I'm not an incel!


Its time for me to clear my name in this website, because some people seem to think that when you have different points of view for women or not conforming with the liberal and feminist propaganda you're supposedly an incel, I mean how the f**k does that even stand?I will tell you some things about myself and you have to tell me if indeed im an incel or not!

1) I'm not even a virgin. I had 5 one night stands till today with beautiful girls and 3 relationships (I know it's not a lot but i don't think that makes me an incel).

2) I have been bullied at a young age and because of that i have anger issues that still show up today, although im probably the only person in the world who actually beat up his bullies so im proud of that.

3) I had girlfriends that treated me like shit before and abused me and thats where my supposed "hate of women" came from, which is not actually hate but disgust because i learned first hand how horrible some of them are and although i was abused when i went to the police about it they said there was nothing they could do (i was 17 at the time).

4) I'm a university student, I study informatics in the university of economics and business, so you can't say I'm a loser either.

5) I'm working along with going to university so that i can get myself a house.

6) I'm working out frequently, I have a really nice body because of that! (incels are fat most of the time).

7) Feminism is not my enemy, I don't think women should give up their rights, my enemy is this indifference that plagues the world about mens problems!Society is becoming more and more gynocentric when it should be the other way around! Women can hit a man and get away with it, until that stops im gonna keep bothering every post about woman's problems that is available to me! Just because men are silent doesn't mean they don't have problems! They have and they are a 1000 times more serious and fucked up than any women's issues but men are taught to man up and that came as a disadvantage for most of them, so you could say im a men's rights activist and not an incel!

8) I have a girlfriend right now and we love each other, I don't know what i could do without her, she's a really good girl and she understands me, we have a lot of things in common.she's is actually a childhood friend of mine but i didn't remember that until she told me(lol), i had a lot of friends that were girls when i was growing up, i didn't like to hang out with guys because they were making fun of me sometimes, i knew all the girls in my home town before me and my parents moved out, she was one of them.

9) I don't hate women! I just think that SOME (thats why its with capitals because i don't mean all of them) of them are hoes, either for having a bad personality, hitting or abusing men, thinking they're the center of the world, wanting attention all the time, being misandristic, being psychopathic some times (they don't show any signs of empathy sometimes), feminists trying to emasculate all men, not having any decency to walk away, not having any shame for things they say, thinking all men are jerks, making every problem of theirs other peoples fault, not admit to their wrongs because they think understanding something is losing, being immature and stupid overall and also men who support these bitches! like i would understand if they supported a fine female thats a good person, i would support her too, but they only support bitches for some reason!

I could go on and on but I don't think I'm an incel, what do you think?

I'm not an incel!
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  • DWD94

    The phrase 'incel' is just a buzzword used by women and feminists when their ego is in danger of being damaged after losing an argument.

    Similar thing happened to me on a facebook post awhile ago. This girl made a post about she was concerned about how many jokes there are about marriage with regards to the wife being portrayed as the 'ball and chain'. And I responded by telling her 'Well I mean it's true, marriage pretty much is the end of a guy's freedom. Most married men I've seen can't even do so much as go to the bathroom to take a shit without their wife's permission'.

    She then gave the whole "who hurt you" spiel to me. I then said "Why get married though? What's in it for the guy? What does marriage give him that he can't get elsewhere?" Of course I got called 'selfish' for saying this and then later on as more people started replying, she said "Ignore the incel guys, dont feed him" and I responded by saying :

    "-sigh- I had a feeling the 'incel' accusation would come up (despite the fact I'm not a virgin and I date fairly regularly). I'm actually dating someone at the moment have been dating her for a few months "

    Another girl chimed in and said "So you're not an incel then, you're just an asshole, got it. Also shouldn't you be with your girl and giving her attention, or does that not 'benefit' you? selfish asshole"

    At that point I just lol'd and left.

    TL;DR even if you aren't an incel, feminists/women/sjw's will still resort to that kind of shaming language. It's basically an attempt to shame a man. Yet at the same time, if men are sexual with women, then they get accused of being predatory and objectifying them, so there's really no winning.

    • derek2017

      thanks man i really appreciate your opinion!!

    • DWD94

      No problem. I just find it so funny feminists whine about incels so much. I think the reason feminists hate incels so much is because incels represent the very traits that feminists hate about themselves (ie bitterness, entitlement, general lack of self awareness, etc). Their hatred of incels is based off of projection and insecurity.

    • derek2017

      exactly its like seeing the male version of themselves in a mirror!! Thats why it makes them mad!!

