Less opinions on more questions, privacy and notifications


Less opinions on more questions, privacy and notifications

For the past few weeks, we have been working on several new features here at GirlsAskGuys for both our upcoming mobile app and the website.

Then, two weeks ago, I asked everyone what should we focus on improving first or the most and the results were amazing! I got over 100 opinions, countless replies and 735 poll votes.

It's in response to that wonderful feedback that we introduced and updated some features today:

When less is more

Less opinions on more questions, privacy and notifications

The most voted option on that poll question was "Content". And this new feature is all about making content on GirlsAskGuys more useful for a lot more people.

Starting today, all questions will be closed when you select at least one Most Helpful Opinion (you'll be able to select the second one later) or when they are inactive for 48 hours (no new opinions, replies or poll votes).

This will allow us and the community to focus on the open questions that still need attention and those helpful answers you generously provide. Closed Questions can't receive new opinions or poll votes, but you'll still be able to like or reply to an opinion.

To guarantee that we'll have opinions on every question, we also decided to change how the limits of asking questions work. Now you will have a limit of open questions according to your XPER level. Once you reach that limit, you'll need to close a question selecting MHO or wait until we close it for you.

Talk (just) to me

Less opinions on more questions, privacy and notifications

Another popular demand was for us to make GirlsAskGuys safer and more pleasant to use and we took it very seriously. This is the first of several features aimed at doing that.

On top of being able to ask a question or share an opinion anonymously, you'll be able to do it privately. Only the Asker and the Opinion owner can see Private Opinions.

Askers can check a box to receive all opinions privately on their questions, but regardless of that, Opinion owners can choose to share an opinion privately on any question.

We strongly believe private conversations within a context can be a powerful tool for the GirlsAskGuys community.

Goodbye, ghosts... hello, people!

Less opinions on more questions, privacy and notifications

Last but not least, our notifications got an update that was long overdue.

First of all, we've added some new ones that you'll also see on our mobile app soon. The existing ones were updated with new images and text to make sure the messages are about people and the actions they take on GirlsAskGuys.

Since we have a reasonable amount of notifications now, we're also giving you tools to manage what you want to be notified about. Just hit the Settings page on your Profile to turn all notifications on or off individually.

Finally, the Notifications section on the Profile got a lot more useful with the simple addition of a "Mark all as read" button that should end once and for all the dreaded ghost notifications issue that drove some people crazy.

We know this is a big change, so feel free to get in touch with me or any other Admin if you have questions.

One more thing...

Less opinions on more questions, privacy and notifications

You've convinced us. It's coming back soon.

Less opinions on more questions, privacy and notifications
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  • lumos
    Questions closing is dumb. You can boost newer questions without having to close down "older" questions (48 hours is not old). It's a bad solution because every question deserves to get as many answers as possible, even if those answers are a few days "late". If anything, this goes against what you're trying to do. There are other ways to change how much attention newer questions get. Change the livefeed, highlight the newest question, whatever. Silencing questions that you deem passé is honestly frustrating.
    And don't even get me started on the private opinion thing. People will just abuse it to harass askers. How are us mods supposed to be able to do our job when we can't even see the content on here? We said make the content BETTER, not HIDE ALL OF THE CONTENT!!!1! If you really want to implement this totally AWFUL feature, then you should at the very least make all private opinions visible to mods, so that we get to remove all the creeps and harassers as usual. But then again... that kind of defeats the entire point of the feature? Which just proves how dumb it is. I can't believe this, really. You noticed that site safety was something A LOT of people wanted to see improvements on yet you think THIS is a good feature to implement? Wow. Lol. Ok then.
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    • "People will just abuse it to harass askers. How are us mods supposed to be able to do our job when we can't even see the content on here?"

      This ^^
      Though I pretty much agree to everything you said.

Most Helpful Guy

  • AleDeEurope
    I like the new update... but not the private option. It takes away from the interaction between people. I think if people want to share an opinion they should have to share it to all of us, not just the asker, cause that's what this site is about. If most people start responding privately, this is gonna be dead.
    Plus, it's a way for racists, sexists, and overall antagonistic people, to get away with their stuff, cause no one will be able to call them off on that.

    I think that will create more division between the people of GAG...
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    • Yumix

      I have to agree with this

    • good point

    • Wow, another great point about the private opinions in addition to what @RainbowFanGirl said.

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  • dangerDoge
    Firstly, I like the attempt at updating. No matter how many people hate on it all, I am happy there are people behind the scenes that are thinking up ways to make it better.

