Have People Forgotten What G@G really Stands For?

Have People Forgotten What G@G really Stands For?

For those who seem to have forgotten what G@G stands for, It's" Girls ask Guys" and meant to be a relationship advice/ experience sharing site for men and women. But some people are misusing this site for things it's not meant to be. So this is My Take on the most repetitive misuses I've seen and experienced on #G@G and what G@G does not mean/stand for:

Have People Forgotten What G@G really Stands For?

1.Girls against guys/Guys against girls.

I have seen a lot of gender bashing on here. It is okay to have differences of opinions,agree to disagree. What is not okay is to insult people, bully, or gang up on someone because their views/ beliefs /opinions differ from yours. Isn't that part of the point? To get other people's take on things?

And while this is a mostly adult forum, there is younger users on here people, so lets keep it respectful please!

Have People Forgotten What G@G really Stands For?
Have People Forgotten What G@G really Stands For?

2.Girls assume about guys/Guys assume about girls.

While having/stating/sharing an opinion on the behaviors of the opposite sex, please remember the difference between assumption and fact.(for those who need a refresher see above definitions) If you are sharing your personal "real" life experiences with someone of the opposite sex-fact. But when you say All-"All women are gold diggers" or "All men are sexist pigs" those are assumptions and unfair ones at that to the great men and women on G@G and everywhere that aren't those things. Bias and bitterness against those that may have hurt you is no reason to lash out at all people.

Have People Forgotten What G@G really Stands For?

3.Girls arouse guys/Guys arouse girls.

I think it is great for G@G to have a sexuality topic. Like minded people can freely discuss their sexuality in a way they might not feel comfortable discussing with people in their real lives. Also it's a great thing for younger legal 18+users to be able to get sexual advice from older, more experienced users. But in no way does it mean/justify/ excuse those who are trying to engage people in dirty trash talk, or requesting or trying to send nudes to those who don't want or deserve that unwanted behavior just because they answered a sexuality question. Not only is it in bad taste and very annoying, it is breaking G@G rules, which brings me to my closing.

Have People Forgotten What G@G really Stands For?

Include a caption for your image…

For those of you that forgot what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior you need to go back and read the rules/terms of posting on G@G. They can be found under G@G frequently asked questions. I hate to see a great site being misused by a few bad apples🍎that can't follow the rules and creating bad experiences for those that don't need or deserve that.

Thanks for reading my MyTake and

Please when posting on G@G,please remember to use your "brains"


Have People Forgotten What G@G really Stands For?
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Edanurus
    No its not, thats what you want to use it for, look at the list of topics for questions, its not just relationship advice and personal stories.

    This site isn't about girls asking guys for relationship advice and visa versa or sharing experiences with complete strangers. its about sharing opinions and in turn receiving other peoples opinions. Some of those are shitty, rude and uncalled for but then again thats just my opinion.

    Sure you have your pervy, creepy people but thats just social media as a whole, you're always going to have some part of that online its just how to police it to mitigate the greif, the people who do that aren't doing it because they think that thats what this sites for, they do it despite knowing its not right.

    I mean this mytake doesn't fit your criteria of what this site is about so in essence aren't you now misusing this site out of frustration? Well by your standards at least.

    If someone breaks the terms of service then report them for such and they should be delt with accordingly but the idea that there should be no harsh words to me would say that you're not taking about anything important enough, part of the territory of strongly held beliefs.

    I tend to brush off the simply offensive or sexually deviant questions and its the relationship questions that do my head in. We don't know you, we don't know the other and if you really want the answers stop asking strangers and start talking to people that actually know you or better yet the person you're ment to have a relationship than people who are going to just give you their opinion based on their lifes which have no bearing to your life. The true answer to those questions is "Either your suspicions are correct or you're perception is wrong". Because we couldn't know anything else.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Wow ok whatever but I did say opinions... I really don't know why your ranting or what about🤷‍♀️
      But thanks for reading anyways

    • Edanurus

      Yeah it was a bit of a rant sorry about that.

      I guess its just that I do think that the girls are bad/boys are bad questions have the opportunity to plant a seed that could one day break people away from that mindset and that its worth a bit of irritance for that small chance.

      It was a well writen mytake regardless if I disagree.

    • I agree with you about that. I just don't think I should be called bitch or cunt. We're discussing like adults. I didn't call you out your name nor you mine. That's what I was trying to Express. And I know it's more than just relationship advice. That part could of been written better, I agree. It was only my second mytake. I don't use this site for relationship advice either for the same reasons you stated. But again, thank you.

