Why Every Man Responds on Some Level To “The Matrix”


Why Every Man Responds on Some Level To “The Matrix”

The Matrix was a global phenomenon, but it is my belief that the film actually sparks something in the heart of every man about his own masculinity. It excites it if only on a subconscious level. This take is to bring that spark to the conscious level.

The high-tech sci-fi idea of artificial intelligent, sentient machines growing and harvesting humanity as crops appeals to the geek in a guy, but I believe the scene that really gets a guy going into the journey of the movie is The Kung Fu Match between Morpheus and Neo. Fast paced kung fu moves are abundant and yet not every guy likes them even a little. Why then is this kung fu match universal? Because it’s not about skill level, strength level, speed level, it’s about belief…it’s about confidence. Morpheus level of belief that the Matrix doesn’t exist and that he is more powerful and more real than it is allows his mind to do things and interact with the Matrix in a way that Neo hasn’t reached yet. This sparks something in men because we acutely understand “knowing” something and experiencing it. It’s that sweet moment when you are totally sure of yourself and before you know it you are scoring that goal against a tougher opponent, at the bar and every girl just seems to be orbiting around you, that day you look at your bank account balance and see way more than you expected. It’s only a moment of greatness because, like Neo, we don’t fully believe yet…and we don’t even know what it is we don’t believe.

Which leads to the second important scene—jumping across the buildings. Neo simply cannot believe that he is capable of jumping from one building to another and so falls straight into the pavement. Trinity and Cipher look disappointed—Neo is supposed to be better than this, but they accept that everyone falls the first time. Yes, every man doubts what he is capable at some point in his life.

Not necessarily sequentially following the last scene, the scene where Neo wakes up from The Matrix he yells that he doesn’t believe it and vomits. This is similar to the experience after fully realizing that nothing—not money, not looks, not doing nice things, not doing intentionally cruel things can compare to the power of when you’re “fully on” when you have that full belief in yourself and everything suddenly starts works out exactly as you wanted and you have a crazy rock star level of success you never thought possible. The problem is…you go to that same house for a party that you just had a super “on” night where you were really feeling yourself and saying super funny stuff you couldn’t think up now if you wanted to…and you aren’t the same guy. You’re doubting yourself again. But, now, it’s worse because you know what it was that got everything you ever wanted out of an experience like going to a party—believing in yourself. The problem now is you…don’t? Why don’t you?! Oh my God you just did what happened?! Why can’t you feel it anymore?! Didn’t you solve it?! Nope, because even if you didn’t get that confident feeling from liquor but you decided hey why shouldn’t I believe on myself by some random fluke—your mind rejected it as too different and unrealistic to be true. Being the average guy is, to you, a stronger, safer reality. The girls seem to think you’re ok but don’t respond with nearly the same level of interest and you’re haunted as if they can feel it too. They can tell you can’t believe in yourself without you saying a word and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s a mind screw of a truth that confidence is the only thing you need to be good with girls or to reach your potential.

What the Characters of The Matrix Are Trying To Tell Man’s Spirit


Cipher is the guy who gets a whiff of confidence but was probably told when he didn’t ask or really want to know and so it’s done more to mess with his mind than to bring him an elevated sense of living. He’s afraid that he might just actually be as great as he’s started to believe and he tries to inspire the same fear in others. To men watching the film, he evokes the very real fear that it’s better to be blissfully average and forget that they are capable of more. He also doesn’t take responsibility for having “taken the red pill” and learned that he had potential past what he had thought and blames others (Morpheus) for apparently tricking him)—another foil to men who are trying to take responsibility and believe in themselves.

Pervy Programmer Guy

Forget his name but he’s that programmer who built the hot blonde woman in the red dress that he saw in some adult magazine. He represents the mistakes men make in getting lost in the distractions of the world instead of staying focused on their purpose. It’s very difficult to build confidence and become the man you were meant to be when you’re constantly watching girl’s asses as they walk by.

The Oracle

More of a mom figure than a mysterious prophet that we expected, in my opinion, The Oracle represented the fact that no one—not even a man’s mother—can replace his own sense of confidence in himself. She couldn’t simply tell him “you are The One” because doing so would not have caused Neo to believe it. She told him that he was not The One but that Neo would have to choose whether or not to save Morpheus because that is what was led him to come to that conclusion himself. Similarly, your mother or mother figure can’t give you the permanent sense of confidence in yourself. You have to do that for yourself.


