Fine tuning required


Fine tuning required

Ten days ago we made controversial changes and introduced new features that made some members of GirlsAskGuys feel like we took away control from them.

In response to that feedback we got from you and from the incredible amount of data we collected and analyzed during this time, we made adjustments to these features. This is what we did:

Your content, your call

Fine tuning required

First of all, let me share that the number of opinions per question have seen a 5% increase and that the number of question with no opinions fell a whopping 49%! In addition to that, questions now get their first opinion 29% faster.

This data shows that yes, the intended goals I shared with you on this myTake were achieved with Closed Questions. But we felt that it would be only fair to give you more control over your content.

After 24 hours, you'll be able to close your questions with or without selecting the Most Helpful Opinion. It's going to be your call. Just use the "Close" option from the collapsible menu when available.

You can also close it when selecting the Most Helpful Opinion, but that's optional now. Just uncheck "Also close this question" and we'll keep it open until you manually close it or it's become inactive for 48 hours (no new opinions, replies or votes on a poll, remember?).

Keep it secret, keep it safe

Fine tuning required

The other feature introduced was the ability to share a Private Opinion that's only visible for the Asker and the Opinion Owner. We made some updates to that with one single focus: keep the community safe and healthy.

We now allow the Asker to remove a private opinion immediately by using the "I don't want to see this" option from the collapsible menu. That we'll guarantee you won't have to keep seeing an opinion you just don't care about.

Since this removal isn't vetted by an Admin or a Moderator, it wouldn't be fair to penalize the Opinion Owner at all, so we won't remove the Xper points earned for sharing that opinion.

If the opinion is offensive, spam or reflects any kind of behavior that is not appropriate for our community, we continue to encourage and trust you to report it that so our Admin team can take action.

More tweaking and tinkering

Fine tuning required

On top of all that, we disabled some notifications that might be annoying (for now you can turn them back on if you want) and fixed several bugs that were plaguing the new notification system.

Closed questions are rarely found on the Live Feed and most other places across GirlsAskGuys, as some of you suggested made more sense.

Other improvements are underway to make sure you'll know exactly which of your questions are still open and how much time does a question have until it's automatically closed. We got some interesting feedback for private opinions and those should see more updates soon too.

Thanks again for being here, for your continuous support and for making GirlsAskGuys this amazing community.

Fine tuning required
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