6 Reasons I'm on G@G!!


Hello and welcome everyone to my sixth take. If we're smart enough to question our existence on this world, then why not on this site? I've been thinking on writing since a girl suggested me to write it as my first take but I didn't know how to present it at that time but I'm writing it finally . So let's start:

6 reasons I'm on G@G!!

1) Ask\Reply\Play- It's a good place to ask questions and gain a general opinion. You can put a lot of surveys and you won't be disappointed. It's quite interesting to answer those questions too. I basically just use it as games most of the time. Those who know me are aware bout this or you can check my questions haha😛

6 Reasons I'm on G@G!!

2) Chat- I don't even hesitate to use it as a chatroom😂 I've many people I talk to on here whenever I'm bored, sad or over-excited. I try to meet new people too😬If you wanna chat, you can hmu😜

6 Reasons I'm on G@G!!

3) How Do I Look Section- I love this section lol. It's my favourite and easiest and quite interesting.I use it a lot and try to answer all the questions, especially those of girls(Yeah call me a creep😜😜). Just rate some people or use answer some poles. Who knows you might find a new online crush😂😂

6 Reasons I'm on G@G!!

4) Humour- Man this site is even better than a viner's page. You'll get all kind of persons filled with pun, troll and sarcasm. From a lame joke to sexual puns, you can get everything. It just depends on your Fuuu-- oh I mean Luck😂😂

6 Reasons I'm on G@G!!

5) Up to date- People in this site are quite up to date. If you hate reading newspapers and long texts, this may be helpful to you. A new phone comes, you see a question or a take. A hurricane comes, you again see takes and questions. A movie comes, this page is again filled with stuffs. So I really like it and it's quite great😛

6 Reasons I'm on G@G!!

6) My friends- The main reason I use this site. I've many friends on here and I love you all(I know it was cheesy😂) but I'll list the people who are closest to me.

@mersteriosity - A quite simple and beautiful girl who's popular irl, not like us who don't even exist😂 She's really sweet. Love you fam❤️

6 Reasons I'm on G@G!!

@Solanaceae - Pathetic, cold and nerdy as if people irl know her but I've always seen a smart, pretty, cheesy and cheeky Solanace who handles everything with love and care❤️

6 Reasons I'm on G@G!!

@Whatthefluff - A girl who loves Alex(her cat husband😛) and us too, um maybe😂 Although we're of the same age as if now but I've always seen her as a younger sister(no offense😬)😂

6 Reasons I'm on G@G!!

@Warmapplecrumble - I love her!! She's very sweet and kind- hearted. I've never seen her angry on here. Apple, If you're reading this, here's my message for you:

I know you're getting married soon but please don't forget to invite me, I'm waiting for free food😂😂😛❤️❤️

6 Reasons I'm on G@G!!

@QueenOfCups - The person I talk to the most. She's a nice and beautiful person (I guess; I've never seen her😂😂), loves her cats and boyfriend too😜 We generally talk bout science and fiction including TV shows😊

6 Reasons I'm on G@G!!

@nbbn5 - He's a kind guy who tries to flirt at times😂😂 He loves "Friends". No not us I meant the TV show😛 But he's an amazing guy and the girl who'll get him will be very unluck-- I meant lucky yeah lucky😂😂

But at the end, I'd say "Love you bro"❤️😂😂

6 Reasons I'm on G@G!!

That was all

Thanks for reading

Take care!

Love you all❤️

6 Reasons I'm on G@G!!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Paris13
    Beautifully Done, hun!!!
    I am Here, dear, for Nearly Four Years Because... I wanted to Continue My own Mission of Being Most Helpful to Everyone under the Sun, hun.
    Good Luck and Great Going! xx
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    • Thanks alot!!
      You seem like a great person❤️
      I've seen you here before😊

    • Paris13

      lol I am the Queen of MHO from back Nearly four years ago and Thank you so much, Lovely!! xxoo

