A Guy's Body Language When He Likes You More Than A Friend

A Guy's Body Language When He Likes You More Than A Friend

If you are unsure that a certain guy likes you or not, or if your crush likes you or not, or if you are too shy to ask him the question: Do You Like Me? Some people prefer asking each other quickly, but you don't, right?

You can figure it out if he likes you or not by this Take. Here, I'll write some signs (my experience! 😏) he shows when he likes you.

1. He smiles at you

Yes, it is natural to smile at something or someone we like, but if he smiles way too much than normally he used to, or he smiles every time you make eye contact with him, that means he likes you. The more often he smiles, the more obvious he likes you (Remember that some men dislike smiling, and if he's one of them, this doesn't apply to him).

2. He maintains eye contact with you

He would maintain eye contact with you while talking to you and wouldn't break it.

3. He stares at you

You will catch him staring at you - at your face, most of the times. If he stares at your breasts or buttocks - most of the times - he's just lusting after you. If you catch him staring at you, he'll either: Look away or hold the stare. Confident men hold the stare. I have always seen a guy hold the stare. He would stare at you when it seems that you aren't looking.

4. He stands a little too close

If he's standing too close while talking to you, or is leaning towards you, that's the major sign he likes you.

A Guy's Body Language When He Likes You More Than A Friend

5. He never turns his back to you

He will always be focused you, and wouldn't turn his back to you.

6. His legs, feet and toes are pointed towards you

Just like fifth sign, his whole body would be in front of you, shoulder square!

7. He stands taller

He would may stand taller to appear more masculine and manly, he would puff out his chest.

8. He would mirror you while talking to you or staring at you

If you cup your own chin, he would do it too, if you ruffle your own hair, he would too.

9. He touches you

Like guiding you through a way while putting a hand on your shoulder. More physical contact, more obvious that he likes you. BUT... If he's touching your most private parts like breasts, vagina or buttocks (Ew... Creepy!), he's just lusting after you.

10. He raises his eyebrows

He would raise his eyebrows more in a response while talking to you.

11. He wants to appear good-looking

If his hair was a mess and he was slouching before you entered the room and soon started fixing his hair and clothes, it means he likes you. See, he was comfortable being messy around others, but as soon as you came, he started fixing himself.

A Guy's Body Language When He Likes You More Than A Friend

12. He looks at you for reaction every time when he does something funny

You would be the first person he looks at after cracking a joke or doing something else funny, and if you smile or laugh, he would smile back or laugh, too!

13. His behaviour changes

If he was being loud and rowdy with his friends before you entered, he would soon calm down and become a silent person.

14. He treats you differently

Notice how he treats his friends and you. If he's blunt honest to them, he would may reduce his bluntness when it comes to you.

15. He gets jealous

He would seem annoyed or angered when he sees you talking with other guys, or he would even glare at the guy you are talking BUT many guys hide jealousy well. He would pretend he's not.

16. He watches you while he flirts with some other girl

He's testing the waters, he wants to know how would you react if you see him flirting with someone else.

17. He hangs around a little longer

If everyone else was leaving and you were still inside, he would stay inside for you.

A Guy's Body Language When He Likes You More Than A Friend

18. He takes one last look at you

If he's leaving earlier, he would glance at you for the last time before leaving. He would also stare at you if you were leaving.

19. He notices your presence very firstly

You would be the very first person he looks at when he enters the place where you are (C'mon! He was eager to see you!).

20. His most private parts

Men do this thing unconsciously; they would sit with legs spread in front of you. His genital - 'I am a fertile male'. Even he wouldn't realize that he's sitting with his legs spread!


- He suddenly stands up when you enter the room!

- He touches his face while talking with you.

- He would fiddle with his clothes if he's nervous.

- He'll let you see him checking out your body occasionally - by staring at you from head to toe (I like what I see!).

- He stands up with his hands on his hips.

- He looks at your mouth (especially lips) more (He's thinking of kissing you).

A Guy's Body Language When He Likes You More Than A Friend
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I think that all of these things you mention are signs that a guy may feel an attraction to you. There is not any one sign that is a telltale clue. It is more important to look at his pattern of behavior than any one action or reaction.

