"Freedom of speech" vs "freedom not to be verbally abused"

Freedom of speech vs freedom not to be verbally abused

This mytake is to address the growing issue on this site and probably many other online sites although this is the only online site I'm on....

And to clear up the misunderstanding, misconception and misuse of what Freedom of Speech is and MEANS...



Freedom of speech vs freedom not to be verbally abused
Freedom of speech vs freedom not to be verbally abused

Freedom of Speech....

*Yes you have a right to freely voice your opinions, thoughts, beliefs..

*Yes you have a right to disagree with other's opinions, thoughts, beliefs

*Yes you have a right to "civilly" discuss, argue your points and difference in opinions....

"You have a right to not engage with someone you wish not to....

Freedom of speech vs freedom not to be verbally abused

But here is where the problem starts, comes in, When you take away other's rights.......

Freedom of speech vs freedom not to be verbally abused

Verbal Abuse and Not Freedom of speech...

*People also have a right to freely express their opinions,thoughts, beliefs....

Without being personally attacked or verbally attacked....

*People should also have the right to disagree with other's opinions, thoughts, beliefs...

Without being maliciously insulted or bullied ....

*People should also have a right to "civilly" discuss, argue their points and difference in opinion...

Without being called slanderous names, without being stalked or harassed....

People also have a right to not engage with someone they wish not to....

Without you creating other accounts to continue to abuse, stalk or harass them...

Without getting other users to gang up on them, stalk, or harass them..

Freedom of speech vs freedom not to be verbally abused

*People have said "If you can't handle insults maybe you shouldn't use it...

No how about if you don't know how to conduct yourself properly, maybe you shouldn't use the internet...

*People say the internet is not real life

You're not physically in person but the PEOPLE are still REAL so how is it not real life?

All people should have the privilege to use the internet without abuses. There is a big difference between calling someone's opinion stupid and calling them stupid... Or to call people bitches, cunts, sluts, etc.,etc.

Freedom of speech vs freedom not to be verbally abused

And watch how many will attack me or this post and you can, or say I'm trying to censor people. No I'm not, I'm trying to get the point across that you can't say people are taking your rights away, because it is not A RIGHT to abuse people. You have your rights but I also have rights too, to:

Remove any replies that are just to insult me....

Report any abuse on this post

Remove and or Report, And Block any Anons that thinks they can be abusive as ANON (I will not make this where Anons can't reply, but will block any Anons that are abusive so I don't have to deal with them anymore)

Not respond to those that haven't read the WHOLE mytake(if you can't be bothered to read the whole post, I can no longer be bothered to reply...

And no I'm not acting like I'm perfect or do no wrong, but I know I don't take my frustrations out by abusing others, I don't abuse others for entertainment or sport... Verbally abusing people is not sport it's ABUSE

Freedom of speech vs freedom not to be verbally abused


As always thank you for reading πŸ’™πŸ’œ


"Freedom of speech" vs "freedom not to be verbally abused"
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  • Yads_Is_Back
    First, I love how you provided a good list of examples of what is considered abusive. Because people, especially here, tend to take things not even close to that list as insults, which is really a show of insecurity on their part. So the list provides a good foundation. A lot of times insults are not abuse and really aren't insults unless you take it that way. Some people are actually insecure enough to take little meaningless things as offensive.
    Second, freedom of speech is like any other freedom: it's limited and yours stops where another person's starts. That's hard to comprehend in a selfish society.
    Third, the creating other accounts and stalking/trolling somebody with it... omg. People need to get lives. lol
    Lastly, you need to write a book or put all your myTakes in a book. I'll be the first one to buy it.
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    • To your first-I agree people take to much as insult which you get that I want taking about that as so many others didn't, so thank you!!!
      To your second-OMG THANK YOU!! You're intelligent enough to get the difference, sadly not enough people are
      To your third-right!!! Agree πŸ’―+
      And to your last-aww thank you πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ€—
      Seriously, might be the best answer here and not just cuz of the compliment 🀣 because you understand I'm not trying to censor or take away someone's rights, just trying to point out when you do those abuses to people where they feel fed up or unsafe, you're taking their rights away.. someone I know in real life sadly closed her account on GAG and she was a long time user and part of how I knew of GAG in the first place... Why should good users like her have to leave because of people that used this site to take their aggressions out on others or do it for entertainment or sport...
      Again, thank you!!!πŸ™‚

    • bullies cannot stand seeing themselves in the mirror, and lash out at the light

    • @SandandWaves well said so true!

