CONFIDENCE - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - as told by Rufus


DISCLAIMER: This post will contain some vulgar sexual innuendos. This post is directed at men. This post will be blunt to the point and will receive lots of hate messages... Just as many of my opinions on GaG do.


There has been a lot of talk lately about "nice guys" and how they swoon over women and try to buy their way or win their way into their heart. This is not a game guys this is life. You should not look at your dating pool as a game of go fish. Your not casting your rod in (first innuendo) and trying to land some dime piece you feel you deserve to spend the rest of your life with. What it actually is like is that you are swimming with the fish and finding the one in a vast ocean that you spend your very short fish life with before becoming fillets by some douche who writes myTakes on GaG. Anyways my point here is that fishing is sitting in one spot and trying to accomplish something. Your luck will run dry quick and you will suddenly deplete your options. Not to mention fish fuckin hate getting caught. Much like a fish on a hook, a lady that you "nice guy" have been courting will feel stuck and unable to get off the hook cuz your doucheyness and chivalrous (actually chauvanistic) actions make her feel indebted to you. Girls i know you have to right to say f-off im not interested in your lacklusted dating tactics, im just saying sometimes you feel the need to take it a date or two further and then have to deal with the guy resenting you for wasting his time and hard earned money.

CONFIDENCE - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - as told by Rufus

I don't think Adams been laid in five seasons of workaholics. But i do know this guy does pretty well.

CONFIDENCE - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - as told by Rufus

Girls I have no advice on how to treat the nice guy, I've been there and its really hard to get out of so maybe just point them to my page?

That is my peception of the ugly in this scenario. What a "nice guy" does is basically beg to be the lady's puppy so he can follow her around and lick her when she allows it (innuendo 2) Hey I know there are girls that are ok with this but for the majority of women, they want someone they can level with and respect. No girl wants to look down on her spouse, and thats all being the "nice guy" accomplishes. You become a door mat.


1. "I think were better off as friends"

2. "I just don't think the connection is there"

3. " ... " (implied silence that she stopped talking to you)

Those are over generalized excuses a girl will do to get rid of the nice guy. She gave him the chance but can't stand to lead a genuine guy along anymore. Sincerely is a great guy but just is a gigantic pussy.

STOP FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE STOP STOP STOP blaming the girl and thinking they tricked you or used you. The difference between the trick and the play is that the trick was meant to fool you the play was meant to beat you. You were beaten by these girls plain and simple. They don't have the time to mind fuck you an trick you, they genuinely considered dating you but something happened and they went another direction. They kept you on the side as a safety valve or a potential partner. Just cuz they didn't go with you doesn't mean you suck it just means the picked a better guy. Probably a guy who is doing the same thing they did to you to them ( if that makes sense ) You probably are saying well how the fuck do I start playing girls myself.


Here's the fun part. Que the hate messages ladies. I want to hear how much of a douche I am. A good guy is not dos equis dude above. Good guy will start to pay for dinner but once the lady offers her 2 cents you take it. Don't incist like the manboy above. Obviously im referring to Adam. A good guys has his head on his shoulders, he's confident, on top of his job, healthy, attractive, and rough. He's got a type of endge to him that seems dangerous yet very safe. I feel like I'm describing a fireman.

CONFIDENCE - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - as told by Rufus


You need to work on yourself and build up enough confidence that nothing can break you. I see some many dudes bitching they can't talk to girls they have confidence issues they do everything right but they don't have that edge. Im telling you it is inside you and you can pull it out. I don't care if you stutter and have three arms you can find it.

Take 3 months and only work on positive things for yourself. Put girls on the back burner. Don't look don't talk just avoid and don't think about them or how your not getting laid. Think about all the pussy ur gunna slay when you come out of your confidence coma. Once you emerge as a brand new person your gunna have all sorts of new confidence.

You might be able to achieve this In a couple weeks or less if you have a good base but I took a solid 6 months seriously. Don't blow your confidence load on the first chick you talk to (third). If she turns you down fuck it there's another. Talk to every girl you possibly can but are not asking them out. You're not ready yet. Unfortunately ur gunna collapse of you ask a bunch of girls out and get shut down. Your gunna be anxious. Just wait and practice the little things to continue growing your confidence. I'm not kidding a strictly platonic conversation with a hot girl is soooo good for your confidence. Your gonna walk away without asking her out and say to yourself no I didn't fail to ask her out, I succeeded in making myself mysterious attractive and confident to her. The reason you can do this is that you tell yourself Im not going to ask her out thus why should you be nervous just talking to her. After a while you should notice you are just talking to women as if they're a fucking human being. Who would have thought that was attactive. -.-

Once your confident you are ready then you can strike. Seriously don't strike just life your life like a confident person. Stop looking for cheats and codes with how to's do this'. Those reek of desperation and do not work.

Stop making her feel like she graced you with her presence.

Chances are she's dating other guys and chances are one is either a BAD guy or a GOOD guy. You are gunna lose to both. I recommend figuring things out in your life that cause you to be soo needy. Seriously talk to many girls but treat them as your equal so as the the fixation of your desire. Don't ask countless questions over text, wait for her to ask questions too. Let her carry the conversation at times. If she's not drop it and hit her up again later. Don't say anything cute. And don't be worried to talk about yourself. Just don't over do it. Do not put the spotlight on her put it inbetween you two. And for the love of god boys, you will become men when you date multiple girls at the same time. Stop getting bogged down and bank on the one. Talk with them all even between dates, (not during a date with another onr) but seriously take them all out. Don't commit to anything and don't puh any commitment. Many started relationships will flake but at least you didn't spend a ton of money on them right? But eventually the right one does come around cuz you allowed for it to grow in a healthy manner. The more girls you swim with the more likely you will find the one thats perfect for you. Seriously just don't lie to them, don't trick them. But playing them is absolutely ok. Remember playing means you are talking with them in a flirtatious manner keeping them on the hook for potentially hanging out. You don't owe them anything you are swimming with them or playing with them. Not trying to trick them with expensive dinners etc.

Long winded and I realize a lot of that was not well though out but I wanted to write about this. And kinda crammed it in tonight.

CONFIDENCE - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - as told by Rufus
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