    I laugh at these posts from very, very young girls who ask, "A guy was sitting at his desk and when I walked in the room, he looked up and smiled. What does it mean?" You can't interpret any one bit of behavior, even in context, unless it is something extreme, like he walked over to her and put his hand inside her pants. If the guy looked up and smiled, maybe she had something hanging out of her nose and it looked funny, or maybe he was actually looking at someone standing behind her, or maybe he has the hots for her.

    So, of course, it is the pattern of behavior which is important, and I sense that you already understand that.
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    • Cavewoman


    • liburnia

      Can you give an exaple of pattern of behaviour. What exactly did you have in mind. 😊

    • Pattern of behavior is just consistent things. Instead of one sign once in a moon, maybe every time you notice something or multiple signs. Kindness is consistent but usually not with all of the gestures.

Most Helpful Girl

  • LittleSally
    Hahaha Oh God! I forgot about all these...
    I used to be SO into body language reading...
    Yeah, these are all true. Not all guys will do ALL of these, but plenty of them will do most of these.

    Very helpful for those in doubt!
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    • Thank you and I always prefer body language reading lol! πŸ™‚

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  • ObscuredBeyond
    Hints for a girl, when dealing with shy guys:

    1. He half-smiles: He sees a potential friend; and thinks you're attractive, but fears getting burned. By burned, I don't just mean rejected. I mean, fears you'll do the full-blown MeToo Wolf Cry and ruin his life over nothing. He wants to come off as harmless, but needs to be equally convinced you'll do him no harm.

    2. Makes eye contact - then breaks it right away:
    You haven't earned his trust.

    3. He glances at you quickly - then looks away.
    Wants to know where you are. No surprises. Might admire you, or want to, but can't decide if you're worth it. Wants you to show him that you are. At the same time, is half-convinced you're gonna badmouth him. Has to make it hard for you to set him up.

    4. Stands 5 feet away: "Give me a reason to get closer."

    5. Turns toward you, then turns his back, back and forth:
    "What do I say? Come on, say something I can start a conversation with!"

    6. One foot pointed away, the other toward you: Interested, but ready to run at the first sign of trouble.

    7. One leg leaning further forward slightly: "She seems all right. But the second she goes cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, I'm dashing to the left and getting outta here!"

    8. Offers to repair your photos for you with Photoshop, asks nothing in return:

    Wants to do something nice for you. Not necessarily as an excuse for anything else, but out of sheer charity. Scorch him with an especially ungracious response, and he'll think you're a psycho bitch.

    9. He motions for a five, but leaves it to you to follow through:
    Trust-building exercise. Refuse to follow through, it's a sign you have ill will.

    10. Stationary eyebrows, not much blinking: "All seems well, but I've been wrong before..."

    17. He announces when leaving to you, then leaves promptly: Wants to make sure you understand that you're not his only reason for getting out of bed, so you know not to twist his compliments into things they're not.

    18. Scans the room when you enter: "She's here! Do I approach? What do I say?"

    If this guy bothers you, ladies, he just wants to earn your trust and have you earn his, and establish boundaries. He's not even sure he wants you as a girlfriend yet; but he'd at least like to make a friend.

    Encroach on his boundaries with reckless abandon, and set yours for him unrealistically high, and he might despise you instead. Don't needlessly make enemies for yourself!
  • G-Daz
    I feel like a lot of these were out of a girls magazine which began making stuff up to fill the article.

    Basic correct one

    They would try to spend time around you and maintain your attention.
    • Yeah, basically that and his attention would be focused on that girl.

  • JailbaitGamerGirl
    This isn't all that accurate, I had a guy who did most of these and he friendzoned me in the end. -_-
    • πŸ˜… It is just my experience haha. Sorry to hear that.

