Goodbye letter to a friend

Goodbye letter to a friend

I don't you know if you are still hanging around here to read this, but it's something I wanted to write you before you move on with your life.

The circumstances you left us hurt me. You said you were deactivating, but I and other users found out you just blocked all your friends. That really felt like a stab in the heart.

Maybe I'm taking it too much to heart, but I feel a bit betrayed that the girl I encouraged you to date after your breakup got you to turn on me and others so quickly. You went straight from congratulating me and my family on my wife's pregnancy to blocking me with the explanation (given to me by others, it was radio silence on your end) that your girlfriend doesn't like oe trust me.

Please know that I never had any ill or malicious intent towards you or your girlfriend. I understand you have known her for far more time than you know your friends here so maybe you are rigth in trusting her judgment more than you do with us.
But please don't let her make you do things you don't want to.
I wish lots of happiness and good things to both of you, a bright future and a life full of joy together.

- your friend, who never did anything wrong to you

Goodbye letter to a friend
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  • Avicenna
    Nice letter. What happened to you is messed up.
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    • Kakella

      Thank you; maybe you know this person, I hope he didn't turn on you as well.

    • Avicenna

      It's possible. My diabolical ex made a lot of people here turn on me

  • bloodys2
    Why are you crying about him? He doesn't deserve it, find better friends.
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  • Anonymous
    piss off