Things Guys Do That Are Attractive And Not Attractive


Things guys do that are attractive

1. Guys reading books
Things Guys do that is attractive and not attractive

There is nothing more attractive then a guy reading a book. It shows that you have an imagination and that you are intelligent.

2. Playing with children
Things Guys Do That Are Attractive And Not Attractive

AHHH I just can't... Cuteness and sexiness overload!

3. When a guy plays with animals or has animals.

Things Guys Do That Are Attractive And Not Attractive

It falls under the category of cuteness. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

4. A guy who has hobbies.

Things Guys Do That Are Attractive And Not Attractive

When a guy has somehting to call his own it's really sexy <3

5. When a guy knows how to cook!

Things Guys Do That Are Attractive And Not Attractive

Just YES. Even more attractive if he is cooking in only an apron ;) lol

Things guys do that are not attractive

1. When a guy acts douchey, that's just a turn-off.

2. Being disrespectful

Things Guys Do That Are Attractive And Not Attractive

"A man who direspects, A women doesn't derseve one"

There are many more, but most of them should be common sense.

Things Guys Do That Are Attractive And Not Attractive
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  • Bandit74
    You forgot the number 1 ruel... "be attractive"
    How an action is perceived will vary depning on the apearance of the person doing the action.

    You're not going to get all hot and bothered seeing an average looking guy reading a book. It's only hot if the guy looks like a male model.

    Of course it's cute when a cute guy like Zayn Malik plays with kids but if it's a fat balding guy it won't be cute anymore. Then it's creepy and uncomfortable.

    Same thing with playing with animals and doing chores, those actions are only attractive if the guy doing those actions is already attractive.

    or this for example... is this really relatable and inspiring to the typical girl?

    "A smile is the most beautiful makeup a girl can wear"..."but only if she looks like a model because otherwise you might want to wear some makeup 😉"
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Most Helpful Girl

  • LadyLemon
    you do make great points and yes the negative things are often common sense to us but not all men have common sense. lol I too would have like to see more negatives at least as many pros as cons. You could have made it shorter by adding the cuteness together if you couldnt think of any more negs. also would be cool to see cons that aren't common sense or something that bothers you not just majority. for example if he's lazy and leaves clothes everywhere or doesn't work leaves the house dirty and only watches anime on the couch all day.
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    • Anonymous

      ok cool this was my first time posting a mytake so thanks for the advice :)

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  • heavensgift2girls
    I am not trying to start an argument, but there is somethings I feel a need to point out. There are plenty of guys that do all these things and women still don't want to date him. I think these lists are hurtful because people take these types of lists far too seriously. It isn't that I disagree with the list, but rather that too many people instinctively want to use them as a checklist, and then wonder why they aren't attracting anyone.

    At best these lists are incomplete. The things on this list may be good traits for a man to have, but they won't replace the need to hit the gym, eat a healthy diet, and dress in flattering clothes. Unfortunately those common solutions are overlooked because a woman caring about a man's looks is seen as shallow, so few women will ever put those on their lists, and often flat out lie about them being important. I really wish people would stop acting like physical attraction isn't an important, or acting like it is too shallow to bring up. I think this list needs to include some lifestyle choices that would make him more physically attractive.

    I also think it is important to point out that disagreeing with someone is not the same as being disrespectful. Often that is a card people try to use to win an argument. This idea of being disrespectful is very often really just a simple disagreement on certain political issues showing an incompatibility they have, and has nothing to do with respect. A lot of women even claim any guy that ever disagrees with her, or stands up to her bullying isn't a real man somehow. A man that instantly caves anytime his manhood is brought into question shows a great deal of insecurity and that is a huge turn off to most women.
    • Rainie_

      This mytake is not "How to get a girlfriend 101" which most guys on here seem to think... Its just some small details which adds on to the attractiveness of the guy that they are most likely already attracted to. Its just general turn ons and turn offs.

    • @Rainie_ That was my point. People will want to take this as a "how to get a girlfriend 101" and then end up confused and frustrated when it doesn't work. Even though the things she said is correct, I would still file this as bad advice because it doesn't recognize how people, particularly men interpret and try to implement the information presented to them. Instead it will cause a greater misunderstanding for a lot of people reading it.

