How to Increase Your Overall MHO Percentage on GAG

How to Increase Your Overall MHO Percentage on GAG

I find it strange that a lot of people have been asking me this question considering that a lot of people don’t find MHO percentages to be all that important besides having a nice colored badge next to your name each time you post an opinion. Regardless, I’d like to provide my knowledge and information on how to get and/or maintain the MHO percentage you’re looking for!


What is MHO and What Purpose Does it Serve?

MHO is abbreviated as Most Helpful Opinion! Each time an asker posts a question and opinions are received in it, the asker within a 24 hour period upon posting the question has the option to select up to 4 opinions (2 guys and 2 girls) who they think provided the most helpful opinion to them! This could be in the form of how knowledgable that person who gave the opinion was, to how humorous the opinion was, to the person being highly empathic and relating to the question. This helps people on this site figure out which people are providing the most helpful opinions all around. Usually the higher the percentage, the more thoughtful the person was in attempting to be as helpful as possible! A lot of the time though, many of the opinions are selected by the automatic GAG system since the asker didn’t pick the MHOs within the 7 day period which may give an inaccurate reading on a person’s MHO percentage. You can click on the link below for more information about this:

With that said, let’s get down to the details of how, in my opinion, people gain MHOs and how some of them are able to maintain a high percentage.


Be Empathic and Relate to the Asker

How to Increase Your Overall MHO Percentage on GAG

A lot of the questions you’ll see have a person being in a situation they’re not sure how to handle properly without the assistance of other people. Rather than simply voicing your opinion on what you believe is right, try to step into the person’s shoes and grasp a full understanding of what they're looking for. What may seem right to you may not be to the asker. It all comes down to what their experiencing and what you can do to assist the situation. If you have a complete opposite opinion of what they believe, be sure to provide facts and evidence to back up your statement so people don’t believe you’re simply criticizing someone just because of an unpopular opinion. Sometimes the asker may be persuaded by your opposition and gain your respect! Always remember to be open-minded in every question you see, even if it’s a simple questionnaire.

Avoid Popular Questions when Needed

How to Increase Your Overall MHO Percentage on GAG

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to engage in popular questions, especially since a lot of the community will be involved but if you have intentions of increasing your MHO percentage, chances are your opinion is going to be overlooked by a lot of people. It would be best to avoid these until your MHO percentage is at the number you want it to be. Sometimes though, people do gather enough confidence in believing their opinion will be most valued over others in these type of questions! It’s knowing when to engage in them and when to avoid them.

Engage in Topics You Specialize In

How to Increase Your Overall MHO Percentage on GAG

Chances are if you’re more interested and invested in a topic you like, you’re going to provide better feedback with having more insight than others. Everyone has a certain kind of topic they like and they’ll certain take the time to do their research on it to provide the best possible opinion they can give! When the asker sees how much time you’ve invested in your favorite kind of topics, they’ll know the difference between someone who cares to someone who is simply passing by. There are 20 topics to choose from as of today! Surely there are multiple topics you love to discuss about and if you like all 20 of them, high five for going the extra mile in learning about them!

Make an Effort to Think Outside the Box

How to Increase Your Overall MHO Percentage on GAG

It’s very easy for anyone to provide a simple answer to a question but when you look beyond what the asker is thinking, you’ll have more words you want to provide to get your opinion across. People who go the extra mile will not only answer the asker’s question but they could provide extra feedback and details on how to improve the condition of the situation and what to do in the future about it. If the question however is a questionnaire, simply provide your answer and explain why you chose it. Believe it or not, putting in that little extra effort can be the difference between getting a MHO and not getting one!


Whether your main goal on GAG is get the highest MHO percentage, to maintain a certain MHO percentage or to simply reach that percentage to get the colored badge you want, it’s always important to be as informative as possible! It’s understandable that some people are looking to gain large amounts of xper points and will not always provide the best feedback. Sometimes people will have hard time explaining what they are trying to say so do your best to understand them so they can get their point across. People will appreciate you taking the time and effort to best understand their situation and their needs. Let’s all continue to grow as a community and make the most of what we have here!

How to Increase Your Overall MHO Percentage on GAG


Do you agree or disagree with these statements? Is there anything you'd like to include? Feel free to provide feedback as I always welcome them in looking to improve my future MyTakes and questions! With this topic in mind, I hope someone does a MyTake for getting/maintaining a high Xper count for experienced at it!

