"Freedom of speech" vs "freedom not to be verbally abused"

Freedom of speech vs freedom not to be verbally abused

This mytake is to address the growing issue on this site and probably many other online sites although this is the only online site I'm on....

And to clear up the misunderstanding, misconception and misuse of what Freedom of Speech is and MEANS...



Freedom of speech vs freedom not to be verbally abused
Freedom of speech vs freedom not to be verbally abused

Freedom of Speech....

*Yes you have a right to freely voice your opinions, thoughts, beliefs..

*Yes you have a right to disagree with other's opinions, thoughts, beliefs

*Yes you have a right to "civilly" discuss, argue your points and difference in opinions....

"You have a right to not engage with someone you wish not to....

Freedom of speech vs freedom not to be verbally abused

But here is where the problem starts, comes in, When you take away other's rights.......

Freedom of speech vs freedom not to be verbally abused

Verbal Abuse and Not Freedom of speech...

*People also have a right to freely express their opinions,thoughts, beliefs....

Without being personally attacked or verbally attacked....

*People should also have the right to disagree with other's opinions, thoughts, beliefs...

Without being maliciously insulted or bullied ....

*People should also have a right to "civilly" discuss, argue their points and difference in opinion...

Without being called slanderous names, without being stalked or harassed....

People also have a right to not engage with someone they wish not to....

Without you creating other accounts to continue to abuse, stalk or harass them...

Without getting other users to gang up on them, stalk, or harass them..

Freedom of speech vs freedom not to be verbally abused

*People have said "If you can't handle insults maybe you shouldn't use it...

No how about if you don't know how to conduct yourself properly, maybe you shouldn't use the internet...

*People say the internet is not real life

You're not physically in person but the PEOPLE are still REAL so how is it not real life?

All people should have the privilege to use the internet without abuses. There is a big difference between calling someone's opinion stupid and calling them stupid... Or to call people bitches, cunts, sluts, etc.,etc.

Freedom of speech vs freedom not to be verbally abused

And watch how many will attack me or this post and you can, or say I'm trying to censor people. No I'm not, I'm trying to get the point across that you can't say people are taking your rights away, because it is not A RIGHT to abuse people. You have your rights but I also have rights too, to:

Remove any replies that are just to insult me....

Report any abuse on this post

Remove and or Report, And Block any Anons that thinks they can be abusive as ANON (I will not make this where Anons can't reply, but will block any Anons that are abusive so I don't have to deal with them anymore)

Not respond to those that haven't read the WHOLE mytake(if you can't be bothered to read the whole post, I can no longer be bothered to reply...

And no I'm not acting like I'm perfect or do no wrong, but I know I don't take my frustrations out by abusing others, I don't abuse others for entertainment or sport... Verbally abusing people is not sport it's ABUSE

Freedom of speech vs freedom not to be verbally abused


As always thank you for reading πŸ’™πŸ’œ


"Freedom of speech" vs "freedom not to be verbally abused"
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  • Yads_Is_Back
    First, I love how you provided a good list of examples of what is considered abusive. Because people, especially here, tend to take things not even close to that list as insults, which is really a show of insecurity on their part. So the list provides a good foundation. A lot of times insults are not abuse and really aren't insults unless you take it that way. Some people are actually insecure enough to take little meaningless things as offensive.
    Second, freedom of speech is like any other freedom: it's limited and yours stops where another person's starts. That's hard to comprehend in a selfish society.
    Third, the creating other accounts and stalking/trolling somebody with it... omg. People need to get lives. lol
    Lastly, you need to write a book or put all your myTakes in a book. I'll be the first one to buy it.
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    • To your first-I agree people take to much as insult which you get that I want taking about that as so many others didn't, so thank you!!!
      To your second-OMG THANK YOU!! You're intelligent enough to get the difference, sadly not enough people are
      To your third-right!!! Agree πŸ’―+
      And to your last-aww thank you πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ€—
      Seriously, might be the best answer here and not just cuz of the compliment 🀣 because you understand I'm not trying to censor or take away someone's rights, just trying to point out when you do those abuses to people where they feel fed up or unsafe, you're taking their rights away.. someone I know in real life sadly closed her account on GAG and she was a long time user and part of how I knew of GAG in the first place... Why should good users like her have to leave because of people that used this site to take their aggressions out on others or do it for entertainment or sport...
      Again, thank you!!!πŸ™‚

    • bullies cannot stand seeing themselves in the mirror, and lash out at the light

    • @SandandWaves well said so true!

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Most Helpful Guy

  • TCredo
    Great My Take Toots and should be required reading for anyone using GaG or any other site/app like it. If you think GaG gets bad... browse around Twitter for a few minutes lol.

    I don't have much to add to all your great points. Will just say I enjoy a good argument or debate on all sorts of topics but it's getting sadder with how rare it is to have a healthy exchange of different opinions and ideas.

    I truly believe one of the most human things is to be curious about other opinions and use them to challenge your own or just to understand others etc... I think everyone is born with that attribute.
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    • Thank you and thank you for getting in not trying to censor someone's speech... There's disagreeing, there's arguing, and even insults, like the guy that called me toots 🀣 obviously he was trying to insult but then some people take to even further than that... I've seen replys on posts in fee answered where people told people they should just kill themselves like wtf and other worse things... Is starts becoming less insult and more verbal attack in my opinion

    • TCredo

      Sadly I've seen the same and agree with you... I do believe in karma and folks who post verbal abuse will hopefully someday get what's due them. I know it's not easy for everyone but I do wish people would ignore it - and know it's more a sign of the abuser's weaknesses and troubles... but I know that's not easy especially when the abuse is that awful.

