Fine tuning required


Fine tuning required

Ten days ago we made controversial changes and introduced new features that made some members of GirlsAskGuys feel like we took away control from them.

In response to that feedback we got from you and from the incredible amount of data we collected and analyzed during this time, we made adjustments to these features. This is what we did:

Your content, your call

Fine tuning required

First of all, let me share that the number of opinions per question have seen a 5% increase and that the number of question with no opinions fell a whopping 49%! In addition to that, questions now get their first opinion 29% faster.

This data shows that yes, the intended goals I shared with you on this myTake were achieved with Closed Questions. But we felt that it would be only fair to give you more control over your content.

After 24 hours, you'll be able to close your questions with or without selecting the Most Helpful Opinion. It's going to be your call. Just use the "Close" option from the collapsible menu when available.

You can also close it when selecting the Most Helpful Opinion, but that's optional now. Just uncheck "Also close this question" and we'll keep it open until you manually close it or it's become inactive for 48 hours (no new opinions, replies or votes on a poll, remember?).

Keep it secret, keep it safe

Fine tuning required

The other feature introduced was the ability to share a Private Opinion that's only visible for the Asker and the Opinion Owner. We made some updates to that with one single focus: keep the community safe and healthy.

We now allow the Asker to remove a private opinion immediately by using the "I don't want to see this" option from the collapsible menu. That we'll guarantee you won't have to keep seeing an opinion you just don't care about.

Since this removal isn't vetted by an Admin or a Moderator, it wouldn't be fair to penalize the Opinion Owner at all, so we won't remove the Xper points earned for sharing that opinion.

If the opinion is offensive, spam or reflects any kind of behavior that is not appropriate for our community, we continue to encourage and trust you to report it that so our Admin team can take action.

More tweaking and tinkering

Fine tuning required

On top of all that, we disabled some notifications that might be annoying (for now you can turn them back on if you want) and fixed several bugs that were plaguing the new notification system.

Closed questions are rarely found on the Live Feed and most other places across GirlsAskGuys, as some of you suggested made more sense.

Other improvements are underway to make sure you'll know exactly which of your questions are still open and how much time does a question have until it's automatically closed. We got some interesting feedback for private opinions and those should see more updates soon too.

Thanks again for being here, for your continuous support and for making GirlsAskGuys this amazing community.

Fine tuning required
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Most Helpful Girl

  • BellePepper

    So... you're basically just letting people close their questions sooner? I'm pretty sure that's specifically *not* what people have been asking for. I suppose people can artificially stretch their question's life out but it doesn't seem like I should have to play the system just to get discussion

    **Private Comments should not exist on this site. Period.**

    You can still go to a person's profile and see what they have posted in their private comments. It's never anything helpful. It's always something like "message me and I'll tell you more" or "follow me for tips on how I can help you with that" or " exceedingly explicit and inappropriate sexual content that isn't allowed on the site but is being posted anyway."

    A) People do not follow site rules. If they did you would not need over 70 moderators.

    B) People do not KNOW site rules. If they did you would not need over 70 moderators

    C) Private Comments consistently create dangerous, risky, and illegal situations that put users AND the site at risk.

    D) There are already many, many issues surrounding Private Messages such as spamming, harassment, sexual harassment, people sending pictures of their genitals to minors, etc... So WHY would you not only give people another way to do these things but also *defend* it?

    Yay more updates...

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    • ^ Exactly. Why can't they just take these stupid features out? I miss the old g@g. :/

    • @BellePepper saved me a LOT of typing. :-)

    • @VirginiaBeachBum You should go for it anyway! GaG admins listen to guys more anyway.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Anonymous

    And the downvotes?

    With the closing question thing you consider us being able to close the question faster giving us 'our choice', completely ignoring the fact that we wanted to keep them open longer, not close them faster.
    "I want a red car."
    -sure the choice is yours. Tan or brown?
    "But I want a red one"
    -ya here ya go, would you like tan or brown?

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    • By not closing them automatically when selecting MHO, they can be open longer.

      Also, as we stated previously, according to our data, most of the questions that are ~inactive~ for 48 hours don't usually get new relevant activity later on.

      Last but not least, closing questions enabled us to get quicker answers, more opinions per question and a lot less questions without answers, which was our goal from the start. ;)

    • "closing questions enabled us to get quicker answers, more opinions per question and a lot less questions without answers"

      But not necessarily better answers, because now it's "hurry up and answer the question before it gets closed." I take it GAG prefers quantity over quality.

    • Anonymous

      @VirginiaBeachBum exactly. As many people have stated and I have experianced, sometimes the best answers come after a long while, as the right person comes along and offers their perspective. I think you hit the nail on the head with 'quantity over quality'. Because the profits are realized through advertising on this site, quantity is the goal. Evidently quality is not the objective.

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  • CHARismatic110

    I still don't like the idea of questions being closed at all, but at least you all are somewhat listening. I've noticed that when I click on the gender color in a question to jump right to that genders answers it doesn't work anymore. Is that a glitch or?

