Natural is better - Why I don't like MAKEUP

Natural is better - Why I don't like MAKEUP

Why "I" don't apply makeup!

Women rely more and more on artificial beauty.

Why i don't care so much about my own looks ?

The first sentence that comes to my brain is

"Why? What is the need? "

In Hindi - Kyu? Kya jaroorat hai?

I just want to look Good, nothing more.

I don't need makeup for looking good. As long as I am shaved, I don't look bad.

Women look like nice paintings in all the makeup they apply. They look (attractive*). But they don't look attractive.

Here, (attractive*) means being like a nice painting, not really attractive though.

It acts like a BARRIER

Makeup hinders expression of their natural beauty.

I am curious about their natural face. I want to explore their natural facial looks. It's just natural curiosity about the opposite gender. Each woman has a different face with varying characteristics.

Women keep applying makeup and I can't see their natural face. So I don't like makeup.

Natural is better - Why I don't like MAKEUP

But still makeup makes them look like a nice painting. Yes, a painting. Nicely colored, with definite boundaries. It looks like a nice painting.

So I can't say that makeup looks bad . Because it's like a nice painting, even better than we could ever imagine !

Degree of perfection

Increase in is directly decrease

Degree of proportional in

Perfection to attraction

The irregular surface of your cheeks ain't visible. I can't imagine a girl with perfectly smooth and dry face. I don't feel attracted.

The imperfections

Imperfections reinforce that you're a human, not a colored painting with definite boundaries .

The roughness, wetness, pimples, scars, etc all visible. It's nice.

I wouldn't have powder on my fingers if I run my fingers on her cheeks.Instead of that I would be able to feel the roughness and wetness of the skin.


Acne and scars are not normally unattractive. It's opposite. Acne is attractive. Somehow I feel that the woman has a mature face, which is attractive . Pimples are only unattractive when they're really big and swollen .


I don't usually think about it when I see them on someone. It's because everyone has scars. I accept it. I'd never thought anything about them but I sometimes find it attractive.

Yes, many will find it difficult to believe this but it is just my honest opinion.

The Unfulfilled expectation

I expected to see their real natural face because I am curious and I want to explore!. Since, I haven't seen what we expected to see it, I can't say that I liked their makeup covered face.

So, on one hand, I liked it, because it looks like a good painting.

On the other hand though, I haven't seen what I expected to see, so I didn't like it. Our expectations remain unfulfilled.

That's why I don't like Makeup. Because, Ididn't see what we expected to see. I don't care about the painting. I couldn't see what I expected to see because of makeup. .

Natural is better - Why I don't like MAKEUP

For the feminists who want accuse me of objectifying women by calling them "paintings". come at me. But before I want to tell you that I used the word because I knew no other way of explaining what I think. Say whatever you want to say. I said what I think.I am pretty sure you want to give me some lecture about it and I am ready for it. I will be reading it.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Most men who say they prefer no makeup really don't mean it, even if they think they do. What they prefer is women who look natural. The problem is the trend among women today to "fakeness"... VERY heavy makeup, painted in eyebrows, fake eyelashes, heavy lipstick and makeup, fake boobs, fake fingernails... the list goes on and on and men are kind of sick of it.

    But no makeup... that's really not what most people want to see. Few women are actually naturally beautiful enough to pull that off and attract a mate.

    • "Most men who say they prefer no makeup really don't mean it, even if they think they do."

      That's why I said that makeup makes women look attractive*) like a nice painting , but not really attractive.

    • I was explaining the views of men who claimed that they prefer no makeup.

    • Because I am one of them

Most Helpful Girls

  • I strategically apply makeup to enhance my natural beauty. You can fake your beauty sleep with some concealer, look like you got 8 hours. I'm blond, my eyelashes are blond, it looks like I don't have lashes without mascara. And most people don't like acne, so I lightly cover that as well. Don't need perfect skin, just making it look slightly better/less obvious.

    I asked and most guys and even girls don't know that I wear anything but mascara.

    • Yeah, but I don't like to see that enhanced look.

      Simplicity and imperfection is more "human"

      Accepting somebody's imperfections as a part of being " human " develops respect towards him or her
      Imperfections are attractive.
      And that's how it attracts us by creating more respect.

      The "perfect " and "fashionable ", may look "hott" and "attractive (sexually) ", but it's not humanly. Humans are imperfect. We tend to accept those imperfections.

      When you can't see imperfections, it makes them non-human-like.

      That's why makeup isn't attractive , even though it is anesthetically pleasing (like a nice painting , as I explained)

      Lastly I would say we're not so shallow about looks that we would be attracted to those artificial non-human-like looks.

      Makeup makes you look like a nice painting. It makes you look aesthetically pleasing. But it doesn't make you attractive.
      That's my point.

    • I look natural. It's just if I had a few rough nights, makeup can make me look like I do when well rested again. And on my period, I can make my skin look like the rest of the month

    • I don't do anything about my more permanent 'flaws' - those are what make me me. But that zit on my cheek doesn't fedl like part of my identity, so I want to cover it up.

  • you realize that most of the women in your pictures that you assume aren't wearing make up are still wearing some sort of mascara or eyeliner right?


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  • I personally wear makeup to enhance my beauty, I don't care about what a guy thinks about how I look. I want to look good for myself.

    Makeup is considered art as well, it's not always about trying to hide/cover up.