    • But if just ignore the issues they will never go away, they'll just get worse. Abuse shouldn't be ignored it should be addressed, stopped shouldn't it πŸ€”

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  • SjE78
    freedom of speech is for all, in many cases passionate people become so invested in what they believe, that they may argue and come across as loud or aggressive, some people do get irate, while others can become abusive...

    however if someone is saying something that another doesn't like for example a difference of oppinion (not talking about shittalking someone down) then their words can in fact be interpreted as verbal abuse... when in reality it isn't...

    now if someone is constantly putting someone down, and calling them derogatory things cos of sex, ethnicity, colour, orientation or something else they dont like... this is not freedom of speech, but instead it is bullying and not to be tolerated...

    many people these days like to get involved in protests and activist activities but they can't understand the argument from the other side, and they cannot see past their own views... this in itself is dangerous, especially with the way the world is atm...

    we have people seeing racism and genderism even sexism even in places where it isn't an issue... but cos someone uses a certain word or phrase it is automatically racist, sexist. abusive or offensive... hell i read an article where by the use of a full stop is considered offensive... i mean what the fuck is wrong with some people, are we that far enlightened or are they that woke that they forgot how to use proper punctuation and/or grammar...

    (so to all those who believe it is, i used more)

    we all have a choice when hearing someone elses oppinion (s), we can either listen and respect/understand there point, accept they have a right to their views, but ultimately expect them to respect and/or understand we have a right to disagree... or we can report the world for being uniquely filled with people who have their own opinions of life...

    if everyone shared the exact same views, no one would be happy...
    • I agree.. Everyone had a right to their own views and to disagree or argue their point... But they don't have a right to call people bitch, whore, cunt, slut, fucking loser, fatass loser who just can't get a woman, etc... That's not free speech, that's abusive behavior... Could prolly talk/behave that way on their job? Or at school? It other places? So why is it acceptable behavior online? There was a post by a 16 year old yesterday and some adults were being over rude in the things they were saying... Come on she's a teenager.. Since when is it okay for Adults to bully teenagers online,? That is not free speech... Noone's trying to take away anyone's rights... But since when did abusing it bullying someone become a right? And last I checked, it is against GAG rules... πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

    • SjE78

      exactly as that isn't freedom of speech, that is abuse/bullying I have seen so many on here who have belittled people regardless of gender and many of the things those people have said were without any call for their reactions, it's disgusting in my opinion and when i see shit like that happening I always end up making sure it is reported, and downvoted as much as possible...

    • I appreciate that you do that. Not that that really does much good if GAG don't take it seriously enough... It's not enough to just remove those posts in my opinion. If the same user keeps being overly offensive they should ban that user. But then nothing really stops em from just creating a new account πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ I've thought about just leaving this site.. But there is some cool people on here and then also that's just letting the haters win

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  • ecfresh
    Thank you as always for thinking outside of the box and generating content. I have a few thoughts.

    First and most importantly: freedom of speech is an absolute right and should be defended with our lives. If fact I often make it a point to say thank you to those who have served in the military and those family members of current and former servicemen. Literally people died in US history to fight for and win our freedom of speech. So any attempts to take it away from our country will never succeed. This is a core value to what makes America great.

    Past that I had two items of feedback:

    Speech on a 1 vs 1 basis is fair and in fact encouraged. Having civil conversations where two people can argue, educate, and most importantly LISTEN are very important here on GaG. Individuals will always have their own opinions and the ability to go back and forth in a mature way is one of the best parts of this site. All that said what sucks frankly is bullying, piling on, and multiple people attacking one person. That’s no longer civil and fair. In those situations people need to use their speech to stand up for the one and tell the group to piss off. Bluntly speaking it’s weak and immature to cruelly attack someone as a mob online.

    Also while I understand and agree with some circumstances to be able to post anonymously, I wish that ability would have some limits because when someone attacks from a place of anon they don’t harm their reputation. Personally I chose to not post anon because I believe in my reputation and in speaking the truth. People can go back 2 years and call me out on any hypocritical comments. But when someone goes anon into an online β€˜fight’, their reputation can’t be harmed and obviously they can push buttons and troll. Sadly that results in online abuse and really hurts people. There is no real penalty for posting hurtful and evil comments when you go anon.. that’s just wrong. Again we can’t take anon away and I would be two faced to say anon should have a filter on any comments; just expect adults to act like adults.

    Ya I know that’s a lot of words and not many will read them. But I will finish by apologizing if anything I have said has been harmful. I don’t think it’s weak to apologize, and I try to not hurt people with my words. What I do try to do is be honest and I try to LISTEN to others. If you take anything away, I hope we all choose to LISTEN and empathize with our fellow members a little bit more moving forward.
    • Noone is trying to take away freedom of speech... But there's a difference between speech and verbal abuse..
      Bitch, cunt, slut, fat fucker low life man who can't get laid, etc., etc.
      Could people talk to their boss at work like that and get away with it πŸ€”
      Or their coworkers, πŸ€”
      So why do they think it's okay to behave that way online?
      Anyways, but that is also against site rules of GAG...
      Freedom of speech is to express your opinions and beliefs.. It doesn't mean free to abuse people and verbal abuse is abuse

    • ecfresh

      That’s why I brought up the topic of reputation. Sure we can say anything we want, but words have consequences. Per your example calling your boss an asshole to her face could lead to losing your job. However here on GaG and especially with anon posts, there are no consequences to abusive words and expressions.