    1.) The closed question.
    I like the *idea* of closing/archiving a question. This not only rids GAG of the overloaded no opinion section, but also stops people from writing an opinion on a year old post that is completely irrelevant now. HOWEVER, with this closed question update, I would argue that the timing is a bit too short for it. Personally, I would say 7 days at the very least, but ideally a month before closing a question. The reasoning is because stuff stays relevant after 48 hours. After a month or so, many things change or lose meaning. I feel like closing a question after a month (regardless of activity on it) makes more sense.
    In my ideal little universe I'd make it...
    -- close it after a month regardless of what happens on the question
    -- if both MHOs are selected by asker, close it within 48 hours
    -- perhaps a special exception if you get no opinions on your question at all. Maybe 15 days before the question poofs... That way you can ask it again and it isn't a duplicate.

    2.) The private opinion
    I actually like it. It stops people from feeling social pressure to conform to what everyone else is writing. The real question is however-- can it be abused? I'm thinking that a dude (or dudet) may post a pervy question. Someone naive answers it. Mods can't see opinions so the guy is basically free to do/say what he wants to the naive girl.
    I mean, I've seen an under 18 girl give out her facebook info (and almost number) to a random anon pervy dude before some people commented on her opinion and talked some sense into her. If no one talked to her about it, she would've gone through with it.

    3.) Notification bar.
    Font is cool. Maybe make it so more can be read? I don't know. In other news, it appears the highlight of a new notification was removed? That makes it a bit hard to figure out where a new notification ends and old one from the past begins. I like to answer my notifications in specific orders so I can respond to them correctly, so that part is a bit annoying.
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    • dangerDoge

      On a side note, there is a glaring flaw in the closed question update. All of the no opinion ones are still there from greater than 48 hours ago.
      They've been damned to the no opinion section for all eternity haha

    • Exactly my point with the private opinions. It allows people to abuse it, and this us moderators will not be able to do anything about it. I hate that kt tells me that there is a private opinion when I can't see what it says, and thus it shows how pointless it is.

    • JuicyBrain

      Why mess around with the time when questions should be closed? Just let the askers decide when they are done with a question.

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  • mooky06
    OHMMGEEEE Diogo!
    Closed questions- why just why just whyyyy? :'( I liked allowing Gag users to comment on my question, whenever they were able to come across it. I guess closing the question down does allow for more "other" questions to get answers, but the sites purpose is to get as much advice as you can on a question, and select MHO. Doesn't having a closing down feature, kind of goes against that?

    Privacy on a question between asker and opinion owner- That feature maybe interesting. I do not know how that will go, but only one way to find out

    Mobile app/controlling notifications from settings tab- A mobile app is something Gagers have talked about wanting (a lot of times). I do not know why that hasn't been done yet. Turning a notification on and off is alright, i suppose.

    Where is the downvote button? I'm glad that feature is... sloowwllllyyyyyyyy.. coming back "soon". How soon? unsure?

    I think sticking with what people have made questions and comments about (feature wise) is the right way to go on improving Gag. A lot of these changes is something i will have to adapt to.. but i'm definitely not liking my questions being closed down..
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  • musicbrain5
    I do like the "closed question" feature, HOWEVER, the question asker should be the one who decides whether or not they want to close the question. If that's feasible, great. Sometimes it takes a while to get a satisfactory answer and I want to be the one who decides when I'm done with the Q.

    I'm not too sure about the private opinions thing either, but just the option to make all opinions private so that only the asker can see them. I and many others here often read questions that are similar to ours, just to see the answers. I do that so that I don't have to ask a Q that's been asked a thousand times before.
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  • CHARismatic110
    Never wanted the stupid downvote button back. These changes are ridiculous. In what world does closing questions on a question/answer site make sense? I've gotten some of my best answers on questions a week, sometimes 2 weeks later. All I see scrolling down my feed is a bunch of closed questions. And the private opinion thing doesn't make sense either. That's why the Anon feature is for. I never bitch and complain about updates on here but this time, you've gone too far GaG. I was straddling the fence on taking an extended break from this place. You've made me want to deactivate all together. Good job.
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  • confusedgirl239
    Closing questions is dumb. Truly all of these pointless notifications is going to make me leave the site. I don't want to see anything other than notifications about me. Until this goes back to what it was, I'm not using this site any more.
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    • Also, just to update my comment. I log on daily to see if I have a normal 2-3 notifications rather than the 37 useless ones that I still have. No luck yet. I really won't be using this site until the undue notifications are removed, or I am able to customize to only see the notifications that I want to see. Until then, I just don't have the time to sift through them all.

