"My Definition" of Prince Charming


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Today I am going to share things I love about men, both appearance and charachter wise! Now, this may come as a shock to you, but since this is a myTake, it is also MY opinion on men and of course yours may differ from mine. That being said, let's get started!


Suits & Ties

I just love it when men wear suits, it looks so sexy and sophisticated. I don't know what it is about ties, but something about them just makes me want to rip them off and... No, actually, I'd like to leave the tie on if ya get what I'm saying. I mean, just look at him:

Prince Charming

Tall & Slim

I have a thing for 'student' type guys. I know a lot of girls prefer muscular, but I am an exception. Now I know a lot of guys worry they aren't tall enough, this is just my preference and of course there are tons of girls out there that have a different opinion. But to me, tall and slim guys are extremely attractive!

"My Definition" of Prince Charming



I think it's enormously attractive when a man is good at languages and loves to read (because I am passionate about different cultures and books). I admire intelligence in a man.

Humour & Sarcasm

I want a man that makes me laugh and that I can laugh with. I think humour is one of the most important things in any relationship.


He has to be open to different cultures. I think nothing is less attractive than a guy degrading foreigners or thinking his country is the best.


What can I say, I am not a feminist. I think there is nothing wrong with a man opening doors for you, bringing you flowers or paying for a date. I am sorry, but that's just how I feel.

To sum up I added a scene from the BBC series of Jane Eyre. Mr Rochester defines sexy.

Do you agree ladies? And guys, what do you think about this list? Feel free to comment below!

"My Definition" of Prince Charming
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  • ConsultantIsBack
    Lol I feel like I'm reading a teenager girl's diary lmao I'm so out of here!!!

    Good write up tho 😀
    Is this still revelant?

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  • WiseTruth
    You got a good head on your shoulders. There are all sorts of people in the world, but this are ideals to look up to or to strive for I believe. A good suit from time to time indicates self respect and leadership. Character is very important. And taking things with humour also. So it takes a smart woman appreciate these things and securely speak of it. Don't worry about the douche comments with their man-child selfies. That is not what a real man should look like anyways, much less talk.
    • MissPoirot

      Thank you for this comment! Another reason why I prefer older men over high school boys.

  • Roostah
    So basically, White, Tall, and have model tier looks:

    The generic girl's dream guy=men liking bimbos with skinny hour glass frame and big tits and butts.

    • MissPoirot

      I didn't say anything about model looks. Usually I am even attracted to guys other girls see as 'unattractive'

    • Benedict Cumberbatch and Rob Pattinson don't qualify as having model looks?

    • MissPoirot

      They aren't the only guys I'm attracted to @Lightspeed-Lemon plus, it isn't Benedict I like; it's Sherlock. I am attracted to his character.

  • NatashaJ
    I want to add
    he will barley hurt you emotional he doesn't want to see you cry or be the reason why your crying.
    That one is #1 for me.
    • MissPoirot

      Very important, thank you for adding that, it is on my list too.

  • QooLipBite
    After reading this take, no wonder I'm slaying so much.
  • Riggers
    So basically.

    A) Model looks
    B) Born tall
    C) High paying office job (Who else would wear suits?)

    Basically a model-like British aristocrat?

    Haha, Life fucking sucks dosent it.
    • MissPoirot

      Well nobody is born tall lol. I didn't say anything about model looks, I usually even find guys attractive that other girls see as unattractive. I have a special taste

    • She's got high standards

    • Riggers

      You are born with your genetics which determine how tall you will be in life. So yeah, You are either born short or born tall in essence.

      Sadly for most guys who dont reach that golden 6ft mark, Well... they're fucked and theirs nothing they can about it. Pretty much any guy under 5ft 7in is worthless. And, I know you said to someone else on here ''Some girls dont care about height'', Thats a lie and you know it, Literally 99% of girls do.

      I judged of the pictures you uploaded, Basically all of them are model material.

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  • roxyreigns
    by the sound of things you could have just written "david tennant"
    • MissPoirot

      Ooh sounds interesting, I'll have to look him up

  • homper87
    My definition of sexy personality ;)
  • zombiebabe
    i think the definition of prince charming is really subjective cause that's not what a prince charming looks like to me at all!!
    • MissPoirot

      Exactly and I think that is quite interesting :)

  • lilac_flowers
    I think what you're describing is called Logical Intuitive Extratim, LIE, ENTj, PT, Enterpriser, Pioneer, or archetype... Jack London.

    https://www.wikisocion.org/en/index.php?title=ENTj (click on male and female descriptions)

    Socionics is a theory of personality. Part of it is talk of duality. Matching partner recognition. When you ask personality types to describe their ideal partner, they tend to mostly describe their socionics dual, even if they've never met one.

    I'm merely guess that's what you're describing. In which case I would be guessing you're a Dreiser ISFj, or Dumas ISFp...
    • And lol @all the insecure guy bitching about you wanting "model looks". What was she suppose to do? She was using guys from popular culture. I can't believe you guys are so looks focused that you continually project on women.

      I'm with this girl, I also tend to find guys attractive that most girls think are ugly, but no guy here would believe me when I say that.

    • MissPoirot

      That's so interesting, thank you! A lot of those are accurate. Sadly, I can't find the Dreiser or Dumas

    • MissPoirot

      I know right, lol. Thanks! :)

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  • abhiplayer1996
    It sounds like me.
    I'm tall, funny, gentle (too much which i hate sometimes), being tall makes me look slim, I'm addicted to reading and learning new things.
  • Saydou
    May be we share something there, that is what i will like from a girl too. nice take xD
  • gunny007
    I think you see yourself in him!! Not fair @MissPoirot
  • Octavius
    I have nice suits but no occasions to use them currently.
  • SuitAndTie
    Darn! Not tall. Otherwise I may have possibly ticked all of the boxes.
    • MissPoirot

      Your username is perfect lol. But don't worry about not being tall please! Some girls prefer shorter guys and other girls are short themselves so you'll still be taller. Plus, when girls are in love it doesn't matter anyway.

    • You certainly tick all the boxes.

  • Lonewolf_1296
    That's Your* definition. Good for you, you know what you're looking for.
  • Helghast_kitty
    damn it, not tall. Oh well, it'll be nice to watch everyone else be happy
    • MissPoirot

      Tons of girls like shorter guys, or are short themselves. (Then you can still be taller)

  • Prilee1992
    Thank you for the compliment, I'm 176cm, 59kg. Fits your criteria
  • SakuraChii
    Majority or even all of what you have on here is similar to how I feel.
  • AnOrdinaryGirl45
    I feel like I wrote this take because this everything I can agree with x_x
  • TatyanaTheEmpress
    I like them tall and slim too, but I dislike suits and ties... the other attributes are ok by me ;)
  • Pinkbeauty
    nice mytake I like guys that are tall who have a sense of humor who are gentlemen who are nice
  • serp777
    Lmao no where do you mention superficial attractiveness anywhere even though you're ironically including pictures of physically attractive men. At least 50% of being prince charming is that you're gorgeous. All that other stuff is important, but ultimately secondary. Could an ugly person be your prince charming? Yeah, no. Give me a break. Everyone is superficial so why are you only including personality traits? Who cares if some butthurt dude gets pissed that being ugly excludes him from being Mr. perfect.
    • MissPoirot

      But guys that I think are hot, are called ugly by my friends. Attraction is very subjective. And the only guy I have ever been in love with, I didn't even find attractive before I started to like him. I do agree with you on one thing though, those butthurt guys are frickin annoying.

    • serp777

      well fair enough but I think most women tend to value superficial attraction just as much as men. It is certainly subjective but was the guy you were in love with ugly? I mean the way I see it is in terms of percentages: This guy had like a 60% physical attractiveness but a 100% personality attractiveness and so together you get an 80% attractiveness which is way above average. Not perfect but still pretty damn good and very possible to fall in love with. Also genetic compatibility has something to do with it too--people who are attracted to each other have certain genetic configurations which promote a more differentiated immune system in their offspring which is the entire reason to have two genders. So that's another important factor still.

    • MissPoirot

      I don't like calling anyone 'ugly'. When I had seen him in tge streets I just wouldn't think he was an attractive guy. But now he is still very attractive to me. I do believe what you said is true. But that's the point, everyone is attractive to somebody. That is why I think those guys shouldn't be whining. Their bitterness is what makes them unattractive.

  • SlightlyCrazy
    Well I'm a lot of things, that is always nice to hear. Thanks
  • Nik1hil
    I want to dress myself in tux, it's like one crazy wish. I never wore one a nice tux and tie. Feels like being a perfect man
    This suits my explanation

    Like this

    Or this

    I am 179cms, hilarious on occasion, and I want to dance with a girl in a tux.
  • JayB124b
    I think this is most girls ideal. Like 80-90%
    • MissPoirot

      My friends all seem to disagree with me.

    • JayB124b

      A lot of people wouldn't ever admit that they are attracted to certain physical traits (tall and slim) or dress sense (indicates social/earning status). Bad boy does do it for a lot of girls though.

    • MissPoirot

      I think the conception of 'bad boy' is wrong. Like the 'nice guys' people keep referring to, aren't rally nice. Girls do like guys that are mysterious but most don't like bad boys. In any case, I don't.

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  • Complicated-Soul
    I like the guy's tie. Is that burgundy? :)
  • CHARismatic110
    Oh hello gorgeous! Lol I love R. Pat! Good Take.
  • ThisAndThat
    Is it me or do those guys look more like prince alarming?
  • Polocrew
    Yeah, noone cares lol why you did a mytake on what u wanted?
  • Attractive_Guy
    Very good sentence structure.
    • MissPoirot

      Thank you, that's a compliment I've never received before! I hope you're not being sarcastic lol.

  • PapSmear
    Hello darling, you're so shallow lol
    • MissPoirot

      Not in the least.

    • I agree with him.

    • MissPoirot

      Shocker @Touglyforfemales
      The thing is, my wish for certain character traits isn't shallow, since this wish regards a personality I like. But you guys thinking that does make it pretty clear that you both aren't the sharpest tools in the shed.

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  • Grace_Rdz
    This is actually pretty spot-on for me ☺️
  • apple24
    Love simple and too the point!
  • melodiee
    they are not hot...
  • Godlyboy1
    So they also have to be white?
    • MissPoirot

      No, that is not a requirement. It is a coincidence that the 'famous' people I like are all white.

  • Touglyforfemales
    More reasons to hate my life.
    • MissPoirot

      Confidence is another great trait.

    • Like I said more reason to hate my life.

    • MissPoirot

      Am I supposed to take you seriously? I mean come on, your username is 'too ugly for females...' you are either seeking attention or very bitter because of past experiences. In stead of whining about it, you could work on yourself and gain confidence. You could treat women nicely, make them laugh, study and make something of your life. The only thing holding you back is yourself. I think it is horrible that a 30 year old still isn't comfortable with himself.

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  • Anonymous
    You were describing me... that video is bollocks though
  • Anonymous
    This is all subjective. Not all women like these types of men...
    • MissPoirot

      Wow you have amazing reading skills! That is exactly what I wrote, because I thought there would be people like you.

  • Anonymous
    Am 5 ft 10
  • Anonymous
    Well that is definitely me except that i am not gentleman.
    • MissPoirot

      Hmm sounds intriguing. Unless you smack doors in people's faces or something xD

  • Anonymous
    How tall is tall enough for you? If a guy is a tad shorter but very slim/muscular does that make it up for you?
    • MissPoirot

      I love slim, not a fan of muscular. I am 1.73 m, so when he is taller than that. But I mean, when I fall in love with a guy it doesn't matter that much. How tall are you?

    • MissPoirot

      Don't worry about it either way

  • Anonymous
    + Deep Voice
  • Anonymous
    nobody wants to be your PC
  • Anonymous
    We all have different preferences I have the characteristics only but one slight difference, personally I only do gentleman things because I was raised to do it hell I don't want to do it most of the time but it's like a reflex
  • Anonymous
    Cool, sounds like me :P