Don't Be a Mitch!


Don't Be Such a Mitch.

Dont Be a Mitch!

Nobody Likes a Mitch aka a Man Bitch. Now, I understand all you Mitchs who read this will be highly offended because of your insecurities. I understand you will probably write a long response as usually just Bitching away or should I say Mitching away.

Dont Be a Mitch!

What is a Mitch?

A guy who has particular woman-like antics and actions which include; over emotional, sensitive, easily offended, getting in a huff, being bitter and hateful, being negative towards the opposite gender as a whole, and moaning about themselves in great dramatic details.

Dont Be a Mitch!

Just the general bitchy woman attitude us women sometimes have, but one that has somehow woven itself into a guys entire character. It's not normal or natural any of these behaviors shown in men rather sad if anything. What happened to men being men?

Dont Be a Mitch!

Characteristics Of A Mitch

If a guy reading this is already offended by this Mytake? He is probably a Mitch. He gets get aggressive and hateful to not just females in general , but to ones he doesn't even know. Because he is afraid of other men, he attacks women. Respectable..πŸ™„

Dont Be a Mitch!

They have been rejected a lot, or haven't had sex in years with anyone besides themselves?

That's a straight up Mitch !

Just because a guy acts like a bitch doesn't mean he is one. -wowwgirl-

Dont Be a Mitch!

Here's some more characteristics of a Mitch; If he randomly is attacking girls online, He gossips, He drinks fruity cocktails, well that is a 100% Mitch, no doubt, no questions asked.

Dont Be a Mitch!
Dont Be a Mitch!

They are killing off Real Men slowly and acting pathetic everywhere you look online it's a horrible thing actually. Because girls want a Man not a basic Mitch. Mitchs are failures to their gender. Probably low in T even. They embrace crying not masculinity

Dont Be a Mitch!

I wanna Thank the Real Men for giving us girls hope that there are good guys still left today. Yes siree, the Man Bitch is well and truly alive in the 21st century, not paying the check on dates and thriving here on GAG.

Dont Be a Mitch!


I hope you Mitchs get to a happier more positive place in your own life's. I hope you one day realize that there are good girls out there we are not all POS. They just would never date a Mitch like you.

Dont Be a Mitch!

Now let the Mitching begin. I know I got a lot of you Mitchs panties in a wod reading this. I guess A Bitch knows A Mitch !!

And don't forget,,,,,

#Girlsaskguys #wowwgirl
#Girlsaskguys #wowwgirl


Don't Be a Mitch!
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Syrian_survivor
    Now I feel bad for every guy named Mitch lmao
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    • WowwGirl

      Dude one guy said his middle name was Mitchell. I cracked up

    • Man bitchell!
      Poor guy hahaha 🀣
      Missed your Mytakes by the way ❀️

    • WowwGirl

      Thank you nice to see youπŸ–οΈ

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  • monkeynutts
    I got my Mitch panties in a twist.
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  • Tdieseler
    Meh, guess im a Mitch then lol
    All i got from this Take was "its ok for females to act like bitches, but for a guy to show a slight effeminate side is totally forbidden"... does this mean i can say the same for all the butch females, or feminists, equalists etc? just gotta make up a cool name?

    I mean, i'll take the "Mitch" name just fine (feel sorry for all the guys actually named Mitch now) because i treat women the EXACT SAME WAY i see them treat my fellow men, and im hated for it.
    Wanna know why i do that? because Mitch or Bitch, the behavior is unacceptable... but women get away with it because of SJW, and White (pussy ass) Knights.
    So if me telling a stupid bitch that she is a stupid bitch makes me a "Mitch"... i'll fucking take it, because i dont tolerate that kind of behavior around me whether you own a dick, vag, both or none.
    You fuck with me, you get my horns... PERIOD.

    All i see here is just another female attempt to emasculate males in order to "keep us in our place"... so they can run rampant and do/say whatever. Its funny, because if anything a guy does that opposes a woman's idea, is considered an attack and always seems to lead back to the fact that he doesn't get girls or sex or whatever...
    So, this Take is Moot... Mitch.

    What happened to being MEN? its articles like this that happened... trying to tell men how to be... and a bigger problem, the dumbass males that actually fall in line for it. I mean? first rule of being a man, you DONT let a WOMAN tell you HOW to be a man... most women dont even know how to be women...

