Top Ten Questions That Should Be Asked On GAG Just For The Hell Of It

Top Ten questions that should be asked on GAG just for the hell of it

Years ago David Letterman, a famous late night talk show host, came up with a comical list of top ten possibilities that ranged from pop culture to politics. Tonight I thought I would try to do a top ten list about GAG. So here is my top ten list of questions that should be asked on GAG

10. This persons picture is of a catfish,is he or she really a catfish?

9. Who is hotter: Homer Simpson or Ned Flanders?

8. How do you like my shaved pussy?

7. Is Donald Trump's hair a real live brain sucking space alien?

6. Since everyone always asks about Turkey,what is your opinion on Chicken?

5. Post a selfie of yourself,eating a goldfish?

4. What do you think of my leopard skin speedos?

3. Who do you think would win this election:Donald Trump,Bernie Sanders,Hillary Clinton,or Big Bird? Because Chances are we're gonna have a big dummy in Washington anyway.

2. Have you ever masturbated to Bill Clinton?

1. Which GAGer(s) would make a good cast for a remake of Friends?

Thats all everyone!!!!! Goodnight! Remember these questions I posted here are meant to be funny and not serious.

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  • lol, let's talk about chicken.


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  • Have you been on How Do I Look lately the way things are going number 4 is going to happen very soon. Number 3 during one of our Irish presidential elections a bird puppet on children's TV jokingly put himself forward for president, a social media campaign started for people to write his name on ballot paper and tick him. It is alleged if spoilt votes were counted he would have polled as high as 20% in some areas. Number 8 those poor cats looks so miserable in photos. I shouldn't but 6 made me laugh. Number 1 could be a fun evening on GaG.


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  • #9- Definitely Ned Flanders! 😂😍


    That's just cruel too poor kittehs!

    • It's meant to not be taken seriously. It's like supposed to be a dirty question, but then you click on it and it's that. This is just a list for humor, noone should be asking these questions.

    • The poor cats. :(

  • 1. I'd make a kickass Monica.


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