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Most Helpful Guy

  • TCredo
    Great My Take Toots and should be required reading for anyone using GaG or any other site/app like it. If you think GaG gets bad... browse around Twitter for a few minutes lol.

    I don't have much to add to all your great points. Will just say I enjoy a good argument or debate on all sorts of topics but it's getting sadder with how rare it is to have a healthy exchange of different opinions and ideas.

    I truly believe one of the most human things is to be curious about other opinions and use them to challenge your own or just to understand others etc... I think everyone is born with that attribute.
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    • Thank you and thank you for getting in not trying to censor someone's speech... There's disagreeing, there's arguing, and even insults, like the guy that called me toots 🀣 obviously he was trying to insult but then some people take to even further than that... I've seen replys on posts in fee answered where people told people they should just kill themselves like wtf and other worse things... Is starts becoming less insult and more verbal attack in my opinion

    • TCredo

      Sadly I've seen the same and agree with you... I do believe in karma and folks who post verbal abuse will hopefully someday get what's due them. I know it's not easy for everyone but I do wish people would ignore it - and know it's more a sign of the abuser's weaknesses and troubles... but I know that's not easy especially when the abuse is that awful.

    • But if just ignore the issues they will never go away, they'll just get worse. Abuse shouldn't be ignored it should be addressed, stopped shouldn't it πŸ€”

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  • J2ohhhhh
    This read was mental abuse.
    • No your reply is 🀣 noone forced you to read it or to reply but thanks anyways πŸ™‚

    • joeblow123


      Oh yeah. The nannification of the west. No thank you.

    Amen sister!! Very good my take. 😎👍
  • becreative321456987
    That’s called harassment
    • Right! There's so much if that on here... I answered a question someone tagged me to send it was a 16 year old asker and the way some of those people were talking to a 16 year old. Like come on man you all adults you should know better than to talk to a 16 year old like that...

  • mrgspoter
    Thin lines int it
    • No thin lines in calling people bitches, cunts, whores, sluts, fat fucking losers who can't get a woman, rapists, pedophiles, etc... Free speech does not include verbally assaulting or bullying someone.. more people need to recognize the difference

    • mrgspoter

      Yeah but when someone is wrong and a different is right then how does it not go childish can't cure stupid people can we.

    • Could ban those people that are using these sites to abuse, attack, harass, stalk people and do more to keep them from creating new accounts

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  • WorkFFS
    It's subjective. Get over it.
    • You get over it

    • WorkFFS

      I can't because I never cared

    • And that's the problem... Wait till someone verbally abuses , stalks, bullies or harasses your kids some day and then we'll see if you think it's okay πŸ€”πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ™„

  • iambae
    Can you have one without the other?
    • Yes you can... Free speech is not free reign to verbally insult, attack, or bully people.. Free speech is a right... Since when is abuse or bullying someone a "right"... It's not!! People need to recognize the difference

    • iambae

      I think since this country was founded on the principlese of bullying, stealing, raping, and pillaging. That it only makes sense that the descendants of their forefathers behave accordingly.

      I. e. today they do it with laws, police, and online.

      (I don't agree with this but this is life and history of America.)

  • Nachowedgie
    Freedom of Speech
  • Anonymous
    Sarcasm is not verbal abuse.
    • Depends on how it's used.

    • Anonymous

      @kespethdude but mostly it isn't!

  • Anonymous
    Okay... now where does it say "verbal abuse" isn't free speech?

