For Guys, How to Know If You're Handsome


Before I begin, I would like to tell you that since this myTake is from a guy's perspective, some signs shown by girls may be interpreted wrongly, so please correct me where I am wrong.

Secondly, since this is my personal experience, things in your life may vary but still, here it goes.

How to know if you are handsome

1. Behaviour of the girls

Girls check you out
Girls check you out

The most common sign is that you see girls and ladies staring at you. It may happen if you look shabby (if you look shabby, then you know) or there was something wrong with you that day like you had a stain on your clothes or your hair were messed up. If the looks continue, then you know what they're for.

Here you'll see two types of girls:

1. The ones who'll quickly look away when caught staring: these girls don't want to show their interest in you or don't want to make it obvious that they find you attractive. So they'll just quickly look away when you catch them staring at you.

2. Girls who won't back off: some girls won't look away but hold the gaze and keep on eye balling you even after getting caught. The reason is simple, they want you to know that they're interested in you.

2. See for yourself

are you handsome?
are you handsome?

When you see yourself in a mirror, you'll easily come to know if you're handsome or not. I mean really, we can easily judge people on how they look so it won't be problematic to figure out how you look.

3. Keep your ears open for compliments

do you get compliments?
do you get compliments?

You may hear compliments on how attractive you look from your friends and acquaintances. Now, I won't say that girls don't complement handsome guys in how attractive they are, indeed they would sometimes. Probably because you're already friends with them or they know you in one way or the other.

In my case, girls never complemented me, they never even talked to me. I am yet to find out that reason. If you know please let me know. But they commented on my looks while in a group. They used to call me 'sexy', ' hottie' and what not.

4. Do you smell something burning?

other guys find you handsome?
other guys find you handsome?

Watch out for other guys' behaviour towards you. They may go to such an extent that you can conclude that they are implying very indirectly that you aren't good looking or that you're very arrogant because of your looks even when you're not that good looking or say that 'okay, you're good looking, so what the big deal?'. You can also observe them getting cocky around you, mimicking your way of walking/talking or even copy your hairstyle but won't admit. Some guys will unnecessarily get competitive around you and will constantly try to prove themselves superior or better than you.

My advice, let the children play. People do very well know you so don't get down to their level and react something childish. Once they know that the joke is on them, they'll stop eventually.

Some people will call you 'girlfriend-snatcher'. Their girl may become interested in you and leave them for such reason. And now, you have one more enemy to your never-ending list. Keeps on happening to me all the time, first, I was like 'Wtf!? Really?' and now I am like 'ah, okay'. I had to skill up my combat skills and chisel up my body structure and physique so that if one maniac comes to blows for such a petty reason, I may show him something. Now I have a nice body too, 'look at him, as if his face was not enough to impress the girls, now he has got abs too, what a show-off. Jerk' and thanks a lot.

5. 'You're gay'

handsome guys look gay?
handsome guys' look gay?

Seriously people? Gay? Simply wow.

Whenever you get a shave or a new haircut, congrats, you look like a gay to 'them'. That's one of the sign of insecurity of jealous guys of course. I admit, I once reacted to it saying one of them to look at his fat chest and my 5.5 inch long organ and then call me gay, rude I know, sorry, but no sorry.

Seriously, other guys are jealous of handsome guys' looks, reason being simple, they want women too, but the women preferably choose good looking guys, especially in their teenage. And that's also a high time for other guys to feel the urge to get a girl and not getting the girl makes you their target. If you are buffed and intimidating, expect them to comment on your looks and then hiding their face.

You have two options now,

Option 1, ignore them, they'll stop they get tired.

Option 2, confront them and shut em up for good, it's your call.

6. You get high attention of the teachers and almost everyone knows you

you are popular
you are popular

You'll see that almost everyone knows you and your name. Although, some people may not admit it, insecurity again, but still they do know you.

#beinghandsome #handsome

Thank you for reading it.

For Guys, How to Know If You're Handsome
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  • Anonymous
    Great take. Some additions though.