    • Oh I agree they need to get rid of the ANON feature... I mean you can report and block them but doesn't do much... Especially with the multiple fake accounts πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

  • JackSmy
    I have read your words, and they are good, and I agree with most, except, Who decides what is free speech, and what is 'bullying' and 'abusive'?
    I agree, most, sane, intelligent people, have some social 'graces' and know when they are crossing lines, but what about those, from other cultures, that do not share the same values, and concepts and perceptions, and simply say what they think, WITHOUT INTENDING HARM, but that is PERCEIVED as offensive, to the one hearing it?
    Should the speaker be held liable, without INTENT TO HURT, when the one hearing feels HURT?
    How can anyone control another's feelings and perceptions, and understandings, especially, here, through text?
    Maybe everyone needs to take a moment, and think, pause, and consider, maybe asking for clarification of intent, before judging and condemning another for a simple statement.
    Seems that soooooo many are so quick to CHOOSE to take offense, to almost everything, rather than reread, and understand the INTENT, and just RELAX a little!
    I know, not addressing all of your points, but this one is the first step to the rest, I think.
    • That's so not true.. calling people bitch, cunt, slut, fucking loser, fat ass loser who just can't get laid, etc? Anyone who thinks that's not MEANT to be offensive, anyone who thinks it's OKAY to talk to people like that.. That's NOT free speech, that's VERBAL ABUSE and NOT OKAY... Could people talk/act like that on their job or to their boss? Or at school? So why do people think they can do it online? I answered a question from a 16 year old poster and you should of seen the way done people don't to her. Do it's okay for Adults to treat a teenager much less anyone else like that online? No it's not... And it's also against GAG rules, not that people follow the rules on here anyway and not that GAG enforces them enough

    • *some people talked to her

    • JackSmy

      @Brainsbeforebeauty I agree, to a point, but in a society with FREE Speech, sometimes you are going to be offended, and sometimes hate what the other says!
      They have the right to say what they think, just like you have the right to say they are an assbag, and full of sht!!!
      When you start censoring certain words, and then contexts, it isn't FREE SPEECH anymore!

      There is a LINE between FREE SPEECH and ABUSIVE SPEECH, and that is defined, by the courts!
      I wish people had the sense, and social graces to be respectful, but they obviously don't!

      Now, it seems EVERYONE wants to BAN this, BAN that, REGULATE this, REGULATE that!!! WTF ever happened to being a GROWN UP, and HAVING RESPECT for those around you? That would solve most of this!!
      Once you start banning things, it is an endless, slippery slope to 1984, by Orwell!! i don't want to live in a world like that!! Ever read it?

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  • SnowyOwl
    the word freedom is overused and misused, on one hand. And on the other hand, people get so offended by ANY thing these days. Either way, I think people should just stop going to extremes. Reporting an offence to the police is still a thing, taking distance from toxic people is a thing that should be considered more, and taking events less personally should be more of a thing to. The world doesn't turn around any of us in particular. Life is so much more peaceful when you realize that
    • Someone wanting to use the internet, or have their children or their grandchildren or any children be able to use the internet without being verbally abused attacked, harassed, stalked or bullied is not thinking the world turns around any of us in particular... Can you be toxic on your job? No you would get fired.. Can you do those actions anywhere else without consequences for your actions? No.. So people should not be able to use the internet because of toxic people? How about toxic people not being able to use the internet..

    • SnowyOwl

      @Brainsbeforebeauty Toxic people are everywhere. And they do not get fired. And they do not get separated from their children. And they get defended by lawyers, and friends, and a lot of people in society. Its not just about the words a person uses. A lot of toxic people are manipulators. SO that's why Im saying, there are things that matter more than words. And yes, you should protect your kid from the harassment that could happen online. I think a lot of it is teaching them to recognize what to step away from. Even without the internet, haters will be there.

    • I don't know where you work but people would not be allowed to call people bitches cunts sluts on the job and still have a job any where I've ever worked.. They'd get written up, then suspended or terminated... It's not just words.. It's verbal abuse... It's a sign of the times tho... Defend the toxic people and tell other people what they should and shouldn't do instead of addressing the issue with the abusers, blame the police for the way they handle criminals instead of doing more to stop crime... It's getting so ridiculous these days...

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  • kespethdude
    Verbal abuse falls under "defamatory and/or incindiary speech" and is, in fact, NOT protected by the First Amendment. Your rights end when they encroach others. Respect has to be earned. Insert other statement of common sense here.

    Some people need to check their privileges.
    • In other words, I agree FULLY with your mytake, good job.

    • THANK YOU!! Some people on here aren't just overly abusive, they obviously don't get what the first amendment actually is and every it protects and what it doesn't...

  • ArrowheadSW
    People claim all sorts of weird things labeled as "freedom of speech" just to justify their own antisocial behavior. There was a guy who worked for the same company as me, several years ago, who was from another country and he had all sorts of anti-American views that he tried to shove down everyone's throat. When people disagreed with him, he said that he "really didn't have freedom of speech" because people disagreed. He was an ass.
    • Sounds like one.. If he was so anti-America why was he here and not just go back to the county he came from then πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

    • He had his reasons so he said. He was such a huge hypocrite. He said he didn't believe women should be in the workforce. Yet his wife was a full time nurse and he didn't complain about her paycheck coming in. PLUS he said that she did all of the housework and cooking. He was an ass.

    • There was a Mexican guy trying to talk to me that was racist against all black people bad enough cuz I'm not racist nor would I ever date one, but then he was against all Americans, like uh hello... "Oh but you different, you German and Irish" uh hello still American... He was yeah... smh lol

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  • The problem I have with free speech is to many people try use it to give extra weight to their cause. Because freedom is a part of most western cultures, most noticeably America, adding the term "free speech" is an attempt to make you appear more patriotic and anyone who disagrees less so.
  • RolandCuthbert
    I tend to side with the whole free speech thing. I just think the issue in America is that people want freedom from consequences. You can definitely say anything you wish, but you have to pay the price when you do. So if you don't like homosexuals but run a business where you have homosexual clients, you have to understand they are perfectly within their rights to stop using their services. And others who dislike your rhetoric should be free to use other services.

