Expert Opinions: Never Regret A Relationship

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This week GaG got lucky because we were able snag an interview with the popular and insightful, Erin Tillman, California's famous The Dating Advice Girl! Erin believes that dating can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be! Her goal as The Dating Advice Girl is to empower singles to have happy, healthy, and enjoyable dating/social lives that best suit their dating/relationship objectives.

She believes that as single people, we all are so busy looking for ‘The One’ that we miss the joys of dating and the perks of having a well-rounded social life. She thinks that relationships do not fit into a ‘one size fits all’ category and not every single person is searching for the same kind of partner. She's been helping singles make the most out of their dating/social lives by getting clear on their objectives and helping them find others that have similar dating/relationship goals and objectives.

In our interview she was able to show us how to stop hating our single status and start making conscious decisions that will lead to amazing dates, partners, and relationships that will enhance our lives. Take a look at the great conversation we had and all the great advice she had to give to us singletons.

Expert Opinions: Never Regret A Relationship

--with Erin Tillman

1. What kind of dating goals should single women have?

Erin Tillman: The goals should be to have fun meeting new interesting people/potential partners, spending time with people who have similar relationship objectives, and spending time with people who are a positive addition to your life rather than adding drama or negativity.

2. You say that some people 'hate' dating - how can you make it a more fun process?

ET: Remember that dating in the early months should be nothing more than a casual get-to-know-you session. Once you make fun and getting to know your potential love-interest your goals on early dates, dating becomes fun. When 'finding a husband' is our only goal on dates, we suck the fun right out of it. Seriously, when you boil it down, dating is you and your potential love-interest chatting and doing something fun in your city. To add more fun to a date, plan to do something unconventional. Instead of dinner and a movie, sign up for a painting class, go to a concert, bowling, an art gallery, wine tasting, dance lessons...the possibilities are truly endless!

Once you make fun and getting to know your potential love-interest your goals on early dates, dating becomes fun.

3. What are the top 5 red flags when starting to date?


1. Your love-interest is argumentative or rude with you, your friends, their friends, or others (waitstaff, bartender, etc)

2. Your love-interest talks incessantly about their ex

3. Your love-interest seems unhappy/overly pessimistic

4. Your love-interest doesn't ask you questions about yourself/has a wandering eye/isn't focused on you while on a date

5. Your love-interest makes you feel unsafe emotionally or physically

BONUS: Your love-interest isn't making time for you in their life/isn't trying to see you on a regular basis

4. How do you think older singles can take advantage of dating in the world of social media?

ET: is a great website for finding social and activity based groups in your area. There are also online dating sites like that caters to 'singles of a certain age'. Generally speaking, I encourage singles to be social and participate in activities they enjoy. That's where you can organically meet other singles with similar interests and possibly even your singles in your same age group. The Internet can be your friend! If used as a tool for meeting new people outside of your normal social circles, it can open up your world and connect you to amazing people you wouldn't have met under normal circumstances.

--highlights some of her fave interviews, radio tips, and tv appearances

5. What's your dating No-No's for men? How can a guy improve his chances in finding a date?

ET: Guys! For the early months of dating:

1. Don't let us pay on a date! I know we're modern women but it's just about being the best you can be on a date and showing that you are a gentleman. If your love-interest insists on paying for her fair share, let her pay rather than get in an argument.

2. Don't let your ego (or bitterness with an ex) stop you from courting us and being a gentleman. If you're sweet to us, we'll agree to do things you've never dreamed of. Most guys let their egos get in the way. You treat us like queens, we'll treat you like kings.

3. Don't expect us to make all the plans on a date. We may want to help you make date decisions but it's good to have at least a tentative plan or a few date night options to choose from.

4. We don't want to hear about (or be involved in) your ex/baby mama drama! That only shows us that you can't handle your business and that we might have to deal with your crazy ex which we have no interest in.