    1) If you are too good looking, girls will not talk to you. You will hear comments like "he is so hot" or see girls who were actively chatting in front of you just stop talking and/or try to continue their conversation. I honestly can't deny that I enjoy this. It's a great confidence booster. Whenever depression hits me I just go outside and I feel a bit better.

    2) You don't really make friends no matter how hard you try. People try to see negative traits in you even if you are being friendly to them. I usually end up being friends with people who don't really care about looks.

    3) You will get rejected a lot. While it sounds counter-intuitive, I've been rejected by so many girls who were attracted to me. They still linger around me after they reject me (This I still don't understand why.)

    4) Everyone starts to look the same. No one is truly ugly. This is when I realized that this may be the reason why people are attracted to different people.

    5) You do get some bonuses in your life. When I was in school, my teachers/professors looked at me the most. They were really nice to me always. People are generally nicer to me.

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    • Yeah a lot of girls tell me im hot. I even was a male stripper when I was younger. That being said I get a lot of girls who blanket dismiss me without anything more than hello, for example I just walk up to a girl at a bar and just say "hi" and she eyes me up and down and just says "ummm no". Like I wonder who they are after. I have had some really hot girls tell me they never been with an athletic guy and only been with fat guys, I think some of it is they have low self esteem and think there is no way a good looking man might like them.

      I've also had girls tell me i must be a player because im so hot and they don't want a player. Which i am not, im typically looking for a relationship.

    • sadiefluff

      @bamesjond0069 That is so interesting and weird! But I definitely agree. My daughter is GORGEOUS but no guys have ever even spoken to her. She’s insanely shy and she feels so insecure that she’s never had a boyfriend and or no guys talk to her, and yet her much plainer looking friends have tons of boyfriends and guys approaching them etc. I tell her the same thing, guys are terrified of you because you’re so beautiful, so they go for the “safer” less attractive women. 🤷🏻‍♀️
      Pretty much all of these things ring true for attractive women too. I hated being pretty in high school because for the most part I would have girls and guys! for no reason other than my looks just HATING me. I remember this one guy would just GLARE at me when ever I saw him and we had never even spoken before! I think he just decided that I was a stuck up pretty girl. When really, all I was was someone with insecurities, shy, and actually pretty awkward.

    • @sadiefluff I'm the same. Except, I'm a male. There's one girl that just stares at me and looks at me like I'm some sort of monster. I think it's because of her being intimidated. I'm naturally a shy, awkward person, and apparently handsome, so those 2 combinations just repel everyone. The sad truth of my life... 😔

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  • Unit1
    I tick like 3 and a half of these 😆😀

    - i like my mirror image thanks to me actually caring.

    - there's this one guy i know, who made lots of fun negatively about me and my features including my beard. A few high schoolers degenerates also talked bad about me and my hair, my nationality and my other properties.

    - the most thrown "insult" i have received were from the same guy and the bullies and it was anything related to being gay

    - professors and teachers seem to remember me the very best of all. I'm also the top class student because i do my work professionally and get things done.

    i still have no girlfriend and *this guy*, who keeps making negative fun of me and my body and keeps calling me gay has a girlfriend since 3 years already. He's also racist and I'm not. 😂😂😂👌👌👌 well, ladies. I'm not going to question why you like who you like.
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  • Anonymous
    I was a good looking, athletic “nice guy” when I was younger. I’m straight but that “gay” insult was a go to for many jealous dbags if wanted to tear me down pit of insecurity, especially fat assess

    I had a POS morbidly obese who was notoriously insulting as a way to deal with his deep insecurities.

    But honesty I think looks are a bigger deal among girls. They really get nasty and jealous among each other. I remember my old chubby roommate was jealous because I had an attractive skinny girlfriend. She slammed the door once when she came home and saw my girlfriend and I cuddling on the sofa while watching a movie.

    But all in all I haven’t heard “your handsome” in quite a while. I’m still in good shape but it’s depressing that you hear it less and less when you get older. This too is even worse for women.
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    • Anonymous

      Yes it worse, I used to get called handsome, hot, sexy every day, last year but not now, and I don't think I've got worse, instead I look more mature and handsome now, and these guys can't stand it lol.

