The clock is ticking. Life is too short to stress over the small stuff.

I still remember my teenage years as though it was yesterday. I let so many opportunities pass me by because I used to allow fear of the unknown to hold me back. The worse thing in life is regret. Live life the way you want to experience it. Don't be afraid of rejection. Don't be afraid to take chances. The older you get the more you end up wishing you had done certain things but this is preventable. Make every day count. In 100 years from now NOBODY WILL CARE so stop worrying about fear of rejection or what everyone else will think! Spend your days being thankful or at least finds ways to find things to be thankful about. Walk with your head/chin up. Smile and let others find your love of life contagious. Define the person you want to be and then do the work to accomplish it as you will thank yourself later. Be with the person (or persons) who makes you feel good about yourself. Screw those who bring you down or seek to control you in a relationship. It's not worth living and dying less than blessed. You are the most important person and never let anyone else make you think you are not as there is not another person on the planet exactly the same as you and that is what makes you unique. Those who do not like you are not worthy of you. Do not associate with toxic people. Take care of yourself! It's never too late to change yourself. You want to reach your golden years still young at heart and still active and healthy.

Below is a picture of me at the age of 16. I was on a cruise ship when this picture was taken. I can still remember boarding the ship and exiting when it was done. I can remember many of the things I done and said. I remember the flight to Florida. If you are young now then this too will be your experience later.

The clock is ticking. Life is too short to stress over the small stuff.

The next picture is me in my 30's on another cruise. Again, it seemed like yesterday.

The clock is ticking. Life is too short to stress over the small stuff.

The next picture was taken this year in July as I turned 50. In 10 years I will be 60 and that picture I took of myself will seem like yesterday in 10 years.

The clock is ticking. Life is too short to stress over the small stuff.

Make the best out of your life as it goes by fast. Make every day count. Make every day awesome! Stop living life with "Should I?" talk and start living life saying, "I will do it? If you do not then you will reach an age where you can only sit around saying, "If I could only do it all over again" as you will finally realize the importance of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and making life the way you would intend it to be.

The clock is ticking. Life is too short to stress over the small stuff.
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  • matthew747
    I just turned 50 this month and I think everything you said was excellent advice and its just what I needed to hear I wake up each day defeated before I even start the battle of trying to find my place in this world at 50 it really does seem like yesterday I was 30 and good looking had a good job everyone loved and respected me everywhere with all things I had favor, Now I have nothing and I wish I would have done this and done that , it's so overwhelmingly disappointing my life but I have to get on with living instead of waiting to die and be grateful for the life I do have and try to get the most out of this short time here I got left and most of all I am going to worry about making me happy for a change I have lived my whole life trying to make everyone around me happy and I realize now nothing I ever did for anyone makes any difference now they never appreciated my efforts anyway so no more I have to come first now
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    • Anonymous

      I do believe in loving yourself first. If your life is spent on pleasing everyone else then you get exhausted. You tend to find people walk all over your niceness too. You start getting bitter, "Why do I always finish last? Who is going to do something nice for me for a change?" I'm not saying to not be nice but there is a danger to it. I've noticed those who try to be nice often are easily hurt. If you are the type of person I am describing then you probably bottle up your emotions like I used to do. It leads to depression and certain not so pleasant behaviors. I dated a lady who sought to be nice but ripped people behind their backs is another symptom it seems. They always expect a thank you. They always feel guilty as my partner would apologize to everyone constantly driving us all nuts. No more Mr. Nice Guy as you need to put him to his final resting place. Take care of Matthew! Start treating yourself to some niceness. Turning 50 is not a death sentence but an opportunity to still change. If you were in a nursing home confined to a wheelchair then changing things around would be tough. Get yourself in the best shape of your life if you are not. It's funny how walking around and taking deep breaths and having everyone thinking life is just so much fucking greener where you are at does eventually change your feelings and the way you think. Never give up. We should only give up with our last breath.

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  • noodles5
    I’m glad I came across your post as I found it extremely inspirational. Curiosity got to me and left me questioning. Feel free not to answer as it may be too personal, but what are your regrets today at 50 years old (if you have any)?
    • Anonymous

      Some I will leave out here to prevent the public from seeing as there is one biggy that prompted my post. I finally took control of things in my life but wished I could have started sooner.

      1. Some of the people I was terribly mean to.
      2. Many bad financial decisions when I knew better.
      3. One of them were my shyness that preventing me from doing things or being with someone special years ago. I'm very different today than what I was before.
      4. Living in fear of what others have thought of me for many years.
      5. Not taking risks. I chose to be the wuss for years.
      6. I wish I followed my passion
      7. Not spending more time with people I cared about and are no longer with me today.

      One day I put on paper the man I wanted to be and pushed myself out of my comfort zone to be that man. I'm very goal oriented today. Sorry if I was a bit vague.

    • noodles5

      Once again, I am inspired. Thank you for your honesty.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you!

      One thing, make sure you marry the right man. You want a man who adores you and will encourage you to be the very best. You do not want a jealous angry man who makes your life a hell. Do not accept the next best thing ever! You will "regret" it.

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  • dontgofalling
    I'm really young and having my own problems,
    but having someone like you say something like that really inspires me and makes me feel better about those problems and what I want from life, I just wanna say thanks
    • Anonymous

      You are welcome! You have your whole life ahead of you. You are capable of doing the things I use to shy away from. Determine you will take control of your life instead of allowing feelings and negative thoughts to do it for you. Keep your head up!

    • thunk ya 😉

  • BigJake
    I don't think it matters either way. Everyone will have regrets regardless what they do. I've lived what a lot of people would call a "full life" with lots of blessings and good fortune. Even so, I wonder about ten different things I could have done and what would have happened had I pursued them rather than the path I chose. If someone doesn't have regrets in his life, it just means he's not reflective enough to analyze the twists in his life.

    My grandfather lived a much harder life than me with far fewer advantages and far less choice. He had to struggle every day for years just to make ends meet, and yet, I think he led a better life than me because his life was lived for his family. Everything he did was for his family. People today would look at his life and feel sorry for him, and he even told me he wished he had my opportunities, but I think he had a better life than me. So he regretted no having more choice, and I regret having too many choices. I think life is what it is, no more and no less, and what has been in your life is what was meant to be.
  • leahzrc
    if you lived in PA, you would be friends with my dad lol
    • Anonymous

      I'm going to assume that was a compliment :) I take it that your dad is a good man

  • genuinepervert
    Don't sweat the petty shit but instead Pet the sweaty shit and said someone i knew
  • DaMack999
    Thank you for sharing that is inspirational. God bless.
  • Mooddie
    🙌🙌🙌Respect Senior man.
  • kickingboots98
    Awesome post
  • Blue_bunni
    Very good!!
  • KaraAyna
    Good mytake
  • jwsstein