  • AllThatSweetJazz

    Let me clear this up for *you.*
    No justification here will prevent you from being called these things. The only contingent factor for qualifying for these names is disagreeing with a female progressive’s viewpoint.

    Doesn’t matter in the slightest what you say to defend yourself, you are going to be labeled this as a way of dismissing you. I’ve been here for years and have seen it a lot.

    It just means they’re feeling insecure in their position and need to call you names to feel better. Often even if their accusations were true, they wouldn’t have anything to do with the argument. It’s just them flailing as they feel their position being challenged.

    Tell them you married to a man and they’ll still try to shame you with accusations of female repulsion as if it mattered to you.

    The trick is to stay polite and argue to convince the audience not to actually change the opponents mind. Just let them ruin their position by hurling baseless accusations and flopping on their face.

    • derek2017

      lol thanks man! Thats why i selected you as the most helpful opinion! Although there are others who gave really helpful advice too!

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  • No_Archons

    Yeah, you'd think your penis knowing what a woman's insides feel like would be enough, but it actually just makes you a rapist in their eyes.

    It's actually fucked how many women do this... my own mother does minor version of this to me. I say something against the female hive mind, she says 'well good luck finding a woman with that attitude'

    Almost every women will do this if they feel like they can get away with it. They praise the guys who agree with them, and if the dude licks her fucking boot enough, she might even give him a fuck! Girls as a whole make me sick to my stomach these days, with some VERY, VERY RARE EXCEPTIONS. I've never given a girl that I've been involved with a god damn penny or pandered to her in any way, and I ain't startin now, or ever.

    I cringe for you though, I cringe at the fact that you feel the need to use the girls you've fucked as some sort of shield against this shit. What are you defending yourself against? You need only attack man...

    And I've done the same thing before, it's really hard not to, but as a fellow saythingstogirlstheydontlike dude, I gotta tell ya, don't EVER go on the defense against this shit, it's totally illegitimate as 99% of guys can order sex like a fking pizza if they're willing to fuck the slut.

  • DDpsy

    Women have had 3 go to insults on the internet since the dawn of time i. e the late 90s.
    1. Your peepee is small.
    2. You have weird relations with your mum.
    3. You can't get any. This one has recently transformed into "you must be an incel" after they read one too many Buzzfeed feminist horror porn articles.

    • derek2017

      I've never heard about the second one lmao!!

    • DDpsy

      I seen it a lot on twitter.

  • ShadowofRegret

    You are not, that is just something those same types call someone who disagrees with their nonsense, some have even called me the same (they are free to think what they like, I honestly do not care.😏)

    I think what you do is honorable as you are trying to fight against the hypocrisy those kinds of "women" often practice (real women know better.)

    • derek2017

      thank you man i really appreciate it!!

  • bamesjond0069

    You're an incel because you felt the need to write this. How weak are you that you let mere words from strangers online trigger you? Maybe you aren't an incel but you're certainly a cucked up pussy. You aren't even against feminism? Wtf are you smoking crack? Everyone knows feminism is for retards. Smh.

    • derek2017

      I'm not an incel!
      here you go! i hope you get girls to give you the poon man!

    • I don't want girls to give me the poon. Wtf. I just can't stand men who act like whiny bitches. Leave that to the girls. Grow tf up.

    • derek2017

      i just think that men are held back by being tough, like look at the world today, women get things for being whinny bitches and society assumes that men have no problems because theyre too tough to express them! So maybe being tough doesn't help after all!!

  • SuperManiac

    If you need to defend against some feminist type, I think the most important thing you could work on is not giving a damn (or learn to at least not give one when someone mischaracterizes you this much). We could probably all use some work in this regard, and more than we care to admit.

    They are rather ineffective though. I like to think I don't give a damn but I might have been tilted a bit when someone on here called me an old fat guy when I tried to give fitness advice. I'm like, "I'm not fat! Check out my shirtless pics!" And I've been doing it ever since. So I like to think I don't give a damn, but it's something I could probably work on a bit more. :-D

    • They are rather [effective] though [for me at least].

    • derek2017

      Yeah thats exactly how i feel! They describe me as a person im not and i know you're not supposed to give a fuck but come on!

