Men Don't Want Prudes nor Sluts


What's with the obsession of claiming men are hypocrites because they want to have a lot of sex with different girls but at the same time want their partners to be prudes or virgins?

That's not how it works for the majority of guys.

Men don't want prudes nor sluts

Look, I've had long term relationships and I've also had friends with benefits. Never had casual sex, never had one night stands. I don't care for empty meaningless sex; Meaning I don't care having sex with girls I don't know at all. I got to like and at least be friends with the girl I'm going to fuck. That's how it works for me, and I'm sure that's how it works for the majority of guys.

Sure, I guess most guys would want to fuck regularly, but not necessarily with a lot of girls. Alphas can do that, betas may desire that BUT the average joe - guys who actually care for something stable will definitely like having a girl to his side who has good personality and gives him good sex. That's my take as a guy at least.

I don't know, I already had a relationship and a first time with a virgin so maybe that's why I don't care if a girl I'm seeing is a virgin or not. I CERTAINLY don't want prudes. Fuck that. Sex isn't supposed to be something so sacred and holy you got to leave a guy blue balls 24/7 because that's bullshit and you know it. It's natural for men to expect sex from their partners. Better yet he'll just leave because if he's not getting any then AND he's doing things right better be without a partner at all.

Men Don't Want Prudes nor Sluts

But anyways, as much as I wouldn't care if a girl was a virgin or not, I also don't want anything to do with the polar opposite. I am disgusted by sluts. I don't want "sexually liberated" girls. I guess the number in which a guy thinks a girl has a "long sex history" depends on the individual. But for me if a girl can't count how many men she has been with, with both hands, she's out. I don't want used goods, and I certainly don't want promiscuous women who will probably just jump to the next dick after she's bored with me or finishes comparing me to the myriad of men left behind (her sexual history by itself leaves a high chance of that happening). I don't want also to be the one having to deal with emotional baggage and in my opinion girls with high count have plenty.

The fact of the matter is everyone and their grandma knows promiscuous women with higher odds of having an infection and higher odds of having cheated in the past only hurt their sexual market value in the eyes of most men. Maybe men who engage in casual sex will give a shit and bed them for all they care, but most men will pass on them for stable relationships.

Can't there be women right in the middle?

Why does it has to be either extreme?

Men Don't Want Prudes nor Sluts

My ex girlfriend had three sexual partners before me. Ask me if I cared? No, I didn't. I don't feel "insecure" a girl has slept in the past as it's obvious an attractive girl will have many men throwing themselves at them and her eventually really wanting to be one with one of them. I don't care if a few dudes were there before me. I just don't want a sex craved animal swinging from dick to dick like tarzan.

It's not right. At least players work their way out to have sex with different women. Men have to work to have sex since it's nature's way.

Love is a pretty stupid word because it encompasses so many ideas and concepts it is rendered virtually meaningless. Other than that as a man you are always performing for a woman. The mating dance never actually stops in our species and we are like peacocks that perpetually have to strut and preen our feathers. We have to write the romance novel that is supposed to be our lives and make it a reality with our actions to please a woman. Women are simply passive parties that have shown up to watch the play of romance. If they like the play they'll stick around otherwise they won't. It's very easy to conclude that women are only in love with the performance that men are putting on. Where as the opposite is not true. Women are not putting on some elaborate hail mary performance for our benefit. They are just being themselves and collecting all the adoration and love that comes with being a member of the female sex.

That's why it's not the same for women. A girls drops panties and hordes of orbiters will compete to enter her pussy. A guy pulls it out and he goes to prison.

I can't even begin to imagine the headache of all kinds of men and relationships promiscuous women have gone through and all the shit that only made her baggage heavier... not to mention the kind of drama and bullshit I would have to deal with. Somehow, promiscuous women feel even more entitled than the rest and that's is definitely my impression and that of many men. Getting dicked on the regular doesn't give you any power in my eyes, but it completely strips you any value for a serious and healthy relationship.

Not that you would care anyways...

Men Don't Want Prudes nor Sluts

I also have standards for the girls I have relationships with and one of them is very simple: I want you to like sex the same way I do, put exclusivity and -some- value to it, and hopefully like the same things I do. Sex is normal, it's something to work on like many things in a relationship and that's it. I'll work to please you in bed, you'll work to please me and we'll have companionship outside of bed too.

Why the fuck do you think you have to be a prude who is so traumatized with sex (or men, the hell do I know) or be a slut who thinks being "sexually liberated" is having sex with whoever you want whenever you want it. That's disgusting to most men and honestly most guys will feel repulsed by being with a woman who is used for cum target practice. The kilometers you like using on your vagina better use it on companionship, loyalty, transparency... and all those set of values that actually make women attractive.

Men Don't Want Prudes nor Sluts
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  • Louloubum
    Don't worry too much about it. I feel like you needed to rant.
    You're not crazy. Things do seem as extreme as you present them to be. I'm with you.

    With all extremes, there are always "moderates". Be one yourself. Don't pay attention to the black and white. Be gray. Be happy. If it doesn't exist, lead by example.

    You're not alone. Somewhere out there, as we speak, a beautiful, sexy, smart woman with great values is pissed off that there are no men out there EXACTLY LIKE YOU.

    Be patient, stay true to yourself, have faith that the right woman is out there, cultivate your ability to find her, and when you do, don't let go.
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  • montey
    clearly you are insecure since most of this is degrading women
    • ... that makes no sense. He wasn't degrading at all. In which part did he insult women? He talked about not wanting to be with certain types of women, but never insulted women in general. There are women that are sluts and sleep with lots of men and also men that are the same way with women. He never insulted women as a whole... use logic

  • Aguamarina
    Great. I don't care about what men want.
    • Um, okay... good for you. Most people do care about what the opposite gender wants in a relationship. I guess some people don't care about relationships so they don't care about what a potential boyfriend or girlfriend would want. I don't get why you felt the need to make this comment, though

  • Anonymous
    lol agree; didn't help at all being/playing naive and shy
  • Anonymous
    Its double standards here... I care about how many women my guy has slept with because its more of a chance that he could give me something as well as I can give him... If a guy tells me he has had 30 women I am less likely to sleep with him... lol...