Guys and Periods: It's time to man up!


Throughout the years, men have had a sheepish attitude towards a woman's monthly visitor. A fear of the unknown coupled with mood swings and bodily fluid left us in fear and at a loss about how to deal with this situation. But this needs to stop; we need to do more to help the women in our lives at this particular (for want of a better word) period... we need to man up!

A few weeks ago, I woke up to one of the most heartbreaking things you can see in a relationship; a very distressed girlfriend. I heard tears, buckets of them, but at first I didn't know why. I saw a patch of blood on the bedsheet where she had slept and when she turned around, another one was visible on her pyjamas. She stood there, sobbing almost uncontrollably, and as I came over to her she frantically started telling me why, as if she had to justify having something that was completely natural.

But why should she have to justify it?

Periods are a part of a female's life cycle. They can't control them, they can't stop them (and I'm sure they would if they could!). As the man in her life, you have to make sure that you offer yourself to her as much as you can and to let her know that she has your support. This is not a time to hide away from the subject; obviously you don't have to know all the details because let's face it, who would want to? But knowing that she has your love and support in such a painful time will do her wonders. This can come down to a number of things:

Buying Her Tampons:
This seems to be a big issue for guys. Men get very iffy about the thought of buying these kind of products because it's embarrassing for them or they don't want to look like pussies. But you know what guys... big deal. If you don't want to help your woman out at the risk of some guy walking down the same aisle thinking he's going to tease you, it's frankly quite pathetic. You grow some balls, you buy the tampons and you help your lady. To be honest, I think opting out of buying them to "save face" is even more cowardly in the first place, but there you go.

A good massage can help a woman out no end during this time of the month. It can help to reduce physical pain, such as the cramps they get, and can also bring down their anxiety levels.

Here we go! You can't go wrong with a bit of chocolate. This is a common craving for women during menstruation. Chocolate is known to mimic and release hormones that decrease anxiety and depression... and it tastes pretty good too!

Make her feel beautiful:
She's not exactly going to be on cloud 9 when she feels bloated or she's suffering from acne. Make sure to drop in some compliments throughout the day.

Give her space:
As great as it is for her for you to be helping her out, she won't want you in and around her face all the time. She feels uncomfortable enough as it is. Don't be too overbearing and know where the line is.

So that brings this take to a close. I know it's a bit short but I hope you enjoyed reading and have taken some points on board. Thank you very much for taking the time to read it!

Update: Guys and Periods: It's time to step up!

Guys and Periods: It's time to man up!

Guys and Periods: It's time to man up!
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  • Hannah591
    I know the ladies won't like this.

    Very few of my periods are so debilitating that I need a male counterpart to do everything for me and even then, I've usually got it all sorted and I do very little in the day if the pain is severe. The most I'd ask for is tampons if I'd run out because it's not comfortable going out and into a shop without ANY pads/tampons to stop the blood. I wouldn't need a massage, chocolate or space. Fair enough if your girlfriend has really bad periods but I think it's a bit much to do this every month because of a period. Most women can manage on their own. People have no idea when I'm on mine.

    Personally, I wouldn't want all of this but if I was having a really bad period that month, then I would appreciate some more sympathy, as it shows they're caring about you and have also noticed that you're having a tough week with it.

    All we need is acceptance of periods to avoid crying uncontrollably because we "embarrassingly" got blood everywhere like your girlfriend did. It shouldn't be embarrassing so reassurance is the main thing until she no longer is embarrassed by it.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • gray_sailor
    I agree with the content of your take.


    I swear, one more call to "Man Up" as a euphemism for behaving like an adult an I just might cancel my GaG account.
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  • Kroakies_krickees
    Those are all great tips. But don't lump all men into one category. They aren't all weirded out by the fact women have periods. A lot of guys don't even mind buying pads or tampons for the ladies in their lives. Besides, even if a guy is a bit uncomfortable with periods and things relating to them, you'd be better off putting their minds at ease instead of telling them to man up. That's putting them down.
  • lumos
    Thank you for this, it's nice to know that there are guys out there who won't shame their girlfriends for going through something so normal and natural. Although your use of "man up" was unnecessary, this take was a breath of fresh air.
    • toyobaru86

      How is man up offensive? He's talking to... men...

    • lumos

      @toyobaru86 because it implies that this has anything to do with "manhood" but it really doesn't. So, like I said, unnecessary.