      Women need to learn how to better communicate what they want from men, or else the advice becomes harmful even if the advice is actually true. Men tend to take things they are told more literally and as fact than women. We don't look for hidden meanings or assume there is some underlying message the same way women do. When a woman says something like "All I want is a guy that treats me well." guys tend to take that literally. That is why there are so many nice guys that have nothing else to offer women except treating a woman well.

    • This is why women have a hard time understanding a man, when he tells her exactly as he means. It isn't that men or women are dumb. It is just that we tend to communicate a bit differently and that causes problems with communication.

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  • DarkHumorRUs
    1) I've read many, many books, mostly for fun, and still no girlfriend

    2) No children around to play with, and even if there were, no girl I like would be there to see me do it

    3) Same as second point above

    4) I've played guitar for a while now and I don't even think most girls know that. Or they don't seem to care.

    5) Cooking is easy, but again, when would a girl be there to see me do that unless we were already dating.
    • same

    • Rainie_

      I don't think reading many books guarantees a girlfriend 😂😂😂

    • @Rainie_ yeah so why the fuck is this post here

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  • tony72722
    I'm the biggest douche bag in the world and I have no troubles finding a good fuck. Don't believe everything you read bros.
    • Anonymous

      This my take was about things that I (let me emphasize that this is my opinion and not everyones) find "add" to a guys "attractiveness".
      And good for you that you get a good fuck from girls who like douche bags!

  • Small-God-Om
    i must be doing something horribly wrong, or im just ugly as fuck. I read books all the time, i love animals and have pets, I can cook, and love to cook for others, and I like kids. I'm still single though.
    • Alayio

      just gotta put urself out there dude

    • Anonymous

      dude seriously, this wasn't a post on things to do that will guarantee you a girlfriend. This was just an opinion on things that make a guy more attractive.

  • eltxamo
    Being older and more experienced than her? Because let's accept it when the guys are young we have no clue and when we are 30+ we know all the games girls have and don't fall for it and we have the confidence because there is plenty of desperate material available ;)
  • StickStickity13
    These are things that women would find attractive in a physically attractive guy. If he wasn't physically attractive no puppy will save him.
    • I was gonna say it. I'm glad I didn't have to.

    • I like how all the guys in the pictures are obviously quite physically attractive too :P

  • TheSpartan
    I used to do all of those "attractive" things in my school days, and women generally found me creepy. I'm calling bullshit.
  • QooLipBite
    I read books, play with children, play with animals and cuddle with them and I have my own hobbies because they're a part of me and a part of how I enjoy life.

    If a guy just claims that he does all that and starts playing with kids, animals etc. just to get a girl's attention, then he's a lonely fake ass faggot.
  • oldanddecrepid
    I like the take.

    I do all those things so I guess that is why my girlfriend is attracted to me.

    She did mention that she loved that my place is spotless and organized. Cleaning does take up a lot of time that I wish could be afforded to my hobbies such as kayaking, SCUBA diving and out-tripping lol.

    Cooking is a favorite pass time and so is reading and puzzles.

    I love my animals and am good with children.

    Damn based on this list my girlfriend lucked-out!!! hahahaha
    • Cleaning displaces hobbies? Whoa wasted life.

      Yr not gna look back when yr 70 and say, jee wiz, I wish I woulda cleaned more.

    • @redeyemindtricks don't get me wrong, I still make time for my hobbies... just saying I wish I did not have to spend the time cleaning and would rather do the hobbies. I couldn't stand the filth though if I just let it go completely. Life isn't always about the fun!

    • Hey, try this: TRY letting yourself "slob it up" as much as humanly possible. Really, TRY. Shock therapy.

      If you try this with an open mind, AND REALLY LET YOURSELF GET OUT OF YOUR ELEMENT, I predict that the end result will be significantly greater balance and happiness.

      This is the same kind of therapy you use for people with social anxiety who speak in public at 1000000mph. You tell them to speak aaaaassss slllllooooowwwwllyyyy as they can possibly stand to imagine... and it comes out at a perfectly normal, balanced cadence.

      Imagine a poster that's been tightly rolled in a tube for 20 years. Now, roll it really hard the other way. Will it stay that way? Well, nope. It'll snap back to the old way... but it'll be closer to straight. You get me.

      Try it.