5. Don't drop off the face of the Earth! Be in touch with us regularly if you like us. If we don't hear from you several days/weeks/months after that amazing date (or amazing sex) we had, no matter how amazing it was, we will lose interest. If you aren't calling/texting us, rest assured we're moving on to someone else who is.

A guy can improve his chances of getting a date by getting clear about the type of girl he's looking for.

BONUS: Don't put us in any situation where we feel unsafe. We want to be with a guy that we feel is looking out for our best interest and cares about our wellbeing.

A guy can improve his chances of getting a date by getting clear about the type of girl he's looking for, what kind of relationship he'd like, and being aware of his communication and social skills. That last one is HUGE! A lot of guys are not clear communicators nowadays. Guys who know what they want, are confident (but respectful) communicators, and who have a stylish appearance (that fits their individual style/personality), stand out from the crowd.

6. Topics to avoid on a first date? What IS good to talk about or ask?

ET: It's so important to avoid talking at length about exs, your biological clock/marriage timelines, weird medical issues, and deep political/religious discussions on first dates. Great first date subjects include your job/career, goals/dreams, family/friends, hobbies/interests, and current events. Whatever you decide to talk about, keep it general, positive, and respectful if possible. Your date should be fun, not drama-filled.

7. What's your dating advice for women of colour? Do you think it's tougher out there for them?

ET: I was recently made aware of an article that said that the two least desirable categories of singles online are black women and Asian men based on actual data from the users on a very popular online dating site. I really hated to hear that since I am a black female. Based on that, I would say it's a little harder for women of color in the dating game though that has not been my personal experience. It's also hard to compare one person's experience to another especially when we don't have other potentially important information. Geographical location could be a factor with these statistics but so could media stereotypes. Having said that, I know a ton of men who LOVE women of color. This is why it's so important to find like-minded singles who are into what you have to offer. I think it's really important not to focus on stats like these. They can do more harm than good. If you're presenting your best self while on dates (physically and emotionally), respect yourself and your potential love-interests, get clear on what you're looking for, and bring fun and positivity to the date, potential love-interests will be drawn to you regardless of race. Yes, some singles will always have a racial preference, but that's not something you can control so why dwell on that? If you're interesting, positive, and fun to be around, race will be less of a factor than it might be otherwise.

Expert Opinions: Never Regret A Relationship

8. It seems like the modern dating world is more fickle - more people want to insta-date with dating apps and social media - do you think a more traditional dating philosophy would work?

ET: There will always be singles who are more interested in a more traditional dating/relationship courtship process but because society in general is changing so rapidly due to technology, it just makes sense that it would effect our relationships too. Millennials have grown up with social media and cell phones so social media, online dating, and dating apps feel more natural to them. Modern singles are definitely more fickle and selective partially because there are a million ways to meet people nowadays. Ironically singles still seem to be having trouble meeting one another....personally I think that's because singles are seeking a level of perfection that doesn't exist.

There is definitely a segment of the single population that does enjoy dating 'the old fashion way' though. There can be respect (or lack thereof) regardless of the way you meet a potential partner. I would say that when entering into a more serious relationship, it's important to be respectful when on social media sites and such. A divorce lawyer friend of mine told me that Facebook and other social media sites have had a hand in most of his recent divorce cases because either a partner is using it to cheat or post things that a partner feels is inappropriate.

9. What do you think is the modern definition of a perfect relationship? Does it exist?

ET: There is no such thing as a perfect relationship however the couples that I would call 'successful' are those that are on the same page in regards to what kind of relationship they want, what they want each of their roles to be within the relationship, what they want their life together to look like and they communicate about these things clearly and frequently to make sure they are on the same page. Modern relationships are not one-size-fits-all. They come in all shapes, sizes, and varieties.

