GaG Admins: Please STOP Making Unnecessary Changes to the Site

GaG Admins: Please STOP Making Unnecessary Changes to the Site

It takes a lot to get me riled up, but I have got to say these people have really done it now. I have never been on a forum that has been so frustrating with it’s frequent technical “updates” and changes to design, format, etc. And it is extremely irritating to be on a question or Take one minute, and the next when you try to go somewhere else a page pops up saying “GaG is taking a quick break.” Do you have any idea how incredibly upsetting that is? Especially if you just typed out an answer, response, or message that doesn’t go through, and you have to do it allllllllllllllll over again. What kind of website even does something like that? I have never been on any other forum that acts like this. What kind of cheesy, antiquated software are these people using to cause interruptions like this? It is not making sense to me.

Over the last few years GaG has lost many users, and I remember a time when there were users who used to post detailed, thought-provoking, or truthmnswers, responses, and Takes, even if you didn’t always agree with them. And it seems to be that even that kind of quality has declined. Maybe those users left because they got tired of the site constantly making changes, or maybe they left because they didn’t like the influx of newer users who don’t really give particularly thoughtful answers. I don’t know, but I do know that all the changes are not a good thing.

The recent messages “update”...

GaG Admins: Please STOP Making Unnecessary Changes to the Site

Recently GaG programmers did something where our inboxes are now split into two sections, ‘Inbox’ and ‘Other Messages’ and it’s just a mess to me. Because of it, I missed messages that came from people I talk to and only saw them by going into my inbox. I was never given a notification that a message or reply came, and even now I still am not getting any notifications of new messages. Here I was thinking that those people must not have wanted to talk to me, when I just never saw the replies. This new GaG addition is utterly ridiculous to me and is a complete waste of computer skills and time - this coming from an IT graduate himself. I have heard that some Gaggers like the new change - and that’s okay, but I do not believe the majority of us are happy with it.

The changes that GaG REALLY needs to make…

While site programmers favor a constant superficial focus on wanting to be cool with graphics and useless changes to things like what they did to our inboxes, they ignore things that actually make sense and could be a lot nicer for us. So I’m going to list my suggestions here - that some of you yourselves may not like - but they’ve certainly got to make more sense than what these programmers are doing. I’ve already noted some of them on two different questions from other users, but I want to put them in full here:

- Letting users edit or change their usernames

This one may not be accepted by everyone, but I think it could be useful for people who maybe decided that they don’t really like their name anymore and want to change it, or add something to it. Even every other site let's you change your name if you want. A user shouldn’t have to delete their profile just to start all over again with what they really want. I personally am set on being ManOnFire and have never wanted to change it and never will, but maybe someone else realizes they don’t really like theirs anymore.

GaG Admins: Please STOP Making Unnecessary Changes to the Site

And if the site wants to put a limit to it, they could do something where a user can only change their username up to 3 times. Or can only do it every 6 months or so. Sometimes people just want to change their name, maybe even temporarily, and they should be allowed to do it.

- Letting users edit their Takes

This is really important to me because I take my writing very seriously. It would be great to have the ability to edit our Takes if we put wrong information, links, or typos, or if we just feel like we could’ve improved on how we said something. Even other sites let you do that. I remember a few years ago GaG did have a short-lived feature where you could edit your Takes within a 24-hour window, and why they got rid of that I have no idea but it was helpful for me at that time.

- NOT deleting our old messages after a few months

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like anybody touching my messages and deleting things. From the very start of me being a member of GaG I have absolutely HATED that correspondence we have with other users gets deleted after so many months. This is also something I have never experienced on any other site. If we want to delete old messages then let us do it on our own time. If we want them to stay then we should be able to let them stay.

GaG Admins: Please STOP Making Unnecessary Changes to the Site

I personally do not delete many messages unless it really, really amounts to nothing or is from somebody who is just bothering me. Sometimes I like looking through old messages to see members I haven’t spoken to in a long time, or members I don’t remember who their names were, so referring back to old correspondence will prompt me to want to check in on them or jog my memory. I have done this on every site I’ve been on, and generally don’t care about how many messages build up in my inbox.

At the time that I left Experience Project back in February 2015, I had a loaded inbox of over 1,000 messages from hundreds of old users I chatted with on my time there. That was the only instance where I took the time deleting every last one over a period of 2 weeks simply as a way of closure for me leaving the site, and because I wanted one last chance to go back down memory lane and see old things I talked about with folks. Flirting and picture swaps with chicks. Emotional conversations about life with older women. Sex advice and tips on women from older men (and some older women, that turned into sexting lol). Social and political debates. Collected intelligence on pesky users. Conversations with users from other countries and what life was like for them. Many different things. But the choice to clean out my inbox should be mine, not the website itself.