    • toyobaru86

      It does have to do with manhood. He's telling men to stop acting like boys.

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  • gwail
    Thumbs up to you man. Thanks. I do always feel a lot more anxiety and depression when im on my period. And it made it worse that my boyfriend wouldn't touch me as if I were diseased during my period. I think a massage would have cured everything
  • chuppachup
    Is it really necessary to treat them like a queen?

    Either way, this is a contradictory mess. Buy chocolate, massage her, make her feel beautiful but at the same time give her space?

    Fuck that lol. Here's a cuppa tea and some biscuits, I'm off to get stoned with some mates. *throws tampons*.
    • Anonymous

      Whatever floats your boat. I know that it seems like a bit of a contradiction but i just meant that you don't want to get TOO involved.

    • chuppachup

      I get what you're saying about treating periods like they're normal though. That, I can do. Apparently a lot of guys feel like periods are cursed.

    • toyobaru86

      Treat her like a queen if she is your queen.

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  • Humping_Tornadoes
    I didn't even read this whole take, a complete waste of my time.

    I'm not obligated to do anything for a girl while she is on her period. I'd be the same understanding, chill guy when she is on her period or not. I don't care if the girl forgot about it and asks me as a favor to buy her tampons or whatever, I'll take my car keys and go to the pharmacy. But because she asks as a favor not because I have to.

    If I'm in the mood to give a massage I'll do it if not I'm probably doing other shit already. It definitely sounds as white knighting, like there should be "rules" when a girl is on her period? Wtf

    Periods are natural and they happen every month for girls. That's exactly how I react to it. Oh, so you are on your period? Ok let's watch a movie or smth. She won't want to hang out, perfect. She won't want to have sex for a few days, ok I can take it (still wil try to seduce her at her final days of her period lol). Also, who the fuck shame their gfs for their periods? I bet most men don't, because most guys aren't assholes, you're just talking out of your ass.

    Just... whatever man if treating periods like some sort of illness or pregnancy is your thing then do whatever you want. But fuck off with the "man up" thing. Completely stupid, unjustifiable and unrelated.
    • Anonymous

      I addressed the "man up" thing ages ago so i won't bother again. I know that it was wrong to say that but thanks for reading it anyway even though you dislike it.

  • Josht11
    I seriously doubt most guys have a sheepish attitude toward periods, we can understand it's a natural function. This really sounds like a white knight fishing for compliments really laying the brown tonguing on a bit too thick. Some pretty valid points nothing wrong with being supportive and who cares what some random stranger in a store thinks.

    P. S. why are some guys actually complaining about the phrase man up, its just a phrase honestly who cars and it isn't even a bad idea if men were actually scared of periods then they should man up and stop being like children. Stop complaining it affects no-one and this sounds like SJW bullshit
    • Typically the only guys who are like that are 1. Assholes 2. Young and/or immature.

    • Anonymous

      Hey you've got to be a bit of a kiss-arse to get places in life. Totally respect your opinion and you've got some pretty good points.

  • bluenose1872
    Change you own fanny pad for fuck sake. You want to mess around in your girlfriend private business do it but don't try and convince us its healthy. Women don't want you involved and most normal men don't want to be involved
    • Anonymous

      And the award for most predictable comment goes to...

    • You well done

    • Anonymous


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  • GirlsLie
    I love this.

    I'm shy about mine with my boyfriend, I would never let him buy me anything for it and I sure don't give any details about it, other than that i'm in pain.

    It's still nice to know that some men wouldn't treat you like a freak of nature if something accidental happened lol
  • EmiliaRose2355
    You are a lovely, lovely man! Guys like you exist? Your girlfriend is so lucky to have an absolute gem like you. All the best to you and your misses! ❀️ Also, thanks for sharing your knowledge on here, maybe other guys can learn from you. Happy New Year :) 😁☺️
  • SammyGurl
    Thank you for this take. You're going to make some girl really happy, if you haven't already!

    I'm so glad my guy is like this, although when he asked me to marry him I told him I'd never make him buy feminine hygiene products for me. He would buy them for me in a heartbeat if I asked.
  • toyobaru86
    Why is everyone up in arms about Man up? It's not sexist. Calling you a b*tch or or a p*ssy is sexist. There are many times a guy should man up in life. You knocked your girlfriend up while you had no job, man up and get and job you have a family to support now.