-- ET interviews famous Pick Up Artist Mystery in Las Vegas seminar for men

10. Where did live overseas in Europe? What was their approach to love and dating?

ET: I've lived in both France and the UK. In France, and in many countries in Europe , dating doesn't exist. It's more common that you go out on a date with someone in Europe and very soon after you are in a relationship. My European friends sometimes find it challenging to date here in the States because they did not grow up dating like we do here. It's a different system completely. Having said that, Americans are finding it harder and harder to date because with technology, social media, online dating, and dating apps, everything is changing very rapidly. Everyone is just trying to navigate and understand how dating is evolving regardless of geographical location.

11. Do you have a horror-date story?

ET: I've heard some horror stories from clients (being stood up, guys forgetting their wallets, etc) but I've never experienced any horror stories per se. I've very tuned in to red flags. I always meet in public places on early dates. If anything feels weird or unsafe, I respectfully end the date or decline a second date. Especially when it comes to digital dating, it's important to pay close attention to a potential love-interest's language and tone in messages. Paying attention to these subtleties can help avoid being on a disastrous date later on.

Never regret a relationship. There's always something to learn when a relationship ends.

12. How can you come out of a break up with the least regrets?

ET: First of all, never regret a relationship. There's always something to learn when a relationship ends. For some reason, we are only able to remember the bad times after a break up. We forget that there were a lot of good times with our ex.

13. When it comes to finding a lasting relationship, what state of mind should singletons be in?

ET: Being clear about your dating/relationship objectives and dating people who have similar objectives is a good place to start. If you're looking for a long term relationship, try to avoid dating someone who clearly is only looking for sex for example. Don't try to change that person! Also no one wants to date someone who's serious all the time. We all want to be with someone who brings light and positive energy...someone who's not going to drag us down. If you are focused on getting to know someone new and enjoying a night out, there's way less pressure for both you and your potential love-interest and you can focus on simply enjoying yourself. The moment you turn a date into trying to make him or her be 'The One', it becomes way to serious and it becomes a job. That's why most singles hate dating. We've turned into a second job. Just relax. You'll know if there's chemistry and potential or if there isn't and if there isn't, simply enjoy the date night for what it is and move on to someone else once. The truth is that not going to like everybody and everybody's not going to like you. Dating is a process, but it should be a fun process.

14. Have you found the one?

ET: I don't believe in the idea of 'The One'. I think we all can have many meaningful connections in our lives if we allow ourselves to be open to it. The idea that there's only 1 person in the world that is meant for us is completely overwhelming and frankly unrealistic. The happy couples I know aren't perfect but they are in fulfilling relationships with someone that they respect, love, and have a deep friendship with. Being fixated on finding 'The One' can set us up for failure. Just like a lot of us have more than one close friend, I believe it's very possible that there is more than one person that could be a potential life partner if we don't limit ourselves to unrealistic dating checklists and only date people we've declared to be our 'type'.


If you have any relationship/dating questions for Erin leave them in the comments below. For more on her check out her website: 'The Dating Advice Girl'. For dating advice, celeb interviews, and more tune in to The Dating Advice Girl Radio Show on 99.3 KCLA FM Los Angeles

Expert Opinions: Never Regret A Relationship
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Azara
    I don't think men should pay on dates women should appreciate then for other reasons and they should feel they are contributing in human ways not material.

    Also I had no problem with the woman part until I realized it was totally diff from the guy kart. The woman part was fine then the guy kart is all about what the guy should do which then compared to the woman hart makes worn look useless. And there's no reason women should help guys plan a date instead if just planning one. You can take turns

    There's something wrong if a woman can only feel valued by fling nothing thereby making it look like the guy is doings lot.

    Also the guy part is all about guys thinking if what kind of relationship they want whereas for women it's just have fun. Like she's a child. Then people say women are neurotic when they do think if what they want but they're nothing wrong with that even if you're just having fun. Still good to know what you're looking for.

    The contrast is pretty demeaning to women and u fair stress to men. You didn't really say anything wrong but the way you split it up and the fact you thought you had to is what turned me off.