- Marking blocked members so we know not to try to say anything to them

GaG Admins: Please STOP Making Unnecessary Changes to the Site

A lot of times we already know when we’ve been blocked, or we know when we go to reply to that person’s last message and we find out we’ve been blocked. But overall we should be informed of all users who’ve blocked us with some kind of indicator when we see them around the site, which would be particularly useful for users we’ve never even met but who blocked us because they were weak and couldn’t handle something we said.

Personally I do enjoy being blocked and exactly for those reasons, but at the same time it would also be nice if they had some kind of indicator by their name when you see them around the site on other questions or Takes that lets you know that person has blocked you, like a red check mark or the universal Blocked symbol, or highlighting their whole opinion/comment in pale red or something.

- Member search ability

Maybe you’re looking for a user but don’t entirely remember their name, only a part of it. It would be really, really great to be able to have a search bar where you can look up a user, have them pop up, and go to their page to answer a question of theirs you missed, or you wanted to send them a message, or simply add them. Even Facebook let’s you look up members, and Experience Project was super great about this when it was around, and so was Google+. Member search options would be a Gold Star addition to GaG and I have been saying it for years. Why they still have not done this, I do not know.

GaG Admins: Please STOP Making Unnecessary Changes to the Site

- A category for Poetry/Writing

If you’re like me and you like to write things other than just Takes, maybe short stories or poems, then you would find a section for this very useful. I have persistently suggested this to the admins but they reject it every time, saying ‘Well, you can just post content like that in the Arts and Entertainment category.’ Not the same thing, and most other users aren’t going to look at it like that either.

I think there are plenty of Gaggers here who are writers at heart and would love to express themselves in an extended way, as I also think a Poetry/Writing category would even encourage other users to make use of it and want to post things other than the same old bologna here on a regular basis.

Get to it…

So those are some of my ideas, and you may not support all of them and that’s okay, but I think they’re some better alternatives to what’s been done here already. I am pretty pissed off with GaG’s programmers and admins right now and I honestly am not ashamed to say so. I think they might garner more respect and appreciation from us if they heard us out more, and didn’t do things that are of little or no use to the site.

GaG Admins: Please STOP Making Unnecessary Changes to the Site

Having said that ManOnFire will now be ‘taking a quick break’ for today.


GaG Admins: Please STOP Making Unnecessary Changes to the Site
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Most Helpful Guys

  • IlyaTheImpaler
    The block feature: if you block someone or are blocked by someone, you can still see each other's contents (questions, Takes and replies). This feature makes literally zero sense lol and this site is like more than 10 years old.
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    • ManOnFire


    • goaded

      It makes sense if you think of it as blocking people from responding to you, rather than willing them out of existence. I think it's healthy to see other opinions, even if you can't tell them how dumb they are!

    • ManOnFire

      @GirlsAskGuys We're talking. Are you listening?

  • blocked people who try to comment and or downrate should get a huge " ACCESS DENIED" like a denial of a loan across the screen like GAME OVER INSERT 25 TO PLAY AGAIN
    GaG Admins: Please STOP Making Unnecessary Changes to the Site
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Most Helpful Girls

  • CarpetDenim
    I actually liked the changes to the layout and the graphical improvements, but maybe that’s just me. I do wish they would focus more on adding the kind of content we actually want and suggest to them though.
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    • Joker_

      If you're talking about the layout and the graphical improvements for the mobile app, I agree

    • I am talking about that, so thank you for agreeing

    • Joker_

      You're welcome

  • nerms123
    All GaG users for all time: please mark blocked users

    GaG: here’s millions of useless updates! And you still can’t see blocked users before trying to post to their questions XD
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  • WTFever
    I totally agree with you. And would add one thing to the list. They should let you know what question/opinion page you got blocked on. So that I have some clue as to what triggered someone into blocking me.
    • ManOnFire


    • goaded

      Yeah, I've found myself blocked by people who I don't think I've ever interacted with.

    • ManOnFire

      @goaded Happens a lot. I think they do it because they want us to care, and I just don't.

  • goaded
    "- Marking blocked members so we know not to try to say anything to them"
    This, again. It just happend to me on one of the opinions on here.
    • goaded

      On a completely unrelated topic: are people who block you really allowed to anonymously answer whatever you post?