How to Increase Your Overall MHO Percentage on GAG
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Most Helpful Guys

  • GuyWannaHelp
    I have a pretty high MHO percentage, which I am a bit proud of.
    I don't answer question just to get MHO though, I always try to help the asker as best I can. I do often go onto the No Answers section of the site to answer brand new questions. When I ask a question myself, I always appreciate it when it gets answered very quickly.
    But in doing so, some questions I answer only get a couple of answers, sometimes even just one (mine). This has most likely "boosted" my percentage a bit.

    That said, when I do get MHO on a question with lots of answers, I'm very flattered and feel glad my answer was of some help (presumably).
    Is this still revelant?
    I do want to help people. I am a very empathic person. I try to be kind to as many people as I can. Today is my first day joining. I already made six followers. I hope one day I will have 30. So I can help them all.
    Thank you, I've helped a lot today. If you stalk my profile and see pickup lines, then know that they are smooooooth. Other than that, I've been helping people.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Kyren

      Welcome to GAG! It's always nice to see another empathic person joining in to help out with the community :) I do wish you luck on your goal of getting 30 followers with you!

    • ENTP_EMO

      Thank you, I had seen and use my brother's account in the past. So I'm not too unfamiliar.

    • Kyren

      Ah ok! You've simply made your account then so you don't have to keep borrowing his then. That's smart of you to do!

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Most Helpful Girls

  • CubsterShura
    One more idea. Read other people's opinions first and then decide what to post. Watch out for these two things:
    1) If everyone is giving the same exact reply as you wanted to, no need to post in there.
    2) Don't post at all if the asker is being rude to anyone whose answer they don't like. Especially pink anon does it a lot.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Kyren

      This is quite useful! Even if people give the same replies and you agree with them, you can find extra information to provide that'll make your opinion stand out from the rest. I do agree that rude askers will not likely favor anyone with their negative attitude.

      I greatly appreciate your feedback and ideas of what I could add for next time :)

    • I'm glad to know it was helpful for you. :)

    • Thanks for MHO! :)

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  • lovelyleo
    It doesn't matter that much I suppose, however it is flattering when someone picks mine. I appreciate it and I'm glad that I was able to help or make them feel like someone else understood.
    Is this still revelant?
    • lovelyleo

      See I'm flattered again. Thank you!

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • curiousnorway
    From what I've noticed elaborated and detailed answers that answer the question properly tends to get MHO more often than short incomplete answers that's not answering properly and troll posts.

    Writing "I'm pro it" or "I vote A" isn't enough to get MHO. If you want MHO, you should explain on why, or share a factual answer if it's a factual question.
  • JimRSmith
    Being the Asker's mate also helps sometimes.

    But overall these are good tips, thanks for taking the trouble to write this.
    • Kyren

      I'm honestly beyond shocked that no one has posted this yet along with how to get the most xper points in the shortest period of time as we've seen on the "Top Members" page. I do agree that having connections with the asker will increase your chances when you post an opinion on their topics! Although I'd say it would be pretty hard to befriend everyone on this site.

  • bubble_tea
    At first I was like.. why would anyone ask you that.. but then I saw your 81% and it all made sense lol. Good job!
    • Kyren

      Thank you! Honestly, I didn't think people cared all that much about getting MHOs in the first place but then I kept getting a lot of requests from people asking how I obtained that high percentage. I figured I would save a lot of time for them if I just made a MyTake about it!

    • bubble_tea

      I doubt you will get less questions from now on lol People want bullet points and preferably the ability for you to transfer your MHO to them 😂

    • Kyren

      Oh I'm sure they would love that 😂
      If they want it, they have to earn it the hard way through a lot of effort and hard work. (With some knowledge of this site as well!)

  • ghostqueen
    That's some pretty good advice.
  • RedRobin
    Great take
  • vishna
    Interesting, I use to care a lot about mho, but now not so much, though I still try and be helpful. I think selecting questions thoughtfully is the best advice, :) those no opinion questions are a gold mine
    • Kyren

      I'm glad you still want to be helpful regardless! I thought they were too until I found that if not enough people of the same gender post on that question, no MHOs are received :( It's not to say they may pop up in the live feed more often so enough people answer them!

    • vishna

      Oh wow, that sucks, I had no idea.

  • ksoma
    "spam questions with no answers with anything, and hope your garbage answer, that likely no one ever read, is automatically picked by an undefined algorithm, often just by default as it has no competition."
    • Kyren

      Each question has to have a minimum of at least 3 opinions of the same gender for the automatic GAG system to select an MHO so this tactic isn't abused. Answering those "No Opinion" topics really do help though!

