The Way of The Strong Man

The Way of The Strong Man

The Way of The Strong Man

I wrote a Mytake about the two types of men in the world today Strong and Weak.

There's Really Only Two Types of Men

Last time, I mainly focused on the weak men and their qualities, or lack of qualities I should say. But please remember not all men are weak that's only one side of the coin.

The Way of The Strong Man

Characteristics of Strong Men

On the other side of the coin, you have the strong men. They are the ones that men should strive to be like, and the ones that women should strive to be in relationships with. So, let’s take a look at how strong men differ from weak men and some character traits of a true strong man.

The Way of The Strong Man

1.They Are Leaders and Take Action

Strong men don’t just sit back and let problems accumulate. They do not sing the "Poor Me Song" They see what needs to be solved, they come up with a solution, and then they take action.

They act like a leader not a follower. They provide for themselves and their families without complaining and naturally lead the household. They are not afraid to stand alone and have the courage to do so.

The Way of The Strong Man

2. Caring and Empathetic

Unlike weak men who suppress their emotions and lash out, strong men know that it takes a real man to be caring and empathetic to other people.

The Way of The Strong Man

They are kind, loving and aren’t afraid to show their emotions or be affectionate to others. They do not pick on or bully women, becaues of their low self-esteem issues and do not fear confrontation with other men. They are gentleman, who care, have manners, and appreciate women inside and out.

The Way of The Strong Man

If anything strong men stand up for women. Strong men care about others feelings not just their own. A man like this feels that your safety is his duty. He feels responsible for you and always has your back no matter what. He won't back down from anyone.

The Way of The Strong Man

He's not fragile he's tough. He won't bitch and whine about small things like a Mytake Wowwgirl wrote about The Two Types of Men last week. I mean what guy wants to look like a moody woman by ranting, complaining, and bitching as if he's on a menstrual cycle 365 days a year? Gross!

The Way of The Strong Man

3. Is Self-Reflective.

Strong men take time to examine themselves and can admit fault. They are aware of the actions and behaviors they have. And not only are they aware of them, they always strive to improve themselves and be a better man.

The Way of The Strong Man

Strong Men can say I'm sorry or I was wrong. Weak men are always right and usually can not admit fault. It's always easier to be right, but takes strength to admit when you were/are wrong.

The Way of The Strong Man

4. They Are Protective

Strong men have an instinctive urge to protect their loved ones during hard times and their romantic partner is the first on this list. Next to them, you feel safe and sound. Even though you’re a strong girl who doesn’t need a man saving her, it’s nice knowing that you have a partner you can rely on.

The Way of The Strong Man

Having a guy who protects you means one who looks after your feelings and mental health. He wants to build you up, not break you down. He's your biggest fan in all you do.

The Way of The Strong Man

5. Strong men will not be intimidated by a strong women

A strong man, just like a strong woman, is aware of who he or she is. He is aware of his masculinity, his strength, his thoughts, his ideas, his weaknesses. He doesn't feel the need to degrade women or prove himself, becaues he is not confident in himself like a weak man would.

The Way of The Strong Man

He will not feel diminished by a woman who knows how to love herself and pursue the things she wants in life. Strong men respect women and show it in their actions and treatment towards them. Strong men are the ones girls want to date.

The Way of The Strong Man

I'd say guys save your pages of rants on the replys, but I know you guys just can't help yourself. Those poor glass egos are just to fragile and can't take the criticism especially from a woman.

Thanks for reading everyone and remember,,,,,,,

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#girlsaskguys #wowgirlRocks


The Way of The Strong Man
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  • Grond21
    There it is! That's the one I was looking for.

    And I noticed, although it wasn't obvious at first, that you mentioned nothing about his body. It's busy. This is all character. It's mind and heart, intention and drive
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    • A great reminder for strong men who tend to forget all their potential! 💋

    • Grond21


  • skeetskeetskeet
    Damn wow... seems you got the not so strong all pms'ing... just like you said they would..
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  • Eagle_93
    I know this is a few days old but, I literally just read down your list and said, check, check, check, check, check.