    (Still a fan WG, but hey, gotta be honest, thats why we cool)
  • cth96190
    Women, as a collective, teach men to avoid women and see interaction with women as close to legal and financial suicide, then a woman complains about men avoiding women.
    It is fascinating to see the female cognitive process at work.
    @WowwGirl I like you and I respect you, but, really and truly, your description of the Mitch is largely of men who have learned to stay away from women, in the way that a dog learns to stay away from people who kick him/her.
    Telling men to 'man up' does not change the reality that any form of relationship with a female carries enormous legal and financial risks.
    At present, after an average of eight years, about 50 per cent of women will leave a marriage (or cohabitation relationship) and use the Family Court to steal everything that the man owns and his future income via child and spousal support.
    In Canada, a man has been ordered to pay his former girlfriend $50,000 per month, even though they did not live together, or have any children together.
    In what universe is that a risk worth taking?
    In Britain, an anti-catcalling law was worded (deliberately) in a way that criminalised any approach by a man to a woman that the woman decided that she did not like. There is no objective standard in that law, guilt is based upon 'muh feels'.
    Men will be convicted of an Orwellian thought crime, based on the female's stated 'feels', and can be sent to prison for two years. Last November, a Glasgow pick-up artist was sent away for two years because he approached females on a street.
    Women need to come to terms with the reality that they have driven men away, especially the good men. Tell men often enough that they are worthless, vile and scum (which Feminists have done 24/7 for the past 60 years) and then tear men to shreds when they approach women and it should not surprise any rational person when men learn to stay away from women.
    Bad boys are sociopaths, so they do not care about the legal implications of their actions.
    • I didn't even read it MITCH. LONGEST RESPONSE EVAH!

    • @Libertie_Garcia I did read it and he makes absolute sense. Just because you can't bother reading it, doesn't make him a "Mitch"

    • WowwGirl

      @TruthBringer Mitch is a mitch

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  • loveisbeautiful
    You know, all your takes on men are consistently negative and criticize the ones who decide to show they have a heart. All of that criticism is exactly why men are afraid to show emotion in the first place, for fear of being considered less of a man and I think that's wrong. So what a guy drinks a fruity drink, not every man wants to down whisky like he's Clint Eastwood in the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Call me crazy but any person who measures a man or woman's, masculinity or femininity based upon their alcoholic beverage choices, is nuts because that has nothing to do with anything.

    This is why I don't like people and much rather be around animals because they don't expect you to be anything special or hold to you stereotypical standards, they're just happy you're there. People on the other hand always want something from you, always want you to be something and are never happy with who you are. So, really what is the point of having friends or going on dates if all people are exactly like this, judgmental, critical and unaccepting.
    • WowwGirl

      I didn't read all that but thanks. My MyTakes hold records for most viewed

    • 6suejsjsj

      She's just angry that she's ugly and doesn't realize her stupidity and lack of self awareness.
      It's sad.

  • OlderAndWiser
    You are describing effeminate "men" who would also be thought of as primarily homosexual men. I'm not saying that all homosexuals act like sissies;. I'm saying that most men who act like sissies are homosexual (or asexual.). That is my experience. I would guess that others will tell me how wrong I am.
  • Kiera_Japanese
    Uh. Don't us ladies act like bitches sometimes? Why is that a positive thing in women but a negative thing in the dudes? Nobody needs to act moody or desperate whether male or female. Being female doesn't give you a right to get an emotional pass. So if a man's son or brother dies, he isn't suppose to get emotional and cry? Fuck that! I love my dudes that don't bottle in their emotions.
    • Ryfyle

      To do so in public would invite weakness. Any smart man would be quick to throw his emotions in a box, weld it shut, and then throw it into a river.

    • WowwGirl

      @Ryfyle πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    • WowwGirl

      Crying watching the notebook and shit... Nope notta no

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  • hahahmm
    β€œWhat happened to men being men?”

    Too many single moms tried raising boys into men & failed. Too many weak dads let wife/mom do that too.

    It takes a bitch to create a mitch.
    • WowwGirl

      Well πŸ€” you're not fully wrong in my opinion. Thank you

  • penneva581
    I kinda like it when guys are sensitive and show their somewhat feminine side. Bit in my opinion there's a difference between sensitivity and just a generally mitchy person.
  • oddwaffle
    "over emotional, sensitive, easily offended, getting in a huff, being bitter and hateful, being negative towards the opposite gender as a whole, and moaning about themselves in great dramatic details."

