10 Desirable Traits In A Man

10 Desirable Traits In A Man

1) Humility

10 Desirable Traits In A Man

Humility in the sense that he doesn't talk down to people ,or look down on those less fortunate than himself .A humble man is confident ,but not conceited

If you want to see the true measure of a man,watch how he treats his inferiors,not his equals

2) Affectionate

10 Desirable Traits In A Man

I love giving and receiving all kinds of affection.Especially spontaneous hugs,cuddles and kisses. Displays of affection make couples feel safe,secure ,loved and wanted

Hugs were invented to let someone know you love and care about them ,without having to say anything

3) Compassionate

10 Desirable Traits In A Man

True compassion moves people to take action to alleviate the pain and suffering of others. To me,a man who is able to connect his emotions on a deeper level to another person, by feeling sorrow and pity for their suffering and misfortune, is such a beautiful soul

The most powerful force in the world that can change lives of millions is: COMPASSION

4) Sense of Humor

10 Desirable Traits In A Man

I don't expect a man to be a standup comedian by making me laugh and cracking jokes.He just needs to be able to see the funny side of things,and have a laugh. A sense of humor can reinforce relationships. Life would be mundane if we were serious all the time.

A sense of humor is an antidote and an escape valve for the pressures of life

5) Openness

10 Desirable Traits In A Man

It takes time for most people to open up . But i appreciate a man who is real with me.Allowing himself to be vulnerable by communicating his thoughts ; expressing his feelings ; displaying his emotions ; being open and honest about himself & his life , helps to build trust in each other.It also allows me to truly know him on a deeper level.I value that trust he has in me .If there's no complete openness in a relationship,there's not enough trust between a couple.And it prevents feelings from developing, and the relationship from progressing

If you want a meaningful lasting relationship,you have to let your guard down.

6) Loyalty

10 Desirable Traits In A Man

Loyalty is a given.It's paramount between two people.If a man can't provide loyalty, in every sense of the word ( not just infidelity ) his other qualities would be worthless and meaningless

The true test of loyalty is in the face of ruin and despair

7) Reliable

10 Desirable Traits In A Man

A reliable man can be consistently depended upon.You know he'll follow through on commitments, decisions and actions.Reliability never leaves you wondering where you stand.Being reliable creates a feeling of safety and trust ,because you know a man's words and actions actually mean something.

Reliability leads to trust.

8.) Maturity

10 Desirable Traits In A Man

When men are mentally and emotionally mature they take accountability and responsibility for their own mistakes ; actions ; behavior ; choices and decisions. They exert great self-control over their emotions ,because they have the ability to understand and manage their emotions.Mature men are mild -tempered,with a mindset free from irrational beliefs, unrealistic expectations and assumptions

Maturity is learning to walk away from people and situations that threaten your peace of mind ,self-respect ,values,morals and self-worth

9) Respectful

10 Desirable Traits In A Man

A couple who treat each other with respect is as sign of their value to each another. Couples don't have to agree on every issue, but having a mutual respect for each other’s values,boundaries ,core beliefs ,wants, needs, desires and feelings helps couples to remain physically and emotionally close to each other

Love is not a reason to tolerate disrespect.

10) Good Communicator

10 Desirable Traits In A Man

A good communication structure builds a solid close lasting relationship. Knowing how to effectively express yourself , and how to listen properly helps to find common ground.The more communicative you are, the less likely arguments will arise,and it also prevents assumptions being made. The only way to resolve issues ,and make each other happy is to communicate effectively

Communication to a relationship is like oxygen to life , without it ...it dies

10 Desirable Traits In A Man
10 Desirable Traits In A Man
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Most Helpful Guys

  • DanBi03
    It's a nice list but I generally find that checklists are not the best way to approach romance/intimacy :) Let's all manage our expectations and understand that it's unrealistic to find all that in a man (or woman!).
    I wonder why the title is "10 desirable traits in a man". Why not "in a human being"? Which one of these would not apply to a woman?
    Finally, if I was to choose one I'd choose humility (for men or women). I would never want to be with someone who treats people who are less fortunate poorly
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  • ATuairiscean
    Very good analysis but to a degree it is subjective - To some that would be the perfect man but there are others who might go "He is too nice" maybe a bit of a wimp who want a bit of an edge to their man - I am not saying anything one way or the other, I just hope everybody finds the right somebody for them.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Apearl4U
    I agree, and in my opinion those dont exist in all men or women but I do believe that those are the things that lead to a happy healthy friendship, that could maybe one day make a great relationship.
    My number one is communication, I'm big on talking and understanding. And also in order to have communication you have to have honestly, loyalty and openness.
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  • Knighted2170
    Very nice Take. Well explained to the point I think I can actually take my list and do a separation of one of the traits I have and split it. I was combining compassion with openness. The way you worded it I can see how it can be two separate traits. Thanks.
  • levantine99
    with those noone fucked ever. dont listen to her guys. especially if you are under 30. and to have those you first have to be an alpha man. or else we are creeped out and instead of "cute" view them as weakness.
    • ElvenMr

      Interesting. Now, how would you describe the "alpha male"? Physical and non physical.

  • Outdoorwanderer
    I agree with u... but funny thing is these are exactly the standards women who are looking for these type of men should measure up to as well.
    Therefore these are "10 desirable traits in a woman" as well.
    However u can scrap 'reliable' and replace it with 'Nurturing' :)
  • AuroraRoseat
    I love all of those. In fact, they should be exactly like Jason Statham. ;)

    Really though. I love Jason. :)
  • CuChullan
    Love this take. I try and put all of these into my relationship. I'm human, i fail at times. But i keep trying.
  • TerryCrewsHair
    Sounds like little old me whose female friends can't figure out why I never had a girlfriend while also making their boyfriends wary of me.
  • MindYourEyes
    These are excellent traits. Hard to find everything bundled in one. XD
  • IlyaTheImpaler
    Sounds like me except for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10
  • XTropicalchickX
    Reminds me of a guy I know. Well, add super hot to that list too for him 😂
  • Number 11 should be deeply respects and fears the Most High, but good list though.
  • Storm_Soldier2377
    You forgot to mention height and a circumcised penis.
  • shyapples2
    I would describe myself as the things you listed but I'm really nervous around girls I like
  • Omar5881
    I love the picture associated with the traits lol good choice
  • red07net
    i am all those things but not mature and never will be
  • All Excellent points!!! Great Mytake!!!
  • CasaNorba
    damn you must have a lot to offer!
  • Very nice
  • beebella
    I agree with all of these. 👍
  • JustWorthlessMe
    Looks not #1 = List is a lie
  • yesnomaybeone985
    Seems you want a lady man lol.
  • msg812
    Oh you described me
  • Cool.
  • LegateLanius
  • lindaprice
    nice take
  • LustBunny
    Couldn't agree more :)
  • Razal
    Respectful is most important