    What I find at GaG is that most folks here don't seem to understand this extends to employees also. If you are an employee of an organization and you espouse racist or sexist views, they can terminate your employment because your views reflect negatively on them. That is their right.

    The funny thing is people have gotten termed for a lot less. BLM supporters have been fired for trying bring literature or their views into the workplace. I have seen people get fired for getting a lunch order wrong.

    It is just the way it goes in a capitalistic society.
  • joeblow123
    You must be an AOC fan. You cry like she does. Your feelings do not take priority over my rights. That is why freedom of speech exists. To protect unpopular speech. Popular speech doesn't need protection. It sounds like you want to be insulated from the consequences when it comes to the decisions you make.
    • You sound like you're making a lot of assumptions that couldn't be further from the truth... Who said this was about me... It's about anyone abusing anyone online... C and that's not what free speech is... And anyway being overly offensive is sharing the rules on this site.. Maybe you need to read them again... If I survived the death of my husband don't think people in the internet are really going to hurt me boo hoo 😭 lolol but why do you think it's okay for Adults to swear at and bully teenage users on this site... And call it your rights? Do they not have the right to use the internet. Don't use your rights to take away others... And don't make false assumptions not people you don't know well you can that's your right.. Your right to be wrong 🀣

  • Tom1089
    Emigrate, freedom of speech is not a thing everywhere. Unfortunately people feel the need to run others down in life to make themselves feel superior or have dominance over people. Hiding behind anonymous comments is further compounding the fact that you don't stand by what you are saying. Its about being constructive not destructive. And unfortunately people would rather destroy what someone else has acchived than to help them build something better.
    • Thank you!!! You get it!!! Sadly tho not enough do which also shows and explains why society is becoming as messed up as it is... There was a user jumping on anyone who agreed with this take if he was just disagreeing or arguing that point, that's one thing no he started insulting and saying crazy crap. But still didn't block till the said he will verbally or physically abuse Whoever he wants if it's warranted TF see that's a sick person with issues... And yeah I blocked him.. But he's the perfect example of why I did this point.. People have distorted views of what their rights are. Another user stated it perfectly. Your rights stop where another person's starts...

    • *, why I did this post

    • Tom1089

      The sad thing is its a vicious circle, dont rise to them. Its usually a psychological reason usually the bullied become the bullies. All you can do is pity them.

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  • Citizenkirk
    Freedom of speech and freedom of expression are absolute, conditional too appropriate format of public distribution. Verbal abuse is not typically considered a form of personal expression of philosophical, religious, spiritual, ethical, or social relativistic iss because abuse is not a two way form of communication, and communicating aggression or violence are not protected by the Bill of Rights. Peaceful demonstrations, televised debates, fund raisers, public awareness campaigns, and such, have rules of conduct and established public forums enforced both by law, and unspoken social convention going back too the original drafting of the Constitution (atrocious, barbaric, Mad Max style behaviors of the House and Senate for the first 75 years of our federal government's history not withstanding.) Of the United States of America 🇺🇸. The same point can be made that my CCP authorizes me too carry a sidearm concealed from open view, but with exceptions, like banks, federal buildings, most schools, and a number of other places that even local law enforcement are sometimes prohibited from entering with a loaded firearm.
  • AmandaYVR
    Well done, BBB. I’m glad you wrote this to define and differentiate them. So many people conflate the two and that’s just not right.
    I’ve been down this road before, though, and I’m afraid I don’t have much hope. The pushback is veracious.
    • Thank you πŸ’œ And yeah I know.. But even if it wakes up one person...πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

    • AmandaYVR

      Yep, musn’t be complacent, right. Fight for what we believe in. Anarchy’s no good.

    • πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™‚

  • OfDeath
    I think the line should be drawn between attacking ideas and attacking individuals. For example it should be perfectly acceptable to say Islam or Christianity is absolute garbage and state the reason but you shouldn't say YOU are absolute garbage because you're a white male or something like that.
    • Exactly!!!

    • 8lutty

      I think it is more importance to read the person u are talking with, dont bash the 'that idea is garbage' to person doesn't want to hear it, like going to the church and shout 'Christianity is absolute garbage', one would be pretty garbage in my opinion if doing that.

    • OfDeath

      @8lutty Well obviously not. However if they engage you in conversation about their idea which is clear garbage, it shouldn't be off limits to say it. If they get offended, that's good in a way because someone can always change their ideas but they can't change themselves.

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  • jaju45
    We should use freedom of speech responsibly. People don't have arguments or debates now a days.
    Internet is full of shit today. Everywhere you will see abuse, verbal diarrhea, trolls etc. I think either the social media shall be governed under the law or comment section shall be disabled at all.

    So much of hate in these comments have made me quit most of the social media platforms.
    • EXACTLY! People don't get that by thinking they're exercising their right, they are taking away other's rights to use the internet without dealing with abuse, harassment, stalking, threats. . None of which is the definition of FREE SPEECH

    • jaju45

      Can't agree more..
      But do you know how to stop this? Or resolve the issue?

  • MannMitAntworten
    Like it or not, within the public spectrum β€œverbal abuse” is not barred by the 1st Amendment. It protects β€œoffensive speech”. It is only limited bu causing physical harm. This has been through the Supreme Court and is protected till causing actual harm. Which yelling fire when there is no fire and someone getting hurt as a result would be considered unprotected speech.
    • I get what your saying.. Didn't say it was..
      But it is against the GAG rules to Verbally abuse the users or stalk harass... But people shouldn't think that's acceptable behavior anyway

    • GaG isn’t a public space and stalking is illegal in general. GaG is a space β€˜welcomed’ to the general public just as any place online, but is spheres like this it would fall under harassment. Out on a public sidewalk would be a different matter. Online there are remedies to combat this issues through the respective site host and even through legal channels.