  • SkipStop

    👍 Once you learn to speak and read the feminist language, you will have no problem winning every argument. I know what their response will be after writing my response and know what I will say once they reply. It's too predictable. I just laugh out loud now. The whole Incel, misogynist, bigot, sexist, etc. thing is like the only defense they have. Same goes for democraps and libtards. Gynocentrism is a huge problem. Especially in courts and society in general. It's too old. Women are not weaker and we don't have to save them from anything. No pu55y passes. Equal rights and punishments for all. Men's Rights groups are getting stronger and we will win the war. When I took the red pill, everything made sense. Especially when the #MeToo crap spread. Now we got #MenToo in Australia and India. Let's keep spreading it around the world.

    • derek2017

      Yeah man!! When they see guys turning away from them because of them being treated badly they (feminists) will lose everything theyve built up so far!! We will win!! I mean they are ven helping us because the worst guys get treated the more they will start to become MGTOWS and MRA in the end there will be nothing left but feminists tears!

    • derek2017


    • derek2017

      as i said though i dont hate feminists (i mean first and second wave feminists,3rd wave feminists are kind of making things harder for guys and i dont like that!) i just want for guys to be able to express their opinion and fight for their rights and society and the media to not be in the way of that

  • Bananaman177

    Just remember, women can be "-cels" too.

    I'm not an incel!I'm not an incel!I'm not an incel!I'm not an incel!

    I think there are more females living as emcels than there are males living as incels.

    • derek2017

      yeah but first of all being devoid of emotions has nothinfg to do with not being able to have sex with someone, its like comparing a porn addict with a sex addict, they have nothing in common believe me!!

    • Female psychology isn't the same as male psychology either, look how often men's pleasures are women's punishment and vice versa.

    • derek2017

      men's pleasures aren't women's punishments, they (women) just make everything about themselves! They are selfish creatures (some of them) and have a fucked up inferiority complex! They dont understand that men are different from them, they have morals and limits and most of them are wise and know how to use their power! Thats why you dont give women power, because women dont have those things!!

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  • JustWorthlessMe

    I had to tell my son that I am a virgin, he was understandably confused lol... it's just an insult that low IQ men use when they are intellectually dominated or if you say something a woman doesn't like, she'l try to just dismiss your facts by claiming that you're just a sexless loser as a distraction... The exact same women who insult me are the ones who shower me with likes when I tell the truth about the right-wing...

  • RolandCuthbert

    The thing that could be confusing is that you may argue on behalf of incels. I understand a bit about incel life, seeing that I did not have an actual girlfriend until I was 21.

    But I still can't argue on their behalf. I was an idiot for thinking I could not get a girl. I created a pity party to excuse not working on myself and trying harder.

    And every time I run into guys here who claim they can't find love, I tell them the truth. The only thing stopping them from having an active social life is them.

    • derek2017

      what? I dont argue on behalf of incels, im not an incel either! Although i can't deny im a purple pilled MGTOW (it means that i support the MGTOW ideology although i have a girlfriend, but theyre mostly against marriage so i dont think thats a problem...)

    • I probably have met two guys who claimed to be MGTOW and whom just swear off marriage. Nothing is wrong with that. But it isn't like my opinion matters.

      The thing that is different about incels is they want people to feel sorry for them.

      I mean that "literally". It is no joke.

      That is some scary nonsense right there.

  • VaIiant

    “I’m the only person in the world who beat up his bullies”
    LMAO. No.

    • derek2017

      no really!! why? did you beat yours?

    • VaIiant

      No, I wasn’t bullied... You are one of 8 billion people. Are you that stupid that you think you are the FIRST and ONLY person to beat up someone for doing it first?

    • derek2017


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  • r/inceltears

    • derek2017

      Im not an incel!
      here you go!

    • DWD94

      inceltears is such a cringy subreddit.

      Its an entire subreddit dedicated to whining about men whining about how they can't get laid. You're basically putting yourself on the same level as them.

  • Thatsamazing

    Uh what

  • You're not an incel

  • Secretgardenblood

    What's the mean an incel

    • derek2017

      it means an ugly virgin loser who hates girls for not wanting his ugly fat virgin ass, they believe that women owe them sex and in really rare occasions (elliot rodger) they kill girls for not wanting to have sex with them, also there's a difference between not wanting to have sex and being an incel, an incel can't have sex because he is ugly and a loser and has a fucked up ideology, while there are other men who dont like having sex or relationships with women (those are not incels!!)

    • I see. Thanks for information

    • HereIbe

      And there is a difference between not being a slave to pussy and being MGTOW. MGTOW have decided that no man should ever, ever, ever, ever want to have anything to do with women, because women are eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil.

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  • Anonymous

    If you have to tell people you are not an incel, then you probably are one!