People Really Need to Get This Through Their Thick Heads

It's not okay that I am not considered equal because of my gender.

Tell me, why does having a dick mean that you have more power than someone who doesn't?

It's not okay that I am not considered equal because of my skin color.

People really need to get this through their heads.

Since when does having the presence of melanin, which everyone has, contribute to how good or bad of a person I am?

It's not okay that I'm not considered equal because of my beliefs.

What I want to believe is up to me, not my family or my friends. They can't force their thoughts on me or shame me for where I decide to place my faith.

It's not okay that I am not considered equal because of my sexuality.

Who I love is a person, not a label. I should be able to love whoever I want without you telling me "what I am" I am not a what, I am a who. So grow up and treat me like one.



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  • You lost me at "why does having a dick mean that you have more power than someone who doesn't?" I wholeheartedly agree and support the first statement "It's not okay that I am not considered equal because of my gender." Then you go on to the fallacious statement that follows. I hate to break it to you, but men are also disenfranchised because of their gender, you are perpetuation the myth of "male privilege" Privilege comes from the Latin "privi" private and "liege" law or lord, or in other words laws that only apply to the "privileged." For every law that you can show me that only benefits men I can show you at least 10 that privilege women. For every so-called social advantage that you can show that privileges men, I can show you the corollary that gives more freedom to women. Male privilege is a myth based on using Marxist social class findings and applying them to gender.

    • There is such a thing as male privilege.

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  • Nice statement - I agree everyone has the right to be treated equally and respected - There has been 3 fatal incidents in the last week Orlando, the couple stabbed in Paris and the MP murdered in the UK where for one reason or another hatred or intolerance was seeing to be a factor - There will be a lot of argument about these cases - So to add a little spin on your take bigotry can't be condoned, inflicting your views on somebody else but all sides have to look at themselves and think about their actions - I don't think it will be a short battle but a long war for hearts and minds - Am I 100% sure my views are the right path to be honest I am not sure

  • No two people are created equally. If you want equal treatment under the law, a whole lot of women are going to need to be sent to jail and for much longer. Fun fact: women often get much lighter sentences or avoid jail altogether for egregious offenses.

    If you want equal treatment by employers, we have that already. It's called Equal Employment Opportunity or EEO and if you can prove you've been discriminated against, they'll be more than happy to help you sue the employer into oblivion.

    If you want bigots to stop being bigots, it's never going to happen. I for one will always regard you and people like you (the ones who like to nag everyone else for thought crimes) as inferior. To paraphrase one of my favorite characters in all of fiction: "You move like an insect. You THINK like an insect. You ARE an insect."

    • Yes women get lighter sentences but that's because they had a male judge. I wouldn't mind them getter longer sentences but it's nothing I can do about it because male judges can't keep it in their pants Everytime they see a beautiful women criminal.

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    • Yeah, the rest of the world will get right on that.

    • Teach me, show me where male privilege exists.

  • Well, having a dick doesn't mean more power, having more power means more power.

  • Well I consider you equal to everyone else. It would be better if the whole world didn't discriminate.

  • No two persons are equal. Only you consider yourself this.


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  • you do know there are religions that will kill people for beliefs, sex, sexuality, etc. because it says to do so in their teachings. perhaps try reaching them first. as far as the others go, people will always be dicks.

    • These are not religions that say kill people. These are violent people who kill people. Otherwise I can count you many events in history who kill people in the name of their God, to discriminate others. For example, Christians Crusades, or KKK in the US, Muslims with ISIS, Some Buddhist Monks killing Muslims in Myanmar, Chinese govt killing Uyghur Muslims in XinJiang, German Christians killing Jews back in WW2 etc. etc. Examples can be found in some other religions not currently popping their lights up in my head. So some people are violent and their interpretation of their religion is also violent.

    • @lyannamormont actually the Muslim religion is violent. There is no misunderstanding.

    • You need to do your reading before claiming something like this, and do not just watch whatever media shows you, as my humble advice. All monotheistic religions come from the same source, and all those "so-called" hateful things written in Qoran are also written in the Bible etc. You might wanna check Dutch experiment about the Bible and Qoran. It does not let me post links here. Anyways. We must not forget we are comparing a religion of about 2000 years vs 1400 years. The latter clearly needs reform, no argument against that.