    • You can customise the notifications you want to see. Just go to the Settings page under your Profile and check or uncheck the boxes to turn them on or off. ;)

  • justbanANNAz
    ... look i appreciate all the hard work u guys put in, but i feel like the things that we want MOST aren't being addressed, and the ones that we don't need, are being brought in or changed.

    lets say we roll with the closed questions thing. at least extend the time for EVERYONE. 48 hours of inactivity is simply not enough. many people here, especially on the lower levels, will not be getting much activity on gag, so closing off a question after 2 days doesn't seem right. give it a week and ill be on board. i don't know about the rest of u, but i don't mind getting an opinion on a question a month later at all. i actually like it.

    the private opinions idea is interesting. i kinda like it, and i look forward to testing it out.

    downvotes... eh, I've always been indifferent.

    i still want to place my suggestions of things id like to see:
    - a group chat feature, or live chat at least. that will remain at the top of my list.
    - allow a question asker to edit their question or mytake once, if they need to after submission.
    - allow a max of 3 drafts for a question or mytake rather than just one.
    - notify us who unfollows us.
    - a more fun profile page would be nice.
    - add a food and beverage topic
    - i'd like to block some anons permanently, not just on one post.

    yeah, I think it's great to try out new things, but it'd b nice to see these other ones around as well.
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    • Yes I agree with you!!!

    • ChocoLada

      Yeah, I agree with justbanANNAz :)

    • Live chat live chat live chat!!! I would love that option so mucho <3

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  • BellePepper
    This is so stupid. WHY do you all keep taking the worst ideas and implementing them? WHHHHHY?

    This is a LIABILITY issue if nothing less! How many dirty old men will make sexual comments to teen girls in the HDIL topic and noooooooone of them will get removed? You have made this site more accessible to PREDATORS.

    Do you know what female users complain about most on this website? PRIVATE MESSAGES. And now you gave people ANOTHER way to leave disgusting messages and harass people!

    HOW COULD YOU NOT SEE THIS? **WHO** CAME UP WITH THIS? Please feel free to contact me so I know who to forward all the inappropriate messages I see and hear about to. media.giphy.com/media/4zFx69mkI2Qx2/giphy.gif

    You have moderators on this website so USE them.

    No one asked for closed questions or polls. NO ONE. If you want more comments on questions why don't you get rid of the "live feed" or change the algorithm so that questions that are more than x days/months old aren't shown?

    Wow. So the downvote button was supposed to be back with this update, but it's NOT. Just like being able to follow specific questions is not back. Maybe it you all stopped wasting time with creating new ways for people to be harassed and trolled you would have time to work on these features.
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    • Oh! And let's take a look at my awesome new notifications tab! OH WAIT. IT'S USELESS.

      Just like the options!

      My notifications tab is NOT the live feed!

    • More notifications than Facebook! And +10000000000 for your opinion on the private answers. Never thought of that either.

    • @musicbrain5 Oh my gosh have you seen the girls who will be like "hey guys what do you think of my ass?" And then basically sext with any of the guys they can? Yeah this will def go well. A++ GaG ;D

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  • hazoplmeught
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    • Exactly and I thought they were doing something good. 😩 This is dumb where is the downvote? That's the only thing I wanted! Everything else what cool!

    • The downvote is coming back, guys. Don't worry. ;)

    • @RainbowFanGirl it is so dumb, but i agree with private opinions a little, but that is what messages were for right? #bringbackthedownvote

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  • vonasaurus
    i appreciate what you guys are trying to do, but i don't understand the logic behind some of these implementations.

    1) hate the notification change; it clutters up my feed.

    2) mho is about to become nonexistent~ why give one, if the question will just be closed?

    3) the private opinions feature is a noble intention, but too open to abuse and exposes young people on this site to predatory behaviour.

    /my 2 cents, for what they are worth.

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  • YourFutureEx
    Anyone noticed that we don't need filler to post photo replies anymore?

    "When less is more"
    Personally, I get the best opinions days after I post my question. I have some stalkers. They know me so well and post the best opinions.

    Increase it to 5-7 days. And highlight "questions with no opinions" more to solve the problem.

    I liked that question cap. Now users cannot annoy us asking perpetual how do I look and repetitive questions.

    "Talk (just) to me"
    Good. Just let UberMods to see the content and increase their monthly quota.

    "Goodbye, ghosts... hello, people!"
    New notification system is annoying. Yeah we'd manage it in settings, but I don't think many users will use your update in which you put a lot of hard work.