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  • Jjpayne
    This is a great reminder and I'm more than likely guilty of at least one from time to time. But I feel that sometimes, assumptions and stereotypes can be used to generate conversation. My observation shows me that guys do this and girls do that. When I go to car shows i see a lot of guys, when I go to the mall I see many female stores in the directory. I make assumptions based on observation. I open critism and always expect it. While it's important to be careful to not say or assume what a gender does, it's good to cause conversation and discussion. I don't agree and here's why. What's greater to me than the mytake itself are the opinion posts that follow it. That tells of its impact and what others thoughts are. It's good to force out opinions because that helps growth and many of my assumptions are grown out of my own insecurities of me trying to understand the world and what people believe in it. Girls ask guys is a great place to have incorrect thoughts corrected and feelings confirmed or dismissed... I hope all that made some kind of sense...
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    • Yes and thank you. And we're all human and it's easy fyi get a little jaded from time to time. But if we put differences aside, at heart which is what matters most, we more alike in what we want.. to be loved

    • Jjpayne

      Agreed, to be accepted and loved

    • See we can all just get along lol🤗

Most Helpful Girls

  • EleanorRigby
    This site is not just for relationship advice.
    If you check topic list, that'll be quite clear.
    And obviously with such wide range of topics, there are always going to be people who are crazy, like to bash others etc. But then again, there's plenty of those who will find any disagreement as bashing, which it isn't.

    I'm not bashing your take, just saying most people didn't forget what the site is about. Some simply choose to ignore it.
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    • Is not the assuming. Iit's when they treat their assumptions as fact. There is a big difference.

    • Sorry wrong reply. New phone bad eyes lol that being said. Yes do know there's different topics. The and should of been or. Or just took out the word relationship and said advice. But a lot of the topics do involve relationships in some way.
      But thank you for reading

  • Anoniemus
    Lol. I see a lot of guys assuming things about women as if they know us and don't bother asking questions.

    There are a lot of guys who DO ask questions... but literally about sex.

    I have seen sex bashing but I've seen more from men than women. I just wish all of the people that were on here before would come back.
    Is this still revelant?
    • I'm new to here and almost deleted account 4 days in, but there is still some truly good people on here. But yes, I've heard it used to be better.
      Sad a "few" bitter hateful people have to ruin it for everyone. Thanks for reading my mytake❣

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • ADFSDF1996
    This website is meant to be a question/answer site and a place for people to share their stances on many topics. It isn’t only for relationship advice.

    The problem is that people have forgotten how to agree to disagree and also don’t know how to debate without using ad hominems or any form of disrespect. Which is why there are many verbally aggressive arguments. I share my stances on a issue and no matter how careful I am to not offend anyone, some individuals still find offense.
    • I know it's not just relationships. Maybe that part could of been written better. And agreed, because I had someone that apparently didn't like that I created a post for a fellow GaGer and asked for prayers and well wishes. So I got attacked for being a religious zealot, not having brains and then he started serving the gager that was in the hospital.
      But then you had people respond who said they didn't believe in God or weren't religious but they still wished well. Which those people got mho because they respected others right to believe and pray even if they don't and I respect that.
      But so "the user " that attacked?
      He was perfect example of what I meant.
      Not only did he attack, he had tho say like"every" female on this site.
      He made a big assumption. Just Cruz prayer was mentioned, don't mean I'm religious. Truth be told, I don't know what I believe when it comes to that. But, it wasn't about me so I said well wishes and prayers because just because I struggle, I don't take away someone else's right to believe, or not to believe. And it also showed there is some truly some people on here.
      But "him" he had a right to not even answer. Or do like the others. and wish well without prayer. But no, he do a post that was getting a lot of attention, so tried to use it to spread more of his hate against women and religion. Debate is once thing, verbally attacking someone quite another. And we wouldn't put up with our kids being bullied at school, so why put up with it anywhere?
      Now me personally, idiot words of an idiot don't phrase me, but I'm tired of reading, hearing from others how it's made them cry, or leave this site, and why? Because we've become a society that looks away or does nothing or it's the internet get used to it. No, it's still wrong and unacceptable behavior coming from grown ass people who should know how to behave. Sorry for the long rant lol Thank you for reading mytake

    • Twalli

      In fairness to the poster of this MyTake G@G WLwas originally based around dating and relationships so people would know how to attract the attention of the other gender. You can find out the intention of the site at its start pretty easily.

  • serious
    Well, yes this is a good take but then assumptions are something that comes naturally to anyone. Don't you think?

