G@G Undone. Why G@G should stop being a FB clone and just be what it is.

Over the course of the past few months, G@G has been somewhat antagonizing its users, I feel. And the uproar to this is quiet evident.

#1. Stop Mothering Us G@G.

G@G Undone. Why G@G should stop being a FB clone and just be what it is.

Like seriously, the biggest changes that upset most users here are

1. REMOVING DOWNVOTES: I confess, I personally didn't care much for it. And I wasn't even bothered it was gone. But boy did it cause a sh*tstorm. I think it significantly expanded everyone's block lists.

Understand this, you replacing downvotes isn't a way to make us happy, its just to give us the relief that we can disagree with a certain party's opinion in a completely harmless way. So when you say 'its back' its more of a relief statement than Jumping with Joy. Well this was just the beginning of all our woes.

2. CLOSING QUESTIONS: Why? I mean like WHY? What's the point here? I don't get it. Closing question after two minutes, if someone chooses MHO, not being able to answer after two days?

And then

1. PRIVATE OPINIONS: Um, wait... What? Isn't G@G a public platform to speak up. I mean won't useful opinions solve similar problems. Even if the OP wanted to be super secretive, why de we have PM? Its not like blocked users can post to their questions anyway. So what next? You'll remove PM because people can now 'privatize' opinions? Come on G@G!

2. CROWD CONTROL: Does it make sense to you how many times a Xper 1 comes here to just piss people off and comes back again and repeats the process? FLAG THEM RIGHT NOW. If they have multiple email ids, that's Google's problem. But you have to discourage this trend. Not doing anything about it only emboldens their stupidity further.

#2. Here are some suggestions you can do to improve this site.

1. Release App For Android: About damn time. Android has been around for ages, and the majority smartphone market share belongs to Android. One would have thunk by now, to capitalize on the Market.

Why? What's the hold up? It should have been out ages ago. Want more users? Well here you go!

2. Don't Just Listen, ASK:

So we get it that you're always listening. But why make these decisions by yourself. Especially when you have your poll feature. I think you ought to use it too. ASK is what we want. Like really. Don't just go over it and make changes that everyone is gonna hate anyway.

3. Don't Become A Facebook Clone:

Biggest hint?

I mean G@G is already unique as a Q&A hybrid relationship and lifestyle site. Why ape other sites? I mean I liked it before when they removed downvotes. Ever since then, for every step forward G@G has took, its also been taking two steps backward. People in general are antagonized by these changes.

4. Just Increase User Activity By Increasing Online Events:

Agreed, Featured Fridays wasn't exactly getting there. But it was still interesting. It was fun, by the fact that there were many people willing to write on the topics featured.

So what can G@G do now? Include more categories. For food, sport, psychology and so many more.

A. Have a weekly editorial by the chief editor. Like an online newsletter. And if willing, ask the editors to write articles for them.

B. Include a section or group chat feature, among the Xper 9s, Gurus, Masters, Moderators and Editors. You may get some interesting ideas. Something of a 'For G@G by G@G' feature.

C. Make a G@G library. Archive the best questions, opinions and MyTakes. I think they deserved to be stored somewhere.

D. Reach out to more Experts. There are only a handful, and they are not very active.

E. Quality content doesn't mean more updates, it means more features the USERS want with respect to the interface. As for literal content, a competition among the Editors wouldn't hurt.

So these are just my suggestions. Thank you for reading. Ciao. #KeepItRealGAG

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  • Nice take - I agree with a lot of your stuff - The whole closed question and private opinions baffles me a little bit - While Featured Friday wasn't a rip roaring success, it wasn't a bad little gimmick and more things like that would be appreciated - Maybe a more inclusive environment for the users.

  • Yes yes yes! I have been repeating this for too damn long, its like a shittier facebook layout. Food should definitely be here.

  • GREAT...

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