    Buying her feminine hygiene products is not being p*ssy whipped. And what's so bad about being p*ssy whipped anyway? We spend 9 months trying to get out, and the rest of our lives trying to get in. As a male, I'm proud of being p*ssy whipped. At least I'm getting some, developing a relationship, and doing the right thing. Now ladys, be nice and don't take advantage of it...

    Be a gentleman and help your lady out, when she needs you to. Tampons or not, time-o-month or not, something your into or not. Respect her, help her, do nice things for her, she will appreciate and reciprocate.

    Anyways, guys periods are not that big of of a deal. It's some blood and some other stuff. Big woop. Man up and get your 'Redwings' if your not squeamish, and if she is comfortable with doing so. It's pretty awesome actually. More lubrication, feels amazing, might help her feel more attractive, less bloated, and i hear most women get pretty horny twards the end of the time-o-month. Sure it makes a mess but if your regular sex doesn't make make a mess, thats odd... just make sure to have a mattress protector under the sheets, it won't come out of the mattress without great effort. Learned that one right after I bought my bed when I was 24-25.
  • admles
    I've never had a problem with a girl on her period, can't understand guys who do. None of us would be here without that part of a woman's life. I've bought tampons / pads for any number of girls, I happily supply them chocolate, or even run a warm bath.

    The only thing I don't do is let them get away with saying stuff I wouldn't let them say other times of the month.
    • Poppykate

      I find PMS a great truth revealer! Things I wouldn't normally say ( but things that have been bothering me) come to the surface! Wish I had that gumption all month long!

  • WhatAreYouReading
    Yeah, I don't know my Husband has always been good about it. I forget sometimes that a lot of guys aren't. No periods, no babies... which may sound good when your young but not so hot once your ready to settle down. Before my DH got fixed I loved mine because it always let me know what was going on-lol.
  • becca123
    I can't understand sending guys out for feminine products. I have a stash in my car, at work, at home, in my overnight bag and in the bag of toiletries I leave at his house. If I'm carrying a purse, I have one stashed in there as well. I buy boxes every few weeks to be sure I'm not caught. I just like being prepared. I know he would do it, I'm just prepared. If I ever got caught, I'd do what I had to do temporarily and go to the store myself.

    I never want to be cared for when I'm sick, and certainly not when I'm on. He doesn't even know unless we're going to fool around, and he may not even know then if I just choose to please him. I'm all about not being ashamed for being a girl, but there are some things that are my problem, not his. Sure, if I soaked the sheets or something we'd have to discuss it but mostly, leave me alone. I don't want anything other than treat me normally. It's a period, not a disease. I'm unhappy, not handicapped. And yes, I get them very badly and I am not regular at all, so it's always a surprise, always very uncomfortable, and always extremely heavy.

    That is obviously just me, and I appear to be in the minority. I just see no sense in talking about what is, or should be, a pretty personal thing. I also take a deep breath and remember that I am being hormonal before being overly sensitive or nasty; I feel it building up and try to stop it first. There is never an excuse to be a bitch.

    All that is me, though. I definitely appreciate the sentiment expressed in this myTake, and I know most women will, too.
  • Chillercher
    I think the problem is the fact that to many boys think it's nasty or gross. And that isn't really their fault. It's bad parenting, and the fact that boys aren't teached much about periods.
    Just give your children the joy of knowing what is going on in human bodies
  • heavensgift2girls
    Most men don't care about periods. The ones that are just don't like blood and it has nothing to do with periods.

    Guys don't like talking about them because it leaves us out of the conversation so they subject is boring. Women take this boredom as the guy being uncomfortable. Then women talk about them even more as a joke to bother the guy. Guys then pick up that she is trying to be disrespectful which begins to bother him even more.

    Sending her man to buy tampons is often a way women try to prove how whipped he is. This disrespect is what makes guys not want to buy tampons or even talk about periods. As long as she isn't asking him to buy tampons in order to be disrespectful, most guys won't care about buying them.

    Also stop telling guys to man up. That is a really sexist way to try and manipulate men by shamming them. You lose credibility when you stoop to such methods.
    • Anonymous

      It's just two words, i didn't realise everyone was going to start crying about them. I'm sorry.

    • It isn't just two words. It is a way a lot of men have been shamed and manipulated their whole lives. It implies if a guy doesn't do what the other person wants then he has failed as a man. That might not be how you meant it but it is commonly how it is used.