    I feel exactly the same way.

    A strong man is not one who doesn't show emotions, or have empathy for others, or disrespect women and treat them as an inferior being.

    To the contrary,

    A strong man is one who:

    Protects (to the best of his ability) those he loves,
    Stands up for others where the need arises,
    lifts others up,
    Is caring, kind, empathetic, passionate about life,
    Is introspective looking inward to see his own faults,
    Listens to criticism and uses it to become a better person,
    Treats everyone (especially women) with the utmost respect, and is constantly learning how to make himself a better man (whether that be in love and relationships, learning how to tie a tie, build a fire in the wilderness, how to program a computer, how to change a diaper etc)...


    I would be interested to hear your thoughts on weak vs strong women as well😊👍
  • worldscolide
    Fits a song that the wife dedicated to me when we were together at the 5 year mark.

    Honor - Choices that you make, reflect of whom you truly are
    Courage - Rise above the masses, live your life complete and strong
    Compassion - Is the power that must be used for the good of all
    Loyal - To the ones in my care, standing true for what the cause

    My soul has been searching, longing for something
    I see my true self and I have learned well

    Honesty - There are no shades of grey, only truth as it can be
    Sincere - Don't need to give my word, to speak of such, is the same thing
    Courtesy - There's no need to prove strength, even respect your enemies
    Values - This is the code I feel, emotions without words, can speak

    My soul has been searching, longing for something
    I see my true self and I have learned well
    My true self

    Insight, intelligence, integrity, the honor that is in my soul
  • RaijuRainBird
    Most of these guys are just frat-type douches who put on a persona of doing good for sexual advantage and clout.

    They given women what they want and tell people what they want to hear and put on the song and dance everyone enjoys and all of that, but at the end of the day they've still got a big ego and they probably care about things mostly for just self gain purposes. I mean, I don't see how this persona could last.

    I think 'strong men' are ones who accept a little bit of disadvantage in order to work towards some greater good without getting any recognition for it. There's ways of 'green living' that people can do in private without getting glory. 9/10 times the type of guy you describe doesn't do anything like this unless he gets rewarded by the public eye for doing it.

    I think 'strong men' stand up for certain ideals they value and so on, but not because they're popular ideas but because he believes in them authentically.

    And I think a 'strong man' handles adversity with a cool head, and doesn't compromise when pressured. But that's just my opinion of course. Basically, authenticity, level headedness and really a refusal to bend at someone's random will for no good reason and a willingness to voluntarily adjust himself for some bigger cause for a good reason -- that's what I think is a 'strong man.' But, of course, I think these traits may appear as weaknesses to some of the types of people you describe because they lack the ever present drive for pure self-advantage that you're characterizing. But that's not how people who develop strong character handle their lives. It's a little different than that in my opinion.
  • wilfh1965
    I finally read something that was well written and very on point I was raised to take care of the family when my father passed away and always live by my word which is my bond you hit all the right points but usually for a man to be the way you described he has been through the fire and has endured and knows his value and will usually be kind of a loner but the right woman can change that again very well written
  • Petra150
    I'd rather die slowly as Jesus on the ceoss, than being with a type as described, those men are so worthless and useless. I'm ar super tall atletic sport woman, 204 cm tall and my dream guy and father to my girls, are a 181 cm tall, non atletic daddy type, never hit a gym at all. he's wonderfull
    • I mean, I'm all about guys being however they fuck they wanna be as long as they're not a piece of shit or a idiot, but I can see your point. Maybe my counter take would be of interest? (it's a bit of trolling honestly ;) ) The Way of The Strong Woman ↗

  • Wobbleshope
    I lost it when you said "He won't bitch and whine about small things" and when u said a real man stands up for women.
    I have a big ego and i get very mad when women degrade us men. Is that weak?
    I want to get better but I don't know how..
  • I loved the first take and I was looking forward to read this one ~ and it was worth the wait!
    Everything you wrote are things we actually know but tend to forget so it's great to see them all together as a reminder that strong men are real ~ and Dwayne Johnson also is good to the eyes!😍😂
    Loved it!
    • Oh no I'm full of shit I hear 🤷

    • Haters. They don't understand their dislike is what gives me reinforcement

    • "If you live your life without making one enemy, you did something wrong" ~ on gag, haters are just secret admirers LOL

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  • Stephen_77
    I have no problem playing the role of the strong man. I just wish that women would play their role as the sweet caring feminine woman.