  • KaylaJoy
    Cool mytake! I'll keep an eye out for some of these😆
  • ArabianPwincess197
    Interesting Take, thanks for the points, I'm definitely gonna remember them to analyse my crushes behaviour next time I see him lol
  • godfatherfan
    I don't think men do the mirror thing ever. and Unless he is a child, he isn't going to flirt with another woman while "looking at you".
    Do you seriously think #6 is a thing? lol... sorry but no
    Men and women are not "Friends" . They can be friendly which is a very different thing though.
  • John_Doesnt
    We also "adjust" our pants frequently when a hot chick is around. We don't want something to be sticking out horizontally.
  • BrittBratt2416
    Lol this can be applied to every guy then, pretty sure it's normal for people to smile, laugh, hold eye contact when having a conversation. My male co worker does some of these things except 9, 10, 15, 16. So that would confirm he likes me? Ugh no. Lol he has a girlfriend plus we have a weird work relationship were we just rag on each other for fun. Not flirting. So I wouldn't take these as complete truth, some people are just nice or communicate certain ways.. it's no wonder why a of girls assume a guy is flirting when he's really just being friendly and social.
    • Hahah. Understood. Some people are just more friendly to everyone.

  • Cask23
    Lol. This are tips for identifing a beta boy with a crush. Incidentally they are nearly the same body language actions a female.

    You don't need to bother reading the body language of an Alpha male. If he likes you he'll directly approach you and be clear in his intentions.
    • TRP93

      Exactly what I mean, this guy is acting like a girl would be in the same situation...

  • BradA
    Number 2, 6, 8, 10, 16 and 20 are false.
    Number 15 and 19 is 100% correct.
    • Yay. Thanks, that is just my experience though. Every dude in this world doesn't behave like that lol

    • SkyPink28

      @BradA, so if my crush doesn't look at me when I walk into the classroom he doesn't have interest in me? His eyes were fixated on his laptop

    • BradA

      @SkyPink28 Most likely nervous. I do it too. I either look around, but I usually fix my watch too much.

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  • Wolframium
    Wait… No. I don't do things like that. For example, eye contact. I find it to be very uncomfortable. My body language is very different. I let my actions and words speech for me. Not body language. Area, which I don't even understand.
    And sure, I might do some of these things, like spend mor time in her company, but…
    I don't know, man. I can count instances of such situations on fingers of 1 hand. And long time ago. All of it. So… I don't know.
    • There was another comment here showing signs of shy guys. Try looking at that comment, maybe you’ll find things you actually do?

  • Anticipation
    All the above,, but really, a guy shouldn't over-due it so he doesn't smother her,, just be himself and actually being friendly and polite will get her attention if she is into him.
  • EndyEnderman100
    I don't mainten eye contact with no one XD but I do stare sit a right next to a good looker and engage in convertation
    • I did that yesterday I moved a little bit closer down the pew during church. then I put a book under her ass and she sat on it and moved it next to her. I went over to retrieve it and sat in that spot and she did not switch places. xD

    • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Ha! Hilarious.

  • thatonegirl_e
    Eh, I watched for these signs and the guy I was in to did all of them. However, he was totally not interest.
  • Browneye57
    Girls try to read all of their emotions into a guy. They're just not like that.
    If he's TALKING to you he's interested. Period. You're only mirroring here.
    • liburnia

      So, you want to say that any guy that bothers to talk to you more than he has to is interested?
      Friendly or romantic interest?

    • @liburnia - Correct. men are sexually driven. They size up a woman within seconds of seeing her as to whether she is do-able or not. It's either HELL YES or HELL NO. And any further dialog or interaction is tempered by this.
      If a guy is paying attention to you more than just casual conversation he has doing you in the back of his head. Or the front, whichever.
      All the body language crap is a woman's projection to complicate matters. They're just not that complicated. LOL

  • TRP93
    "15. He gets jealous

    He would seem annoyed or angered when he sees you talking with other guys, or he would even glare at the guy you are talking BUT many guys hide jealousy well. He would pretend he's not."

    Only weak betas do this, LOL

    + all that's written in this post is about a man being attracted to another woman, nothing "emotional"; even less than a friend
    • Lol? What would an "alpha" do? Go and punch the other guy in the face because he's talking with his prey? LOL.