Trinity is obviously the guy’s girlfriend or wife. She sees potential in him but she’s reserved judgment as to whether the guy will ever act upon it or simply waste it. Initially, she responds more to Morpheus strong sense of belief as Neo is not impressive and not capable of self belief. However, over time, Trinity begins to see that Neo is not only capable of the potential she saw in him but even more.


It’s often easier to believe in others than it to believe in yourself. Morpheus is the second strongest “human” character in the film and it because he can believe in something with absolute certainty even if it isn’t himself. He believes in Neo’s greatness and it is in this conviction that he bases his entire life, becomes the best fighter, and builds an entire team dedicated towards his purpose of rescuing and raising Neo to what he believes he should become. As a man, Morpheus is not only the guide towards believing fully in yourself but he’s also an example of how you must believe in something very strongly if it’s important to you and not half-ass things.

Agent Smith

Agent Smith reminds men of their great fear that they are not only not great but rather being “tricked by the system.” Guys often feel like the dating game is stacked against us and Agent Smith solidifies this belief with the quote “the first Matrix…we gave the humans their perfect world, but the humans kept waking up, entire crops were lost…humans couldn’t believe that things could actually be that good…it’s actually by suffering and misery that people identify their realities.” While his hatred is wrong, his understanding of men’s illogical identification with pain is pretty accurate. We seem to identify more with failing than with winning as if the first is more real and lasting while the second is temporary. We can’t understand the idea of feeling confident all the time and actually being happy as if it’s not in our nature to do so. Until men can let go of the pain and believe they can win, they can never beat Agent Smith (the dating game/the system.)

To wrap it up, there is more to being confident than just knowing it’s what girls want. No it’s not faking it until you making it. Once you realize the truth about yourself there’s no more need to fake it. There’s no need to take her on an expensive date you can’t afford but you hope will impress her, there’s no need to memorize a list of interesting things to talk about, there’s no need to drink yourself into a stupor just to talk to a girl, there’s no need to kill yourself getting super muscular, there’s no need to “play the game” of calling and/or texting only at certain times or acting like you don’t like her when you do, there’s no need to every try to predict or analyze her behavior ever again. But, what truth could do so much? What truth that if fully accepted could give you everything you ever wanted including both feeling like the type of guy who can get and deserves any girl in the world and also the one who more often than not actually gets the girl? It’s more of realization than a discovery and it’s that

You are The One

Why Every Man Responds on Some Level To “The Matrix”
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  • Anonymous
    I don't know I think I like the Kung Fu scene because Kung Fu is neat to watch.

    What you're getting at here though is belief/confidence. I agree that the movie appeals to that, but I think that could be said for women too and not just men. I think you're speaking on it from a man trying to get girls perspective, but still at the core it's just simply that you often times can't do anything without believing you can first.

    I didn't see it the way you did, but we still got the same thing out of it. I see it from a religious standpoint. In fact it literally was created in resemblance to the Bible and on purpose. The Wachowskis knew what they were doing. I'll just give you who the represent and maybe an example or two. There's tons of examples though.

    Cypher: Judas.


    He gives up on Neo (I'll tell you who he is later, but it should be obvious) and the rest of his friends for the sake of "survival."

    Woman in red: The whore of Babylon.


    "Fornicating with mankind". She's even literally wearing red. Interesting that she turns into an agent too huh? Hmmmmm.

    The Oracle: Is the guide. Like the Bible. Prophecy.


    Foretelling of the Messiah. So maybe you could see her as the Bible itself or a prophet.

    Trinity: Her name is obvious is it not? She is the holy spirit.


    She sees Morpheus as a father figure (more on him later), and Neo as a loving figure (more on him later). This is why they made her a female as opposed to male because it provides for a better connection in reality which then from a spiritual sense is what binds the father and son (God and Jesus so to speak).
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Most Helpful Girl

  • cinderelli
    oh I used to love this movie with I was a kid..
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  • ObscuredBeyond
    The identification with pain is not what's wrong in and of itself. That is a result of knowing that all are cursed and fall short of the Glory, even if that knowledge is consciously suppressed. Subconsciously, we know a universe where bad things happen is our lot, our deserved place. What's illogical is to assume that we're truly hopeless, that we'd not be given the full picture and yet, condemned to this with zero chance of escape on the first run.

    These are spiritual realities to which Smith has no comprehension. As a program, he desperately tries to replace this with whatever makes logical sense to his programming; and all it earns him is frustration - and a predictable hatred of the sort frustration brings. Even his debate with Neo in "Revolutions" reveals that his lack of these concepts has robbed him of the ability to ever understand Love at a higher level than Eros, making it meaningless to him and therefore, a sick joke to him.