    But I wanted to comment on what you said when you said that strong men are protective. Well it's a pity that women often confuse protectiveness with possessiveness. For example, if I had a woman that I loved and she wanted to go out drinking with her friends in a short skirt, I wouldn't be too happy about that. Not because I want to control her and keep her down, but because I want to protect her. But women like you would twist it and accuse me of being a weak man who is insecure. The problem is that a strong man is in the eye of the beholder. Women have different opinions on what a strong and protective man should be. Men simply can't win. If a man stands up to a woman he might be labelled a insecure, abusive bully. But if a man allows a woman to get away with bad behaviour he might be labelled a weak man who has no backbone. Like I said, men just can't win.
  • r0ddy
    I do agree with this and your last post In principle, and in a perfect world... However I feel there is a reason most men do not strive for this anymore, and that is because most (not all!) women feel entitled to this treatment, behaviour, type of man however you want to phrase it, regardless of their behavior, actions or choices.

    There is a reason global marriage rates are dropping and you've got to be nuts to think it's the woman that don't want to get married anymore! (Every girl I speak to still envisions their dream wedding almost daily, and also don't like to admit it 🤣)

    Again I would like to clarify I am not speaking for every woman/girl, but as someone who has dated a fair amount and discussed the subject with many friends, a lot of which I would identify as this type of man before the relationship, stop being this type of man in the relationship.

    I wanted to post this as, I didn't want the men not identifying with this post to believe that they are not good enough. At a point in everyone's life, you let a lot of the things that you strive for in relationship if you are still alone and usually realise they were very superficial to begin with. On both sides of the table.

    Good day :)
  • cth96190
    I recall being told that a woman needed a man in the way that a fish needed a bicycle (Gloria Steinem).
    That all heterosexual sex was rape (Andrea Dworkin).
    That all men should be killed (Valerie Salanos).
    That 90 per cent of men should be killed, or castrated and used as slaves; and that the remaining 10 per cent should be kept in concentration camps, where they would be farmed for their sperm (Julie Bindel).
    That all boys should be milked for sperm and then castrated during a public ceremony, known as World Castration Day. This would be done to boys during early puberty. Any boys who sought to avoid castration would be hunted down and killed. After castration, the eunuchs would become slaves (Krista the Femithiest).
    The path to being a weak man begins by caring what women think, say, want, or do.
    The way of a strong man is to go his own way (MGTOW), part of which is to avoid interaction with females, so far as that is possible.
    Feminists have made it clear that the stronger a man is the more that he will be hated.
    Governments in Britain, France, Holland have made it an Orwellian thought crime to make a heterosexual approach to a female. This crime is punishable by years in prison.
    A strong man will be able to overcome his hormonally driven desire for females, go his own way, and leave women (as a collective) to look after themselves.
    This applies especially to libtard women, who men see being ‘culturally enriched’ by gangs of Third World ‘immigrants’ and ‘refugees’, who they welcomed with much enthusiasm.
    A strong man will keep on walking, because he has been told again and again that he is despised and not wanted.
    Enjoy what you asked for, ladies.
    • To each their own, but the ideas presented by you are all very extreme and the majority of females do not agree with them.