    • Anonymous

      It’s a head start. That’s all it is. Your personality, drive, mental toughness and adherence to a career or cause matters much more to girls.

      As you get older that head start gets shorter and shorter. That why you focus on what really matters because that will help you win the race.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, thanks. But I was always and still am focused completely on my studies and future.

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  • 3rdSrike
    Well i have to agree with you list.
    the looks at the most obvious i get it all the time from everyone, then comes the compliments a lot compliment me face to face and many more behind my back.
    as for stealing gfs... a good numbers of the girls i approached and tried getting close to ( and they were very responsive ) turned out taken so while i dont do it on purpose i did end up kinda on the track to steal girls from their bfs...

    been called guy a few times mainly by girls, and yes guys do in fact try acting cocky and annoying around me and find a need attack me verbally , go figure.
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    • Anonymous

      Congrats, you are handsome dude

  • Browneye57
    Handsome isn't all about how you look. A guy's SMV is based on a variety of factors, success being one of them. Looking your best, whether you're really handsome or not, a relative term, is what is key. So hit the gym, hard, and make a ton of money - that is what will get you the girls. I promise.

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    • Anonymous

      There something about the face which even hours of exercise can't do. Going to gym and getting a fine body is pretty easy. But having a good face is something special.

    • Browneye57

      Girls like a handsome face, sure, but they are far more interested in what you're packing in your wallet and in your pants. Seriously. Just look around out there at how many hot ladies are with just so-so guys. Never made you wonder?
      Just look at The Donald!!

      You need some serious revamping of what your attractiveness and viability is made up of as a man. And you need better game. Go here and read:

      Never for get, YOU ARE THE PRIZE! So start acting like it. Women will come and go - their beauty is fleeting. But a REAL man is a prize to behold.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks! That's very helpful.

      Ladies do go for normal looking guys with great money but it like it so among the teens, nowadays it is increasing maybe (teen girls liking boys with money rather than looks), but still, girls may prefer handsome guys to have smash.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Idonthaveausername
    Most of the time these kinds if Takes are pretty cringeworthy, but I concur with your observations. Most of them are true for both sexes

    But your first point made me laugh about looking shabby or having something on your face because I know a guy who fits that category. He looks like the guy who played Pinhead in Hellraiser, but he's pastier. He works in construction and apparently doesn't wipe the drywall dust off his face until he gets home (and he wonders why other guys don't get it on themselves, but everyone else assumes they wipe it off...) Anyway, he thought the lady of the house was checking him out, but my other (male) friend and I keep laughing at him because she was probably just disgusted by the drywall dust on his face and not attracted to him at all. So yeah, you're absolutely correct when you say guys can misread these signs lol
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    • Anonymous

      I've observed ugly guys being looked upon for their ugliness and yet they think they're handsome lol

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  • TwinklingNeurons
    Agreed. lol, I have definitely noticed this "gay" thing. Even girls will do it to guys they know they have no chance with, but secretly admire.
    • Anonymous

      So girls do it outta frustration? Also, if they think that the guy is out of their league, can they go around spreading negative rumours against the guy?

    • Yes, they do. If a guy is either very handsome or successful and out of their league, they will just say "Gosh I really like so and so. He's so this, this, and this." then while knowing he is out of their league and that they'd never have a chance with him but not wanting to admit it, they will laugh and say to their friends "he's probably gay, though". They say this because they are bitter that they will never have the chance.
      If they are bitter, they will probably gossip and say negative rumors about the guy to make themselves feel better. But not all women/girls are like this obviously.

    • Anonymous

      Yes I know not all women are like that. But still its kinda depressing.

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  • cherryphi82
    It's not that clear cut. This would imply that there is an objective standard of beauty. I rarely agree on what a majority finds handsome or attractive. I've seen some guys post their faces on here who technically could have been models, but didn't do it for me at all. So unless you're willing to show a picture, this judgement is moot.
    • 3rdSrike

      this take isn't for you then its aimed at the ither 90% of women who actually find the guy hot

    • Anonymous

      @3rdSrike you are right

    • @3rdSrike Ha, and what other women find him hot? Show them to me. And a picture of his face, if he's so confident of himself.

