facebook), trolling (harmlessly, just for fun), teasing random strangers to their limits, sharing your measurements (no seriously, I never did that)

9. Love don't let me go

The reason that I log in over and over and over again is YOU. Thanks for every moment we shared with each other. This is certainly not an anonymous community. The founder and developers knew that their site will get lost in the horde so, they included social elements to keep the people interested like telling the users' age, location, sex, relationship status, profile picture, ability to follow them, their mood, 'about me' and various other things. Having a humorous username and being outspoken, the inevitable happened. I came here to keep a low profile but this site operated in a way that I made some really good friends and I treat some of them like my family members. It'd be so mean to leave it all behind. We laughed, we loved, we lived. This is my second universe. The sheer tenacity is the product of all the members' participation. It is your love, which doesn't let me go.


Tolga Tanriseven & co.


Me as Take Owner
You as Reader

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My mom

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My dad

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David Guetta

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GAG developing team

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That girl from the neighbourhood of my maternal uncle

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Production Management
Civil hospital of my city

Second unit director or Assistant director
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Your Monitor/Smartphone

My mind

Electrical department
Intel, Samsung, nVidia, Dell, Ruling Government

Β©2007-2016 GirlsAskGuys, Inc. All copyrights and other trademarks belong to their respective owners.

Thanks for reading. Hope you liked it. I really enjoyed writing another myTake after a long time and it was about the whole community that really was the icing on the ​cake.

What about you? Why do you use this site? What makes you log in every day? Share your thoughts. I would love to hear from you.

Game on folks, believe!


Most Helpful Girl

  • I like the credits part of this myTake, that gave me a good laugh. Lol

    Anyway, it's good to see you back! I guess some people just need a break sometimes and then they come back for the reasons you listed. I'm sure many people here can relate to those points :)

    • Sure thing. Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. I was just finishing the take with just usual 'photo credits' but I don't know how my nerve got that idea :D

      Yes it's true. Too much of anything is deleterious, no matter if it's good or not.

    • Yes, that's very true.

    • Thanks for MHO :)

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What Girls Said 16

  • Welcome back

    I enjoyed reading this.

    I must say, I originally joined this site as a 22 year old pregnant woman, looking for answers. Now I must say, I have all of those curiosities answered at this point. I have always had a passion to help others and that is what I do as well by offering members insightful answers.
    This site also pushed me towards doing what I have always loved, which is writing. As a teen, I would write stories, songs, daily journal entries. It has always been my way of expressing what I really feel. It also calms me in a way. Sometimes when something bothers me, I pull out a pen and piece of paper and start jotting everything down.
    Some people write only for points, but I also do it because its something I've always loved. I had stopped writing for years (due to my journal entries being exposed in my early twenties by my brother) , I wrote some outrageous things. The backlash I received from my family made me never want to write again. Seeing mytakes which is still a fairly new feature inspired me to do so all over again.
    Gag helps us all in different ways. I am glad it opens you up to a world of self improvement, knowledge and answers you have been searching for with the opposite sex. I am glad as an introvert you use this site to come out of your box and speak to others.
    This site is beneficial but can also do one a huge injustice if they are neglecting their everyday work to log on here. Sometimes breaks are needed. I am glad you took one instead of leaving permanently.

    • And may I say the outrageous things were journal entries from my personal life

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    • Wow, that's a lot of ideas that they used. Were you credited in some way?

      Definitely keep that in mind. I am glad to hear that !

    • Nothing much. They implemented them, that's enough. But they treated me well and promoted me to UberMod within 2 months.
      I planned a part three but seven out of ten ideas were implemented before I'd share that take. That was so disappointing but it's okay, this is life lol.

      Cheers! :)

  • I joined this site because i was at a point in my life where i felt very lonely and unloved. Then, like you, i felt embraced by this community. I became a super mod, and not all, but many people knew my username and i felt like i mattered for some gagers. Then, a blue user joined in. In my eyes, he's a 30+ pedophile who advocates anorexia. And contributes nothing but silly and childish phrases to the community. I called him out several times, but the gag community seems to be split on their opinions on him. Some LOVED him. So. me hated him as much as I did. Unfortunately, the community manager at that time also got herself wrapped around this guy's finger. So was the impression I got. I got my opinions removed and slowly, got my moderator status revoked. I felt betrayed. I was sick of this site. I hated it and its admins for choosing to side with some useless pedo of a creep instead of supporting me, when all I wanted was to rid this community of this arrogant adult male who likes 15-20 year olds only and thinks girls older than that are no longer A-grade and not worth of his arrogant ass.