    Plus, this won't clear the "ghost notification", this will clear that "@mention notification" which is genuine but just isn't visible. So, I don't recommend to use it to get rid of that. You may lose an important reply (@mention).

    I think you should make a team of users or real life experts to beta test new features before implementation, because it is not good to "test" new things to all of the community. It just annoys them. Some of them are considering leaving. So please take care.

    PS: I loved the way you ended your myTake. It's not because I'm a fan of downvotes or something, but the way you represented your scheme in just two short lines was marvellous.
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    • Thanks a lot, man.

      We're gathering a lot of feedback to start tweaking these new features.

      And we'll definitely have a Beta Tester program real soon. ;)

    • The pleasure is all mine :)

  • Yumix
    I don't like the following at all:

    "Starting today, all questions will be closed when you select at least one Most Helpful Opinion (you'll be able to select the second one later) or when they are inactive for 48 hours (no new opinions, replies or poll votes).
    This will allow us and the community to focus on the open questions that still need attention and those helpful answers you generously provide. Closed Questions can't receive new opinions or poll votes, but you'll still be able to like or reply to an opinion.
    To guarantee that we'll have opinions on every question, we also decided to change how the limits of asking questions work. Now you will have a limit of open questions according to your XPER level. Once you reach that limit, you'll need to close a question selecting MHO or wait until we close it for you."

    Questions will be even more repetitive with that. This will increase the activity/clicks on the site a lot without making it more useful for the users. Seems more like a way to increase the downgoing activity/clicks...
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    • Yumix

      also, I think if you do it like this the inactivity should be longer than 48 hours and question updates should reset that counter too or remove the inactivity

    • Yumix

      I had the last 2 days no time because of exams and now I can't answer anymore on many questions of my friends and other people I follow -_-

      make that thing a week or so if you really need it... but 48 hours is ridiculously short. not everyone is a 24h/7 GAG junkie

  • Chief16
    First of all nice job with the interface, its become zippier as someone who use G@G on the phone, I appreciate it. But come on...
    1) Closed Questions,
    Ok so we select MHO, what's to say that someone else might have had an entirely better opinion? Closing questions within 48 hours or selecting One MHO seems so pointless.
    2) Private Opinions,
    Why? I mean seriously Why? Have you seen the rise and rise on trollers here? Or even worse some people who can do actual harm? Isn't PM already there? What I agree with is that sometimes this can be genuine from what I've noticed, nope, Open Opinions are the way to go.
    3) Downvotes... I don't really care now. But you should've never removed it in the first place.
    4) Answers displayed according to Xper levels, much appreciated.
    Now can we address the real issues?
    1) I didn't see a Featured Friday this week. Not even a notification about that.
    2) Please find us a way to blacklist those users who spam here, delete their accounts, make new ones, repeat cycle. They're becoming a menace.
    3) CONTENT, It didn't just have to an improvement on the interface. We meant quality content too, perhaps a separate section among the Masters/ Gurus/ Xper 9s/ Editors who've contribute here the most anyway.
    That and the inclusion of a few more categories, like I mentioned such Psychology or Gaming and so many more.
    4) We need more Experts. I've seen only one.
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  • gotc147
    Lots of negative responses here...

    GAG, you need to realize that there is no way to please everybody on this website, especially in today's PC culture. The "content" issue didn't have anything to do with making questions or opinions private or anything like that, it had everything to do with hyper - sensitive millenials who have problems with people named "Lynch" because they see it as an allusion to slavery.

    There is no pleasing these people, they actively search for things to be offended by, even if you deleted every reported post on the site they would not be satisfied because they'll expect you to not allow offensive (to them) posts to be on the website for any length of time, meaning you'll have to learn to predict what people are going to say and stop them before they actually post it, and even then it might not be enough because these people don't even want others having THOUGHTS that are offensive to them.

    Stop trying to cater to these people, it's a fools errand.

    Other than that, I am completely indifferent to all the changes made lately.
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    • JuicyBrain

      " sensitive millenials who have problems with people named "Lynch" because they see it as an allusion to slavery."

      This is soooooooo true !
      People seem to think they have a right to not be offended nowadays. I miss the 80's and 90's when you could say whatever you wanted and people would take it with a grain of salt. Nowadays, some people are actively looking for reasons to be offended and seem to think that everything should be done to put them to rest.