    Because if the answer is nowhere, then your entire argument falls flat.
  • Anonymous
    I couldn't agree more, most of us in here have been either insulted by trolls, or harassed by spammers...
    Not to mention various scammers on the other internet sites, as well as hackers and other cyber criminals, still unpunished by the law.
    Freedom of speech is not an essential right, it's in fact an excessive right.
    That's why I suggest it should be restricted, because it's frequently and deliberately misused by lots of spiteful and toxic people.
  • Anonymous
    Yeah but what's next? If we start putting restrictions on speech now it'll snowball. It can be a dangerous move to limit the rights with speech. I personally agree but politicans would say "Hey that worked so this will too!" that's what they always do.
    • Stopping people from verbally attacking people is not putting restrictions on speech... Read the threads there was one user, now blocked who was jumping on anyone who agreed with this take... I finally blocked because he said he will verbally and physically abuse whoever he wants... TF see clearly this is someone with severe issues... People with severe anger issues are using the internet to abuse and attack people that they wouldn't get away with it off the internet... They shouldn't be able to do that anywhere.. If people can't say their opinions without getting attacked then that person is taking THEIR rights to free speech away are they not?

  • Anonymous
    Forcefully criticizing, insulting and denouncing another person, yeah, sounds familiar, lots of people on GaG do that, for me it's just a proof that freedom of speech is actually a bad thing.
    Majority of people are selfish, arrogant and egotistical, the more rights you give them, the more self-centered and demanding they'll become.
    • Love this answer πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ‘πŸ™‚ and thank you for proving not all Anons are hateful which is why don't like to use the option not to let Anons reply because some female users user that as protection when asking or answering sexuality questions without being harassed.. thanks for the great reply and for reading πŸ™‚

    • Anonymous

      Thank you very much, I like your questions and myTakes πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

    • Thank you πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous
    Considering most people are jerks, freedom of speech is usually used for insulting other people, that's why I don't believe in it, never have, never will, it's a form of extreme freedom and should be banned for good.
    • Agree people abuse what freedom of speech is SUPPOSED to mean

    • Anonymous

      Exactly, just like femi-nazis are abusing what feminism is SUPPOSED to mean. I'm glad we agree.

  • Anonymous
    If someone yells loud enough to damage your ears that is physical assault. Not allowing you to leave is also wrong, but arguing civilly in a public place is legal and free speech. It does matter if you don't want to hear it, have it be said, or what you think it will do. Outside of a call to crime or physical damage it's free in public places.
    • Civilly... Calling people names like bitch slut cunt telling guys they're fat ugly fucks that won't get laid is not'civilly". There's a post by a 16 year old where a adult female was really being overly rude and offensive. She's still a kid a teenager.. Why should she get attacked by adults on the internet. That's not"civilly" and adults should frickin know better...

    • Anonymous

      Internet is on a worlds stage and has even less regulation. That is reason to avoid the internet, but in leu of trying to police it, we should teach people to defend themselves. The internet does fuel attackers and exposes the vulnerable. So you could less feasibly eliminate all attackers or feasibly protect the vulnerable. I think shutting down attacks when able can help in the moment when they are directed at someone who can't avoid it. However, preemptively shutting down is mistaken. If someone is producing slander that needs to be legally addressed as well. The most realistic strategy that also preserves freedom of speech is preparing the vulnerable and protecting them. Often these attacks are slanderous so legally you may have something, but the internet is often an international stage.

  • Anonymous
    What you are really asking for is civility. I agree with you. Let me explain. I was taught that we are all made in the image of God Almighty, giving us worth and dignity. The fact that Ylthe Don of Zgid then died for our sins increased our worth. When I grew up in the 60s and 70s people were much more polite because of the Judeo-Christian morality. Since then we have removed Him from our public square and the lack of manners and civility has proliferated. I lived most of my life in Connecticut and saw the decline in manners and civility. Thankfully I now live in Texas where they never lost there manners. I will probably be met with comments that my belief is in the imaginary God. In the book is Proverbs it says: β€œFor as he thinks in his heart, so is he. Proverbs 23:7. Manners and civility matter.
    • Anonymous

      Son of God

    • Maybe I need to come to Texas.. But agree it's not just on the internet.. It's everywhere these days! Great, great answer πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’œ