    • Anonymous

      On reflection, i would like to apologise for using the term "man up". I was unaware of the offence it would cause and it was unneccessary of me. I'm sorry.

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  • 9mfeo
    That picture is hilarious.

    Honestly, I don't get why dudes get all weird about buying pads or tampons. Everybody knows it's not for you.
  • ThisDudeHere
    For me the issue about having to buy tampons would not be about it being embarrassing (it wouldn't be for me), it would be about me spending money on things I will absolutely never use. It's for her so she should buy it, the same way I should be the one that buys condoms. They're for me mostly.
    • lumos

      So you never buy your girlfriend gifts? Treat her to a meal? Get her some chocolate?

    • @lumos never had a girlfriend. But there is a difference between treating someone with gifts and spending money on their medical needs.

    • lumos

      In my opinion that's a very selfish thing to say/think. If my boyfriend was in need of bandages, or pain killers, I would be happy to run to the store and get them for him. It's no different from buying her food or jewellery, I mean that's not something you're going to eat or wear, right? So what makes tampons so different? Why does it matter if it's for medical reasons or just because you want to see her happy? Ultimately helping her out in a very painful/stressful/nauseating/embarrassing situation is going to make her happy anyway. I don't see why the money would be an issue, at all. Some brands of tampons aren't even that expensive, you can literally pick up a box for like 5-10 bucks.

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  • GreatnessPersonified
    Geez, man, it's just blood and flesh. I play lots of video games with tons of blood.
    Periods don't even phase me.
    ProTip: drink lots of water, women. It shortens the period and eases cramps for my wife.
    • Notice the pattern about how older guys on here realize that its no big deal and the only ones who have any problem with it are the younger ones?

    • @genuinlysensitive why should the younger ones give a shit though? You deal with it when you start living with a woman. Personally I didn't get involved. She didn't want me involved and everybody was happy. If I end up with a pile that's agony I don't want to advertise it to half the town

  • Shadowtrooper_BNG
    I've never been mean to a woman over this and I never will. But women, fry taking kick to the balls from a girl. It hurts. Especially when it's right in front of the girl who you like and she likes you back, because unlike periods she can't help at all.
    • Mickey712

      Did that actually happen to you?

      But still that's totally different lol.
      You could go your whole life without getting kicked in the balls but you HAVE to endure your period once a damn month. And most of us have to give birth, multiple times, even. No gender has it worse or better than the other, though. Dicks seems fun to have but equally annoying to get in the way of everyday experiences. How the FUCK do you ride a bike

  • Azara
    it is disturbing she seemed to feel like she need your permission to bleed.

    i hope thats not typical.
    • Anonymous

      It was only that one time. Trust me, i'd never want her to feel that way.

  • starstuffsf1
    Thank you thank you thank you! It's so painful on periods ugh
  • warren18
    I don't mind buying tampons and I do it quite regularly for my girlfriend. She likes it when I get her a hot water bottle and she seems to cheer up if I buy her flowers.
  • tyber1
    I agree with your message even if I hate when someone says 'man up'.
    • Anonymous

      Sorry for using that term, i realise it was unneccessary and derogative.

  • SoccerK1ng808
    Completely agree! Lately I feel like I'm the only man alive because the guys I know act like little boys afraid of catching cooties. I've also learned that peppermint and Ginger help a lot so I try to make them teas or cookies with either included. I also dif this weird thing with my last girlfriend of buying her "period sweats" lol. It's basically cute black simple really comfy really thick sweat pants with a draw string that she can wear at home (or out cuz Irdc) when she's on her period so she can be at utmost comfort and if she wants to without a stick shoved up her hooha she can without having to worry about it staining anything. I don't know if every girl is into that, but she had some period monster thing called "endo" something that made sticking a tampon in and keeping it there all day really painful
  • Noxifer626
    I like the take, but you use "man up" just a smidge too much...
  • NoClueFrau
    If you are just 20 and writing this you are a miracle :D This is such an amazing take. Periods are such a pain and one feels like they got s new life after they're gone :'( :'(
  • GoodDogNigel
    I'm only hesitant to buy tampons/pads/etc because I don't want to get the wrong ones. I wouldn't care what someone thinks. What do they think, that I'M gonna use them?
  • snowangle
    Bless your heart. You really get it! :)

    My grandparents recently told me a story about how, less than a year after they got married, my grandma got seriously ill and stayed in the hospital for a while. The hospital apparently sucked, though, because they refused to change my grandma's pads for her while she was on her period. So her wonderful husband changed them for her. That's LOVE.