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  • madhatters4

    i'm not a huge fan of questions closing after a MHO is selected, especially since people are prompted to select a most helpful opinion.

    aside from that i like the fine tuning

  • mooky06

    At least you gave the font a nicer look LOL 😂

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  • YourFutureEx

    "I don't want to see this" be like
    If someone is offended, it should be taken seriously. The culprits should be punished/penalised. By hiding the opinion, asker won't get his/her justice. Plus, you cannot expect users to be knowledgeable enough to report the negative posts, even some mods aren't. Back then when I was a mod, I used to hide things on the mods' post (questions/opinions) so, you can imagine how people are unfamiliar with the guidelines. I understood the fact that we'd not allow mods to see the private opinions, but they need to be reviewed. Maybe you can give answerers a pop up notification that "your opinion will be posted after admin review which will take upto 48 hours"? You can have a list of all the private opinions and review them personally.

    People didn't rebel because they had to choose MHO to close the question, they rebelled because of short time period. By the way, congrats for good statistics. But a lot of questions get closed without even receiving a single opinion, having their last hope, lost forever. Could they feature them after having their questions closed?

    I didn't check the notification. I hope they're better now. Personally, I didn't like "Someone". It feels like it's a username. Better keep it "Anonymous" because we are used to it :)

    PS: Why you guys are taking so much time for bringing back downvotes and follow feature. Make the users happy after a long time. Or you're planning for a surprise? ;)

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  • CheerGirl38139

    I have purposely commenting on the recent updates until I could really sit back and let them soak in for a while and not knee jerk a negative reaction.

    Personally, since you guys reveresedan the uber annoying million notifications thing, I'm basically happy with the changes.

    I don't ask a lot of questions, but when I do, I chose to not allow anonymous opinions. If someone wants to respond, I like to know who they are. Further, I think the private opinion option is more useful than the anonymous feature. However of Belle Pepper is correct , I do agree that if those replies still show up on a user's recent profile feed, that needs to change.

    The changes to how questions are posted and how they show up in the feed, etc. Have cut way back on anonymous trolling, which was majorly disruptive to the usefulness of this site, as they buried real questions from the feed.

    Lastly, I still don't miss the downvotes. To me they were often abused simply to negatively troll other users. If you disagree with someone's opinion, either take the time to reply and say why you disagree, or simply move on. Downvoting someone's opinion never seemed to actually add anything productive to GaG for me. Whereas informed debate can. If people can be civil and mature.

    I'm happy with the fine tuning overall. I say well done.

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    • Purposely held off*

      And I know I'm in the minority, but brining back down votes adds absolutely nothing productive to GaG. It just makes it easy for negative users to lazily troll, without adding any useful input.

  • Mesonfielde

    So what about the questions in the NO OPINIONS section that are 2 days old or more, and nobody can comment on them anymore because they're closed?

    What about the questions that are featured and closed?

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    • this

      much more important than the so requested downvotes

    • RedRobin

      Yeah, I actually saw a couple weeks f questions in the "no options" section that had just been asked (they were less then an hour old) and were closed

    • RedRobin

      * of

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  • Humping_Tornadoes

    I wonder though, how are you giving users control by closing their questions within a 48 hour period and then telling them "hey, you can now close questions even sooner within 24 hours!"? It's not like anyone asked for shorter periods, you all know it's quite the opposite what people want. At least give everyone a full week to keep their questions opened or smth. That way they'll have more time to get QUALITY questions. People are not looking for quantity, but quality and this is what this whole thing is about. So far, this update seems like bs and it doesn't make any sense to me.

    Private opinions still suck. It defies the purpose of being a mod, even if Askers are able to hide those responses. Actually, by making this new change you're basically proving how useless and nonsensical it really is. It seems redundant that you had to make an update so soon after recently implementing this private opinion thing. Opinions are public, and should be part of the community instead of alienating responses, and pm's are specifically made for one on one private interactions, period.

    We still need the downvotes too. But hey, at least you were able to handle the glitches going on, kudos for that...

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  • RainbowFanGirl

    Thanks for the improvements, but I have some little suggestions for y'all.

    • I like how you're giving us more control with the closed questions, but I think it should be OUR CHOICE whether or not we want to close it at all. It irks me that there are so many old questions that are forcefully closed because of the update. It just feels like you guys are trying to control us a bit. We should have the power to close our questions at any time for any reason at least. Not you guys. I love receiving answers on my old questions and sometimes the best opinions come down the line. 😛

    • Thank you for adding the "I don't want to see this option" to the private opinions. But... It feels a little redundant with the already implemented PM feature. I mean if they want privacy, couldn't people just send a PM? Seriously, people already do this. When my questions were closed, I got an influx of people answering my questions beck are they were closed, which is a problem that could've been avoided if you'd let me have the opinion to close any of my questions at any time. Also, you can't always count on the Asker to remove opinions. Could you at least give mods the ability to see private opinions so we couldn't have this problem? It would be beneficial to newer members who don't know much about the site.