    Let me see... did you just describe everyone on the internet?
    • WowwGirl

      No just females and girly men

    • Omega909

      I think some dudes are just more emotional than others but I dont think it makes them girly. Thats kind of the problem with society everyone expects men to be cold emotional wise and if they aren't it makes them look like pussies maybe some are but not all. Genetics probably play role in all of that also. Not their fault

    • WowwGirl

      @Omega909 I expect men to act like men... Crazy ole me

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  • DCooper
    You sound frustrated... More and more real men these days have wised up, and just hit and run. Never gets old, and never leads to divorce rape. I like the way you snuck 'not paying the check on dates' in there, lol. Did you mean the check for his meal? Or yours?
    • WowwGirl

      You're funny

    • Tdieseler

      i like this guy. i noticed that too...

    • WowwGirl

      @Tdieseler got to keep stepping upπŸ˜‰ I keep selling snake oil they keep buying it so..

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  • I mean.. obnoxious behavior is unappealing. Does it it really matter what we call it 🤔 lol honestly this term seems more like it’s trashing woman than men. Which makes sense given its origin😛

    I personally don’t see the logic in targeting genders when we discuss repugnant behavior - Of which yes any gender is capable... A guy acting like a brat should be chastised bc he’s being a brat not bc it’s” like a woman” which can potentially create worse problems bc It creates the idea that bad behavior is OK as long as it’s β€œmanly” which ranges anywhere from annoying to potentially dangerous. 🧐

    in my opinion It’s just cool if People don’t act like brats. I don’t care if you have a vagina or a penis or both or none or all of the above or something I never heard of 😎

    • WowwGirl

      You know Missouri doesn't have domestic violence laws for women right? So I get what you are saying but you maybe more current and excepting as some

    • There shouldn't be laws to protect women if guys were real men...
      Also the laws should protect both gender and not only one gender over the other πŸ™‚

      @WowwGirl and @VIVANT you both shouldn't be affraid os such things because owly birdee have supernatural powers like wonder woman and the skyscrapper girl, well they must reach her 1st and she can send a hoard of bumble bees to sting the attacker and she will disappear in her closet office πŸ˜‚

    • WowwGirl

      @TonyMetal___86 you're silly

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  • AndrewM96
    Most men here are bitches

    I'm a pretty low key guy & I did box & train in sambo & mma & from personal experiences

    Most "MEN" would try to instigate some form of drama against me because I was going for broke when I was training years back

    In a nutshell...9/10 men here are "MICHES" as you describe

    I've seen it & experienced their bitterness towards me for not being afraid of going for mines
  • JSmith925
    I saw this question but decided not to join the controversy. However, since you asked...

    I think you may be conflating masculinity with machismo. Crying and preferring fruity cocktails has little to do with your orientation or how much of a man you are.

    I cry when I am sad, like fresh cut flowers on the table and write poetry. I am also a Kung Fu artist of many years, can fix anything in a house and I’m a dead shot with a pistol. Why should any of these qualities make me more or less of a man?

    We are not aliens, just the complimentary gender and we come in all varieties and sizes, just like women. We have days when we are tired, occasional mood swings, moments of uncertainty and even times when we just want to be held in lieu of wild sex.

    If I was going to mitch about anything, it would not be your take but the lamentable fact that men and women seem to understand each other so little.

    • WowwGirl

      You drink appletini' s dude?

    • WowwGirl

      There's a lineπŸ™‚

    • JSmith925

      Ha ha. Actually, I don't drink alcohol at all. It makes me feel stupid and tired so I never liked it much.

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  • hellionthesagereborn
    Eh, don't care. I don't tolerate weak people in my life so this has never been an issue, if you see it as a problem I would recommend delousing your friendlist so you don't have to deal with that. Also don't fuck them because that just encourages them to act like an effeminate weak minded bitch (have known more then a few women who have dated men like this, couldn't for the life of me figure out why). Do that and the problem fixes itself.
  • GothRose2
    I actually like your MyTakes and agree with the message of this one; there are lots of toxic and misogynistic guys on this site that blame others (women) for their failures, instead of dealing with their insecurities.

    However, I don't really like this trend of labeling people. A Karen, a Mitch, a Chad, a Jessica, a Nancy, a boomer (labels everywhere). Terrorist. Nerd. Slut. Genius. Arrogant. Comedian. Fat. Ugly. Prude. Loner. Criminal. Druggie. And the list goes on.
    People are more complex than that. We're a mix of many things. Yes, he/she might display arrogance at times, she might show kindness at times, and they might act in their own self-interest at times…

