Need motivation? Take this one hell of piece of advice from a stranger!


Sometimes the best advice comes from the strangest of places. Take this piece of advice that went viral earlier this month, which originated in on 4chan.

The set up is this: one user (all users are anonymous on 4chan) wrote a post as follows:

I've never been able to get motivated. I'm extremely intelligent, and can/have applied myself before. But I can't do it because I have to I do it because I want to, and the problem is I never really want to unless I know I will enjoy it. The place is a mess, I rarely get out to meet anyone, and my cynicism and logical to a fault viewpoint on life has separated me from many potential people I wanted to be friends with because I brushed them the wrong way, including my half-sister But, I'm trying to fix it. I just don't know where to start.

A lot of people can probably relate to this -- they feel like they have plenty of potential but no way making anything of themselves. But in this case, another user responded with an incredible piece of advice.

Need motivation? Take this one hell of piece of advice from a stranger!

That, in a nutshell, is pretty much the best advice you could ever give someone in that kind of situation. Of course it’s a different story in cases of clinical depression or bipolar disorders. But it’s a simple idea: if you’re unhappy with your life, you have to work hard as hell to actively change it and make things better for yourself. It’s harsh honest advice, but let’s face: the bluntest piece of advice is usually the best. And in this case, one that a lot of people could probably take to heart, given the rising college graduate unemployment rates.

The best part about this? It actually seems to have helped the original poster in a small way to help change his life, as he posted later saying that “I got a lot sh*t done today, thanks to we.”

Sometimes the best advice comes from the strangest places -- though we don’t suggest changing your whole life based on 4chan.

Need motivation? Take this one hell of piece of advice from a stranger!
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  • Mayamoon02

    Its good advice.
    Except school doesn't teach you how to learn - life does.
    You learn NOTHING inside four walls. The classroom or in your bedroom browsing the internet.
    School teaches you to hop onto the Capitalsm bandwagon -
    Something I have no intention of doing unless my business genuinely contributed to the wellbeing of society.

    And to set up a wholesome business one needs money and the only way for most of us to do that is get a job selling your soul in some shitty industry.

    So yes eat your veggies and do stuff. But there is no need to conform. You didn't FAIL at life for not conforming.

    Be original. Unique. Fearless.
    Never the victim.
    Ego and Pride gets you nowhere because soon enough you'll find there is someone always better, smarter and more successful.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah this is good advice. Almost every person on GAG should read this, good take.