An Update for Blocking! What's New?

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Hi G@Gers!

An Update for Blocking! Whats New?

A lot of you have been asking for a long time to be able to NOT see any more opinions or replies from users you have blocked. The new update will now allow you to block these messages so that you no longer see them.

How do I activate this feature

First, make sure you blocked the user or users that you no longer want to see opinions and replies from. If you need to know how to block, check out the FAQ here:

Next, go to your privacy settings on desktop and select "hide activity of users I blocked," save, and then you should be good to go.

An Update for Blocking! Whats New?

Feedback is Welcome!

Like the update? Love it? Hate it? Maybe you have a suggestion you'd like to make? Whatever the case, any feedback is welcome! Feel free to shoot the @GirlsAskGuys user a message anytime with things you'd like changed or simply write your feedback down below! Thanks everyone!

An Update for Blocking! Whats New?
An Update for Blocking! What's New?
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Being_a_good_Indian
    Thanks for update. It's great update.

    Suggestions :
    1. We should be able to edit our opinions.
    2. We should have editing features like bold, italics and underline in our opinions.
    3. Xper redeeming feature should be allowed to make site more active.
    4. Limit should be decided for anonymous opinions and questions.
    5. We should be able to ask questions from particular age bracket.
    6. Ads should be shown till user reach Guru level to increase revenues.
    7. LGBT community category should be introduced.
    8. Biased/Inactive mods should be removed.
    9. List of Moderators should be in FAQ section.
    10. We should be able to figure out whether user is currently active or not by limited privacy restrictions.
    11. Third party Ads should be monitored properly.
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    • goaded

      "2. We should have editing features like bold, italics and underline in our opinions."
      Don't you have that? It's in the website version (and quite annoying)!

    • @goaded

      As per my knowledge it's in my takes. Not in opinions.

  • andreasderjuengere
    Unless it's to stop a 'psycho' from molesting, I see the blocking idea as a harmful 'tool'.
    All other blocking cases that I experience (here, and elsewhere as well) result from being criticized having mis-interpreted the contents (or intention) of a reply, or simply from having an opposing point of view. Especially HERE on the site, I see this attitude as entirely being against the basic concept of exchanging ideas.
    It encourages or educates 'us' to NOT interact and deal with 'the other side/s' in a problem-solving manner, but to rather respond like a child: 'I no longer play with you'.
    We do need a better 'blocking culture'.
    GaG's attempt to 'do something about it' is honourable, but does not get to the core of 'the problem'. Work isn't finished, I guess.
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    • @andreasderjuengere Well-said. In real life, you can't block people, when you don't agree with their opinion... We should cultivate dialogue and communication, instead of creating safe spaces

    • madgoat

      Yes, this scenario was my first thought too.

Most Helpful Girls

  • gothgirl997
    Does this feature apply to questions and MyTakes, as well? Also, what if you post a question anonymously? Will people you've blocked, still be able to comment on your post?
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  • SydneySentinel
    There is no option to hide the activity of blocked users on the GaG app. Does that mean you have to use the desktop version?
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    • Agape93

      I’m curious about this too

    • BeeNee

      yes, you'd need to make the change on desktop

    • Agape93

      Good to know, thanks!

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  • Sonorous
    My satisfaction is immeasurable, and my day is saved. An Update for Blocking! What's New?
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  • Knighted2170
    I can see a use for it in some cases. Such as the troll users who only want to post things anonymously to get a rise out of people. The users who only create an account to post harassing messages and are not here to actually engage in any helpful way whatsoever.
    Those people I would have no problem blocking.
  • Exorcist_Rampage
    That is very true but a skilled hacker can still be able to find loopholes through this. I had a friend named Marshall Porter who people couldn't block because he was able to write blocking bypass codes and he was an extreme intellect in computers. He was deeply experienced and he even could locate people on the dark web. He wasn't to be messed with.

    There are still no 100% guarantees.
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    • Janncis

      ye ye... dark web is web not indexed by search engines, usually google. And every one can find address by IP address.

    • Wow, that's awesome. How did he do that?
      He needs to teach us his skills

    • Janncis

      Wohho some one has blocked me ^^ so i gues system work, but honestly its not worth it. Like yey someone has blocked you... then why bother to show that there is replay at all?

  • wankiam
    ''feed back is welcome''? they never did sort out the moderation flaw this brought about... we even all went on a one day strike over it and was still totally and completely ignored
  • Jjpayne
    I do have a couple that blocked me and I hope that by blocking them back I don't have to see their posts if they come back. It's kind of hard to be blocked and see them everywhere you go
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    • Janncis

      They blocked you, so why you care if you see there posts? Sorry i just can't get my head around it.

    • Jjpayne

      I don't want to see their posts so I don't have to be reminded that I was blocked..

  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Thanks for sharing your MyTake , very well appreciated
    and very well appreciate letting us know about the update.
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  • DiscomfortZone
    Wow, finally, a minimal feature that should have been there from the get go has finally been activated! Rocket science! What's next, fair moderation by admins? Impartiality? Nahhh, I won't get my hopes too high :)
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  • Guanfei
    What would have been nice is that the questions and opinions of people who blocked us disappeared too.
    So we don't waste time trying to answer them.
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  • Philyouup
    AND STILL NO EDIT FUNCTION AYE AYE AYE But this is pretty cool. I probably won't ever use it , but I see its usefulness! Kudos.
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  • Kayla45
    Finally, a useful update! Now just make the mobile app more useable with PC functions like posting myTakes!
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    • Kayla45

      Wow, two downvotes? I wonder why they would be upset by that?

  • Just_someone23
    I don't care for it. I think there should be warnings before full blocking.
  • goaded
    I don't like it. I said so here Opinion by a user you blocked or were blocked by? I'd prefer (a) to be able to see everything people are saying about me, and (b) simply disable the reply button on opinions I can't reply to.

    Alternatively, I'd like the number of people who wanted to reply but were blocked to be shown, and also blocked people to be shown in the conversations where they were blocked.

    dumbass: "Haha @goaded's a moron"
    "goaded has been blocked by dumbass"

    Carries a lot more information than:
    dumbass: "Haha @goaded's a moron"
    ... enforced silence.
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    • goaded

      Wait, there's an Anonymous opinion down below that doesn't have a Reply button. Does that mean they've blocked me, or is it just a glitch?

  • October808
    Nifty. So now how about fixing the reply box that eats words? Cheers!
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    • goaded

      Patience, young padawan!

      Seriously, you just have to wait for the site to catch up, I'm sure it will improve.

  • Thatsamazing
    It's stupid and unnecessary and it sucks. @girlaskguys needs to change it.
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  • Creepazoid
    If they blocked me will I still be able to see their activity?
    • BeeNee

      If a user blocked you and you don't have them blocked back or have hidden blocked activities, you should still be able to see that activity but you couldn't respond to them in replies/opinions.

  • Gedaria
    If that is the case why do I still get questions of people who blocked me...
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    • I was wondering the same thing. Does this feature also apply to questions?
      Also, what if you ask a question as Anon. Can people who blocked or were blocked by you, still comment on your questions?

  • CausticHippy
    What if I just wanted to block the same three people whose questions make out to the front page, but I don't want to block those people?
    • BeeNee

      You may block or not block whomever you would like.

  • Syrian_survivor
    Mobile users: "Am I a joke to you?"
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  • legalboxers
    *gives you a suitcase of money*
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  • Iron_Man
    They have always had that feature before
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