    So i said my farewell publicly, and receiver some touching comments from users I became sort of friends with. I kept in touch with some on facebook. And they updates me on whether or not this guy is still on gag. When he showed signs of disappearing and i had some questions again (still doubting myself in everything), i signed back up.

    But this time, I give a lot less fucks. I don't care about being part of the community anymore, i don't care about making friends that I'll never meet in 10 lifetimes anymore. I log in to ask what i want to ask, do my own thing, leave a few opinions here and there, and once i noticed how shitty some users here are, I'd get sick of it and would just disappear again until i have another question i want anonymous, unbiased opinions on.

    The best thing to happen to me so far is meeting my currently best friend on here. He's German, and that's why I messages him in the first place (I was residing in Germany at that time). It's been over 1,5 years now since we started talking on gag, and we've met twice. That's what I call time well spent. Not messaging "friends" you'll never ever see, ever.

    • Gee, sorry for the many typos. That's always what i get for typing English with german autocorrect... -_-

    • VERY good opinion. Thanks.
      And yes, please make some typos deliberately because it would make me feel comfortable lol

      This is exactly what happened to me. Sometimes we feel betrayed. But I found an easy way to deal with it. Just ignore the people you don't like and don't 'compare' yourself with others. If people love them for being asshole, it is their own fault. It automatically makes you a better person who has far better life choices. When we are new member of this site, we don't know anyone personally and there is no one to compare with. That's why we love our first a few months here because we don't 'expect' much.

      Oh lucky you. Meeting our best GAGer is even better than meeting your favourite celebrity because the feeling is mutual. I'm jealous! :D

      Thanks for taking your time :) stay blessed!

  • Interesting Take.

    It's well written, it's not boring and I can tell you are good at defending your ideas.
    I also liked the credits ahahaha. I never saw a Take that had credits.

    I'm just curious about something:

    "With around 47.72% from US, 7.94% from UK and 5.91% from Canada (...)"

    Where did you get these numbers?

  • I'm glad to see you back, but I feel bad that you came back during such a lousy time for the site.

    • Thanks. Good to see you again :)

      What happened?

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    • Some people tend to get upset because of so many downvotes and refrain to participate in several discussions.
      Plus, now we can get rid of downvoter stalker trolls too.

    • LOL I'll believe it when I see it.

  • Glad to see you back!

    For me, I've been decreasing GaG usage since last December. Mainly from burnout and real life getting busy for me. So these days, I give no more than 3 opinions, with some days off. Planning some more days off in the weeks ahead.

    GaG for me is a good place to unwind, help people, and keep current on pop culture. If it wasn't for GaG, I'd be completely clueless on the pop culture front.

    • Good to see you again :)

      Dunno why life gets harder and harder as it progresses. Wish I'd become a child again. Best wishes for what you're doing in your life.

      Yes I completely agree. This is the a very good place to keep up with the pop culture.

  • that was really really good. Enjoyed reading it all to heck!

  • very nice!

  • welcome back dude..

  • That was a really good read dude πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • I don't know you but you seem really cool and I enjoyed reading your take. You should keep writing because you're really good at it.

    • Seriously? Writing is the only (literally, one of a few) thing in which I suck at.

      Thanks for reading and salubrious support ☺😊

  • You forgot Portuguese users! :P :D

  • Nice to have you back! You were one of my favorite members. :)

  • I missed you so much and I loved your take. Spot on darling!

  • Wow. This was so cool to read. It was really detailed and artsy! Especially the credits part. I'm on here becuz of sex questions. I know it sounds a little evilish.

    • Thank you so much :)

      No. We ALL are here to ask questions centralised towards sex 😈

  • So happy you are back!

  • The credits made me laugh. Nice take!


What Guys Said 17

  • I really enjoyed reading your myTake.

    As part of the GirlsAskGuys team, I can say that these are some of the reasons why we do it.

