Why do men lie? Because we have no choice!

Why do men lie? Because we have no choice!


I am currently engaged to a women i met back in my hometown in Africa.We bonded so well that people didn't even realized we just met a few weeks ago. Her family and mines are so close that my Dad took the imitative behind my back to propose the idea of marriage. It was too early for me but honestly i did like this girl and felt that i knew her enough to at least keep her close. I agreed to my Dads idea of marriage and gave her an engagement ring.

At the end of my trip i flew back to New York and back to my normal life. Its been almost six months now and we haven't seen each other. All we could do is phone calls, chats, and video calls. I have arranged plans to get her visa to come to USA and possible trips back to see her in a few months. She really misses me and won't stop talking about me to her parents and friends about this amazing guy she met. She turns down many guys who wanted a shot at her because of me. She doesn't want to look like a whore in front of her family and she doesn't want to share her body with no one else.

Me on the other end has continue my usual male activities.Chasing women, getting laid, and drinking. I really want to enjoy the rest of my single life before i go complete serious. She notices me going out with female friends and i even was honest with her that i did sleep with one of them.As a result she became clingy and wanted to track my every movement. I TRIED to be understanding but i couldn't take it anymore and told she needs to cut down on messages and calls. Especially when im at work or doing an activity(gym, shopping,etc).

I regret being honest with her. I should of never had told her i was sleeping with a women or being going out with friends.I could of saved her some tears when i told her to reduce the messages. I didn't want to hurt her but what am i suppose to do? She overseas and im here. We are not seeing each other for months. She upset at the fact that she has rejected every guy that has come her way and i haven't done the same with females. I see why men just lie now. If i had made up an excuse for my meetings with other women she would think i was loyal as well and we wouldn't be having any issues right now. She wouldn't be in a emotional ride as she is now as she is threatening me that she can have "10 boyfriends" if she wants.Being honest with women dont always work. Sometimes you just got to give her the lie.

Why do men lie? Because we have no choice!
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  • Yeah you should have lied. I mean she left you absolutely no choice, you couldnt just wait 6 months like she did. That's ridiculous, 6 whole months without getting your dick wet, you could easily have died. Better to give her a bright Red flag and then wonder why she can't understand why you were going to marry her and yet you aren't loyal to her at all. Better to have lied. I feel so sorry for you
  • RandyDDD
    So why did you commit to her in the first place if you're not ready to get married?
    You're not much of a man if you can't be honest. You don't want to stop boiking the chicks so why the hell are you engaged to another girl? She's in SA and you're in NY. She probably wants to come to NY and live the high life like you do. Maybe she's using you.
    If you aren't ready to be a mature adult, call it off.
    Why did you let your dad talk you into it anyway?
  • Thatsamazing

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