My One Year on G@G!

My One Year on G@G!

It's my G@G birthday! I became a member of this community on 28 April 2017, so my account is officially a year old. Yay! Bring the cake, the candles, the balloons, let's start the party! In all seriousness, I wanna talk.

Let's start with the Frequently Asked Question

FAQ round! There is one question that people ask me ALL. THE. TIME. And I so badly wish I answered this question for the last time here, because I am really fed up by now, but I know I will have to answer it as long as my profile picture is me.

Are you Indian?

No. I understand why you would ask me that (a common reply: You look Indian), and I am not really mad about it. But when I get the same question asked again and again, I am sorry to say, I AM fed up.

My One Year on G@G!

India's first Miss Universe (1994) is a Bengali woman, and I absolutely love her.

All of us in South Asia are Brown people, and majority of the Brown population is from India. Moreover I'm Bengali, and Bengali people exist in India as well. So I can totally understand why I get that question a lot. But seriously, it is getting too repetitive. And no, I don't understand Hindi, I am not a Bollywood lover.

Where are you from?

Another common question I get especially when I share opinions. Who is this alien from what planet where people aren't Westernized?

My One Year on G@G!

I am from Bangladesh. In some internet websites that I have been previously, some people never heard of this country before. If you're one of them, listen: If you are reading this, you can also do some googling about it. And I also get one more question, What is it like to live there? It feels like what it is: home. It feels like my home. It IS my home.

Oh, and you can't offend me with curry jokes, because curry is goddamn delicious and I pity you if you haven't eaten Bengali style curry at least once in your life. Nor can you offend me with the fish jokes. Fresh fish is very available here for the entire year, it's cheap, it's yummy, and it's amazing. We do enjoy some good dishes but the stereotype of us loving fish isn't true (the opposite is rather true, many people hate fish). And don't even ask for that Brown ass...

My One Year on G@G!

2hot4u, mate.

Sexual questions

I never even kissed a boy, please stop asking me sexual questions or inviting me to sexual questions, ugh I wish I could block question invitations. Any G@G admin reading this? Please add this feature and save me. And dudes really need to start getting creative with their questions because the questions that I get invited to are always the same. "Girls, how often do you m*****bate?" (had to censor because G@G changes the topic of the myTake) others, I don't even bother to remember but this one is just so repetitive I had it memorized.

Things I learned on G@G

Some of these facts are things I already knew, but I understood their importance after joining G@G. And some of these things need their own separate myTakes.

1) The real you is when no one is knowing who you are, and you ARE aware of who you are. Yes, Blue Anon, I'm talking to you. You know who you are and what you are saying, that's why you keep yourself anonymous.

2) Some things that girls worry about but guys don't, and vice versa. People can be insecure about the most stupid things.

3) Guys say that women are insensitive and selfish but from what I see here, guys can be very rude and very insensitive to the point that I can't even comprehend how a HUMAN BEING can be like that!

4) A disappointingly huge proportion of people want to have good spouses without willing to be good spouses themselves. How many people really think this way? "I want a loyal wife and I want to be someone's loyal husband." "I want a man who treats his woman like a queen and I want to be the woman who treats her man like a king."

5) Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. It is such a subjective matter! I can't believe how diverse the preference of physical appearance is among the members of the opposite gender. I really love it.

My One Year on G@G!

6) The internet has changed guys more drastically than it changed girls. I noticed this in real life just among my peers as well.

7) "Playing the victim" and "victim blaming" both have become alarmingly common, and it is horrible. And people seriously need to start to become responsible for their words and actions already. Blaming others all the time and blaming oneself all the time are both two horrible extremes.

8 ) People here truly come to understand the opposite gender, like myself (notice how many points I made about guys). This is also why every month only the myTakes on sexual/dating/psychology stuff get on the list of top myTakes of the month. But, alas, this website is NOT ideal to understand the opposite gender!

9) The main root of all evil here: Arrogance. A thing that all horrible people on this website share in common. It's mainly high arrogance that causes the bitterness in people. I admit I have not always been the humble pie in here and it always ruins my peace. Pair high arrogance up with low self-esteem and we get the typical bitter G@G dude. It's arrogance that makes the ignorant lame people feel like they are superior. Speaking of that, we are all ignorant at some level. Oh, and I will never understand dudes who bang women every night and still think they 'deserve' virgins. Hypocrites!

10) G@G is supposed to be a place where sincere people of both genders come to understand one another and respect one another, but no. It is a place were bitter people of both genders come here with their bitter vibes and throw stones at one another. In other words, instead of a men AND women community, it's a men VS women community. Drama game stronger than Indian Soap Opera.

My One Year on G@G!

How G@G changed me

I won't reveal every single way that G@G changed me and my life.

I became happier that I could write blogs again!

My One Year on G@G!

A few years ago I used to write blogs in my native language on another website and spark a lot of controversy. I really missed writing for a long time until I am writing myTakes on G@G again! Story time: I once wrote a blog where I mentioned that revealing clothes don't cause rape, rapists do. I received a LOT of backlash and hate for my post. Two months later in our country, a hijabi college student got raped and murdered in one of the most secured areas of the city. The news went viral. I re-posted my blog, saying, "Still gonna disagree with me?"

I learned many interesting facts

From myTakes, shared opinions of users, conversations with users... I really learned a lot. On the flip side, I actually started to believe in online articles LESS because of how unreliable, false, biased, misguiding and what not an internet post can be! Mainly because of how many times people sent me links of internet articles to prove their points, and many of these articles are so contradictory and make no sense.

But overall, I welcome any sort of knowledge on any topic, no matter how random or scandalous it is. Firstly because when you have knowledge, even if it is something that you don't need to apply in real life, no one can ever fool you or misguide you. Secondly, you never know what random knowledge could come handy when you're in a pinch. Sometimes I do say "I don't know and I don't want to know" it is when I have a feeling that people won't say it in an appropriate manner or with proper knowledge.

I got smarter online

I just learned better how to behave online. What I should share or should not share about myself, how I should deal with people, when to let people actually affect me, how to be calm in difficult situations, how to stop taking shit seriously.

I became more religious

My One Year on G@G!

This website is full of Islamophobia but seriously, I couldn't feel better about being a Muslim girl. Life is so much happier, simpler, more peaceful, more anti-bullshit, and less complex as a Muslim. I don't want to get into details because you won't understand and you won't be able to relate with me. I am overall more grateful for my life. I am simple girl and I like it that way.

Wanna know how it feels like to be Muslim? Every single post where you let people know your religion/belief, you always have to prepared for some backlash/debates, like in this post. Letting know in advance, I'll ignore those comments. :')

I'm not alone and I don't feel alone!

Before joining G@G I thought that some life struggles that I have are solely mine, but after coming here I learned that so many girls (and even guys) relate to my feelings! It is really amazing how many of us girls are from different backgrounds and cultures yet we can relate with one another in so many ways. I also discovered some things about me that I thought other girls can relate to but nope, most can't. And it's okay, I'm good!

Thank you so much for reading this post, you're awesome. :)

My One Year on G@G!
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