  • msfuntastic
    Can I still reply to this? Okay then... Yeah, I don't like the question closing thing. Even when Yahoo Answers did this (they don't anymore), they at least gave 3 - 5 days for answers. 48 hours is a short window. Not a fan of this decision. Some of us don't log in every single day.

    Ideally, a question would remain valid as long as the asker has not chosen to close it.
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  • hellionthesage
    This seems kind of stupid. Why would you remove the ability to comment if you have chosen a MHO? Especially considering that if their are not that many answers or inactivity for 48 hours your forced to choose one any way even if it is not helpfull in any way? If its a hassle the question asker already has the capacity to disavow it and not be notified so what is the point of restricting it further? Doesn't more content by its nature imply, more. You have removed content with that choice, those questions are no longer available and so content is lost rather then gained. If anything you should have it where questiones with few answers pop up in the feed more often or have a section specificly for it rather then taking them away. As for safety, what safety issues are their? Safe: protected from or not exposed to danger or risk; not likely to be harmed or lost. ie their is, barring hacking attempts, nothing unsafe on this website. Censoring of ideas and opinions is in fact the most unsafe thing you can do as it narrows peoples perceptions to the point of seeing only that which is pleasent or appealing to them instead of the truth. If one person makes a comment and its made private then if their is incorrect information there will be no way for a person to know and give counter statements, so the person in question is then forced to proceed with the assumption of an idea being correct when it is not. Further more debate and argument is not only necessary in life but it is unavoidable. By creating a system that allows people to hide from this fact and hear only that which they want to hear is the most unsafe thing you can do. It is incredibly detrimental to the individual and society as a whole. Also I would point out that currently their is issues (at least I'm having them) where the character limit shows that I am under the max limit yet will not let me send the opinion/reply. (I am assuming that it is not counting either user names or web addresses). Its quite infuriating, especially since I already tend to right books on here so I tend to have this happen frequently. I appreciate the effort put forth to update everything (I have noticed improvments) but I do think some of these are going to defeat the entire purpose of this website.
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  • Girl_Scout
    I think you're making a HUGE mistake in closing questions like that. Yes we should have the option, but don't force it. I think you're going to kill your site with that one - what's the logic behind it?
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  • puertoriguesa
    ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i hate this update too much annoying notifications i don't even care about, i hate that they are closing questions just everything is horrible,,, updates are sometimes dumb and pointless
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  • KawaiiPie67
    What is this site? One big huge social experiment on the people who use it?
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    • Maybe it's like when FB tried to make people more depressed by showing them sad posts except GaG is trying to see how they can make their site as annoying as possible?

    • Lots of psychologist work with big social media website companies like Facebook
      I would not be surprised if this was the same

    • Yeah, like they're allowing this site to be used by businesses and psychologists for the sake of $. Just like all of these ads and sponsored my take posts.

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  • Wizbit
    I don't like the question closing. I can accept it closing after MHO is selected as that implies the Asker has received a helpful response, but 48hours of inactivity? How does that even work? If I post a question in the evening, people in America won't see it until the following day (middle of the night). By the time my 48hours is up Americans will have had one chance to view. I get that it's 48hours inactivity but bearing in mind people on here have to go to school and work and don't check the feed every day. I know I've sat down to view some questions (which I don't do every day because of other commitments) and every question I'm interested in or have a response for is already closed, even if I only saw it the day before and saved it to respond to later. Won't this just encourage a lot of people to keep replying "bump" to their own posts, or getting their friends (for those with lots of followers) to keep bumping their post leaving the lower ranked members without a hope of getting seen? If questions must close through inactivity at least give it a full 7 days. A month would be better, and then remove it so only people who've posted in it can access it (for MHO etc.)

    The privacy feature sounds scary too. It really does seem to be opening the door for abuse. If an Asker/commenter want to discuss privately they have messaging for that. If this isn't possible because the Asker is anonymous it probably means the Asker doesn't want private messages anyway.

    Please fix these. I'm finding there's no point in posting as I'm closed before I get a helpful answer, and there's no point reading other people's posts as they're closed before I get there. If the questions don't at least get a week of inactivity before they are closed I won't be using the site any more as it doesn't work. I certainly won't be allowing private comments on my posts.
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  • Glasses
    Ok the Notifications you Mark all as read" button that should end once and for all the dreaded ghost notifications issue that drove some people crazy is basically what you said but What if you want to be Notified when a question asker up votes your opinion on their question they asked but you don't want to be Notified when a user that your following post a new question?
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    • You can turn all notifications ON or OFF on the Settings page. ;)

    • Glasses

      What if you only want to turn off notifications from certain people but NOT all?

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