This is what happened to "nice guys"


This is what happened to

This isn't a revelation topic. This topic is to state the obvious. Something that has clearly been lost in translation with this "stop slut shaming" movement.

1. Nice guys fucking exist!

They are everywhere. I constantly see women complaining about "why can't I just find a nice guy?" Well you see, the women complaining they can't find a nice guy are generally the women who are or were sluts at one point of their life.

Ask yourself this question. Why would a genuinely nice guy wait for someone like you? Why would he want to be someone who has no concept of self respect and any type of moral guidance?

2. Nice guys simply don't want you!

You could be super nice, good looking, have a great career, etc. But if you don't value yourself then how can you expect a nice guy to value you? You need instant gratification. You need to have what you want now. That's 99% of the reason why women sleep around so much.

3. If nice guys were to choose between two equal women in everything...

The only difference is the amount of guys they slept with. Guess who the nice guy will fall for? The woman who hasn't slept with every male name in the phone book.

4. Quit trying to promote "no slut shaming"

The fact is, and you know it (guys know it too), casual sex is inherently a bad thing. Are you trying to fight every single religion? Are you trying to say that these beliefs and morals are no longer valid because you choose to fuck around town? No, these morals still apply. Guess what. A genuinely nice guy wants a woman who follows these morals and values.

5. Sure, if it's love then who cares!

Okay, let's record every sex session you have and show it to your future boyfriend. Let's see how he will react. And you fellas out there know for a fact you would not like it. So don't pretend like its okay.

A nice man doesn't want a girl (they aren't women yet) who fucks every pole. Nor does a woman want a guy who fucks every hole.

I'm stating truths. Trying to argue your own wrong doings and justify your actions by promoting something that is inherently bad (casual sex) will get you nowhere in this argument.

I'm aware I sound like a prick. However, I'm tired of people trying to justify their stupid actions and trying to promote bull shit.

This is what happened to "nice guys"
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