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  • brennanhuff
    I'm just wondering why this question is showing up on the mainsite, when it was posted 4 months ago ha. Well, I haven't had any dudes question if I was gay for me dressing well or anything like that. I was bullied in middle school as a kid because I was shy and I thought it was because I looked funny, when it could have been jealousy, Unfortunately, as a result of being bullied, my self esteem was low and I didn't ignore it which I should have. But looking back, I think it might've been jealousy from the kid about my looks.

    Because from friend and family or in general, I've been told to be a handsome guy. I don't get open compliments from girls often, but it might be from girl's thinking I'm away of my looks and not wanting to stroke a guy's ego, because I've had looks that would say otherwise from girls. I like how I look in the mirror that makes me feel I'm handsome, but I don't know if that's definite as there are people who probably find themselves good looking from what they see in the mirror, but they aren't. Just like people who sing and think they sound good but they are actually horrible singers.

    The strange thing is I've had little success with dating apps, I've had likes here and there and matches and some that seem to go well with convo but could never get a meet up. Whereas good looking guy friends I know would get dates and was in a relationship with a pretty blonde, and nice girl too. But then I've had pretty girls hold their gaze at me, or check me out, or make eye contact and then look away. But give like a subtle hint that I caught their attention in a good way. I've had girls, not many, but some get a little wide eye, or googly eyed toward me ha. And flattering too is even though I'm in my mid 30s,

    I've had women flirt with me or get their number or check me out her were in early 20s. Like pretty college girls, as well as women my age range, but also women of different race and ethnicity and hot older women too. So I apparently have a general appealing look. I had a cute girl who worked at dunkin donuts, not charge me for my large cappucino, which was very flattering.
  • azzntittiz
    Same for girls especially the copycat behavior, people will criticize your look then steal it, or try to walk and act like you. And yes you'll be popular for no reason, it gets dangerous for women though.
    • Inbox

      Dangerous for women? How so?

    • azzntittiz

      @Inbox You're old enough to know.

    • And for men too. It doesn't matter how "handsome" we are. We can all be a victim of #metoo and how she controlls society towards men.

  • i1T2daty
    I've heard enough beautiful women discussing me when they believed I was either mm gone or out of earshot say enough things - some surprisingly raw- to know. Mostly things like, " -he could spend the night in my bed if he's lonely" -and "it would be worth suffering a few days from rug burns to have him fuck me on my living room carpet and pushing me from one to anotherz".
  • RolandCuthbert
    Thank you for posting this. Of course, players know all about women and when a woman is interested. But the rest of men are totally clueless. And a lot of guys like that are here at GaG. They are totally convince women are not attracted to them. Yet they have several women in their lives looking at them like;

    For Guys, How to Know If You're Handsome
  • JSmuve
    Very few women look at me first. Its almost like I'm invisible. I can't remember the last compliment I got. Guys don't get competitive around me. I've never been called gay. And I'm shocked if random people know me.

    Guess I'm ugly as fuck then. #TeamUgly
  • Majestical_Psyche
    What I've been learning, If you have good energy.
    You're a lot more attractive and even approachable.

    I think it really depends on the energy you carry,
    Exp: An over weight person can get all the girls, while a muscular person not as much...
    """"But again, It depends""""
    But the energy and mindset you carry is huge!!!
  • MusicMayhem
    I dunno most of these sound like the childish jealous tendencies of young women, not grown men.

    As for the last point, having good social presence is more conducive to people knowing your name. Go out, meet people, be funny, and even if you aren't physically attractive like me you'll get girls flirting with you.
    • wyldun

      i was a jock, stayed fit well into my 40s, was always out there (til i got married ) socially active, out spoken and fun loving, always got people up and doing things, but i have never had a girl flirt with me, never ever, not sure id know what to do if one did to be honest

    • @wyldun well then you probably weren't flirting with them and creating emotions in them to warrant them becoming interested in you. As soon as a girl gets bored, she's out.

