The stormy things that I dislike the some type of user. that make lot user cry out


Hi it Candace here and this will be a my-take on about my dislike on G@g. let get start .

1: Answer is in the wrong questions.

what the point of repay to this option that doesn't fit in the question area .

2: Do not read the whole of detail of the question.

do not want to read the detail then do not answer the qestion . just stay away from other user qestion that want helpful advice .

4: immature user .

the dumpiest people all the internet . that think they hate every word that make a sound so ungreatful . very sensitive ass hole type of person . think they entitled to world & online .

5:being a grammar Nazi .I dislike these type of person ,think is ok to correct every word and grammar error . lot other user would dislike this type of person .

6 :being ass-hole with hiding with anonymous user

this user always will hide behind the anonymous barrier . that make them sound like a idoit and dump trashy word . they use rude and very mean things . they all mixed bag of the troll .

8: complaining about being the single

if you going to post a question about being single do not . get your ass out the door and find adate . it doesn't have to be plan out . just go wing it .

9 all girls that are bi.

that not even true , some girls can bi some girl cane lesbian and some girls can be heterosexual.

just because a girl like a another girl breast doesn't mean they are not attraction to them . I away will be attraction to be men .that should . i don give a dram if a person is homosexual.

10 Didn't know that you have learning disability .

I do not like time waste . if you going to comment about my English is from another countries but is not . I have a learning disability that doesn't mean that i am from Spain or France . I was born in uk . there lot more things that everyone could struggle with English and have a learning disabilities.

11: do not tell what i can do what to not to Do .

if you going to make a option about why my English is so bad . then do get pissed at me when i repy to you saying that I have a learning disables.

12: do not assume things about my learning disability .

I am not autistic since my English not very good or Dyslexia. I do not have them . I know the diffent between a autistic person then a main steam person. my own lerning disabitiy is 18p and is very rare.

that all for now see ya you soon from Candace

Negative user
Negative user

The stormy things that I dislike the some type of user. that make lot user cry out
The stormy things that I dislike the some type of user. that make lot user cry out
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