    • @KaylaJoy sorry not correct most females agree I get many female upvotes more than most MyTakes so maybe speak for yourself because my numbers speak for me

    • 4/5 agree so far

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  • kencu67
    There are some good points overall however I would argue that "Strong men respect women". It's too generalizing. No-one should respect someone just because that person is female. Respect must be earned.
  • captain_voidwalker
    Your a woman you have no frame of reference on what it is to be a strong man, that would be like me trying to tell you how to better deal with child birth or your period
    • I cage fight ten hours a week does that count as protection 💗

    • No it dosen't if I had a metroid the made me bleed out my ass that's still not the same as a period. You have no clue what men go through day to day

    • Don't hate your just proving me right about your glass ego

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  • At this point I truly think you view men as pets. Men are both strong and weak because they are human. Men aren't some comic book character that always must be some ideal view of masculinity.
  • I will be more than happy to agree to all of this mytake 100% when you can agree to this mytake I wrote, "The Way of the Strong Woman" 100%.
    The Way of The Strong Woman
  • What's with the wowgirlrocks thing? Do hashtags work here? Like in the search bar...
    • No it takes time and effort to be a good woman.

    • Wot? That wasn't the question... I just don't understand...

    • Oh I just tag photos I make or things I write it's just something I started doing being silly a long time ago.

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  • broken_heart_at_48
    I agree with your my take and would even add a couple things. He faces his fears head on, he has the mindset of if that person is capable of doing a certain job then he is too, and he doesn't let his ego get in the way of doing a good job whether he's the one in charge or not.
  • coffeewithcream
    And, you guys, if you don't like it, and think the above is bullshit, apparently you're a weak man. :)
    Perfect, Wowgirl. Nice trap. You've idealized the two-dimensional man as a female desirable standard.
  • IHateBeingaMan
    that's why im a firm believer that becoming a man is a process, but not the other way around, women just transition into womanhood without doing anything at all, when people call relationships, attraction, dating, a skillset, that's when it annoys or bothers me a lot.
  • Malik00
    I honestly find it hilarious that a woman somehow thinks she has the right to try and tell other men the right way to be a man. Maybe i should make a mytake about the right way a woman should act.
  • Jackblue
    Maybe my ego is poor and I need to rant, but you must realize that you can't have confidence without some arrogance.
    • Jack9949

      I don't know I see confidence as just feeling confortable with yourself. Arrogance is a separate issue

    • Not true you can like who you are without thinking you're better than anyone else @Jackblue

  • These points are all achievable and good to focus on! Nice take!
  • EyesOfGod
    Strong men are also the kind of guy most likely to cheat since he can get all the pussy.

    Anyways this whole post is a load of women trash ideas of a man anyways
  • MannMitAntworten
    You omitted the most important identifying characteristic! We ‘scratch’ ourselves. That’s right Ladies :p ;)
  • If we talking about phsically strong like Dwayne Johnson you'll have to remember before his acting cereer he was in Wwe and before that he was NFL player.
  • billytrash
    I agree with most of what you said but any man that stands up for a woman who acts like a whore is weak as fuck. So if you want to be treated like a lady your gonna have to put down all that strange dick and stop acting like a whore. Gnight miss.
  • 100% agree but what I'm going to take away from this take is a dog on a treadmill dressed up as Superman! I don't even need to know what's going on there.. It's left me happy regardless lol
  • alwaysintosomething
    These days a strong man is the one who looks after himself and doesn't listen to what women say he should be.
  • Sentimental_Stoic
    I saw that previous "Strong men weak men" thing in my feed but didn't care to read it... And now this popped up... And I read a little bit initially but stopped...
    I try not to read such things on how men should behave or what qualities a good person or a strong person or a boyfriend material should have... I think they might impact, subconsciously, the way I am and the way I act... And I don't want to do that... That leads to fake expectations from people, unrealistic expectations... I want to come across someone I want to be with with all my flaws... so that I can be liked for what I actually am...
    I don't even see the point of writing this.. lol
    But I had to say what I felt like saying...
    I see another question in my feed recently
    " Do you feel like wanting to say something, but u can't?"
    I used to be that person, but now I say what I feel like... Makes life so much easier...
    I wrote a lot.. 😂😂
  • DonCachondo
    Well, of course the stronger the man is, the stronger the woman he can tolerate being with. It's assortative mating! It's just like practically all women when they say the man does't have to be super tall... just taller than she.
  • All my ex's would say this is me. Even when they try to tear me down. I speak highly of them. They know I will be there if they need me. That has to do with my father showing me how to be a man. And treat women.
  • Iron_Man
    I am the strong man that controls everything in good way within my power to make things happen
    You didn't have to write about me but i do love the sentiment. 😛😎
  • JayParris
    I agree with most of it, but there are some key points you left out and some that are just wrong. A strong man isn't always a gentleman, for instance. He also doesn't always care about your emotions. He actually respects very few people, in general, because most people are weak and he doesn't have time for bullshit.