  • worldscolide
    oh i agree.. The only thing i stand against is those that wish to cancel people because of what they say.. Loss of a job because of something someone said 20 years ago or something like that.. Just wrong.. But outright abusing someone is not only wrong in some cases its illegal.
  • IronmanT
    Say what you want and mean... isn't honesty the best thing. But that being said... don't abuse your freedom of speech JUST TO HURT OTHERS. there are many ways to express your thoughts and opinions without being an Ass about it.. try to use your intellectual virtues and less of your primitive ones. Try to at least vocalize your thoughts in a constructive way to push up instead of hold down others you may or may not agree with.
    • Thank you!! Great answer πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ‘πŸ™‚

    • IronmanT

      I try to keep things simple and to my knowledge, common sense oriented

    • joeblow123


      That is such a pussy answer.

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  • Alfleria
    Agree.. a lot of people don’t understand the difference between those words. They think verbally abuse someone online is the same as freedom of speech.. that’s sad..
    • Thank you! And thank you for getting the title is just that, a title.. Some people are acting like I'm saying make a law to censor all speech... Now where TF did I say that πŸ€” The title is meant to show that there's a difference between the two... But, law or not it IS against GAG rules to be verbally attacking people not that they enforce it enough πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ again great answer... Thank you πŸ™‚πŸ’œ

    • Alfleria

      My pleasure. And I love your username. So true!

    • Aww, thank you 💙💜🤗

  • jasco
    I agree with what your saying cause people be so mean sometimes and thats not right the act of freedom of speech is suppose to be for civil talking and relations not guns, violence and bs, if we could just sit down and have a chat with everyone online and off i think the world would be a much better place
    • πŸ’™ love your reply! You're so right... Thank you for reading! πŸ™‚

    • jasco

      Ofc i enjoy reading and answer questions and be safe out there

    • You too πŸ‘πŸ™‚

  • Snakeyes7
    Freedom of speech means that you should not be held accountable by the government for the opinions you hold not to not be held accountable by other people. Threats which are a part of verbal abuse are not protected so someone can get in trouble with the law that way if proof was provided. Even still, you are under no obligation to listen to verbal abuse.
  • mikee2020
    true ,, anything other than that , is called , verbal assault, verbal abuse , defomation of character , and so on , i 100%agree , , there are so many people who choise to guess at things and not actually know them
  • Lliam
    Something must have really triggered you, bbb. I'm sorry that someone has done that to you.

    I debated refraining from commenting on this. But because I like and respect you and think of you as a friend, I'll put in a brief two cents.

    I disagree with some of what you said. I strongly defend freedom of speech. The only speech that should be (and already is) outlawed is threats and clear incitement of violence. Stalking and certain kinds of harassment are threats. Bullying is not.
    A person always has the option of walking away from someone they disapprove of. On-line, we can ignore, block or report abusive speech that is targeted at us.
    But determining what is abusive or inappropriate is subjective. Its like trying to define pornography. "I know it when I see it." That is nothing on which to base a law.

    I don't approve of meanness or bullying. I sometimes lash right back at such people in defense of myself or others. Do I have a right to do so or does that also make ME a bully?

    This is a big subject. I won't try to address all the ins and outs and nuances. But I will say that I strongly oppose infringements on freedom of expression. I despise censorship.
    • I consider you a friend as well but we gonna have to agree to disagree on this one friend... If people can't use the internet without being attacked are they not censoring your rights tho.. people can't use their rights by taking away other's... And this isn't just about me.. It's about the posters who think it's ok to insult people cuz they what disagreed? And block? For what? What does that solve? People just create new accounts... People report and the offensive reply removed but that don't stop them.. And how many people in here have more than one account... Quite a few even tho that's against site rules.. If people want to call people bitch cunt slut they know... But noone has the right to do that for no reason to people on the internet. Free speech didn't mean free to bully or abuse people... I mean you wouldn't put up with someone calling your wife that IRL right? Internet shouldn't be any different. . Don't hate me cuz we don't agree here πŸ™

    • Lliam

      I agree with you about people who create new accounts or have multiple accounts and keep targeting you. What would be the solution? There should be a way to stop them. But I will never agree to a law.

    • πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Rocco7070
    Thats brave and classy. I hope I've never disrespected you here, if so im sorry, tthanks for trying to help here
    • joeblow123


      Dude. Grow a pair.

    • No.. But thanks.. And this isn't about me it's about all the toxicity on here period. People have left are leaving this site because of it.. And everyone should have the right to express themselves without being attacked by others

    • @joeblow123 keep it up and I'm blocking you from this post you can be rude wherever you want that's your right.. I have a right to not have you use my post to do it see you can throw that out there do can IπŸ™‚

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  • Pulseofsulfur
    The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is a grey area for freedom of speech. But yet not be offensive. So does that mean comedy can't be allowed in Canada because it's poking at major events or shit like that? I feel like if you believe one ideal over the other and disagree with the person who has a opposite ideal don't be a dick about it and let people live their life their way
    • In my opinion there's a big difference between joking and maliciously calling people names or attacking them for difference of opinion... I'm not no snowflake who can't handle it.. Point is shouldn't have to... And I just answered a question where the asker was 16 and the way some people were talking to her... Come on she's just a teenager... Comedy tho that's different in my opinion... If you saw my sex joke takes you'd know I can take a joke lolol

    • I've seen your sex jokes lol. I don't know why people can't report others for harassment or something else. But if it's a joke then have a disclaimer so then people know what the difference between a insult and the comedic timing

    • You can usually tell bantering and real attacks.. or yeah sometimes I will say jk or joking I can be sarcastic funny or just sarcastic but if I feel I'm going to cross that line and get overly offensive just because someone else is, well that's when the sex joke takes pop out and your seen how many of those there are so yeah lololol