    • Lol you might be, but my MHO Queen is @Solanaceae , isn't it Solan?😜❤️

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Most Helpful Guy

  • sedrftvgyhujik
    I think i just like writing things and get temperately lonely.
    or want to anonymously share whats bothering us at that point in time with complete strangers.
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  • HughJass
    Reason I'm on G@G:

    1: Bored AF
    2: Want to share some experience that I have earned and save some innocent souls lolol
    3: Bored AF XD

  • Solanaceae
    Awww thank you so much! I love you too ❤️ Haha I love your description for me. Pretty accurate, the one irl
    • Oh! But I don't remember that I said 'I love you'😝🤔
      But that's obvious😂😂
      Haha love you three❤️❤️😂

    • Solanaceae

      Haha I think you forgot the sarcastic part to my bit ❤️ I'm fluent in it. AND since I've lost my voice, I'm an expert at make expressive faces haha ❤️ Love you four

    • Sorry lol ❤️
      Love you five❤️😬

  • Warmapplecrumble
    Thank you ♥ ♥ , lol I was thinking to do wedding without food to reduce wedding cost, but I'll still bring you something to eat
  • Tdieseler
    Nice Take, many similar reasons i come on here too.
    I did see another reason in your post... your 5:1 girl to guy ratio.
    Lol... its typical.
    • 😛😛

    • Tdieseler

      don't be hungry homie... LDR sucks

    • I don't have an online relationship

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  • LittleC3273
    I like your reasons. Though mine differ a little but that is why this is such a great site. I used to be on Yahoo answers for many years but there really wasn't any point system. That's what I like about this site 😉
  • Yumix
    3 reasons I'm on gag:

    1. I'm bored
    2. I have no life
    3. See 1 and 2
    • Preach 😂

    • And the ladies! You forgot the ladies.

    • @TuMeManques well said😂😂

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  • MarkRet
    I think most of the users here are teens or twenty-somethings, but I like to help them if I can, give them 'old fart' advice on things that I dealt with at that age.
  • norie18
    I mostly use this site to ask and reply questions lol but I like your other reasons too
  • ATuairiscean
    Nice take - I would agree with a lot of those reasons
  • Likes2drive
    They are most of my reasons too, you really can stay up-to-date on current events and slang words by being here , lol
  • zagor
    That's funny, I've never heard of any of the users you mention, or seen their posts.
    • Solanaceae

      Well now you have haha. Hey, I'm Lauren. Forget about the nice mushy stuff and what he said about me is accurate

    • zagor

      @Solanaceae And which one are you in your pic?

    • Solanaceae

      One on the right. The other ones my troll Sister haha which happens to be prettier. Don't fall for her face. She is eviiiil

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  • hiphopbean
    good job mate. Don't let your girlfriend see all those hearts, or you're in big trouble. xD
  • HereToProveMyPoint
  • anewgirl
    GaG can be pretty funny lol 👍
  • ArabianPwincess197
    Awwh this is cute :)
  • Whatthefluff
    Awww! Thank you so much :)
  • SG_04
    Love this my take! such a good one ;)
  • vyvyn
    Those are pretty relevant reasons :) Good myTake👍
  • nbbn5
    😂😂😂nice work bro
    Love you too bro 😀😀
    • Love you three bro😂😂

    • nbbn5


    • Solanaceae

      Notice how you're the only guy? Haha feel special

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  • disgustingweebtrash
    Interesting myTake
  • JubJub_Hi
    Very nice :)
  • CT_CD
    Interesting myTake
  • Being_a_good_Indian
    Great work Bro. 😊

  • John_Doesnt
    I use this place to voice my horrible opinions.
  • walkietalkie1990
    Happy take 👍
  • justiceee
  • Muhammad1999
    nice one
  • Anonymous
    Not even a mention for the Gift Cards?
  • Anonymous
    Hate admit this but I'm here for the point. I know it doesn't make sense #don'tcriticise
    • Paris13

      lol May Are by Far. I get ur point. xx

  • Anonymous
    One reason I'm on gag: to amuse and entertain myself when I'm bored.
  • Anonymous
    There's a chat room? I did not know that
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous