How to tell if your Best Guy Friend is in love with you!


Do you have a best guy friend who everyone says is into you? How can you know for sure?

WONDER NO MORE as I reveal the fool-proof method to read the secrets locked inside his heart!


It's not that guys don't help their bros- they do. But the kind of help he gives you is different. He actively looks for ways to make your life better. Virtually every time you're together he finds something- even a minor thing- to do to help you out. This might involve something as simple as carrying books, taking notes for you during class or a meeting, or giving you a ride somewhere. Guys will do any of the above for their guy friends, sure, but they don't deliberately set out to do so. On some level he thinks that if he does enough little things for you, that'll lead to a relationship. Now, relationships don't really work that way, but (bless his heart) he just doesn't get that.

How to tell if your Best Guy Friend is in love with you!


Aidan's just hysterical, right? Every time you hang out he's constantly cracking you up. Guys laugh at each other's jokes, but this isn't just joking around, it's performing. There's an important difference, there. Watch his eyes and his smile when he's joking around with you- if he seems to be actively searching for a way to be funny, that is an important clue towards his feelings.

How to tell if your Best Guy Friend is in love with you!


The very thing that makes him lack confidence to ask you out is the thing that makes him a great listener... he wants conversation to be all about YOU: your life, your work, your triumphs and tribulations. This is because he thinks that by being constantly there for you he'll score points toward a relationship. Tough to hear, I know, but it's 100% true!

How to tell if your Best Guy Friend is in love with you!


This is the NUMBER ONE sign he's into you. He sees you when you're at your weakest and worst and desperately wants to help, both because he thinks it'll impress you and because he genuinely, deeply cares. This is it, ladies. If this happens then the only questions is what you want to do about it, because he is most definitely INTO YOU!

Guys are simple creatures but in spite of this, their behavior can be confusing sometimes. Hopefully, these tips will help someone out there decide where their friendship is heading.... and my next myTake will be what to do about it!

How to tell if your Best Guy Friend is in love with you!
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  • Grace_Rdz

    Aww, fuck.

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    • Hashirama

      Would you ever let someone get on top of you
      Hold you down and stretch you all the way out?

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  • Kira88

    We know, we just don't bring it up because we don't want him. We know when our best friend likes us and we know that he thinks if he keeps putting in niceness tokens eventually sex will fall out. If we wanted him we go for it instantly.

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    • mjlaufgr

      I think you're exactly right, and I think it's sad. But let me ask you something- if you do know, do you feel like you should say something? He is definitely in the wrong by trying to play you like a sexy slot machine, but are you at all in the wrong by letting him continue to put in tokens? What if he isn't being cynical or manipulative, but is honestly in love and doesn't know the right way to go about it? Would telling him no outright be the right thing to do?

    • spuitkaas

      It's because it's hard to reject a guy who doesn't confess his feelings. How can you say 'I don't like you in that way' if doesn't confess that he likes you? Maybe you interpreted totally wrong and you will look like a fool.

    • mjlaufgr

      @spuitkaas If you don't know, you surely are under no obligation to tell him anything, for the reasons you mentioned. But what if it's obvious? Or if you hear about it through a friend he told? Or a myTake? :P

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  • hellosweetie49525

    Ha well actually! The ironic thing is! My "Best Guy Friend" just broke my heart, he hurt me really really badly! And a month ago he did tell me that he loved me, but I had to tell him that I was dating someone, and now just yesterday I had the surprise from him, which made me cry most the day, not a good cry ether. And we was just talking the night b4 and everything was fine.. Until the next morning!!

  • ThisDudeHere

    And yet still most girls will do the "oh no we're just best friends 4 ever :) :) :) " Either they are just blind to obvious hints, or they are actually very much aware but prefer the guy to remain in the friendzone.

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    • Exactly! This happened to me a few months ago, and the women never made contact with me again, and posted her new relationship status on fb 2 days later. I bluntly asked her a few days prior if she was seeing someone else as the reason why we hadn't met up cause she kept making excuses. Worst part is how she led me on bigtime, texting all the time with many winkies and kissies. Smh.

  • Anonymous

    This guy does all of this and more to me but he has a girlfriend. I don't understand it.

  • Anonymous

    Lol, these points all sound so cliche.

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    • mjlaufgr

      Well, sometimes cliches get that way because they're true! But seriously, I would love to hear some non-cliche examples that you could give to help ladies out. Please contribute more to the discussion, more insights are always appreciated! :)