      You don't need to be super fit and muscular. I'm pretty slim and have the arms and legs of a stick insect but by being fun and flirty I've had hot girls competing over me.

  • RumbleBuffin
    Would handsome guys get catcalled? If so I'm pretty sure I'm handsome, however, I don't think it really gets me anywhere with girls cause I get rejected all the time. 😰
    • Anonymous

      Catcall or hearing comments from girls, almost the same

  • Jaumet
    For a guy, a male, someone with an XY chromosome to try and explain to me that I'm handsome... simply means that you pay a shit load more attention to boys than you ever have to girls. So, take your opinion of what you may try and judge my looks and shove it up your ass... where I'm sure it will feel arousing to you.
  • AlwaysBelieving
    #1. I don't notice. Hell, I don't even notice if they're flirting with me most of the time. Most of the time I have to be told that I'm being checked out.
    #2. Most of the time I go "I'm just me."
    #3. I get them... though they mostly come via my parents. Such as "so and so say you're handsome."
    #4. Maybe back in high school
    #5. Not that I can recall
    #6 Applies
  • Midhat
    I got a lot of these, so you're telling me I'm handsome? For Guys, How to Know If You're Handsome
  • BeMeanToGirls
    How to know if you're handsome:

    Have you ever gotten pussy for free without even trying? If yes, then you're handsome.

    If not, when then you are part of the 80% of men who aren't handsome enough to matter.
  • DocT1977
    I define myself as being the man that doesn't really care anyway. I got a wife and I maintain. I wasn't even interested in dating when I met her. Before my self imposed dry spell, I failed miserably at reading the signs. I don't know what the hell women thought of me and it didn't really matter because I was focusing on other areas of my life at that time.
  • The_Sal
    I get a lot of young girls meowing at me when they walk past me lol. like teenagers 🤣
    I'm in my 30s but it's been happening since forever. it's fine when girls in their 20s do it but I don't know how to feel when a 15yo does it 😂 it's kinda weird bit I guess I guess my looks ain't fading yet so, yay! 😋
  • YHL6965
    What if I get more attention from moms and mature women? I remember once, while visiting a museum, I got "that look" a lot from mainly moms and older women, looking mainly at my body. Now, it might not be out of attraction but it felt like it. It felt like a "I would not mind having a piece of that" look.
  • wyldun
    my friends always drug me along when they wanted to pick up girls, said i made them look better to the girls
  • Daniel3035
    This is pretty accurate not gonna lie for me number one happens a lot 90% of cases they look away. But I hate how they all expect me to just approach them.
    Compliments as well.
    And guys hating me for sure I had one guy who was scared I was stealing his girlfriend away.
    With being gay I had girls also ask if I was gay... it was weird.
  • Jamie05rhs
    What if I look at them first but then they stare at me?

    Because that happens sometimes, and I'm like "F*ck. I wasn't expecting that to escalate so quickly. What do I do now?". So then I just look straight ahead (or look down) and ignore them.
  • Chris_Humble
    How many points out of /10 does it take to be considered handsome?
  • lord_chilled
    i get told that by friends and family, but very rarely by women.

    but being skinny and lanky, my overall physical attractiveness goes down quite a bit.

  • D_Bone_Steak
    It sorta creeps me out when they stare at me... even when I look at them, they just keep staring at me. Surprisingly it's the ugly girls that holler at me, get all giggly, flirt, touchy, wolf whistle, and so on. The really hawt girls stare. They don't get giggly and foolish... they get really fucking serious (looking and sounding). Even if they're on the bf's arm as they do it.

    Other guys being jelly and keeping your ears open is spot on as well... many of my compliments are actually a guy telling that girl on his arm how much of a loser I must be for whatever various reasons. It's like when I get told I'm catfishing here on this site... it's actually a compliment that they can't believe I'm me.
  • zagor
    There are good-looking guys and then there are VGL guys. VGL guys are beyond what you say above - women will openly approach them, give them their number unsolicited, even catcall them.
    • brennanhuff

      Very good looking guys are such a small percent though. That's like movie star/model good looking guys. So there aren't too many around to take away attention from, non model, non 10s good looking guys.