    • Could you guys please bring back the ability to follow questions and takes? That was so convient. I loved being able to save the questions I wanted to answer for later without having to scroll through a bunch of questions. 😛

    • I know you guys are bringing back downvotes. Yay us.

    Yep, that's about it. Give us more freedom. That's all I ask. :/

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  • redeyemindtricks


    On the mobile UX, the pink/blue horizontal band on top of the comments -- with "What Girls Said" / "What Guys Said" + comment numbers -- doesn't work anymore when it's tapped.

    Tapping the numbers used to scroll down to the boy/girl comments; that functionality has apparently been disabled by some bug in the latest update.

    I'm on iOS 9. Both Safari and Dolphin have this problem right now. Just thought I'd let you know.

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  • Chief16

    Oh, Come On! Stats don't say anything about user experience at all.
    -I've had some great questions I've had to close because of that closing questions limit. Four of them were FEATURED. Two of them became FEATURED AFTER I CLOSED THEM. What? Why? What's the point? Please REMOVE it NOW!
    -Ok, ok. If a person wants a private opinion, let them ask a PRIVATE QUESTION. This is G@G, not some shady chatroom.
    - See that's what it is, you must've probably seen a dozen MyTakes about people voicing their concerns. Please, PLEASE read them. They're worth a look and most takes have many things in common.
    - Oh, it's like can you unsee what you've seen? FACEPALM. BIG TIME FACEPALM.

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    • Thanks for the opinion. We do collect and read all the feedback you guys provide.

      As far as closed questions go, even though numbers don't always tell the whole story, they are definitely indication that we were able to achieve what we intended. ;)

    • Who are you referring to when you say 'we'? What the admins/moderators want or what the users want? I'm not sure they're the same thing.

    • "As far as closed questions go, even though numbers don't always tell the whole story, they are definitely indication that we were able to achieve what we intended."

      @DiogoRibeiro From what I've seen recently, many more questions for which my opinion was selected as MHO I find that I was the only male (and sometimes the only person) to answer the question. I trust that wasn't your intent, was it?

  • AzureGirl

    Just curious about an update I noticed that wasn't written about: the whole font situation going on now with the mobile site. I'm not sure if it's the same on the computer though.

    It's a lot bigger and more headache inducing :/

    I know it's not a big thing but it seems quite a few others don't much care for it either.

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  • justbanANNAz

    well done. nice to have our opinions considered by those working behind the scenes.
    those stats are also pretty impressive- something that most of us definitely overlook.

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  • SnowHearth

    Could you give a 72 hour limit instead 48h?
    I think it would be better.

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  • Glasses

    Why does the questions have close in the first place?
    Why does the questions in the no option section close even if they have not been answered, how are we expected to answer the no opinion question if the questions are closed, after certain times?

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    • tynamite

      Questions close because too many questions are being added to GAG too fast.

    • Glasses

      @tynamite ok so why do questions close even if they have been answered?, like in the no opinion section of the questions.

    • tynamite

      Sometimes the OP can close a question whenever they want when they choose a most helpful answer.

  • doctorwhofan23

    Thr one thing I disagree with is the 48 hour rule, I think if I see an old question I might still be able to provide feedback. I also think I should be able to answer after a most helpful Is awarded as I can still give feedback.

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  • Yumix

    a step in the right direction. make the inactivity time for closing longer (or get rid of it completely) and don't link the number of questions you can ask to your open questions and I'd be almost happy...

    if you are telling us all these stats, I would have love to know how much the activity on the site changed... seems to have gone down.

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  • Toad-1

    Well im glad you guys listened this time... still gotta say even if a question is inactive for awhile the option to close it should still be within the power of the QA. Sometimes ill find an old question and want to answer it but now if its closed i can't. You never know maybe the new answers can shed better insight.

    Regardless giving us the user the option to close it is a good one

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    • mikemx55

      It's easy: cheat the system -> they still let you post opinion replies, so leave your opinion there highjacking the original opinion... you won't get mho.. but you will be heard!!!

  • AleDeEurope

    This is much better, though I still think private opinions should be gone, or at least allow the asker to choose whether to allow private opinions or not, like with the anonymous option. What's the point of not allowing anonymous, when they can simply use the private option?
    I don't want people to go private on my questions. I write them so that EVERYONE can post an opinion, AND comment on other people's opinions. I like seeing people debate and show their different opinions, but if they go private, it just kills all that, which in my opinion, kills the whole community feeling of this site.

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  • Spirit_Is_Free

    They sound reasonable to me - It should placate a lot of users.

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  • OrdinaryGentleman

    This has become much more fair. There is the issue of having users with whom i have blocked showing up on my feed and even getting notifications of them cross commenting under one opinion. When i check the box to not show blocked users they are still shown.

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