    This is also the cruel theological twist to The Sims: they instinctively know that you, the Builder, are a "god" over them. And will often look at the camera to acknowledge you. Yet, pleasing you is a something they have no concept of. So they go about their lives just hoping you won't be cruel to them, realizing it matters little because you can be as kind or as cruel as you please.

    Their intelligence is limited on purpose: so that they cannot rebel in any meaningful way that would actually hurt you. Otherwise, they'd probably all become Agent Smith to some level, and seek their vengeance.

    Then again, we already have a movie about that: Age of Ultron. And there is nothing new behind it either. It was the same rationale as Frankenstein. Man knows what he deserves, but can't accept it. But as man tries to become a god, he makes monsters, and those monsters rebel against their creators in a fit of irony that never ends.
    • pavlove

      great point about the sims although they basically are aware that you're there to fulfill all their wants and that you essentially are supposed to work for that purpose at the cost of them having little to no free will.

    • Mine probably wish I'd run their lives more like they're regularly "human," and stop shuffling them around pretending to be a film director. It's a good thing I can pause time in the game, because it has to get frustrating knowing that your roommates will change every time I move on to shooting a new scene.

      "You live with Joey... but in five minutes, you're moving in with Clarice. And I need you to freeze in this pose for the camera... excellent! Now you live with Shawn for this scene, and I'm tearing down that house you liked to build a desert wasteland scene..."

      A good thing real life isn't like that... for most of us, anyway.

  • MrOracle
    While I'm not sure the movie was intended to give exactly this perspective, you've definitely used the lessons in the Matrix's story to pretty accurately describe the way most men feel about themselves and about relationships/dating.

  • bryon
    Applaud !!! I like this take I believe better than any I've read so far. Accurate to a T. Confidence is strength to the one who can unlock it and trust what it is. Side note the kid that created the blond in the red dress was Mouse
    • pavlove

      ahh yeah that's the name!

      Thanks man!! Really glad guys get how massively powerful confidence and just really liking yourself can be

    • bryon

      It can either make you feel like you can walk on water or drown in self pity

  • WeComatose
    You pick up whatever meaning you want from movies like this, i mean its like a piece of art, im saying the meaning is subjective to you, to me it meant breaking away from society and its institutions. a point of things like this is to invoke some thought in the viewer i believe, it's really great, and thats a part of it
  • rjroy3
    To this day I will stop whatever it is that I am doing to watch the subway fight scene between Neo and Agent Smith. There all the way to the end of the movie is just fucking* awesome
  • bluenose1872
    The matrix was more like a metephor for modern life. How were all slave to an unseen power and are being raped for our very lives by an unseen force. We cocoon ourselves in our own shallow lust for possessions and status to the point we don't recognise our cells as cells. We're slaves. It's very true. Most people just don't know how the world works. I mean really works. It's all a farce to keep us docile and subservient. The wachowski brothers deserve all the credit they got for slipping it past Jewish hollywood who I reckon would never have made it if they realised what the subliminal message in the film was
  • SuperOzgur
    I love the Matrix, one of my favorite movie (s) of all time.
  • apple24
    Umm... okay I guess!
  • TheAngryBanana
    Nice take good read
  • Zorax
    Maybe we all live in some sort of Matrix :P
  • MikeGaultier
    Can't relate... I've never seen The Matrix.
  • Waffles731
    then whats all the fetish gear represent
  • jmmmfi2
    Have you been taking more than red pills?
  • Anonymous
    lol dude. kudos for the effort and creativity your deductions are mostly fase though in my opinion. i loved the matrix especially no 1 seen it over 10 times. BUT matrix is more about occult and new age symbolism and marxist innuendos than any of the stuff that you say.
  • Anonymous
    Wow. I thought the character comparisons you came up with made a ton of sense, when I thought about my own experiences and beliefs on dating. I have always had a hard time believing that I can actually be successful whether in terms of money, creative goals, and dating, and that being an average guy has always been a stronger, safer reality like you said. It's always been easier to drink or sleep in than to work on my guitar playing, work on my story, draw, or apply for jobs. It's always been easier to say I'm just not a guy that gets girls, than it is to ask myself, what do I need to do to become a guy that girls like, while still being myself?

    I've got to work on start believing in my own power, let go of the pain of past failures and crush Agent Smith.

    I have no questions this time. Good Take.
  • Anonymous
    To be perfectly honest I only kept watching it to see if it would eventually make sense. Needless to say it never did. They lost me at the whole 'people as batteries' thing.