    I do agree no regrets and enjoy the orocess I just think equal contribution and credit should be given and taken on both parties.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Azara

      Basically if it wasn't sexist, it'd be a very good article in my opinion :)

Most Helpful Guy

  • AleDeEurope
    I've been with 4 girls in a relationship, and yes, none were successful, but I do not regret anyone of them, not even the ones that lasted for weeks, or the one that lasted months and ended in nothing. I just take it as a lesson, it has helped me become better with people, and after every relationship, the next one was better.
    You can think it's a regret in the weeks/months after breaking up, but later you realize it was worth it.
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What Girls & Guys Said

  • bubble_tea
    "I've lived in both France and the UK. In France, and in many countries in Europe , dating doesn't exist. It's more common that you go out on a date with someone in Europe and very soon after you are in a relationship."

    Very true. I've yet to understand the difference between having dates and dating.
  • ParkAvenuePrincess
    I love the never regret relationship advice. I think people spend too much regretting past relationships and don't focus enough on building new ones. Solid interview.
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  • AshleyMD
    There aren't any "rules" when it comes to dating, it's like life, do as you please and make the rules as you go and tailor them for yourself.
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  • iamhereforsex
    Why we have to pay on initial dates where is your femenisim girls common bring it here say no girls have to pay because you need equality. if you don't want to pay then stop saying that we want equality
    • Azara

      I did say you shouldn't pay.. I think it messes up the chemistry negatively for both sides psychologically sends very bad message. Men are work horses women are children and no one can feel special unless so wine us being dismissed in one way or another.

    • I mean many girls saying guy have to pay for fist dates why?

    • Azara

      I guess on the surface they are told that's the only way to know a guy likes you more than sex which is bullshit. I'd say subconsciously it's more to get guys back for treating girls like psychos for asking guys out. Lke " ok fine you want to be in control and humiliate me fir taking control then go ahead be in control and pay"

      When people stop acting rediculously it encourages other people to be more ready she and discourages them from acting like twatts.

      If course not all guys react negatively to assertive women and it all women expect guys to pay. I'd date the people that fit your expectations instead of catering to those who don't. It narrows the day bc pool but it increases the chance of finding someone you don't feel demeaned it exploited by. And you keep your dignity:)

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  • Sinister
    For 5.5 Men's no nos, if she's not actively texting and calling me back as well then wtf? Am I to stick around and wait... I don't think so.
  • Scrambled
    Making a movie "the Game". I encourage every nice guy to watch that. I hope they convey the message that book was sending (as well as the fun stories)
  • MonaAmour
    I also think there is no point to regret any relationship - it's all experience that we can learn from.
  • RationalLioness
    I like most of the things that she said. I do believe that there is "The One" for many people, just not everyone.

    But I liked everything else.
  • Janett21
    I agree that no one should regret a relationship.
    Just be happy for the experience you gained!
  • Shmusername
    Wow, That guy looks like an insufferable douche-nozzle.
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  • JackKerouac77
    Damn dis is kewl
  • misterZ
    Good onsite!
  • Nathand
    I was hoping for some realistic advice.
  • Anonymous
    My one and only donut on dating socite is
    "1. Don't let us pay on a date! I know we're modern women but it's just about being the best you can be on a date and showing that you are a gentleman. If your love-interest insists on paying for her fair share, let her pay rather than get in an argument."
    Why men have to gently bit women are not gently.
    • bubble_tea

      Well, it's all about giving the best impression on a first date, isn't it? However, if she doesn't insist on paying next time or at least her share, you can be sure that she's the kind of traditional girl who likes the man to pay for everything.
      If you're not the kind of traditional guy who enjoys paying for the lady, there are two options for you:
      1 Don't even pay on a first date and only the girls who are the 50/50 kind of girls and also enjoyed your company will want a second date.
      2 Pay the first time and see if she pays her share next time. If she does, keeper. If she doesn't, next.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for your advice
      But the problem is many girls are not interested in paying?
      Am I right?