Why Ridiculous Takes Get Promoted

I'm sure you've all read an overtly MyTake on here and wondered "how the hell did this Take get promoted?" So I've decided to make a take about takes, and take this take to explore takes that put the take in take. And if that made no sense to you as it did to me, I'm pretty much just going to list some possible options explaining the befuddling promotion of certain takes on here. That being said, INTRODUCINGGGGG

"Why Ridiculous Takes Get Promoted"

Why Ridiculous Takes Get Promoted

Possible Reason #1: They're Controversial / Encourage Discussion

Likely the most plausible and common reason, I've noticed that many of the takes that are promoted are overtly controversial. The OP can be talking about something against typical societal values (*coughcough* justifying cheating *achoo*), which is bound to grab hits and clicks from active feminists and generally monogamous people alike. The takes present an opinion on an underlying issue that targets individual morals and is a surefire win to elicit a spew of angry goblins (no offense to goblins) in the comments section.

Possible Reason #2: They're Pretty

Takes are like people in a bar. Most of them look nice, but only a few are downright stunning. Good looking enough to buy a drink. There was this one take on here that remains very memorable for me (but funny enough I can't remember the title LOL) and it was very well-made, aesthetic-wise. And people like pretty things, right? No need for rational logic in the paragraphs, that visual eye candy will do. Speaking of eye candy, let me know how long you stare at this picture.

Possible Reason #3: They're about "Nice Guys"

Like the cream and butter to the muffin that is GaG, the whole "nice guy" genre is one of the site's many traditional emblems. Taking advantage of the surplus of sad and horny muggles, much of the promoted takes feed to this target audience. Those poor unfortunate souls.

Possible Reason #4: They're Events/Holiday Oriented

I saw a take about that putrid gold and white dress (yeah I still see gold and white, the rest of you are drunk #YOLO) and the first thing I thought of was, "dammit! I was too slow!" Takes on certain upcoming holidays and/or popular and/or current events increase the likelihood of promotion. (Notice I did not say guarantee. Nothing in life is guaranteed. Except death. Yay morbidity).

Possible Reason #5: They Include Videos

Because apparently videos make takes more take-y. I've seen a few takes floating around with a minimal description, one even had a single sentence (granted, it was a well-written sentence) but the video made it seem pretty straightforward and informative in the shortest way possible. I don't know. It works for some.

Possible Reason #69: The OP is sleeping with the GaG admins

For those completely inexplicable takes.

What do you guys think? What are some reasons you feel certain takes are promoted? What takes do you notice commonly being published? Let's brainstorm together.


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  • Yeah, although I am still wary about that "Stop the Gays!" Take that was promoted for some reason and was legitimate hate speech and purely offensive. I might get the whole "encouraging debate" thing, but essentially that would mean the admins trolled us.



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  • Or the admins just have no standards for the quality of their site anymore.

    When the take feature was first introduced, they advertised promoted takes as "inspiring, insightful, and informative." However, the vast majority of the promoted takes these days do not provide any meaningful content to the site. It's quite pathetic how low the admins' standards have gotten.


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  • I doubt you are an admin who is hiding behind the mask of anon and telling us your policy. (As a regular GAGer)

    GAG #Conspiracy !

  • We never got to the bottom of that 'homosexuality is wrong' hate speech take that got promoted, did we?

    • That take was removed from the site.

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    • Because an admin promoted it and another admin took it down. I didn't say anything about expecting people to "forget." But people act like it stayed up for days. After the users were so upset about it, a different admin removed it.

    • @xHoneyxBeex Okay. I guess it was dealt with internally.

  • Mainly, it's because the take appeals to people around 16 or 17, the probable average age here. What seems boring or ridiculous to us 'old' folks is fascinating to people at that age.

    I think this is reason #1. All your suggestions are what I would think would be the top secondary reasons.

    • I don't know man, possible reason #69 seems pretty possible.

      Funny, I always thought the average age was like 18-25.

    • No one knows the average age because the teens commonly say they're 20 when they're 12..

    • True say, bro.

  • I like the idea that you did a meta-analysis Take about Takes. And it was really funny when you wondered whether some of the promoted Take writers were sleeping with the Admins. lol

  • lol and this got promoted :p

    i don't really look at the mytakes too much, but i must say when ones get promoted that are just drivel (not this one, just speaking in general) it is sad as some really good and thoughtful ones go unseen

    • Hahahaha yeah I was wondering if this would get promoted. Kind of hilarious that it did!


  • Haha I was laughing while reading this cause it's true but some are really interesting to read... That morbidly obese cat is disturbing.

    • Hey! Don't make fun of my pet!

  • I'm sure it's #1. I've always felt it was that.

  • OK... so the world doesn't conform to your opinion of what is right? got it..

    • What?

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    • But then people will air their views no matter what. your objection means little.

    • I'm not objecting to it at all? Go for it.

  • If you're going to abuse the posting system to insult the G@G community at least have the guts to show your PROFILE. If you can't handle the backlash, maybe you shouldn't insult people in the first place. Clearly you don't want anyone to know who you are, which makes you a keyboard warrior. And that isn't better than the other groups of individuals you identified either. Only reason I'm hiding my profile is because you are, and you seem like the kind of person that will use other people's information against them while staying completely secretive about your own. I don't know anything about you, so you have no right to know anything about me.
    You know, you didn't have to use the term "sad and horny" muggle to describe single people. You could have just said single people like everyone else. I'm not sure why you felt it necessary to be rude, but you seem like a rude person in general, so I won't dwell on it.
    The admins are chosen for a reason. I am sorry you didn't get chosen to be an admin. The admins have certain privileges that other users don't have, and one of those privileges is to pick out something they like so the rest of the community can see it. It isn't up to you to question why they pick certain things and not others. They pick what they pick and you don't get upset.
    Really you just come across as a hypocrite and a real whiner. "Things aren't as good as they've used to be." I don't notice that. "They need to do blah blah differently because I said so." The admins know what they are doing.
    Also, don't insult certain groups of people if you are part of it. I cannot be sure you are among the 16-17 year old age group you insulted or are among the "sad and horny muggle" single people you insulted, but put it this way; I don't see why else you would stay anonymous. If you didn't belong in those two categories, wouldn't you want to put that fact on display so no one could call you a hypocrite, like I am doing now.
    Have a nice day :)

    • I am 18 by the way

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    • lol XD

    • Glad you found your sense of humor by the way

  • I think they all get promoted, honestly. Within 15 minutes of writing mine, I got a message saying it was promoted.

    • One of mine didn't! Perhaps your take was actually decent?

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