Thigh Gap Or Not You Are Still Beautiful


Okay so let me begin on the topic of...

Thigh Gap Or Not You Are Still Beautiful

Thigh gaps

So I know this topic is so overused and clichΓ©, but I got this idea to write this by this one blog I read.

Pretty recently I came across this thing called a thigh gap. Of course, I already knew what this was but apparently there are girls out there who are obsessed with getting one, and guys out there who are obsessed with them for whatever reason.

So I bet must of you already know what a thigh gap is, but for those of you who don't thigh gaps are basically a space between your thighs. It's not something that you can get, it has to do with your bone structure. Keep in mind that thigh gaps are not a determination of weight.

What I find so horrible is that there are actually blogs out there that all are about How TO become anorexic to get a thigh gap.

Here's the Wikipedia definition of a thigh gap:

"A thigh gap is a space between the inner thighs of some women when standing upright with knees touching. A thigh gap has become an aspect of physical attractiveness that has been associated with fragility and femininity."

Thigh Gap Or Not You Are Still Beautiful

Hell no thigh gaps do not determine your beauty.

Thigh gap or not you are beautiful.

I put together a list of reasons and sayings to why you don't need a thigh gap to be beautiful:

"No thigh gap No problem"

Marilyn Monroe's thighs touched and she was adored by thousands.

I found this funny, something Andrea Russet said in quotes:

"Why are thigh gaps a thing?"

"What are thigh gaps?"

"Why do people want a thigh gap?"

"My thighs are friends, they like to be close together."

You know at the end of the day do you think that you will be happier, prettier, or smarter if your thigh gaps don't touch? Probably not.

So I hoped you enjoyed this Take. This is for all the girls out there who don't think they're beautiful without a thigh gap. I honestly find thigh gaps so overrated they're literally just a space between your thighs it makes not difference what so ever if you have one or not.

Thigh Gap Or Not You Are Still Beautiful
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Most Helpful Guy

  • TheAngryBanana

    in my 24 years on this planet i have never once heard any of my mates refer to a womans thigh gap like " here pal, you see that bird Sarah she was well fit but her dam lack of a thigh gap dosney do it for me. It makes be boke" * in a scottish accent*

    most of us guys are more intrested in yer dam arse or whats between yer legs !!!

    all im done
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    • Did you see one of the girls comment? She said a guy refused to date her just because she didn't have a thigh gap. Smh I'm so done right now.

Most Helpful Girl

  • RainbowFanGirl
    I'll take my thick thighs any day. :)
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  • Grungenoreos
    I am relatively skinny... Relatively as in different people have a different perception of my weight (skinny, average, slim, etc.) and I don't have or want a thigh gap. On some girls it admittedly looks good but ehh. Nah
  • Fathoms77
    That top picture is just awful. How does anyone find that attractive? That person is clearly ill.
    • I agree.

    • I know right?

    • dogbert444

      Not necessarily! As a naturist, I've met two or three really skinny ladies that are NOT ill, and can eat more than I can!

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  • akadatank44
    I honestly hate thigh gaps and only hurt of them on here. I think its stupid and idiotic thing that this generation has come up with as far as attractiviness. Great take tho!
  • ak666
    I must admit that I really like thigh gaps, but those occurring in girls who are naturally quite skinny (not induced by an eating disorder -- that top picture looks very bad). The two women I dated who had them included a ballet dancer and another really into yoga, both extremely flexible, and extremely energetic.

    That said, thigh gap girls tend to not have such round and shapely derrieres. Girls who kind of fill the gap often do, and I like them round butts too. So I think there's merits both ways.

    In any case, people with an eating disorder are generally unattractive. You can see how their appearance is kind of a cheap imitation of the real deal. There should be more love for healthy physiques of all shapes and sizes, provided that they're healthy.

    The biggest emphasis on beauty should be, above all else, health -- thigh gap or not.
    • Yeah. I still don't get what's so attractive about thigh gaps but you know that's your opinion, and I agree with the rest of what you said.