    But yeah, I'm a crampy, bloated, hormonal mess every month. I've lived with my boyfriend for a few months now and he's slowly learning (I'm the first girl he's lived with besides his mom). Rub my lower back, give me space, and for the love of goodness do the dang dishes. I'll provide myself with tampons and chocolate. And then I'm a happy camper!
  • TadCurious
    Yeah, this is a good, healthy message. Periods are just a normal part of life.
  • Mistnigqa808
    "A fear of the unknown coupled with mood swings and bodily fluid left us in fear and at a loss about how to deal with this situation" Imma tell ya how to deal with it... all ya gotta do is #LockThatBitchUp in a cage for 2-7 days and call it a day

    And who cares if a girl drops some " period blood" on the sheets or whatever? Just clean it up + everybody has "bleed" once before I'm sure. So it's nothing to make a big deal over.
    • Make sure ya feed her well while doing so and give her a shit bucket @blondfrog LOL

    • blondfrog

      LMFAO awe :3

    • toyobaru86

      Because a woman is on her period is no reason to imprison her. Your an asshole.

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  • skykidx1
    This take is not worth my time or effect. am a future nurse So to m. This is not a big deal
  • tiredofwaiting
    You are such a nice boyfriend. She is lucky to have you.
  • SuomiSam
    You need to know it because its natural thing, men up sounds like periods are something horrible...
    What if you have a daughter and your wife dies?
    You need to know everything and teach her about her own body!
  • astrOnaut01
    "But why should she have to justify it?" - It's not your fault that she wants to do that. But I agree, women shouldn't have to.

    "As the man in her life, you have to make sure that you offer yourself to her as much as you can and to let her know that she has your support" - I disagree with this. I can still support my partner without giving all of my time to her. Relationships are not a priority.

    "Buying Her Tampons" - I'm cool with that.

    "Massaging" - I'd do that if I was in a good mood but I'm not even a good massager

    "Chocolate" - There would probably already be chocolate in the house

    "Make her feel beautiful" - I'm pretty sure I'd be doing that regardless

    "Give her space" - Can you explain this? How am I supposed to pamper her and give her space?

    In conclusion, I mostly agree with you but you seem to be into the idea of pandering to her every need. It's not like she's pregnant, as another user pointed out.
  • Alexagon
    What's with all the guys downvoting? The hell is your problem?
    • chuppachup

      What's with all the girls downvoting?

    I always was confused, i could never tell when most girls at school were "doing their thing". Why, should it be kind of obvious? Im just asking for signs, so it will help me not say or do things that may "flare them up".
    • Just ignore it young fella. It's none of your business. Women have their stuff and you got yours and never the twain shall mix in a normal society. They try and girly men up. Men aren't girls though. Don't listen to women most of them are nutcases.

    • APRUS

      @bluenose1872 alright then.

  • ObscuredBeyond
    Craving chocolate means longing for an aphrodisiac. What her body needs is selenium.
  • ScruffynateAK
    Or people could just deal with normal bodily functions themselves.
    Too much to ask?
  • DaddyRollingStone
    Blood makes me cringe so bad, even thinking about it is gross.

    I'm not coming to terms with anything.
  • Sexualchrist
    I think the character in that picture needs to see a proctologist.
  • AlphaAussie
    I don't believe in PMT, it's just a lame excuse for acting like a bitch.
    • Mickey712

      There is no excuse for being a bitch. So you are the one in the wrong because you don't have a damn vagina you imbecile.

      I don't think being hateful towards others while you are pmsing is good but cut us some slack! We are in pain almost constantly and we feel anxious, depressed, gross and super uncomfortable to talk about it. So yeah. F off.

    • @Mickey712 I think you are proving my point.

  • skeptic007
    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      So what if I am? What are you going to do about it?

  • SilenRose
    Thank you for writing this. :)
  • Abigail1711
    Nicely written :)
  • CuteVenus
    I love this take, how... Manly, lol, great take!
  • Pinkbeauty
    very nice mytake 😊
  • RicanEyes
    I love this take! What a lucky Women
  • Grace_Rdz
    Amazing! :')
  • Katy16
    Awesome guy :)