11 Things You Have To Know Before You Try Online Dating

So the Internet is taking the world by storm, and along with that so is online dating. It is fast becoming much more socially accepted these days and a valid way to get to meet some great people.

With anything there are a number of issues about online dating. The main one I want to look at is safety. Some people don't want to try online dating, because they think its a place for stalkers, psychos and ugly people. The truth of the matter is, that Internet dating can provide avenues to meeting some really great and normal people out there.

Surprisingly there are some things that you can tell over the Internet to see if someone is wasting your time or is a complete psycho which Ill cover quickly from here.

Signs that this guy is decent, and most importantly, real:

1) He takes a little time to get to know you on the net. Whether that be by email or IM, and you guys have some common basis, which you can then build on during the first date.

2) He is interested in things about you, without asking too many questions.

3) He builds trust with you first and respect your boundaries. If you don't want to give out any more personal information, he doesn't continually try and get it out of you.

4) Surprisingly, chemistry on the net can be similar to chemistry in real life. If you can't talk to someone by email, then most likely, you won't be able to talk to him that well in real life either.

5) His answers are consistent.

6) He is patient and appears to have a good temper - eg, doesn't get annoyed when you don't want to meet him straight up or give out your number just yet.

Signs that this guy might be a possible psycho

1) He wants to meet up with you as soon as possible, even though they don't know anything about you.

2) He starts being too nice too soon. Calls you pet names the first time you get in contact with him... Like "hey baby, did I tell you how gorgeous you are .. Let's catch up some time xoxo". Usually these are players who are only after one thing.

3) He wants to meet you for the first time in a secluded place.

4) He doesn't want to tell you too much about themselves, but want to know everything about you.

5) He starts talking sexually way too early in getting to know him.

With that said, internet dating is really fun. It's a time where you can have 10 guys interested in meeting up with you and getting to know you all at one time. Your problems of not having any dates goes from that to, trying to squeeze your 10 dates in one week and which guy out of the 5 you have seen you like the best. It gives you a chance to be adored by many men who are eager to gain your interest.

If you have anything to gain from online dating, it may simply be the knowledge that many guys out there would like to get to know you better which makes it that much easier to smile at the cute guy that walks past you at the bus stop.

Quick Tips For Online Dating

  • Online dating is all about filtering out the good from the bad. It's like dating in many ways, but much more intense because you will have even more potentially interested guys than you may have in your daily life.
  • Stick to your ideal mate guidelines, without being too judgmental. Some people will try and contact you who are way over you age barrier or not what you are looking for and its just better to say no to them first up then to talk to them and try and find a good time to tell them that you are not interested.
  • Be upfront. If you just want to be friends with someone, then let them know and do your best not to lead any guys on who you are talking to and are not interested in.
  • On dates, always meet in a public place and tell your friends where you are going. With many of my first dates I always had someone with me to scope them out in the beginning because I was very paranoid.
  • Be gentle with people who are not your type. Just because it's the Internet doesn't mean that these people are real and they don't have feelings.
  • Make sure to write an upbeat profile and provide plenty of current pictures.
  • You are allowed to date as many people as you want, provided that non of them have asked you to become exclusive with them.
  • Give a guy at least 2 dates before you decide whether you like him or not.

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Why Am I Qualified To Be Giving Advice?! - My Own Little Online Dating Experience

I came across a dating website and decided to sign up because I saw a cute guy that I wanted to talk to. My response was HUGE! After a couple of months my responses from interested guys was more than 500! I was also rated #1 on the "hottest list" within the first week. From these 500, I talked to about 50 of them. From that 50, I decided to meet up with about 5-6 of them (I was extremely selective).

All of the guys that I met up with were fantastic, genuine and awesome guys who I'm still in regular contact with. While none of them ended up being my ideal of what I was looking for, I did gain one best friend out of it whom I spend a lot of my time with and some great guys friends. Getting to meet and know them has made this exercise very worthwhile.

I didn't ever have a bad experience with this, because I was always careful with whom I chose to speak to and meet. Just make sure that you always trust your gut. If you have a bad feeling about meeting someone or even talking to them, then listen to it, because it is always right.

So with that said, go out there, get dating online and enjoy the ride. And let me know how you go!

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Good article - which inadvertanly highlights a key difference between the male and female experience online.

    A girl can get 500 responses in a month (that's actually quite typical, not too exceptional at all) but a guy will get about 1% of the responses. As numbers games go, this game definitely favours women.


Most Helpful Girl

  • A guy called me cuteface after our first online convo but he stoped after awhile. Been talking to him for 3 months now he now calls my baby or babes is that a bad sign. We speak a lot both online and over the phone. We had plans to see each other but something came up but next week we def are.


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What Guys Said 3

  • Pretty good. Only thing I would disagree with is that "the gut is always right" idea. By all means, you should trust your gut if you see some signs. I think caution is always a good idea. But that doesn't mean your gut is always right.

    That also means that people should watch what you attribute to someone whom you're simply not attracted to them or you find them ugly. I get some unfair assumptions made about me, and when I prove myself as being a good guy, I still get the unfair assumptions.

  • I am over many girls' online age barrier - what I mean by that is I am having 0 problems chatting up 21-23 year olds in person if they happen to look like interesting people, whereas online I just get cut off, I think due to stated age. I am not specifically after 21yr olds, just my soul-mate. I thought the idea of online dating is to broaden who you get to talk to. I'd rather not lie about my age online - so ladies what can I do online to match how I do in person? More pix? Better pix? Video?:)

  • Live and learn. I found out something new about myself from your article. I'm the psycho.


What Girls Said 3

  • I have recently started online dating and it took me a week or two to find someone I really clicked with! But, I loved that there were so many options! you could email, chat then meet up! I would recommend Plenty of fish to anyone! :)

  • Pretty much explains why I enjoy online dating. Easy and hassle free. The key however is filtering .

  • I wish I've read this a year ago. Great article!