Guys and Periods: It's time to man up!


Throughout the years, men have had a sheepish attitude towards a woman's monthly visitor. A fear of the unknown coupled with mood swings and bodily fluid left us in fear and at a loss about how to deal with this situation. But this needs to stop; we need to do more to help the women in our lives at this particular (for want of a better word) period... we need to man up!

A few weeks ago, I woke up to one of the most heartbreaking things you can see in a relationship; a very distressed girlfriend. I heard tears, buckets of them, but at first I didn't know why. I saw a patch of blood on the bedsheet where she had slept and when she turned around, another one was visible on her pyjamas. She stood there, sobbing almost uncontrollably, and as I came over to her she frantically started telling me why, as if she had to justify having something that was completely natural.

But why should she have to justify it?

Periods are a part of a female's life cycle. They can't control them, they can't stop them (and I'm sure they would if they could!). As the man in her life, you have to make sure that you offer yourself to her as much as you can and to let her know that she has your support. This is not a time to hide away from the subject; obviously you don't have to know all the details because let's face it, who would want to? But knowing that she has your love and support in such a painful time will do her wonders. This can come down to a number of things:

Buying Her Tampons:
This seems to be a big issue for guys. Men get very iffy about the thought of buying these kind of products because it's embarrassing for them or they don't want to look like pussies. But you know what guys... big deal. If you don't want to help your woman out at the risk of some guy walking down the same aisle thinking he's going to tease you, it's frankly quite pathetic. You grow some balls, you buy the tampons and you help your lady. To be honest, I think opting out of buying them to "save face" is even more cowardly in the first place, but there you go.

A good massage can help a woman out no end during this time of the month. It can help to reduce physical pain, such as the cramps they get, and can also bring down their anxiety levels.

Here we go! You can't go wrong with a bit of chocolate. This is a common craving for women during menstruation. Chocolate is known to mimic and release hormones that decrease anxiety and depression... and it tastes pretty good too!

Make her feel beautiful:
She's not exactly going to be on cloud 9 when she feels bloated or she's suffering from acne. Make sure to drop in some compliments throughout the day.

Give her space:
As great as it is for her for you to be helping her out, she won't want you in and around her face all the time. She feels uncomfortable enough as it is. Don't be too overbearing and know where the line is.

So that brings this take to a close. I know it's a bit short but I hope you enjoyed reading and have taken some points on board. Thank you very much for taking the time to read it!

Update: Guys and Periods: It's time to step up!

Guys and Periods: It's time to man up!

Guys and Periods: It's time to man up!
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