    But the biggest thing I disagree with is the undertone here that strong men serve women. Of course, that's to be expected because a woman wrote it, but I can assure you that if you try to bend a strong man's will into serving your purposes, you'll get a very rude awakening (and then you'll call him every name in the book for not volunteering his life into the service of yours). Because again, a strong man who's a leader and gets shit done and is self-reflective, tough, and doesn't get intimidated doesn't have time for bullshit.
  • misterbater
    Empathy is a very true point. Even in chimps, the Alpha male has more empathy than anyone in the clan, more than the females. This is actually evolutionarily advantageous to males to rise to the top. Primatologist Frans de Waal calls the Alpha males the "consoler-in-chief" of a tribe. Here is Obama consoling a hurricane affected woman. Empathy is definitely the characteristic of strong leaders. This has been proven academically. Great Point 👏
  • Kiran_Yagami
    Once you went off into "unlike weak men who suppress their emotions", I knew immediately that you know nothing about men or strength. LOL!
  • Pretty sure a strong woman wouldn't need to qualify what makes a strong man... just saying
  • startingfitness
    6. Strong men can see through the passive aggressiveness and underhanded compliments ;-)
  • Unit1
    Entertaining :)
    Now make another one "The way of the strong woman"! That one should be good!

    "5. Strong men will not be intimidated by a strong women

    A strong man, just like a strong woman, is aware of who he or she is. He is aware of his masculinity, his strength, his thoughts, his ideas, his weaknesses. He doesn't feel the need to degrade women or prove himself, becaues he is not confident in himself like a weak man would."

    HA! This is my favorite part! Absolutely correct! Likes attract likes. Class attracts class. Like Dr. Caustic said "(in time) The strong will filter out the weak!"
    And I see examples where this applies whenever men say they are intimidated (or as they say EMASCULATED) by a woman, who is either stronger than him, smarter than him, has a higher education than him, makes more money than him, drives a car and he doesn't have a drivers license etc...
    Just wow! Girl?
    • Go for it

    • I don't sleep with women so I could careless how they act honestly

    • Unit1

      I was hoping somebody would do it instead. I should get to writing cover letters for my future job prospects and I've been procrastinating it for today.

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  • SpiderManFan2002
    Oh my- the dog superman is so cute! ^_^
  • -Asca-
    Sigh, there is so much wrong with this I don't even know where to start
  • iFarted
    What if I have all those qualities but am too lazy for the first one, it's too troublesome >_>
  • TonyT1986
    I disagree with most of these points.
    • What characteristics make a strong man in your opinion?

    • TonyT1986

      A strong man has self discipline to build his body and mind. He has honor as a code to be consistent in making decisions and that honor places him above lazy others. He has aggression to destroy the weak and evil, also to take resources from others. A strong man is dangerous and demands respect.

    • TonyT1986

      Most women breed chaos and don’t know what they want, they are subject to their emotions and will break down and be distracted by them. A strong man doesn’t let those women distract him from his goals, he learns not to care about women who seek to manipulate him. He knows if he shows weakness then it spreads fear to those who count on him, so he remains unwavering and solid.

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  • 1828avaava1828
    Wowz you always craft your takes so expertly 🤗
  • MasRus
    That's superman has the sexiest walk ever🤪
  • zagor
    Good dog pic.
  • Pighttussy
    Oh please, one just needs to be rich to get women.
    • No I've said no to rich men. They sucked rich or not

    • Sure you did. I totally believe you.

    • Sure

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  • OrdinaryPerson1234
    can you plase make one about women
  • Bluemax
    Going take!
  • asshole_
    Strong Arm Down
  • Gwenhwyfar
    Overall I agree. Number 2 is especially important.