    So obviously men will assume certain things about women and women would do the same. I am not saying that assuming is something that is right, of course it is better to ask and clarify their doubts instead of assuming something.
    • It's not the assuming as much as treating assumption as fact. There is a big difference. "I think all" vs "All"

    • serious


    • bailey11

      Assumptions don't come naturally to me. And it rubs me the wrong way when I hear/see people make statements: women this and men that (generalizing). All those people do is loose credibility in the eyes of others. They're clearly speaking of something that they know nothing about (they don't know all men or all women).

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  • Moonchild714
    Awesome Beautiful Lady!!! You said it Perfectly. I haven't been on much, in the hospital have the Flu and Doctor's are very concerned about me and the babies.
    • Oh no... you just made me cry.. been wondering and worrying bout you.. We may have never "met" but I think YOU are a beautiful awesome person that deserves nothing but the best. My prayers never amount to much, but praying for you and them babies. Please get rest, and know I'm rooting for you and yours.
      All my love ❤❤

    • Thank you. Everyone is storming Heaven.

    • I'm always here for you...

  • monkeynutts
    The internet is also brimming with spam, often politically motivated. GaG is not immune to these abuses.
    • No I know. But if more people would just realize there's a way to behave and not behave. The same people who bully/ attack on here. How would they feel/ react if their kid gets bullied at school?
      Difference of opinions / life style choices/ political views isn't issue.
      Neither is defending, debating, or arguing such matters. Done right, can be healthy, enlightening. Iit's when people attack, abuse, or insult, discriminate. And then justify cuz iit's the internet. It's still real life and real people and those actions are still wrong whether is in person, or over internet. How many teenagers have committed suicide because of online bullying? Bad enough when kids bully. But, adults that should know better? Sickening

    • I'm not sure about those statistics, I do believe that perps are more active online, because it's easier to get away with bad behaviour, because the policing of it doesn't happen, abusers get their profiles deleted, and then they open another one up, and continue with their horrible activities. In real life someone would see what they are doing and most probably kick their arses.

    • Oh I agree with that

  • ShadowofRegret
    This is an excellent take! It would be very nice if people would actually heed it since it does seem that a lot people use it for stuff like that!
  • Avicenna
    Great Take and you're of course right, but those kinds of things are the bathwater that comes with the online baby.
    • Well even if it opens a few eyes👀gets just one person to rethink their behavior then it wasn't an afternoon wasted. But now think I deserve a drink after🥃🥂cheers lol

    • Oh and thank you. Your opinion means a lot. Really glad you liked🤗

  • Passinggas
    Oh, I thought it stood for Girls are Guys and Guys are Girls and that circular arrow was a trans symbol…. my mistaken inference based on these interactions.
  • Marriedwith2
    Great take!

    But surely you must know that 98% of the racist & sexist attacks/bullying and trolling are due to them be able to spew their venom from the safety of home.

    The vast majority would be blessedly silent face to face.
  • kymberz
    oh wow! yer thorough! i love the screen shots! and am learning. thank you!
    • Thank you. I got called out for saying relationship and advice, like I was saying is just relationships. I know there's lots of topics. I guess could of written that part better. But the point is, doesn't matter what topic, you have bitter angry people that chime in with insults. Or dirty replies. I posted a question about oreo cookie creamer and dude started tried getting inappropriate. Is s good and beverage topic. Geesh

    • kymberz

      got it! and i am getting it! i am trying to get through your stuff and jpayne's stuff and a few others that i am following and i am loving this ride! you people are the best! and as for haters and negative and bitter people - i couldn't care less. i mean i do care. but if all you want to do is spread negativity where other people, regardless of their current situation, are trying to help others - then send those negative people somewhere else. cuz i don't want them in my life. i want people who demonstrate that they try and they care. like you!

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  • I like the BS that if you have problems don't hesitate to contact us directly. I've asked them many questions that I have had problems with and have gotten maybe 1 or 2 replies. I just don't bother anymore.
  • Celtero
    Yeah... I get that the site's purpose is for the genders to learn about each other, but I feel there is a big imbalance in the demographics of users, meaning it is mostly male.

    Also, the moderating isn't as heavy handed as most sites, therefore you can really speak your mind about anything
  • ThatGuy133

    Couldn't have said it better myself.
  • Kayla45
    Most people just ask if their 18 inch penis size is too small, and yes I'm being obviously sarcastic because I hear it every single day
    • 😂😂😂to the sarcasm not to the repeated dick size question. Lol I hear you.

