To Be Or Not To Be... Anonymous

To Be Or Not To Be...Anonymous

Would you bet your entire bank account right now that every one of the GaG persons you follow or interact with on GaG are telling the 100% truth about their identity in their profiles, the names they state are their own, and/or using a real picture of themselves?

The reality is that everyone on GaG is anonymous unless you know them personally in the real world because whatever is posted on here and other social media sites is 100% what they post, what they tell you is true, what they write down, the age they tell you they are, and the pictures they've chosen. This whole idea that seeing a picture or a name on GaG means that that person isn't afraid to post or isn't afraid of their identity is based on what...the miraculously honest truth telling of the internet? Really?

This is part of the allure for a lot of people on social media sites. This idea that they can create this identity for themselves and be whomever they want AND say whatever they want without repercussions. Granted, there are of course many a truth teller who are absolutely honest about who they are, but the reality is, you on GaG will never know that for sure no matter how many times they state it to be true and honest information about themselves because odds are you have no way of knowing unless you meet them because even a catfisher can send you 10 photos of someone else that's not them as proof "they are who they say they are."

I think to some degree it makes a user feel like they are talking to a real person if they see a picture and some name up or that perhaps this person won't be a troll, but for the reason above, that the internet, picture or not, basically means anonymity for all, that doesn't stop trolls because trolls like probably half of those using social media, are lying in some part about who they are so picture or not, you're basically getting mad at someone who doesn't even exist, at least not the way they present themselves as existing.

I personally don't think it matters whether someone goes Anon or not and that too many users put too much stock and faith in the fact that they can see a users photo, but yet probably wouldn't bet their entire bank account that it was real because it is the internet which means you can't really be too sure. I like to believe in the idea that we can be this amazing community of people whom we can connect with online, and to some degree, that absolutely happens, but I don't really know who you are outside of what you present, so it's either blind faith or accepting that I know "a version" of the real you that probably isn't completely accurate.

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  • This is an anonymous site actually. Their Wikipedia page says:
    "GirlsAskGuys community is like an experienced, trusted and anonymous best friend of the opposite sex, where users feel safe and comfortable asking for feedback and opinions, no matter if it is personal, embarrassing or just something they’re curious about."


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  • Great post. Internet security should be in the front of everyone's mind. It's important to protect yourself when you use the internet 'cause hackers are becoming cleverer and coyer. I think the best way to avoid the tracking is to use anonymizer. I often use this site to stay anonymous. It is important to stick to one anonymizer so you won’t be targeted when you link to the next one with the same amount of connections or computers so hackers won’t be able to identify you.


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  • I agree with your premise that everyone on GaG is not 100% honest about themselves but at different levels. The low level of white lying by people might be just exaggeration up to the level of catfishes. I know myself I am not 100% honest, I try to portray myself in a better light on GaG than I perceive my image in real life.

    • Well, considering studies have shown, the average human being lies 100 times a day, many harmless white lies, it's not surprising that people do it on social media, but this idea that because someone is a 'real person' or perhaps better suited to answer questions because they aren't what they think is anonymous, isn't really the best qualifications test. If you read and comprehend a message or a comment and absorb it as something useful to you, then it just is whether it's some generated photo, a photo they posted, or the pink or blue anon person.

    • I agree when I see Anon, the shutters don't go up, I probably read a couple of hundred posts/opinions a day, if something interests me, I might hover their profile for age and where they are from but if Anon, I will just answer. If they really intrigue me I might go and read their profile page.

  • My usual rant about anonymous people: I just looked on the feed and the first 12 questions aside from a couple of featured ones were all anonymous.

    Add to that, as you point out that really everyone here is anonymous even if they DO post a real picture, unless you happen to know them personally. Think it's safe to say that media stars aren't Gag members often!!! We don't know anything about most of the people here

    I think more information about ethnicity and cultural background should be required whe people sign up, but I know that's not going to happen when a majority clings to their anonymous status even when asking about yur favorite ovie star and the like.

    • I mean, I just answered a POLL question that was anonymous! Since you aren't even giving your own opinion on the issue, WHY should anonymous poll questions be allowed?

  • Sometimes I like the anonymous responses and wanted to follow them but couldn't.


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  • I agree with you because I don't understand why people get upset over people going anonymous on here. I don't see a point in showing my username all the time because of personal reasons. Just because someone is anonymous, it doesn't mean s/he is a spineless coward. This is ironic because I messaged fathom about if I should write a take about why it's okay to be anonymous and now this showed up a few hours later. I think this site is interconnected and we read eachother's minds somehow.

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