    Also, labels are subjective. You might see or know someone and believe them to be a certain type of person based on your first impressions and/or your subsequent interactions with them. You assign them a label of your choosing. And yet, someone else, based on similar interactions, might view this person in a very different way. They will assign their own label
  • Juxtapose
    Listening to a woman tell you how to be a man is like listening to your mother on how to get a date.
  • kespethdude
    Once again, well said. Sorry to guys named Mitch. But capitalization of words sometimes change their meanings. Mitch = guy's name, nothing more. mitch = man bitch. Just trying to help you out, and no, you don't have to change a thing in your take. :-D
  • spartan55
    Lol, I haven't heard this term, but know the type. I don't think specimens at the higher end of the bitch spectrum are very common, but alas they do exist. Usually it's just a random bit of bitch like behavior. Example: a coworker made a remark that could have been construed as sexist. I kind of dismiss-laughed him, "Okay, caveman".
    • WowwGirl

      Well I am the sexyiest

    • WowwGirl


    • spartan55

      I won't fight ya on that. 😜

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  • Phoenix98
    I find this funny because I work with a guy named Mitch.
  • SexyAshh
    The accuracy though.👌

    This post deserves an award
    • Miss ashley, are your boobs natural and real? πŸ€”

    • SexyAshh

      Lol no, i wish

    • It seems that you haven't found the genie in the lamp πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  • As a guy who likes fruity cocktails, there’s more to being a man.
  • mikee2020
    omg lol this is great , holy fuck , i know a few of theses mf's
    • WowwGirl

      Sad right?

    • WowwGirl

      Finally someone not taking this too serious

    • mikee2020

      hell no , only thing i take serious is my pool game , and how good i am in bed,πŸ™ƒ

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  • arineunha
    there are mitches because there are triggered feminazis out there taking the man role, so it's likely thats why more men are becoming more like women. i see men trying to act girly and gossip all the time on the internet
  • AndrewMG
    I was going to write a long (no doubt intelligent lol) reply, which would settle the discussion once and for all! But then I was distracted by the picture of John L Sullivan! What a legend of his day! That guy was Conor McGregor, Mike Tyson, Tyson Fury and Jack Daniels rolled into one! lol... So definitely not a Mitch but he was taken to school by Gentleman Jim Corbett! So does that mean Gentleman>Alpha Male>Mitch? Ask Ava she has the comic book lol- @1828avaava1828
    • John L let us all down that day.

      If he would have been focused and not been such a habitual drunkard

    • AndrewMG

      @1828avaava1828 I'm with you Ava! It still hurts me to this day that John L didn't have the commitment!

    • 😒 🍺 πŸ₯Š πŸ€• 😴

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  • startingfitness
    Any guy who disagrees with you is a mitch.
    And the guys who agree with you are not.

    Lol, i hope you realize that agreeableness is not a masculine trait.
    Also, being bitter and hateful are not gender-specific traits.
    • I wonder if someone who doesn't get the point of a take can be considered a mitch too?

    • @kespethdude go ask the op, she will give the answer and you can stop wondering.

      But if you weren't a simp you would realize that there is no point other than bashing men who dont fit her ideal.

  • shortster
    "They have been rejected a lot, or haven't had sex in years with anyone besides themselves? That's a straight up Mitch !"
    Question about this quote from your myTake, are you saying that guys who haven't had sex in years are mithces? Or mitches haven't had sex in years?
  • Hunter7754
    Blame feminism for the fact mitches exist. Theyre the ones constantly attacking masculinity.
  • memer2020
    shut the fuck up bitch i ain't letting any femcel tell me what to do

    go back to sucking your daddy's little dick
  • MarkRet
    Don't be THIS kind of Mitch either! Don't Be a Mitch!
  • Trooper205
    My condolences to those who's names are actually Mitch. Why have we come this far?
  • Liam_Hayden
    Damn, I like fruit-flavored cocktails. Where do I pick up my Mitch Card? LMAO
  • Nephilim000
    In nature notches or bitches would be stamped out. Unfortunately due to the kindness and mercy of the strong the weak and whiny have been granted existence. It just sucks. But there a lot we can do about it
  • SherryBomb
    What do you call a dude who knows that he can't get a girlfriend and isn't mad about it but a tad bit depressed so he tells people that the reason why he doesn't have a girlfriend because no one likes/finds him attractive.
    • Tdieseler

      a wuss? insecure?
      what does he do to make himself likeable/attractive? it doesn't just happen by magic you know.

    • WowwGirl

      @Tdieseler lmao I missed you

    • Tdieseler

      i missed you too... thanks for the multiple calls by the way... NOT!!

