Types Of Gag Men

Types Of Gag Men

Types Of GaG Men :

Before commenting, bear that in your head that this is my personal viewpoint. Thank you!

1 Handsome A-Hole :

Most likely a conservative but not necessarily. They are the ones who'd argue for weeks, express disgust regarding disagreeable opinions through their updates, and have strict moral code to follow. I block them. Bye bye, good looking.

2 Came Here to Chat :

They chat in paras! So cute! I'm a sucker for men who take great interest in having a conversation, and excitedly talking about things that matter to them. It makes me secretly happy that most of them are single, since I'd really be envious if somebody else got to listen to their adorable chatter.

3 Genuine Nice Guy :

I'd love to see more of these as they are the ones that can't find date and they're genuinely open and accepting folks. Neither feminist nor sexist, they give everyone the benefit of doubt, it's what makes GaG great.

4 True Conservative :

Being a conservative is not an automatic turn off to me, contrary to the popular belief. Unless, like many others, sexism is also a part of your belief system. Only one guy I know who falls under this. We are good friends, we disagree a lot, but most importantly — we accept our flaws, have our "it depends" and stay true to ourselves without starting a gender war.

5 Introverted Intellectuals :

Hint : they don't wanna talk, its nothing personal. But when they do — they are the most remarkable. They're clever and mature enough to side step any gender war mines, keep an authentic air around and love their pets. Also, workaholic alert. May not be billionaire but they love their career, which is more important in my opinion. Moreover, they either question if love exists or are total cynics ( <3 ). Loners, as they don't cause commotion.

Am I attracted to them? Hahaha... Yes.

6 Classic "Alpha" :

I'm sorry I can't trust a man who thinks its okay to compare men with wolves. Men are not that simple. Alpha-beta, in the end, is just theory. But this person confuses facts with theories and vice versa. This guy probably was an awkward late bloomer, got his heart broken in college, studied his ass off and now has a happy job — with girls on his side because he's matured. Except, he's only interested in sex, he's narcissistic, and a woman-hater... Because he loves his fellow men. Not enough to experiment with a guy, no he needs a good old submissive, fertile, house-bound woman for that. Still, many women find his dating criteria reasonable — cheers to that.

7 Passive Aggressive Guy :

This one may across rational as first. Indeed, they'd apologise profusely for offending others and tell them they're just looking out for them. When in fact this man just wants to impose his belief system on others — and he thinks he can get away with coming on a little too strong and harsh, since we can't report them.

8 Omegas :

Basically, they've dated bad women and justify it with how all women are bad now.

9 Trolls :

The kind that are here just to have fun. Don't expect serious reply from them, but they can still be good friends so don't block either. Or do. Your choice. Its good to laugh sometimes.

10 Creeps :

Asking very personal questions to stranger women because online medium gives them liberty to say things they wouldn't in real life. If you refuse them nudes, they block you.

11 Male Feminists :

They are well read and have had good relationships with exes. Object of envy for omegas (bullies), who refer to them as "white knights" just for supporting the fact that women may have led harder lives. For this reason perhaps, many men aren't vocal about their attitude, coz let's be honest — GaG favors the hateful crowd more of sexist, homophobic and transphobic peeps.

I'm sure I'm forgetting a few. So comment below!

By anon1903

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Types Of Gag Men
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