    • ak666

      I think the appeal for me with thigh gaps (again emphasis on not trying to make them out to be "better" or anything) was just a contrast with myself. I have very thick thighs from skateboarding vert ramps all my life and being a sprinter. I have no gap whatsoever. So that kind of difference between my kind of thick legs and the woman's skinny legs is somehow interesting to me, but so is a very nicely and shapely butt which is usually lacking in a thigh gap. I like quite a range.

    • I'll end with this quote I got from whisper.

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  • LittleMissCuriousity
    I actually had a guy refuse to date me because I didn't have one. As far as I'm concerned, the trash took itself out.
  • somebodysaycheese
    My dad used to say i have turkey thighs. Some girls dont need to be super skinny to have a thigh gap they just have wide pelvis structure. Me i dont have the bone structure to have thigh gap.
  • EllieLexis513
    I feel like thigh gaps are attractive to some guys but never a dealbreaker. I have no desire to have a thigh gap. I just want to be a certain jean size.
  • bradlazer
    Is that really a thing? I never cared if a girl had one or not.
    • Apparently they are.

    • bradlazer

      Well that sucks. A thigh gap is the last thing on my mind when meeting a girl. lol

  • ThisDudeHere
    Yup, I agree. Thigh gaps are a complete nonissue for me. I couldn't care less if a girl has them or not.
  • Entruder
    Agreed. Just embrace, love, and do what you can with what you got.
  • phoenix2000
    The first pic is insane. I'm a skinny a lot but not in that point. I had a friend who was almost like the first pic girl and he was natural and I found her in my school bathroom cutting herself in her hands and arms bcs she didn't like her thigh gaps.
  • DarkHumorRUs
    In the "define beauty" picture, the one on the left is literally also a thigh gap.

    And I've never heard anyone talk about thigh gaps in real life.
    • Lol no the girl on the left does not have a thigh gap her legs and thighs are close together.

    • I guess I didn't explain correctly what a thigh gap is...

    • Yes it is, it fits the Wikipedia definition. It's a space between the thighs.
      That kind is referred to as a heart gap I think.

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  • sixnineanon
    I love thigh gaps but I don't require a girl to have one. A girl can still be beautiful without it.
    • πŸ˜’ πŸ™ƒ

    • That's great you find thigh gaps attractive, but I'll take my thick athletic legs over a thigh gap any day πŸ˜‰πŸ˜›

    • OP some guys like athletic legs πŸ˜‰πŸ˜œ

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  • MrShinyPants
    To be honest, id take a girl with thick meaty thighs over thigh gap any day, especially a soccer players or dancers thighs
  • YoungAndInnocent
    I personally have a thigh gap and I don't really like it, don't hate it either but I agree with you I don't see what's so special and attractive about having one.
  • helloitsmethere
    Thank goodness my thigh gap is almost non existent now. I hated having it.
  • Rawrzz
    Sorry. Incorrect. You're only beautiful if you have a thigh gap.
    • Of course you can be beautiful with a thigh gap, and you can also be beautiful with one. Stop trolling and trying to start a argument. All I have to say is that if you really care that much about thigh gaps you are artificial and not worth my time.

    • Without one*

  • SlightlyCrazy
    Do not like thigh gaps unless they are your NATURAL body type
    And no one had that naturally
  • Luminifera
    :( but I have one... now what?
    • It's fine that you have one! Lol Like I said on it with or without one you're beautiful!

  • kittykatbrat
    I have one and DO like them on other girls :)
    • You're making me jealous. I don't have one 😞.

    • ... don't be, I get a lot of very snarky comments offline when I'm out.

    • I mean I find thigh gaps attractive too but what I mean is that you don't have to be attractive and beautiful.

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  • DearLife
    Ugh, nobody irl even cares about that shit.
  • Anonymous
    Cliche? I've never even heard of "thigh gap" as a metric of beauty.
  • Anonymous
    Open your legs and everyone has a thigh gap