How to Be Polite


As a caveat, I am a beginner to this subject but I wanted to share some things I learned so far.

1. Always Wear Pants in Formal Settings

It is not always important to wear pants, but in formal settings like funerals, weddings, business meetings, things of this sort, I found you get a much better reception if you wear pants.

How to Be Polite

2. Don't Get Caught Urinating in Public

Always look for a dark place. Don't do it in front of everybody. Some people are offended by this. If you do against the wall, make sure it is not a door that someone is about to open.

How to Be Polite

I was trying to think up some more but I think that's all I have so far. Well, I'm only 39-years old. I'll try to learn some new ones in a few more years.

How to Be Polite
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  • sagevalentineee
    3. Always bring a gift when you're going to someone's home.
    4. Don't blow on your food.
    5. You shouldn't check your phone in a formal setting when people are around, go to the bathroom.
    6. Stand up when you greet someone.
    7. Respect the privacy of correspondence. You should not be reading texts, emails, mail or the private work of anyone other than yourself.
    8. Place your knife and fork correctly so that the waiter knows when to take away your plate.
    9. Don't smoke in front of another person without your permission.
    10. Raise your hand to greet drivers or pedestrians.
    11. If you're with a woman, you can take her coat but not her handbag.

    Gosh I can think of hundreds of things I wish people would know. I absolutely love the English. Whenever I'm on a plane in the UK another passenger will always offer to grab my bags for me, which I really appreciate since Ii can hardly do it myself. They are quite thoughtful.
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    • I never heard of "don't blow on your food". That's a completely new one to me. What if it's piping hot?

    • Blowing on it won't make it significantly cooler in any case. Let's say it's soup, and you can see the heat coming off from it, you take a spoonful and just hold it above the bowl. Because it's a small amount in a metal spoon, it cools fast already, so you just hold it there until it's cool enough to eat. After a few spoonfuls the whole bowl should be cool enough to eat immediately.

    • I usually just drink the soup straight from the bowl. I always found spoon kind of tedious. :-D

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  • SydneySentinel
    Apparently light dancing at the table is frowned upon and is considered impolite. I don't know why music is played over dinner then because I get the boogie fever.
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Most Helpful Guys

  • newblinds
    Use the cutlery on the outside first since it corresponds with the subsequent courses of meals.

    In Japan it's appropriate to slurp your noodle bowl real loud while sucking in like a vacuum cleaner and you gotta do it while it's piping hot, if you don't do it then the ramen man might beat you to death.

    You can light a candle after or while you took some time in the toilet so it doesn't smell after apparently... not even a scented candle
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    • In S. Korea too. They all are noisy eaters to compliment the food, lol. The quieter you are, the worse it tastes, lol

  • Sonorous
    I'm the type to wear shorts anyways just to be a rebel 😂
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  • Avicenna
    Very good advice, especially #2
  • Optymistyk
    It is polite to like other peoples comments
  • joethemoe912
    The dude looks like he's pissing in the corner lol
  • Good mytake
  • Joker_
    Amazing myTake