      I've seen the same thing work wonders, too, in the lives of retired military lifers who were completely lost souls without that kind of extrinsically imposed structure in their lives.

      Try it you'll like it.

  • TheHooptyMiata
    Things women do that are unattractive:
    Assume we care whether what we do attracts you or not.
    • Whoa so many verbs in same sentence

    • Whoa so many verbs in 1 sentence

    • @redeyemindtricks Hey, the more the merrier, right?

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  • chuppachup
    "A man who direspects, A women doesn't derseve one"

    No one "deserves" anyone.
    • skeptic007

      yup there are some women that need a good smack

    • @skeptic007 on da booty. tehehehe.

    • @skeptic007 naw but in all seriousness the only time anyone needs to be hit is immediately after they hit you, and only if they ain't about to stop.

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  • sailorjupiter
    smarter guy is always attractive, especially he knows how to fix your car/pipe, even fixing your computer problem or any masculine works, it's such a turn on ;p
    • so smarter = more useful? :P

      "If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy." ~ Red Green

    • @ChromAzonyx108 yezza... handy! haha

    • Johnson123

      I can fix your car, and i know about computer and how to troubleshoot them... $100 an hour please!!! :D jk jk lol. i fix my friends car's for free, i'll never charge a friend.

  • SensualScribe
    Great take. Guess I am one lucky woman in that my man has all of those qualities and none of the undesirable ones that you mentioned.
  • lacorine197
    I'm confused, isn't gender identity and sexual orientation the same thing? like sexual orientation as whom you're attracted to? and isn't number 1 the same as number 2? I'm sorry, just curious If i sound insulting i'm not trying to be
  • WeComatose
    if i ever meet you randomly in the world i will be sure to remember this list
  • giggleswilmington
    What if the guy in the picture for #2 had a mustache?
  • Polocrew
    Never read books #stillpull
    • talldude

      it's because of your body that is sculpted by the gods bro

    • @talldude You forgot to say #allthehomo

    • talldude

      @SomeOtherGuy oh i forgot man thanks for reminding me (jk)

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  • GoodManDave
    Ok, except for cooking, I do a lot of the attractive things on this list already. I read, am great with kids, and am pretty good with animals. I have different hobbies... But it would seem that having different hobbies (I can juggle, for example) doesn't seem to do anything for any woman I've seen, not that I do any of this to impress a woman.

    In fact, I'd go so far to say that a lot of the positive stuff I do seems to be a negative to most of the girls I've met. They'll turn it into something that makes me sound like a HUGE loser.

    I really do wish women I met thought being good with kids or being a bit geeky was kind of sexy. It's sexy if the guy is already perceived as having value. For me, it's not even remotely sexy. Maybe it's just the area I live...
  • AleDeEurope
    Nice take, but I would like to see more unattractive things.
    • Anonymous

      eh I thought it would be too negative and most of them are common sense as I said, but I'll take that into consideration.
      Thanks :)

  • Phoenix98
    Sooooo basic life skills basically... and having a good heart and hobbies lol.
  • Vncmc
    Things attractive guys do that are attractive and not attractive
  • FrenchyFrenchToast
    lies lies lies stop with the bullshit
  • thewanderingme
    cleaning is a hobby? interesting.
  • skeptic007
    everything at the bottom seems too work lol
  • Amy10223
    I like all those!!
  • Anonymous
    So, basically be a woman
  • Anonymous
    a guy who has hobbies and shows him doing house chores like a little bitch
  • Anonymous
    I agreed until you said What one doesn't choose. You choose your gender identity , you aren't conceived or born a gender, we are born a sex. Gender isn't real it's a s social construct also gender has nothing to do with breast, penis, boobs... that has to do with sex. You choose to go out of your way to get hormones, wear dresses, put on make and have plastic surgery that is all a choice.
  • Anonymous
    I thought i was the only one who thought that men who disrespect women on the basis of their gender and sex are unattractive. But no. I got company.
  • Anonymous
    I know how to do all these 4 except the cooking :( i am i still attractive :D?
    • If you have the other four, I'm pretty sure any girl would cook for you. ;)

    • Anonymous

      @shortandsweet24 kinda of relief now haha :) she better be a good cooker :P

  • Anonymous
    Nice take. Thanks for sharing!