  • LegateLanius
    I disagree. MHO percentage just means that someone chose your answer and the majority of the time is that it is a popularity contest. Anyone is capable of providing great answers. MHO percentage should be eliminated
    • Kyren

      There's been mixed feelings about keeping the MHO percentage around. The same can go with people who earn the most xper points within a given time although there really isn't a badge you can earn from that (although there is a title but that's the amount of xper points you earn over the course of your time here on GAG). I do agree to a degree that it can be in the form of a popularity contest but there are askers who are sincere and generous in giving their MHO to someone who really helped them out greatly! I often wondered how people would react to that change if it did happen. Thank you for making a valid statement on this!

  • ParadoxicallyDorky
    What a helpful Take! Thanks, Kyren! There’s a lot of great advice in here that I’ll be sure to take into account when posting opinions. Especially the one about thinking outside the box :)
    • Kyren

      Thank you so much! I've always appreciated your support and opinions whenever they come around :)

    • You’re very welcome! Also, thank you, as well. That made me smile :) I’m not as active on this site as I used to be so I apologize for that but I’m glad you appreciate my feedback, as infrequent as it may be

  • 0112358
    I think If I cared about my MH percent I’d have quit after a week.

    I know I’ve actuslly given some pretty big help to a few people here and it was 98> via messaging.

    Questions are just for tossing around ideas and having fun.
    • Kyren

      You're certainly right that this site is meant to give people the freedom of expression with questions they want people to ask! It's really cool how diverse people are on this site from asking the most random and hilarious questions to ones that are pretty serious. I'm glad you don't allow MHO to impact your opinions!

  • John_Doesnt
    This is great for a lot of questions. But I've found that kissing ass goes a long way with getting MHO.
    "Your question is brilliant and you've changed my mind on everything."
    • Kyren

      I've seen this work a couple of times from opinions I saw before although it's a technique I wouldn't rely on since it doesn't work all the time. I do admit people love to be praised when it feels genuine!

  • Vyxzuw
    You forgot about trying to write long posts so that it seems you are contributing more to the conversation that the drive by comments.

    Also respond to comments about your post. And engage in conversations for other people's posts.

    Or the simple answer to your question: Effort.
  • Logorithim
    Very good points, excellent Take. I'm more concerned about someone getting an answer to what ails them since you can't always get it from family and friends and I know what it is like to be a young person and not always sure of yourself in certain situations.
  • Comawhite666
    I don't really care about my MHO but it's nice to have. I just like trying to offer some advice and help to people. ^_^
    • Kyren

      That's really sweet of you to say! I feel bad when some people feel pressured by having an MHO number next to their name. In all honesty, people will recognize your sincere and honest opinions and that's what counts! :3

    • I'm often the one people in real life always ask for advice and my opinion- I can be quite blunt though since sugarcoating doesn't solve an issue :P

    • Kyren

      Sugarcoating isn't going to do anyone any good! People will appreciate you being straight-forward in how serious you are about giving helpful advice! (well, at least for the ones that can handle the truth anyways xD)

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  • Kurαȷ
    You can also write long opinions, the automatic system is heavily biased towards those.
    • Kyren

      I did do a little research on that comparing MHOs with a lot of people to see if the longer replies do matter. This is what I found so far in terms of what I believe the GAG system favors in order from most to least:
      Thumbs Ups, Longer Replies, Comments from the Asker, MHO Percentage then Type of Opinion Written Down.

      I wouldn't say this is the exact algorithm the GAG system follows but I think it's pretty close in my opinion!

  • Pamina
    How many questions do you answer per day on average?
    • Kyren

      I would say around 2 to 13 questions on average depending on the day. In all honesty, it doesn't matter how many opinions you post on a daily basis because it's more about how detailed and informational each opinion is. I'd rather spend much longer on an opinion to get my full point across than to rush each question in hoping to answer more questions! Hope this helps with what you were looking for :)

    • Pamina

      The reason I was asking was because I think the more opinions you post, the hard it is to have a high MHO percentage.

    • Kyren

      That statement is true up to a certain point. When you start out, your MHO percentage will be unstable with only a few amount of opinions being given. As you answer more opinions, those percentage numbers will move around less and less until you've reached a standpoint where even messing up many times won't change that number. As long as you continue to post effective opinions consistently, you won't have to worry much about losing that percentage you're looking for!

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  • LongWhiteBeard
    Yeah, I was like this you know 40%+ MHO.