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  • Curmudgeon
    Mitch "Yertle The Turtle" McConnell is not pleased at this term:Don't Be a Mitch!
  • Malik00
    Got to love women who genuinely seem to think that all men should conform to these toxic stereotypes so they can have an excuse to be an emotional wreck.
    A Strong man deserves a strong woman, and thank you wowgirl for showing us that you are anything but.
  • CriticalDiscourse
    This is a prime example of how women can also perpetuate toxic masculinity and stinks of a lot of projection.
    • Also... it's another example about how women can also be sexist towards women, given the implication that a man having "female traits" makes him a... bitch somehow? You suggesting that literally implies women with classically female traits are mopey bitches. That goes against the whole "gender roll" spiel you're giving.

    • 6suejsjsj

      Yeah that women is just dumb.

  • Ryfyle
    Admittedly, I haven't bothered with relationships due in part to a lack of economic stabilty of these last few years. In some cases, I've even turned down one night stands. This is more of a Maslow's pyramid of needs issue than anything else.
    This Mitch problem of your seems to stem from a demographic of upper middle class. Coddled males who get squeamish around gore and skittish around guns could be hardly considered male. You might find Mitches rather sparse the further outside the city.
  • hellacray
    Lol since when is women the only ones allowed to bitch about stuff?

    And you say what happened to men being men? Well what happened to women being women?

    I'm seeing way too many women identify as all sorts of stuff other than women.
    • Guys are also identifying as other things so yea it's not just women this is 2020 so get yo act together and just accept the world for how it is

    • Tdieseler

      @lovely_Flower really? like what?

    • Men are identifying as women and non binary

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  • 8lutty
    dont be a Witch!.
    what is a Witch, it is a woman bitch,
    • WowwGirl

      You can do better than that

    • 8lutty

      i can't think of any better joke

    • WowwGirl

      Later thenπŸ™‚

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  • ArrowheadSW
    LOL No I've never heard of this. I don't think I currently know any "Mitches"... Funny concept though!
  • BlueEyedBirdWatcher
    What about a fruity cocktail makes you a mitch?
    Do you think men need to avoid alcohol and fruit?
    You can't not eat fruit, you will get scurvy.
    • Jackblue

      I think she just means in a combination, besides a good helping of beans or potatoes is enough to keep the scurvy away.

    • WowwGirl

      @Jackblue correct no Appletini's

    • So manly, he will change his drink choices to fit into a sterotype.
      Lots of food is made with fruit, why are we drawing a line at cocktails. That is school girl nonsense.

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  • connythebaker
    "drinks fruity cocktails" - WTF! That is part of my sexual identity! I feel discriminated against and demand affirmative action!
  • Bluemax
    I confess I do like white zinfandels.

    Am I a mitch? Or does my passion for Cuba libres and Bourbon on the rocks balance that out?
  • Sevenpointfive
    preach you mitch hating bitch lol

    there's a good scene in red sparrow for this but it contains nudity
  • IlluminatiExposed
    I mitch is a guy who actually reads this tripe so they can say it offended them.
  • Mehzmeh
    Lol. I am glad my father raised me to express myself if I, need to. But not in a bitchy way. Lol. I hope this don't come off as long. Lol. But I have never been a mitch. Its those little boys born in the late 80's, 90's and 2000's.
    • WowwGirl

      I was born in those ones

    • WowwGirl

      Not long at all

    • Mehzmeh

      It also has to do with how you were raised. Lol. If you were a male born in like 88-90. Nine times out of 10. You are a mitch. Lol

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  • Pasiton5
    I can only say you are entitled to your opinion or rather the opinions of what you heard someone else say and you ran with it, we are all humans aren't we , we all have emotions don't we, so what if a guy is more emotional than another not all women cry at drop off a hat entertainers are there to do one thing entertain not give you the blueprints of life and how it should be why I say entertain me and go away I don't care about how you live your life as you don't give a damn about how I live mine good performance good bye, if you have to live your lives by those you see on tv or movies your nothing but a follower too weak to live your life independently need guidance from a comedian we are all humans but have our own way of doing things expressing our selves living this life we are experiencing everybody have to come up with some cute catchy statement cool but separate yourself from fantasy and remain grounded in reality
  • FallenAngel95
    People don't call me male bitch but male slut.
    Wowwgurl, please make one of your funny takes about guys like me. "Don't be a Mlut!"or something like that. lol
    There's a lot of Mitches online but they are rare in real world.
    • WowwGirl

      I'll try to come up with something πŸ™‚

  • TruthBringer
    A Mitch as you describe him reminds me of soy boys? This post is gold!
  • TonyMetal___86
    Don't be a mitch unless you want a b*tch to make the mitch as her b*tch ✌🏻😎 THUG LIFE
  • jamesgoldman
    I drink fruity cocktails... most bars only offer shitty scotch and I don't drink beer so that generally limits the options