Beware of FAKE nice guys!


There are certain types of nice guys you shouldn't trust !

Our generation is having more fuck boys who are adapting to cover their real faces behind 'fake nice guy' persona to catch a nice fish!

Not so good looking guys do this more often as they know it's the only way to win a pretty chick!

Here's why you should never trust them

1. They seem very genuine but it's just an act ! Only losers have that much time to fake it.

Beware of FAKE nice guys!
  • They know how bad boys treat girls and they will appear the exactly opposite of them to attract female attention.
  • If bad boys appear confident and outspoken, they'll appear shy and reserved.
  • They are people pleasers kind of introverts and they will do anything to charm a pretty girl as they have the hidden agenda.

2. They have multiple personalities hidden beneath a "NICE'" surface.

Beware of FAKE nice guys!
  • This trait makes him a very good liar! He is also scanning other girls but knows to hide it very well. He'll appear as if he's fixed on you but he does have a lingering gaze!
  • His friends know how perverted and desperate he is to lose his 'nice' virginity for the 7th time.

3. They EXPECT things in return and are entitled

Beware of FAKE nice guys!

It's flattering that they're treating you well (Listenting to you, comforting you or picking you up) but they're doing it for themselves to reap the benefits in future.

  • He'll unexpectedly turn into a salesman who is trying to persuade you slowly and consistently once you're trapped in his net. He won't take no for an answer.
  • He'll plead more and if he still gets rejected, get ready for exaggerated rumors or spilled secrets about you girl!

4. Things don't get better even if you say "Yes".

Your life after a fake nice guy is hooked on you!
Your life after a fake nice guy is hooked on you!
  • He wants to be with you all the time and is draining you out emotionally, breaching your personal space and time for achieving goals.
  • He's selfish and wants to be with you according to his convenience.
  • He got no better options so he's clingy as hell with you.

The moment he gets entertainment, time with his buddies or maybe attention from other chicks, he'll act like you never existed.

5. He pretends to be inexperienced, shy or unaware but knows a shit ton of things

Beware of FAKE nice guys!
  • As I told you that these fake nice guys are professional liars and can act like they don't know basic things.
  • Later you find out that he has done masters degree in human behavior, incessant white lies, pornography, charming females and manipulative tricks.

6. He has same desires just like bad boys but he is obsessed with creating good impression

Beware of FAKE nice guys!
  • He will tell her lot of emotional things that how he can't live without her, she's the best woman in this planet and all that bullshit.
  • At the end of the day he couldn't care less about his commitment but the fact that he wanted to screw a chick.

Conclusion : Genuine nice guys will give good vibes and you'll know who's being fake.

Avoid these fake annoying people and dump their sugarcoated affection.

Beware of FAKE nice guys!
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  • Knighted2170
    Some of this I have to agree with. I've kicked more guys out of my programs for exactly these reasons.

    They come in only looking for how to manipulate women.

    My only caution would be to not overlook the guy who is genuine. It's something I have encountered more than once. Someone who is genuine can be nice, but they are upfront with their intentions and respect boundaries.
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  • Liam_Hayden
    The easiest way to spot the fake "nice guys" is to just observe him when he doesn't know you are watching. Is he nice to everyone or just to girls he thinks are attractive? If the former, he is probably just a nice person. If he is the latter, you have a manipulator who is pretending to be nice in order to get in your pants.
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    • Elsa143

      So accurate

    • I'd say there's a difference between being nice and flattery. The ones I know flatter unattractive girls. They might compliment and flatter everybody and seem polite enough.

      He used and threw away several women though. He targeted the infertile.

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  • guesswhoseback
    No one likes unauthentic people.

    But honestly most women are not very good at deciphering fake vs. genuine nice guys just like they can’t tell the difference between true confidence vs. deep insecurity masked as aggression.

    This is very surprising because women usually have better intuition then men. But they tend over indulge both their positive and negative emotions. They quickly write off a genuine nice guys if they think he’s too boring. Not even give him much of a chance if any. Then they will quickly embrace an asshole thinking he’s decent beneath the aggressive veneer when he is most likely a true piece of shit.

    At the end of the day I don’t care if women want to chase assholes. Do as you please. But when he fucks you over (and he will) just remember you have no one to blame but YOURSELF for your piss poor decision. I’m really getting sick and fed up with women who self sabotage themselves then look for shoulders to cry on.

    Instead of crying about it just slap yourself in your face and make better decisions down the road.
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    • Elsa143

      Yes despite having intuition they choose to ignore it because they only want to see the positive side and compromises her judgements for a guy she likes. Because intuition is for emotional people and when emotions outweighs the logic then she's screwed.

    • And how should a genuine nice guy react when he sees that complete bullshit? huh? You tell me.

    • Elsa143

      He can just ignore

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  • NickAdy9405
    First of all I'm am 26 year old man.
    I totally agree with all you wrote down there.
    I only had one girlfriend until now and had sex only with one women until now just because I didn't want hookups and i always wanted someone real but I can bet i experienced much more sexual pleasure than 90% of those fuck boys.

    Guys are very fake nowadays.
    Guys like to show off and humiliate girls.
    Guys lie slot and do not appreciate a women at all.
    Is very hard for a women to find a guy that is actually serious and ready to settle down.
    Guys think that is not normal to be with the same women forever.
    Dude I understand you don't want a relationship but do not lie about.