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  • JesseCraft07
    Fantastic my take BBB. I fully agree with this, say whatever you want as long as you're not deliberately offending someone. by the way it's me Jackie, I don't think you saw my opinion on your previous question so I'll explain it again. I'm on this account now because I'm locked out of my Google account which is connected to the other GaG account, hope you see this. I miss you 🙂
  • JimboGB
    Freedom of speech is the right to offend. As with billions of people on the earth, millions in your city, hundreds of thousands in your area and however many in your house, there will always be someone to take offence. These are not people you built a society around.
    • Reread the freedom of speech because you are wrong on that

    • JimboGB

      We shall agree to disagree

    • So you think it's okay for adults to bully teenagers online? Like the question I responded to yesterday and there were adults doing that to a 16 year old user... Freedom of speech doesn't cover verbal abuse , attack... This isn't trying to take away anyone's rights... But since when did abusing attacking people become a right? Could you behave that way on your job and still keep your job? Could you behave that way at school without consequences? It should be no different online

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  • Deathraider
    Freedom of speech also gives you the freedom to be an asshole. But just because you can be an asshole, doesn’t mean you should.

    Also freedom of speech really only applies to the government.
    • Being an asshole and verbally attacking someone is not the same... One is being an ass and one is ABUSE

  • Liam_Hayden
    Well I believe that people should have the right to call me a horse's ass or any other insult they want as long as they are not assaulting me or my property.
    • Just cuz you're okay with it doesn't make it okay... People have left this site because of how you this site has become and it is against site rules to be overly offensive or maliciously attach people on here

    • joeblow123


      Some clown posted that freedom of speech is a bad thing and to prove it he blocks any replies. I'll bet if someone did that to him he would cry like the soyboy he is.

    • joeblow123


      Good, they sound like cowards and I hate cowards.

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  • 0112358
    Gag is not owned by the US government. Users here do not have freedom of speech. GaG, if it was itself censored within the US could make a freedom of speech argument. But Gag can remove anything it feels like even if the owners just feel like trolling users they don’t like.

    Gag can decide on whatever like they want to enforce and they don’t need to be consistent if they don’t want. They don’t answer to the users.
  • Edanurus
    Ok so this flip flops a little, harassment is never right but the way you describe verbal abuse to me is verging to a place that I disagree with.

    "I agree with you but you're being a bit of a dick about it" from the mytake this seems to me to class as verbal abuse, it's also negative criticism something in one of the pictures as abuse, now sure it's a little crass to put it that way and there are more polite ways of saying it but is it verbal abuse really.

    Perhaps it's because I live in a country with hate speech laws and they are not good. You can be charged with he phrase "As a gay man I hate pride. The way its portrayed in the media enforces stereotypes." It has "I hate pride" in it. if someone overheard that, found it offensive and homophobic even if they aren't gay themselves that is hate speech.

    I feel in some places people need a verbal dressing down in some ways. Especially when we are not just talking about opinions and thoughts but advice and attitudes. Sometimes being nice isn't the kind thing to do, sometimes people need a kick up the arse.
  • CubaPirate
    Don't we all live a Police State now " told what to think told what to do told how to behave told what to believe" and we all thought "Terminator" was fictional 🤣🤣🤣
    • Can you behave that way at work?
      Can you behave that way in school?
      Could you behave that way at social functions?
      So why think it's okay online?
      How is people not wanting to be verbally insulted, verbally attacked, threatened, harassed policing...
      But shouldn't abuse be policed πŸ€”

    • CubaPirate

      We both know it not right but its just the way it is

    • Because people put up with it or justify it.. Instead of trying to change it...

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  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Thanks for sharing with us, I believe it's okay for freedom of speech but verbally abuse is no good.
  • loveslongnails
    You just love opening up those cans of worms to see what crawls out, don'tcha !! LOL Good My Take.
    • Somebody has toπŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ GAG lost another good long time user because of the toxicity and abuse on this site and it was someone I know have met IRL and she was part of reason I even knew of this site... But thank you πŸ’™πŸ€—

    • Who was it?

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  • People think freedom of speech means freedom from consequence. It’s just freedom from censorship. Honestly I bet the Kenosha shooter talked some shit and got punched. Then he started shooting.
  • Freija1989
    You are contradicting yourself. Once you say if you don ' t believe in the freedom of speech for those you disagree with / who disagree with you, you don ' t believe in it at all, then that insults are not freedom of speech.

    Yes, they are and I will tell you why. Because the Supreme Court of US says that. There were people at the funeral of a gay person that aggressively show extreme contempt towards gay people by shouting at the top of their lungs and displaying insulting written messages. The family tried to seek legal penalties for those people, yet the Supreme Court ruled that they were exercising their right to free speech and hate speech also qualifies as free speech as long as it does not explicitly call for violence.

    That is sanctified and should stay unchanged. It will stay unchanged and if I want to display contempt I have every legal right to use whatever words and volume ( as long as I don ' t explicitly call for violence ).
    • Where did I say disagree or agree with you can't do that without calling someone a bitch or a cunt or a slut or a fucking retard.. That's not disagreeing that's verbally assualting someone... And uhh that is also against the rules on this site. You can get your point across without trying to stack someone... Should be able to anyways... What ever happened to having manners and a sense of what is right or wrong... And you can say that all you want but I bet you can't talk to your boss or Co workers that way can you nor do you right,,? So why think it's okay to treat talk to anyone that way just because their opinion differs from yours.. I did not contradict myself. Said don't user your rights to take away others rights not to be verbally assualted harassed... Abuse is not a right

    • Freija1989

      I have my own business ( I ' m a tattooer ) and yes, I can talk with my employees ( a cashier and a janitor ) whichever way I like, if they don ' t like it they can leave. Same with my clients. They are not giving me free money, they give me money in exchange for a service, that ' s it, end of transaction, " piss the duck out bitch " ( rockers and bikers talk to each other a lot that way more like a way of endearment among friends than an insult ).