    • DonCachondo

      I'm a GL but not a VGL and it feels like such a ripoff LOL sort of like getting a silver medal

    • brennanhuff

      @DonCachondo it's better than average though. When you consider, I won't say most, but probably the greater portion of population is "average" or basically a little below or slightly above average in looks.

  • Prof_Don
    The point about guys' behavior around you is very true, by personal experience!

    I remember one particular guy I knew in college (friend of a friend), literally EVERY time he was in our group going out to clubs, he would try to roast me in front of girls in order to "pump himself up" in front of these girls.

    I'm a classy mature guy, even in my early 20s, so I was able to play that stuff off and ignore him.

    But I do find it interesting that although I was (and still am) chubby & average height, and he was in better shape and taller... that he was somehow jealous of ME! :-D
  • ManHater
    The way I look at it, if a guy is too anal about his face and looks pretty sure he's 100 % gay. Guys get dirty the work, get cuts and sun damaged. Homosexuals don't do the stuff that normal strait men do.
  • Lilnoka290
    Well I get a several people saying I should be a model, due to my height, I also had girls call me fine, handsome, and sexy. But again some people find me attractive, and some unattractive. So I would say I'm OKAY, others will say I'm handsome lol, especially my ex co-worker.
  • Avicenna
    I'd add to that smiles and her face otherwise indicating that she likes that you're in her presence. Some girls are very poker-faced, but this is usually the best indicator in my experience.
    • VIVANT

      I have an excellent poker face 😊

  • locutus9999
    if you catchem looking and the fast as the ray try to look somewhere else, and after a check up, you have no open zip, no stain, and nothing weird... and you have receive some complement lately... be sure you are in a handsome stage...
  • NYCQuestions1976
    If anyone has to put thought into whether or not they're handsome, they're not. It doesn't mean ugly either. Most of us are between 4s and 7s... average.
    • azzntittiz

      Sevens aren't average, don't be bitter. You're good looking once you get to six, below five is meh. , eights nines and tens are hotties.

    • @azzntittiz It's not bitterness. The vast majority of the public are from 4s to 7s, which is average. If you want to say 4s to 6s, that's fine also. We're splitting hairs at that point...

    • azzntittiz

      sevens are not common and that's not average, I think you just want attractive people to think they are average and that's bitterness on your part. if vast majority was sevens I would so love that to be true, we would all love that.

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  • TheAteam1978
    I just know! I'm a confident guy! I also know that not every woman is going to find me attractive because everyone has different tastes but that's not going to make me feel less confident.
  • steven7890789
    Well man, at least you know what most people think of you. I have no idea what most people in general think of how I look and I am going to turn 27 on August 21. I know for sure most people don't think I am good looking. I wish I knew if most people think I am average or below average looking. I won't get my feelings hurt if I find out. I just want to know, because I think it is sad not knowing what most people think of how you look. Also, it would help to know what most people think to know what women to go after when it comes to dating since people always say, I should stay in my league and I don't know what my league is.
  • invalid1
    It's a great take, I thank you for it. But whoever reading my comment. TRUST ME.
    You can even be handsome even if you're not. When I was a teenage, 18 - 20 I used to have unbelievable amount of stares especially from girls my age, all the signs that you wrote down and listed. Literally!

    But then I had an impression about myself, great admiration, I used to look in the mirror and count the good things about me, and that makes me unique. These EXACT SIGNS have actually grown a narcissist in me in such age. Which made me turn my focus away from building character, in the end, I had a great shock that my appearance gave nothing. Adult girls looked down upon me. And even if you didn't have these signs your cognitive bias will help interpret the world to feed your ego through them.
    YOU WANT TO BE HANDSOME? KNOW YOU'RE HANDSOME? pay no attention to your look, focus on other things, for it doesn't matter.
  • TruthBringer
    I've experienced all points except the "gay" comments. at least not about my looks. I mean guys throw that as an "insult" all the time. You know how guys are. Either nobody dares to associate my 'looks' with that or I haven't yet met shallow people like that.