    • ManOnFire

      Yes, as far as I know I believe they can. Which is why I blocked a female user back awhile ago, and I almost never block anybody.

    • goaded

      Right, in the vain hope that I've got someone's attention, here, why the hell do I have to click on "show more" to see that someone's answered me? Can't you just always show everything that's happened since I last responded (and my last response)?

  • AlphaGhost
    I was on the other account back then and this site used to be very knowledgeable, people actually give a shit about each-other and talked to a lot of girls BuT now its very very bad...
    I would say even your quality of myTakes has gone down pretty bad.. there was time in 2015-17 your myTakes were amazing but now they feel empty !
    • ManOnFire

      Lmfao. That's okay. My writing has changed because I'VE changed. What I have now learned in life is different from what I thought then when I had less experience.

  • CocoBat
    I hate the fact that some people block me even after only a slight disagreement, not even knowing I'm blocked, then I find someone saying something I have something to say about, write a message... send it and then it tells me I'm blocked
  • fashionguy17
    And bring back XPER gifts - like the GAG shirt, donations to charity and the Amazon gift card.
  • Poormanscomedian
    I think if we are blocked from by someone , we should not see their posts , then we can't comment an hour long reply to have a message , can't comment , you been blocked sucker!
    • This!!!

      I hate when I'm typing up a long reply only to be told AFTER I've typed it that I'm blocked!

      We shouldn't even be able to see their questions if they've blocked us- it's a waste of time.

    • goaded

      @Cynicaldreamer I think we should see them, to know that not everybody on this site agrees with us.

    • @goaded That's a good point- all the more reason to avoid them right?

      However, there still needs to be a way to inform us before we type up long replies. Something like, "You are unable to reply or comment to this question as the user has blocked you." Before typing it, not AFTER the fact I start typing it! I've had that happen so many times and it's kind of annoying.

      I don't mind if they hate me or don't agree with me, but let me know BEFORE I waste my time trying to "help" them.

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  • Renae_85
    Agreed 💯 with everything you have suggested. thanks for sharing.
  • Bravo! That was incredibly well written. Very organized. I agree with everything you said.
  • TheFlak38
    it happens with every website. I remember the radical changes on youtube few years ago. people always try to fix websites that don't really need fixing.
  • hahahmm
    I hear you BUT don’t try to turn GAG into a poetry site. They will just delete all of your poems at random one day so what’s the point really
    • ManOnFire

      But it would still be nice at present for anyone else who can appreciate it.

  • LiMBoH
    Sorry but that picture is just too perfect with this caption😂😂
  • Metallsturm
    > The recent messages “update”...
    Something I was wondering about too; what's the point? Who thought of that?

    > - Letting users edit their Takes
    Or their posts (such as comments or replies) for a few minutes. Sometimes I'm like "oh shit, I've made a typo" just a few seconds after submitting a response, but can't really do anything about it.

    > - Marking blocked members so we know not to try to say anything to them
    Since a lot of snowflakes tend to block folk as soon as they disagree with them in a slightest, it would be cool to perhaps even highlight in a conversation that you've just been blocked -- visible for anyone who's wondering as to why that particular discussion has stopped all of sudden.
  • stormbreaker06
    where is the no answers link?

    GAG use to have it.
    • goaded

      No Opinions? It's still there on the browser version, at least. (Icon is a speech bubble with a zero in it.)

    • @goaded i just noticed it via mobile

  • buttcrackjoe
    You know what would be funny?
    If the GAG admins picked that main picture of the black dude to feature your question.

    Cuz that would be SO them...
  • I don't know, I'm only on the app so I may not notice anything website wise anyway.
  • Bananaman177
  • GhettoGirl
    Can you say "Triggered" ?
    • ManOnFire


    • Are you a ghetto gagger?

    • He's not triggered. This isn't some useless cow-fart problem. Usability is real and when you use a site a lot, the annoyance builds up.

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  • Get em!!
  • Joker_
    GaG Admins are trying their best
    • ManOnFire

      No. They're doing their worst and are defiant about it.

    • Joker_

      I agree

  • Babygirl_S
    This site matters a lot to you. I can see.
    • ManOnFire

      My ability to navigate and enjoy any website I'm on, without bullshit, is what matters to me.

  • douride2
    I agree with most of what your saying here.
  • ItsTheNephilim
  • Darknut
    Or bring back sexual behavior topic...
  • Anonymous
    I see GAG has made some changes but I still don't see a dark or night mode. Please give us that option.
  • Anonymous
    I agree 100%.