      And you can very legally disagree with someone AND calling them those names ( it ' s as legal is it gets ). The fact that it affects someone doesn ' t make it illegal. I couldn ' t care less. Again, the Supreme Court ruled that it ' s perfectly legal to shout at the top of your lungs " God hates faggots " at the funeral of a gay person under the First Amendment ( the first and second ones being my favorite by the way ) because it doesn ' t call for violence explicitly ( which probably means you can call for violence implicitly ).

      What happened to manners? Manners are NOT required by law. They are optional. If someone tries to stop me from doing something perfectly legal, I will do it especially to spite the said person. Where in the law does it say it ' s illegal to " verbally abuse "if the Supreme Court ruled it ' s perfectly legal to shout " God hates faggots " ?

      Infringing on free speech just because you ' re so worried about a little bitch ' s feefees and how he or she might get their delicate butt hurt by words and start saying " triggered triggered " does more harm then good and the road to hell ( North Korea ) is paved with good snow flake rainbow colored intentions.

    • Omg whatever I'm done here read the rules of GAG tho think you need a refresher... Have a good night tho thanks for your "reply"πŸ™‚

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  • I could not agree with you more! Thank you for posting this!!
  • AndrewMG
    Good take, one thing I've noticed (and it's especially prevalent in reality TV) is people praising other people because "they speak their mind and will tell you to your face what they think, they call a spade a spade, if they don't like you they'll let you know etc!" and this is promoted as a positive trait. Well F*ck that, tact and being sensitive to other peoples feelings are unappreciated qualities, Freedom of speech is a beautiful gift but like any beautiful gift it should be handled sensitively.
    • You can speak your mind tho and tell it like it is without verbally attacking someone
      Example 1: I really can't believe you mixed milk and lager, you should of known better 🀣🀣🀣
      Example 2- wtf how f'n stupid are you you're not smart enough to know not to mix lager and milk hope you get sick you deserve it for being so F'n stupid
      See first speaking mind but in nice way...
      Other just insulting and abusive
      DISCLAIMER:I was just making an example not insulting opinion owner πŸ™‚

    • honestmind

      @Brainsbeforebeauty: I am the example 1 type of person.
      I think it's better to be honest 99% of the time.

      And If I feel like my opinion might hurt their feelings then I'll just say it in a nicer/friendlier way

    • AndrewMG

      @Brainsbeforebeauty I'm going to be honest I felt more on board with example 2 in that scenario! That seems a relatively calm reaction to a gross act of stupidity by a seemingly normal (and lovely) young man! lol But there's exceptions to every rule (and speaking your mind and saying it as it is, is absolutely fine but not when it's done in an extreme way... so we have a whole host of tabloid columnist in this country who make money by essentially being nasty but justify it by saying "they tell it like it is"... it's that level of nastiness I have a problem with... on the otherhand people mixing milk with lager deserve all the criticism in the world! lol). Like everything in life Context is key.

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  • mozay
    Freedom of speech is a right that should be claimed and normalized.
    Verbal abusing is a lack of morality for someone who can not win an argument.
    • Very well said!!!πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ‘πŸ™‚

    • mozay


    • joeblow123


      If some people have been assholes then verbal abuse is what they need. My screen name is in blue font so you know that I can employ either verbal abuse or physical abuse or a combination of the two. If they have it coming they have it coming.

  • FatherJack
    Very good take , I have skin as thick as tank armour , and also know that nearly all the ultra brave keyboard commandos would NEVER have the minerals to say what they type directly to my face in real life. I am politically neutral , as my belief is that all mainstream party politicians worldwide all piss in the same pot , and true choice is an illusion... many friends of mine are demonstrating in London today. I have noticed it is the leftists that preach " tolerance " ... but are often the least truly tolerant of all... they always resort to the personal attacks you have illustrated so well in this post. Idiots everywhere of all persuasions sadly !!
    • I agree with everything you just said.. And I have thick skin too.. But there's kids, teenagers that used this site and the internet too. . Just yesterday right after posting this, I responded to a post I was tagged to by another user. That poster was only 16 but there was one adult female user calling her pathetic, etc. That's not cool for an adult to be bullying teenagers who may not have thick skin online. Disagree, argue, but there's a difference between that and outright verbally attacking someone. And then people tell people what they should do different instead of the people doing that that could just stop. Just like people blame the police or the victims instead of the criminals. It's truly sad and truly sickens me

  • Sapioit
    There's also compelled speech, when you're forced to say or not say something. For example, being anti-feminism at a feminist rally can lead to injuries or worse. But having a mens' rights rally is so outrageous that it's not even allowed.
  • The_Other
    Actually I believe that verbal abuse and bullying is still free speech. If people aren't allowed to do that then there's no such thing as "free" speech, and the right term would be "Acceptable Speech / expression" or "Limited Speech / expression".
    This isn't me saying I'm pro abuse or bullying though.
    Some people can handle it, some can't handle it, that's why sites create certain mechanisms to deal with issues like bullying.

    The problem with censoring "verbal abuse and bullying" is that who gets to decide what is and isn't bullying or verbal abuse. Some people are so thin skinned that they would take even the slightest criticism as verbal abuse and bullying, then suddenly we're now really violating real free expression because of people like that.
    • Can you call your boss or coworkers s bitch, cunt, slut, whore, or s fast ugly fucking loser that will never get a woman? Or do that at school? So why would that be acceptable just because it's acceptable. And what measures? Blocking people who just create new accounts or use one of their other fake accounts? Or report only to have the reply removed not the user? And it might not be law, but it is against this site's rules.. And free speech is a right... But abusing or bullying, stalking or harassing is not a right nor should it be

    • The_Other

      The issues is not whether or not it's acceptable, the issue is where do you draw the line of what is and isn't acceptable and who gets to define what is and isn't acceptable.