  • Nothing to read here. I mean this is something people hear ALL the time and the world still go on... so it a lost argument like everything else in life that requires opinions... only lol.

    I rarely wear makeup. Im told im consider a natural beauty.

    THE BIGGEST PLUS of dark skin is it gives a great flawless look and natural hazel eyes, cheekbones, and full lips just added. Im also a health nut and vegetarian for 7 years. Yet people got so much to say on that TOO. what is the ideal beauty right? I'm not blonde nor white and never will be but should I LISTEN to those asses or know that my beauty is just as beautiful? yeah, who opinion is right? mOre OPINIONS!!

    I don't knock other girls for wearing it. It a right. No different if you prefer ties or blue jeans. Who cares. You still are you. And life sucks enough and too damn short to sit around judging what people decide to do with their faces in the morning. SO many opinions and yet sooo little care my dude... Looks is something society changes throughout the centuries. Women use to literally pick their eyebrows off and hairline to have a bigger forehead. It meant more statues. All and all It, not a mark. It is, not satan. it Just makeup that washes off at night. As women get older they find better looks. As they do grow more comfortable with themselves for themselves... not a man.

    So come at me and tell me where Im flawed at... base on your OPINION... that you "painted from YOUR thoughts.

  • The hell man. If I'm at a wedding, or hanging out with my buddies and have some obvious makeup on (especially on weddings lol since ur Desi u know it better), and some dude looks at my face thinking what's under that makeup...


    • Why is it creepy?

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    • @CubsterShura

      I told you earlier

      *We are NOT thinking, dreaming about , wondering , imagining or fantasizing about a particular woman's face.*

      *When we look at a woman, we only praise their facial beauty , but we don't ""think"" anything about it.*

      *But if you will ask me , then i will say that it i prefer to look at her natural face.*

      You misunderstood everything.

      *"a guy's curiousity to know your true natural beauty" I understand general curiosity on girls in general, THAT is okay.*

      You agree with my main point.

      I explained the above thing (that you said) in different manner. Bad English.

      Making issues out of nothing. You were overreacting.

    • I am also a feminist.

      Keep some faith in others.

      Don't try to prove

      "I am good and you are bad"

      Just like you, we can also understand what's right and what's wrong.

  • It’s fun to wear make up not over doing it but experimenting with combinations.

    If one is considering it’s risk , combine the following for safe yet glowing results.

    Your non comedogenic foundation + Neutrogena helio complex spf 110 face shield.
    I use YSL TOP SECRETS BB CREME. I think I am sold on it permanently.

    I’ve read some insta models swear by celery juice as a regular habit.
    Running does miracles to clarity.
    As do smoothie mornings.

    Spa and calming music whilst getting ready

  • I hate make up with a passion. My mother always forced it on my growing up always caused problems for my skin. Saying I look prettier with it on. After I turned 18 and quit it. My skin is now healthier and better than ever. Lipstick was an acception, but I don't wear it much anymore. People would ask me if I'm wearing it I tell them no and they say like wow. It's refreshing living without it. Natural look is wonderful.

  • Forgot to mention the instant photoshop apps... I hate those things too. My opinion is it's deceitful. Tge saying all men are liars loses all relevant when one can stand in awe at the bullshit parade of artificial beauty.

    Well said OP

    • It’s again for the woman herself and yes to a great degree to attract guys.

      However with everyone donning on makeup to an art, the game of pursual gave guys many options, and they got cocky about x no. Of girls they slept and conquered with their friends.

      It has now become about attraction and creating sexual tension even if it’s within that woman’s mind.
      So it’s the reason so many turn to modifying their pics except me I can’t be bothered with that. Never did.

      So fear rules this game of deception you think is bull shit because women parade around artificially.

      I don’t think you know the rules of its application or art.
      I agree with you in one situation, too much of inner eye shadow and rim lining , heavy fake lashes , nails, and tan. Also too much highlighting of cheeks and bony prominences of the face.

  • If women want to be two faced then who am I to judge.

    • Man, stop pretending.

      Everyone has judgements and opinions about things.

    • You must not get play of words. But its also a little ironic that you use the anonymous feature like makeup.

  • I think you mean natural looking makeup, because those chicks are still wearing a ton of makeup in those photos.

  • I agree. I want to see her natural face. Not her face enhanced with makeup that makes her look like a 7/10 when in reality she's a 5/10

    • If you have to rate people as if they're objects and you're assigning them a barcode, that says a lot about your personality. Go away

  • Acne is attractive? The fuck are you talking about?

  • Whatever they feel comfortable in. They're all beautiful. Nobody is perfect.

  • Uh, acne is actually unattractive.

  • I don’t care. I love makeup and I love wearing it.

  • Agree...

  • Yes, I can see why. Lovely..


    • I bet you haven’t seen Hollywood actresses without makeup omg they are ugly as hell. These women above are still amazing and have retained their youthful looks despite the Natural portrayal.

      Makeup is for ourselves then again and so is the choice.

  • 3d

    Lmao ok

  • Good take.

  • alright

  • Nice take

  • Least I am a walking painting.

  • Why should I care what you think? I didn't even bother to read this.

    • Pls dont waste his time by commenting here.

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    • Im commenting on his post...

    • Don't read and don't comment.
      I didn't write it for you. I didn't invite anyone.

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