    I lost count to how many times I got called a "fuckboy" during university. And that was even during the time I was a virgin. Apparentely, any dude who wears clothes that fit his physique, hits the gym regularly and grooms is a "fuckboy". Even if that "fuckboy" is a virgin 😂
    • By the way, no idea how I got here, but I just found out this MyTake is old as fuck lol

  • MrWolf
    Kind not kind yes.

    This take is cool but handsome it's a weird definition if you ask me.

    What I've been told by woman is am a rare catch and devilishly looking but in the good way lol.

    Yet i always and i think I'll forver define myself as an normal person.

    Sure i may have the looks, the style, the vibes, the mind and all that yet. I am as human as any other person. Being placed at top i don't like it as i enjoy peace and quite.

    And being recognised by all not that much fun believe me.

    It's like you need to get to a place and everybody is stop you to say hi or be polite. Ain't bad but gets annoying.
  • Mellontikos
    Post your pic on AmIHotOrNot and you'll know in a couple of days.
  • this is a pretty awesome take. just one query : what about the girls who smirk and look away? 😆
  • Texaskid1
    My greatest aspect is my penis. It is so pristine and sublime. Truly a gift from God.
    • dbr1987

      I respect your cock

    • Boppy

      If they're ticking off numbers on this list...
      What sort of outfits are you wearing?

    l am very nice looking for my age nice skin and lots more lol
  • CristianT
    Wanna know if you are handsome or not?

    type in youtube search: "Warrior vs Wimp Skulls In Men"

    watch that video and see if you are handsome or not.
  • dianasteve
    if u get more proposals from girls then u might be handsome
    • Grubhub

      What would a proposal from a guy be like because you said more

  • JellyDonutguy96
    well I'm definitely not handsome then,

    beer belly at 30 here I come
  • Andres77
    Handsome and attractive are not the same.
    What is attractive depends on the kind of women you are around.
    When I walk into a room and I see women that I find attractive turn and look at me and linger... that's when I know. Women that I don't find attractive that linger... I just ignore them.
    I'm married, I'm faithful. If I get a bunch of looks I'll tell my wife that night just to remind her of what a catch she has. She does the same thing.
    I'm still drunk and rambling...
    Handsome and attractive are not the same.
    Target audience analysis is important.
    If you're stuck on looks you're fighting a losing battle.
  • jestergent
    It comes with a lot of annoyances. I think many of these things however, most guys can just wait till 30-35, then it starts, just make sure a decent just okay job, steady, and just be in average shape, you should feel most of this, if never married no kids. Then if there is any extreme flaws, do mask them up. If your a bit short, yeah do add 1/2 inch from shoe soles, nothing noticable, and grow hair out to get the other inch upward. If missing an eyeball, wear a pirate patch. If any extreme downgrades, do do something to mask it, then its all profit, age 30-35.
  • FreyaRed
    Being handsome alone doesn't give you this specific something.
  • Also women will mostly like be friendly and nice to you especially if you are a quiet guy.
  • InferiorElegy
    None of that makes me handsome, most of those points happened to me but I've been called ugly my entire life.
  • Jennifer_18
    Height (As in 6'2)
    Square jawline
    Full head of hair
    No receding hairline
    Fit (But not overly muscular)
    Good skin
    Dresses well
    Naturally confident

    And there you have it.
  • BlessedDaddy
    You don't need to break out a chart and an easel. You just know.
  • JimmyQ
    I'm older so the school references you make don't ring any bells, plus, I was the total nurd in those days, but I'd say when you find women you barely know making conversation just for the sake of conversation, that might be what's called a clue.

    Or, when women tell you to your face that they think you are attractive, that too could be more than just her being nice.

    But, the old tried and true method I use to figure out if I'm in the game is to look around at the women who can't seem to take there eyes off of me and then conversely, the ones who will do whatever it takes not to look at me.

    It really is like shooting fish in a barrel.