      Like I said, there are people out there who would call simple criticism unacceptable, bullying and verbal abuse.

      For example, someone thought I was a bully and a "transphobe" for stating that men aren't women and that it is unfair for men to compete in women's sports because men have the physical advantage.

      At the end of the day you're just 1 person, people have different opinions about what is and isn't considered bullying or verbal assault.

      I was blocked for stating that no human being deserves to burn in hell for all eternity...

      Where does it stop?

    • But obviously that's not what I'm talking about...

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  • monkeynutts
    Great take, sometimes you just have to tell em back to just go "eat a dick!"
    • Thanks!! And 🀣🀣🀣 at least that would muffle their mouth 🀣🀣🀣 Or maybe jerk a dick cuz you using fingers more than mouth on internet🀣🀣

  • hi_it_is_me123
    Great Take!
    Verbally abusing is here illegal but i still dont know if this is legal or not in america.
    • Thank you... But you do know calling someone you don't know the "B" word to insult could be considered verbal abuse, right πŸ€”πŸ€”

    • This is actually the way I express myself and i also have some anger issues. if people say something bad about me, i start being an asshole. And do you seriously create this take because of me? Hehe

    • No I didn't... There's been a lot of this on here since I joined...
      But You got offensive just to my opinion period... And anger issues is no excuse to take your anger issues out on other people

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  • bamesjond0069
    Freedom of speech IS verbal abuse AND hate speech. You can criticize anyone you damn well please and have no obligation to be polite.
    • In all due respect, fuck off, troll.

    • @kespethdude haha i see you agree with me πŸ‘

    • No he was calling you the troll πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ if you'd read his reply you'd get that lololol haha that's funny you thought he meant me when he really meant you... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  • venomhbk1313
    Freedom to not be verbally abused no woman man or child should ever have to go through that crap
  • Aiko_E_Lara
    I thought it is really obvious but it's still sad to know that people still have to learn
    • Right! Just sad cuz it's not just on internet lol at the way the world is becoming.

  • TienShenhan
    Actually I DO have the right to verbally abuse people
    • NO you DO NOT ANY form of ABUSE is not a RIGHT!

    • Yes I do. I can call you a cunt all day long and its not breaking the law

    • Nah I'll just block you for being someone that can't have a real discussion or report you for being offensive. REREAD THE SURE RULES OF GAG...

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  • JKingOff
    There's no such thing as the freedom to not be verbally abused. Freedom of speech is the freedom to speak your mind without persecution. Just as much as people have the right to say whatever they want, you have the right to not listen. Suck it up and ignore it. While you're at it grow a backbone and maybe some thicker skin. If that doesn't work try ear plugs. Sorry but I'm not going to sit here and let someone bash the rights of others that so many people died for. Learn to stand up for yourself and stop blaming the constitution for your sucky life.
    • See this is the problem when people assume. Because this isn't about me... With out even knowing what you're talking about you try to insult. Which is really a pathetic behavior and the whole problem. People assume to know everything these days and take this fake knowledge to think they smarter, better, or stronger than everyone else. This take was more a result of shit of the things I've seen on other people's posts and things other users have gone through/told me about... And those people didn't die so people could call people bitches cunts sluts, call guys fucking Dickless losers, etc. Or for gown adults to bully teenagers on line. But isn't that what people do, twist the truth for their benefit.. Rights are for ALL.,. If you attack people for their opinions, are you not talking away THEIR rights to free speech? πŸ€”πŸ€”

    • 8lutty

      I guess this guy insulte people a lot, that he doesn't even know an opinion doesn't have to come in pack with an insult. And to u buddy, 'i disagree' and 'fuck u' could be used for the same reason, so it is not stopping u from express ur opinion if 'fuck u' is banned (tho I dont hate 'fuck u', but someone will). And believe me, u know nothing about mental problems, u think just by ignore an insult message or block that person AFTER u ALREADY read it doesn't harm anyone? And if u say whoever reading that insult should grow some backbone to deal with that insult BEFORE block it, then it is the same as saying ' hey u have to allow other to thrust their DICK in ur NEWBORN BABY, AFTER and ONLY AFTER that u would have the right to decline, but NOT BEFORE they touch the BABY's vagina', do u feel disgusting to hear this, but oh well just grow some backbone ok? That is pretty fucked up constitution for me, and admit it, constitution is not justice, they are just words make and support by people like it, so believe me one day it could be change.

    • @8lutty lolπŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†!

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  • captain_voidwalker
    If you can't handle the heat get out of the kitchen"Freedom of speech" vs "freedom not to be verbally abused"
    • Whatever.. If can't act like an adult don't be on an adult forum πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

    • Speak for yourself asker

    • @Nachowedgie oh really.. So it's okay for people to say if people don't like it.. Leave but not okay for me to say if you can't act like an adult.. You leave... People shouldn't have their rights to use the internet because others think it's a right to attack people.. and oh yeah AGAINST GAG RULES...

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  • msc545
    Speech (with some exceptions ) is specifically enumerated in the First Amendment. Speech that you don't like or that hurts your feelings is not.
    • Free speech does not include verbal abuse attacks, harassment, slander and besides being overly offensive is supposed to be against the rules on this site if anyone bothers to read the rules or follow then

    • msc545

      Ok, well, there is apparently no free speech on this site, and this site is not bound by the Constitution.

    • The constitution does not give people the right to bully or harass people...

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