Cure to Distress

Cure to Distress

Today, I started to view life as a heavy loads of tragic events. It's sad to hear about news like Kobe and Giana passing away. Heard news like forest fire in Australia, wildlife dying because of people neglecting to help. Viewing society nowadays as a technology slave. Why do we view things for entertainment?

I grew up in an environment to view art as an inspiration. But the more I see life and you are exposed to environment the power of self destructive behavior was all over the place and world. Did we really created a generation of falling brethrens? I think so, but I hope we could still do something to build up all those distress that are over

the internet.

Cure to Distress

Hope is Cure

I know I'm not a perfect person, I know that each one of us has only a small chance of hope. But we can. we can try. We can try to become a cure to our generation. Even my voice is just small, even my energy is like a surviving light. There is hope. In this life, we all raise a staircase for one another. Stop crab mentality,. stop pulling down one another. We need each other. Human are created to lead all creatures on earth. We have the mind to take care of animals, lands and oceans. What's more can we do. Give cure to our dying environment. Cure the destructive behavior, give cure in technology. It's hard to find this cure but we can try. A small chance of hope is key to survival. Cure can't be found in the marketplace but it is inside us in the smallest part of our heart. All those pain we experience is a sign that we are alive. That we can find a purpose to live. An oxygen to give to another life. In every way we view things believe that there is cure. I was born in millenial 1990's yet I do believe to those legends who inspires me to believe in love. In year 2020's I wanted to built another rub to every heart. In my smallest voice we can find cure.

Believe there is hope., believe that there is chance to live for another generation. We are each others friendship.

I give my voice to give thanks to people who believe that we can find cure. In all distress I want to shout for you, THERE IS STILL CURE. Do not lose hope. Continue giving light for others. Life will be in it's best state again. We will find hope just keep trying.

Cure to Distress
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  • Tlaos
    I think if we ever got to the point of Matrix, then well.. God help us all. It's funny as Elon Musk jokingly said we could be in a simulation rn lol. Imagine if we were so advanced enough and made VR so realistic that everyone started living in it, then someone made a VR in that VR - VR-ception (like in Rick and Morty, except with universes)... sorry tangent, anyways.. I think more than anything we're headed towards a dystopian world not like Mad Max but more so like the movie Elysium. I'm not sure on how much pain there is out there, I wouldn't even want to fathom it even if I tried, but I do think crab mentality is a by product of our system (capitalist). Now, I'm not advocating for communism or anything other kind of -ism. I just find it sad that democracy is not what it used to be, or maybe it never was... I don't know. what I do know is the more were divided the more distracted we are, and from what? well, I'm not sure what's most pressing to you, but your problems probably is related to a bigger issue. I don't want to go into globalism, economy, or politics this is not academia.. but I just think it's sad that not everyone votes, that big corpa can influence policies so easily and how many interest groups are screaming so loudly for their interest (why not pool towards a common goal). I don't know the solutions, but I know the power of community and people, so maybe we can start there
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  • yosdanyt
    I think there is time yet to do something about it. But is up to us, the ones that see what's going on, to take in the pain and turn it into the beauty the others may be missing. This call for a challenge. We'll have to growth our values and skills so we can be able to catch others people attention into the positive energy we radiated
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    • MikkiM

      maybe you're right. We have to carry the burdens' although we have limitation but we have to try and create an impact to make people move.

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  • Thalia95
    Probably stop watching the news etc.
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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    My cure to distress is prayer.
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  • MackToday
    There is hope also in that most of the environmental alarmisim is just a scam to enact carbon tax and steal from the public. The world is in a lot better shape than a lot of people think.
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    • Tlaos

      Don't you think the danger is more in the slow degenerative process of our quality of life. All I know is there is a price to everything, the environment causes how many billions of damage... I do agree we need more practical solution (globally) rather locally (carbon tax). The world will be fine, the earth will be fine, but the people on the fringes will not and the core will just see rising cost to life.

    • MackToday

      @Tlaos Nationalism and populism is what we need. Get rid of globalism and we get rid of the irresponsible practices. Currently we manufacture in third world countries that just dump wastes in some river.

    • Tlaos

      Hmm interesting, I'm not sure of nationalism but who knows but honestly would like to see how populism would play out... But maybe I'm bit of pessimist when it comes to people's motives in combo with power. Afterall all they say, "the road to hell is paved with good intentions."

  • Dchrls78104
    Faith and hope are part of the treatment. The real cure is in short supply in today's world: Love.
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  • Unit1
    Sounds good, yet so impractical. But we'll see. I like to follow the rule to do unto others like you want to be treated by the others. Can't go wrong with that one.
  • JohnDon9
    True that , we all have seen matrix, and look at how things are now there is no end to human desires we have been exploiting the earth for our own good , enhancement and the seek of knowledge , yet we fail to combat with things that are happening aroud us , ai , climate change , we can't help with how we are leading to all this but surely people like us bit by bit trace back a few steps and be happy about it , its not going to change the world but surely a little bit from everyone would just add up into something less painful that we are yet to discover
  • Gedaria
    True, I find helping people to take your problems into context...
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take