My Funniest GAG Answers pt.1


My Funniest GAG Answers pt.1

These are a variety of answers,opinions, and replies from Wowgirl30q"s Questions and Mytakes. I hope you enjoy

My Funniest GAG Answers pt.1

What would your Catch Phrase be?"

"With a stick, a gumball, and some string, I can do it."@thecheeseman

Fuck You"@chriscdi

"I spent all my money on guns and hookers"@Wowgirl30q

What are the best and worst purchases you’ve ever made?

My Funniest GAG Answers pt.1

"The worst purchase was buying tickets for a lumberjack show."@LesbianBuisnessWomen

"Drugs obviously a bad decision."@311WasAnInsideJam

"A hooker that robbed me in Vegas"@mrbigs789

Would you ever elope?

"Don‘t be a dope. Have hope just cope and say nope to an elope."@Hurdleez-Swampede

"Only if I tricked them, drugged them or forged papers of some kind then that would probably be a proper time to elope." @MissyThang

"Maybe if I was drunk or high on gas, but sober yeah I would."@ThisDudee11

What happened to Men being Men?

My Funniest GAG Answers pt.1

"They are all gay and want to be women sad to say. That's why I have chosen to be single. a lot of them are weak and pussys.. I dont have time for that crap. They are very sensitive as well. You can't say shit on gag without them referring to you as a gold digger or feminist. Like no dude I'm not a gold digger you're just broke. im not a feminist you're just a bitch. simple"@brittslitt. * 65 DOWNVOTES

( Gags Female Record for the number of mytake downvotes )""

"Through all this arguing I keep thinking the same thing...(Nick and Nate Diaz are so hot and those red shorts are the best shorts ever)."@luvstoned4him

"Feminist took their balls and broke their will bitched to the point we all gave up, Thanks ladies."@isk679


My Funniest GAG Answers pt.1

"I agree Millennials? Soyboys? Wimps? Crying? Watching Twilight? Wearing pink? Feminist? Picking Daiseys? Playing Jump rope, Hugging everyone ,Getting manny-pedis....kill me just kill me now."@Chief16

"Hello, 911 yes I got a bitch claiming to be my husband."@Shericherrys97

Have you ever been in a cult?

My Funniest GAG Answers pt.1

"Course I'm part of gag."@Glen68

"Fortunately no, I never joined the Republican Party."@abc3643

Would you date someone who would not give oral sex?

"No, I don't hate myself that. much."@I_smell_Ducky

"Has a guy told you no , that oral was against his religion?? No...." @Poormanscomedian

Do you get shy around the opposite sex?

"Sometimes I am nervous depends on their race and what kind of girl they are. I get less shy around nerdy girls.What races make me nervous to flirt with are, South Asian, Middle Eastern, Black and West Asian."@ZeussLightningBolt

My Funniest GAG Answers pt.1

If the world was ending tommorow, what would you do today?

"What? all i got was someone getting attacked by a tranny."@Alice2398

"Dress up like dr strange and go to Walmart taking a bite out of all the food while being high AF."@call_me_scar

"I love you Ms. Wows I love you. I want to be your husband I want to love you forever, I need citizenship but I really love you."@BlueAnon

My Funniest GAG Answers pt.1
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