  • Jennifer_32
    Looooooooooooooool, This site at the moment truly is a random chat site. Even I talk about random stuff these days. This site should be renamed PACS (People Ask Crazy Shit)
  • Texaskid1
    G@G = Girls ask guys.

    But I think that most users here are guys including a significant number of pink catfish.
    • Could be... but I ain't one of em... I'm for real... fucked up for real "real"...

  • Rangers
    We weren't meant to get along with eachother, we were meant to fight each other. We'll never be one, it's naive to think otherwise, the first one to lay down their weapons loses, and it won't be me.
    • You are entitled to your opinions and choices in life. And you want to fight, fight. But you ever heard the term, fight fair? If someone go na come at me, insult me, do it for something I said or did, not some "other" female. And fight with FACTS, real facts. Not bs misguided assumptions. Just love when say "all" . All men this or all women that.
      Unless been with or know "all" how the hell can anyone say that.
      I ain'tl "all" women. I'm uniquely me.

    • Really?

    • Rangers

      Yes, really

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  • EnglundUberAlles
    Yes, the lack of communication between genders is the elephant in the room. Also the lack of real girls. Not you, sweetheart.
  • MackToday
    No I think we'll just keep doing what we're doing. I like that way better.
    • Look there's agreeing/ disagreeing discussing or even arguing differences but in a respectable manner. That does not excuse or justify people being verbally attacked. And "iit's the internet" is a bs excuse. Do you want your kids or wife/, SO/Mother treated like that IRL? Cuz iit's still "real" people with "real " feelings. Yeah, the way people act here, if they did that shit without hiding behind a screen, someone would knock em on their ass.

    • MackToday

      Meh, I'd rather my family be safe from petty tyrants.

    • Whatever you say... have a nice day sir 😊thanks for reading

  • bulletbob555
    Bashing here by some. I am seeing some real attitudes for sure. That never gets you anywhere.
    • As someone coming at me fire my mytake wtf usually little that act like that are usually the ones guilty of that behavior

  • GreenGold1992
    its up in the upper left corner of the freaking screen lol
  • moststrangestguy
    You aska. Question on the girls said you get no answers.. You ask a question to the guy you get lots of answers take away girls are selfish bith who don't wanna open up and keep being amm secret while wanting all the answers to continue to manipulate others
  • blondfrog
    Agreed, but I just mostly use this site to troll and post awesome poll options on my questions.
  • ElvenMr
    True, real questions barely gets good answers, while kind of click baity takes get a ton.
  • Exorcist_Rampage
    I agree. People misuse this site and there should be a 3 strikes, you're out policy implemented, aka banned on 3rd offense.
  • SydneySentinel
    Excellent reminder... thank you.
  • wynn-ing
    Spot on! Couldn't agree more 👏
    Great my take 😊
    • Thanks friend... means a lot coming from you🤗I'd even buy you a chocolate bar, but sadly all's I could afford right now is the kit Katie version😞

    • That's ok. I will live. 😋

    • No withdrawals?😂

  • TCredo
    great post and advice
  • NovissimumVirorum
    Calling this cesspool of humanity a great site is blatantly false
    • It can be minus the idiot cowards do can only feel brave and empowered hiding behind a screen. And I stay away from those and don't engage in their bs behavior. And I've talked/ shared opinions, laughs with some great people so I respectfully disagree with that statement

  • Razal
    Nice post !!
  • Good take
  • Melissa01979
    Excellent Take.
  • Chimken
    Site evolved, no one cares
    • Some people do care not to be bashed or sent inappropriate pics by people with little to no manners. Maybe if more people cared, less people would act like that. Is that the same thing you'd tell your child if they were bullyied at school? Noone cares? Bad enough when kids do it to kids, but adults?

    • Chimken

      Yeah you talked about way more than bullying. At least be consistent

    • How am I not?

  • XannyBoy
    Let's stone them to death!
    Filthy infidels!
  • loveslongnails
    You are asking too much, darlin.
    • No maybe people don't ask enough.. or put up with too much...🤷‍♀️

    • Hehe... the latter is up to you. As to the former, you can raise your expectations all you want here on G@G, but it won't help an ignorant or rude person, unfortunately.

    • That's not always true... I've had people start out rude and actually apologize. Sometimes it's how we react, best way to lead is by example...

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  • Anonymous
    The real thing people have either forgotten, or do not realize is that this site can change the whole world. Despite all of the bickering and rivalry, it can be a force for good. Simply directing one single person to living a better life... who may go on to do the same for another is quite a powerful thing.

    But yes, people have forgotten what this site is about... but that is because they are disconnected from their own self.