    • TRP93

      @Saville_Row no, he would actually not care because he's got enough self-esteem to know that he has nothing to be afraid of; he wouldn't have to "pretend", be annoyed OR angered. He would have the right behavior towards this instead of acting like a little child

  • Tess_y
    I loveeeee that stage so muchh... it’s just so funny yet so cute when a guys does all these things and he doesn’t even realise that he’s making you feel special...
  • Giggletr0n
    Usually a lot more touchy feely - hand on the shoulder, brushing your hair away, hugs goodbye basically makes an excuse to touch you in a socially appropriate way.
  • BlueEyesWD
    That is not 100% accurate, more like he MAY have an attraction to you, is not a sureshot thing.
  • xxcandyxxcanes
    Sorry but I lost it at the Sebastian looking photo 😂😂 I was not expecting that hahah
  • Ephemera1
    Thanks I couldn't tell if Abdool liked me more than a friend
  • steveguitar
    These are the exact same thing you find on any website, but they're only a possible indicators.
  • Massageman
    Go with what Older and Wiser said since he's , ah, older and wiser. :-)
  • gym4ever
    all of this is obv, and it could mean more things, you can't really know if guy likes you lol
  • crazy8000
    These applies to both sexes plus a bunch of more ones.

    Some are a sign of romantic, some others for sexual, and these that swing either way.
    They varies little from person to person, also what kind of person due to that person's mindframe, they can shange in the same person depending on what's flying around in that person's head for the moment that temporarily disturbs the feelings.

    Take them with a pinch of salt since some just are like this without meaning anything.
    (to much hard reading cues is misleading can also be faked very easily)
  • juan101
    you won't know

    they were wrong
  • timmysmith456
    If actually actually make a lot time and go above and beyond thats a sign
  • disgustingweebtrash
  • momo770
    Will check all these signs out hopefully lol
  • Marson4life
    thank you
  • Chantel77
    Wow that's a lot of clues, Thank you!
  • CT_CD
    Thank you
  • ATuairiscean
    A lot of very good pointers there
  • Anon-ymous1
    Most of these are true, yeah. Good list.
  • Good take.
  • Pizzalover101
    He will make a lot of small talk
  • Andro7
    He'll be true to you 😐
  • OliviaJhonson
    Ya, I noticed it. When I meet him.
  • Anonymous
    It should be:

    1. He exists.

    The end.
  • Anonymous
    meh there is waaay too many of these lists and all are the same and this behaviour doesn't always means he likes you, at least not romantically
  • Anonymous
    I usualy fart so hard when i like a girl.
    • Does 1 hard fart help? I do 2 short and 1 long hard fart in quick succession. She runs away.

  • Anonymous
    eh, i dont really buy into this kind of stuff. i just believe in people being open and honest if they like a certain person. i believe one should just tell them straight up. forget this pointing your toes towards them nonsense lol. im not hating on your post, i just have a different mentality
  • Anonymous
    My crush does some of these things. He also asked me to study with him once, even though he's probably smarter than me, but I can't tell if he's shy, or afraid to ruin the friendship, or if he's not sure I like him, because he did asked me in a way it sounded hesitant... and it was through text lmao. Speaking of which on the day of the final he left first and I caught him staring at me while he was turning in his exam and that had me melting inside. Not sure if it means anything though
  • Anonymous
    If he makes time for you in any way... then he likes you. Period.
    We don't make time in our lives for females we are not sexually interested in.
  • Anonymous
    THere are indicators but pepole are complicated so you figuring us out or us you has a lot to do with practice
  • Anonymous
    Speaking as a guy, I'd add a couple: girls, if you talk to a guy you like and he touches his neck and doesn't quite look you in the eye, he likes you. Also, if you're in group and he talks to every girl but you, and he won't even look at you for more than a second, he likes you [unless his girlfriend is there or you'v really pissed him off and he's ignoring you].
    • Yes, rather shy guys usually do that.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I know because I'm one of those guys.

  • Anonymous
    I don't believe in body language
  • Anonymous
    good take
  • Anonymous
    A raging boner as well...
  • Anonymous
    hmm about hints and all