    Thanks a lot. :)

    • It's such a pleasure to use this site. Thank YOU for giving me such platform. Hope we'd make this place better... together! :)

  • Game on brother EX, good to see you're back in the game

    I like them credits man

    I'd say that I use this site because its a good way to pass the time, I usually spend a lot of time reading. Sometimes somone writes something that I like the sound of so I look it up maybe learn something. There's a lot of good guys around aswell


    You ever need more help DooMguy might be able to help. If you've got a minute DooMguy could use your help soldier, DooMguy wants you to listen to DooMguy's propaganda


    • Thanks bro. :) I agree, there's so much to learn.

      I missed you a lot bro :(

      Roger. Don't worry, lemme start the level. :)

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    • That's true, the thing is I think the moderators (light tanks) will be on our side. I'm thinking that you flank from the left. Then @BellePepper will flank from the right or cover you if anything goes wrong. Once the tangos are eliminated then you'll pull back to rendevouz point Bravo for extraction and then operation : D-V0+3

      After that we can launch oeperation spam admins PM (without geetting banned) It'll be a tough mission to pull off

    • But General, 'spam admins PM' is risky. There are so many commandos sailing the boat. We can't risk them drowning.

  • Welcome back mate! That banana had to trigger an opinion from me :D
    You made me hungry now. Enjoy your meal too! :D

    • Hahaha we are the greatest banana lovers in this kingdom :D

      Thanks mate, glad to see you again :)

  • ha ha ha ha good My Take :D <3 glad you are here and will be :D

    • Aw thank you so much for taking your time for reading this :) πŸ’™

    • Oh yes I very much loved it :D <3

      Thank you for liking my very rare one line opinion lol :D

  • Haha you think this site is only for lonely/introverted people?
    oh God no. People like me are eager to see it shift to more normal/socially developed people in this silly little online community.

    • No.

      I said ~ 90% are introvert + lonely
      Which could mean ~45% (+ or -) are introvert who may be lonely or not
      And ~45% (+ or -) are lonely who may be introvert or extrovert
      And > 10% people are at least extrovert or have a big circle.

      You have a big room.

    • What if I just have net addiction problems lol

  • A question I ask myself every logon.

    You guess your English is improved? You type better and more grammatically correct than 80% of native English speakers. Alls you need is comma placement.

    "I belong to a very backward city, where if you will try to speak in English, 85% won't understand a single sentence and rest would consider you a show-off." Really not much different from America, bro.

  • Brilliant my_take dude. Great to see you back:)
    We need some good moderation so i say go for moderator again:3

    • Thanks bro! :)

      I won't be that active. The world still needs me :P
      I'll be back in July, then we'll clear the garbage here ;)

      You were a mod, what happened?

    • I gave it up. No reason for me to be one when i had to focus on studies and work:)
      Life still calls every now and then:P

    • Yes! Studying is the most important thing. This is why I left too.

  • Cool Take, and great reasons why lots of us are still on the GaG :D

  • Welcome back mate

  • "With around 47.72% from US, 7.94% from UK and 5.91% from Canada"
    I'm curious where did you get the statistics for the percentage of people from each country?

  • I'm glad you're back! I can totally relate to most of stuff you mentioned. Especially top 4 points.

    • So glad to see you again :)
      Yeah why not? They are most obvious for us Indians :)

  • that's how u learn a language... immersion =)

    • Exactly! You know what, I got merit in English πŸ†

      Thanks for reading!

  • That's a lot of writing.

  • Namaste bro...
    Nice take.

  • A Great myTake !

  • i fucking hate david guetta

  • Good to see u back ma friend... (guess u know who i am ;) )

    Yeah me too I use GAG way less than I used to, and as u said I made dat mistake too (becoming an addict)...

    But tbh I was disappointed after they decreased maximum amount of questions asked ESPECIALLY for GAGers Level 9 and below (I'd not mind so much if everyone was treated equally from Level 2-3 to Master... but now...)... I thought about leaving as well but I'll stay just in order to write a MyTake or something once in a while...

    • Yes! Don't leave please. You can follow my footsteps. :)


    • I won't since I wanna exchange messages wid some others here... so...

    • THIS is what keeps us here. It's hard to leave our friends like that.