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Interview with @YourFutureEX

We all know a little about Moderators and what they do but here's what they have to do on a daily basis.

What sort of things do you have to do as an Supermod?

I just have to hide the posts which are violating posting guidelines. We mods are also asked to fulfill our monthly quota in order to maintain our moderator status. Being a Supermod, they expect me to remove 10 posts per month.

What sort of things do you need to do on GAG to be considered for an Supermod position?

We are not directly chosen as Supermod or Ubermod. We have to start from the basic position 'Moderator' and then we are promoted to Supermod and then Ubermod depending upon our contribution to the community, just like you see in other jobs. In order to become a moderator, you need to log in regularly and post interesting and helpful questions, opinions or myTakes. By doing so, you will make a strong impression on the site. Most importantly, I recommend users to report the content that is against the site rules and achieving a high success ratio in reporting, will lead your way to mod-team.

Is it a paid job?

Basically, we can't call this a job because we do moderation for volunteering only. But in every two months, the moderator whose moderation volume and success ratio is the best is "rewarded" with a $25 gift card and is honoured by the title "moderator of the month". It's not a pay, it's thanks-giving.

How many hours of work do you have to put in?

There are not any requisite spell. It's a very comfortable and compelling task. As long as I am completing the monthly stipulation, it doesn't matter if I spend five minutes or five hours.

Can anyone be a Supermod or is it open to USA GAG members only?

Everybody is allowed to join the mod-team. The invitation is worldwide.

Can you resign from being a Supermod?

Anytime. There's no obligation.

What type of things can cause you to lose your Supermod status?

That monthly desideratum might sound very strict but If I provide a good reason about why I failed to fulfill this, they absolutely understand. The admin staff is very magnanimous and cooperative. But I will have to respect their kindness and should not use this authority in malevolent intentions. A well-mannered moderator having proper etiquette is honoured while a rude, sarcastic, specious or hypocritical moderator will not be tolerated.

For how long can you be a Supermod?

As long as my heart is beating for this.

If someone was interested in this position; what do they have to do?

They have to be regular, positive and critical towards negative posts. Once they have done this, they will receive an invitation or if they didn't receive any, they can contact the site admins anytime without any hesitation. For promotion to Supermod, they need to hide a remarkable number of posts.

Do you enjoy being an Supermod?

Actually, I am honoured. I still remember when I signed up here, I was giving my fourth opinion. There were so many opinions already. I noticed a (m) sign next to HandsomeRaj's name. I didn't know that what is this but it was very captivating. So, I did a bit research and found out that it is the sign of the moderator. The very next moment, I set-up my new goal and now I am here. It's like a dream come true.

Is there anything you would want to change?

I would like more strictness in the site. Troll questions and myTakes can be taken down easily but there's not any strict posting guideline against "non-sensible" opinions. Irrelevant answers can easily be recognised on several threads. These trolls are quite intellectual. It would be better if we had an option to remove opinions from questions and myTakes under "nonsense".

What are the strengths and weaknesses of it?

There's no special strength or weakness in the life of the moderator. Users' posts, our moderation and sites' features and flow, we together work as a team and help each other. The only weakness is the ignorance between the people and that's why this site is made for. We take every single user seriously. One for all, and all for one.

What is something you like and dislike about this?

I like that I am helping the community I love. I am always ready to help everyone. It makes me feel alive. By removing the negativity, I get a feeling of contentment.
I dislike only one thing that some users are envious of moderators and hate them. They complain about the inconsistency of the moderation and think that we do prejudice and bigotry. Furthermore, they have several misconceptions about us. I would like to tell them that we are not superior from anyone in any way. We are the same users like you. Our posts also get removed. We are here to help you. We are not your enemies, we are at YOUR service.

I heard you report enough Trolls or be a good mod you get a $50 Amazon Card as a reward for your time and effort is that true?

Yes it's true. The best moderator of the month will be rewarded with a $25 gift card. But we do it only for volunteerism, primarily.

Also can you see anon users?

No. We don't have any type of unfair authority. We can't see the true identity of anonymous users, nor we can see the information of private profiles or their private messages.

What sort of power do you have as a supermod?

Being a supermod, I can Hide Questions, Question Updates, Takes, Opinions, and Comments and correct topics.
One more thing I would like to mention is that I can mark the questions and myTakes as "trending" to enrich the quality of GAG.
So GAGers, post hot and appealing content.

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  • Thank you so much for your kind gesture. I'm honoured and humbled by your approach. I'm very glad to be a part of this community and this salubrious presence of compelling and spellbinding members of this community constitutes to my zeal towards participation and moderation. :)


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  • Cool :) Most of the questions you asked him can already be found on the site though. Just so everyone is aware:


    • Actually, it's about the "life" of moderator. A moderator's perceptions, reactions, paradigm, calibre, etiquette, time-frame, fallacies, exigencies, stipulations and tenor of life in the moderation which can't be found in faq or blogs.
      Becoming mod is no big deal, staying a mod is. And that's what this is intended for. :)

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    • 7 of those questions can be found in faq
      2 of those questions "should" be in faq
      7 are personal.

    • @YourFutureEx okay? Cool Lol I just provided 3 different links to where information about mods can be found in the site in case any users wanted to see. It's not a big deal :)

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  • This is good, but I disagree with the last part. If supermods had the power to trend content it would become very confusing for the admins. But overall I think all the mods are super helpful and I want to thank you all (I would do it personally but there's too many of you)!

    • I don't know how it would be confusing? We just check a box on things we like or we think everyone would like and they get shown more on the website, I think automatically. The admins don't have to do anything.

  • Awesome take. I really want to be a mod but I dunno how.

  • Cool... ... :)