    Then the troll questions: Oh do you cidar? lemon? buttsex? cigarretes? 10 times a day.
    I see everyone as good. I can't say no to any questions. I answer them.
    now my mho is not respectable anymore.

    trolling ruin lives
  • TuMeManques
    I used to care but now I answer way too many fluff questions ir answer things sarcastically. Also many askers don't want the truth, just a validation of what they want.
  • Caaarl
    I don't really like MHO percent as a judge of quality. To maximize MHO it's better to not use the site as it was meant to be used to maximize MHO. For example, not answering as many questions in order to reduce the chance of lowering MHO.
  • CuriousMufuxka
    I have to say that I believe users should speak their mind and focus more on being heard than silly accolades.
    • Kyren

      Thankfully a lot of people do that already because there's no need to feel pressured by a number next your name. The point being this site is to speak your opinions and have fun with it after all!

    • Don't be so sure about that lol..

  • Deathraider
    The MHO system itself isn't a good system in my opinion because it promotes people seeking MHO to try to appeal to the asker, rather than putting the effort to say what's needed to be said, essentially creating an echo chamber for the asker.
  • RalphMcDonald
    MHO is important that to decide how people are posting their opinion. Some people are there to give answers thoughtfully, they really want to suggest the best thing asker needs.
  • Paris13
    Post more Questions
    Reply to even More Questions. xx
  • SirRexington
    I've been wanting some tips! Thanks for these! I want to be able to help people, and getting MHO let's me know if helped someone.
  • Juxtapose
    Don't forget to be "politically correct!" (fuck that)
  • SketchForger
    MHO doesn't matter to me because I'm not actually smart. I'm just an asshole.
  • pizzalovershouse
    if people dont relate to your mind set it won't help
  • candycanehearts
    lol i didn't think people even looked at those
    • Kyren

      Some people feel the need to stroke their ego with having a higher MHO percentage but honestly in the end of it, the only thing that'll matter is whether you provided the opinions you wanted to share or not because this site is all about speaking your mind and having a good time with the community :)

    • Mm yeah good point

  • MisterSir
    thank you, i will increase my overall mho percentage on gag
  • HereComesDrTran
    HOW TO GET MORE MHO: only say the happy-go-lucky, idealistic, socially-approved retard shit that humans want to hear.

    *drops mic*
    • ENTP_EMO

      or or or... go to every dick question/ am I straight question

      say some random bullshit that is debatle - call everyone in there a nazi. and say ASKER youR DICK IS BIG AS FUCK EVERYONE HERE IS LYING - OR YOU ARE STRAIGHT DW IT'S A FAKE LABLE.

  • xXHosaeXx
    I just came here for the xper points lol
    • Kyren

      Nothing like a featured MyTake to earn an extra 5 xper points! Still though, thanks for dropping by!

  • fauchelevent
    This seems like a pretty useful take.
  • AlwaysBelieving
    I used to be concerned with this, not anymore.
    • Kyren

      What made your thoughts change about this? Most people usually don't care about what their MHO percentage is as their main focus is simply give opinions for either entertainment purposes or to get lots of xper points! I'm curious what yours is.

    • Mainly outlook on life.

  • Pineapple_Boy
    You forgot "Be friends with the asker"
    • Kyren

      That would definitely help if they or any of their friends ever asked any questions of their own. Although I hope favoritism doesn't occur over someone else who may have a very helpful opinion!

    Nice take..
    • But my Mho percentage is not increased yet..

    • Kyren

      Try to provide as much helpful information as you can to each question you see to increase your odds of increasing your MHO in general! Its never an easy task when so many people post but I'm sure you'll shine somewhere on this site :)

  • Revolver_
    I will increase my overall MHO percentage on GAG
    • Kyren

      I believe in you. Teach me your xper ways! 😉

    • Revolver_

      Thank you for believing in me. I will teach you my xper ways!

    • Kyren

      Awesome! I look forward to it!

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  • Birdy12
    Totally agree
  • Psycho21924
    Nice take
  • GayHowellMeme
    Thank you
  • clampfan101
    Not bad. Thanks.
  • Loveherbut
    like i care!
  • blondfrog
    Makes sense to me.
    • Then you fell for it. Congratulations.

    • blondfrog

      Yeah poor me for not being as smart as you.

    • Indeed.

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  • Kandy-Kane
  • love_conquers_lust
    I prefer a low score.
  • CT_CD
    Thank you. My MHO percentage is low
  • Whatthefluff
    True. When I had ambition, I once had a 30% mho
  • cigibugul
    nice Mytake !!
  • Nice222
    Good advice thanks for sharing.
  • Anonymous
    Most of my MHO were attributed by the system.

    And well, I'm someone who lived in a few different countries and I suppose have a different way of thinking about things. I'm also not a native English speaker. Personally, I think that that alone makes my opinions not very popular and that there isn't much I can do about it.
    Not that it matters much.
  • Anonymous
    Or just tell them what they want to hear