    There are still guys out there that are serious and is not that hard to spot them, usually those guys work, are educated, know what respect is and they know to appreciate what a women can do.

    Trust me is not about looks, is about insecurities here. Most man are just some fake alpha wannabe while they are very insecure.
    Most of them trying to prove that being an alpha guy means that you fuck multiple girls but they fuck them just because they don't have self esteem and they believe they need confirmation to be good from more than one girl.

    They try to attract a girl with a nice car wich always cost half or 30% comparing to the price they say, they trying to show girls that they can make money without working and they can offer them anything. Girls start to believe that every guy cheat and is better to be cheated on by some rich guy.

    Is fucking lame the world we live in.

    You want a good guy around you?

    Listen to me, start dating, know him better and focus on his behaviour, try to test him, make him wait some months until he even touches your vagina, not even talking about sex here.
    Make him wait at least one year until he can fuck you, make sure he stays for what you are and the way you are but cutting anything sexual down.
    If a guy start to appreciate the way you are, the food you cook, the way you talk, the facts you do for him, and he shows you that you are the only one, that he keeps his promises that he respect you that he doesn't lie to you, and he does that without getting vagina for some months to an year chances that he's serious about you grow a lot.

    We live in a fucking society where sex should happen after 3-4-5 dates. This is not normal.
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    • Elsa143

      Wow you're one of those rare ones who understands and applied it.

    • Yeah but fun fact is that most girls found me boring when I told them how i am. I find it boring when a girl wants only fun and she doesn't think about future, doesn't think that in life not everything is about fun.

    • Elsa143

      They're stupid and lying to themselves. Because biologically a girl is more sensitive and gets attached more after having sex. So they all will cry and complain that why I don't get a good guy.

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  • departedthe
    I was super nice to a girl I was really into. When she rejected me I distanced myself from her and stopped being her friend. She still comes to me when she needs help and I still help her out. Am I a fake nice guy? Genuinely curious.
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    • Elsa143

      NO dude. You're genuine because you really loved her. I think most people don't know the difference between FAKE nice guy and REAL nice guy. A fake nice guy is someone who wants to get something like sex from a girl and he plays mind games, act innocent and shy but in reality he's a big manipulator.

    • Paul09

      No, but you are too nice now, possibly. And she's using you?

    • Elsa143

      Fake nice guy creates his false impression in front of his crush to win her trust then later betrays her.

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  • Paul09
    Thank you for putting "fake" in front of nice guys. People seem to get very confused between "nice guys" and "fake nice guys". It does suck, gives the actual nice guys à bad name. Seems like a-holes will continue to win in this world. And get away with most of their b. s.
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    • Elsa143

      So many guys are getting offended here. I never talked about genuine nice guy. I clearly mentioned that a fake nice guy pretends to behave like he's innocent but he has hidden agenda.

    • Paul09

      Because some people do not know how to read lol. Or maybe they are the a-holes, and that's why they get offended. Either way we all can agree dating is complicated for nothing.

  • R3DthatDude
    True, but if you get to know who you’re interested in, and not be quick to having sex then you won’t have to worry. A mask can’t stay on forever, eventually people reveal themselves to those they get close to.
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    • Elsa143

      True they can't act all the time.

  • Charli7
    Agree with points these points for each, and the comments I didn't post, I haven't seen it or disagree:
    1. If bad boys appear confident and outspoken, they'll appear shy and reserved.
    Funny thing is I've seen both in these guys. I think the show of confidence is a cover for the lack of it. They are people pleasers kind of introverts and they will do anything to charm a pretty girl as they have the hidden agenda. He always has lots of compliments, "You're so pretty. Because you're hot. You look good." He's likely waiting for the moment you fall prey to his compliments, then once you do, he's gone.
    2. They have multiple personalities hidden beneath a "NICE'" surface. This trait makes him a very good liar! He is also scanning other girls but knows to hide it very well.
    Multiple personalities is the big giveaway. If you see it, be cautious. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid, and run! It's flattering that they're treating you well. Yes, he'll listen to you, and let's be honest, that's all any girl wants. Guys, if you don't know this already I'm here to tell you, that's the way to her heart; Listen. If he can comforting you and make you feel better, then you know he cares, right? That's hard to say. I used to think time would tell, but then I saw a guy hang around for years only to be a player in the end that didn't genuinely care about me. He just cared about getting that one thing, and he was doing it to reap the benefits in future.
    3. He'll plead more and if he still gets rejected, he'll keep asking. If it makes you uncomfortable or you ask him not to and he still asks, he doesn't really care about you.
    4. He's selfish and wants to be with you according to his convenience. I feel this is the one thing all "nice guys" have in common.
    5. As I told you that these fake nice guys are professional liars and can act like they don't know basic things.
    All previous signs lead to 6. At the end of the day he couldn't care less about his commitment but the fact that he wanted to screw a chick. Sad, but true. If you're gut is saying something's not right with this guy, or I don't know how he feels about me, ask him the questions and you will likely know your answer. If he gets defensive, he doesn't care. If he doesn't say "I want to explore a relationship with only you" that's a clear sign. I've had men still say the right things, and they we're lying to get what they wanted, even if they waited years to get it.
    My point is you can still get thrown sideways after doing everything right. You never know.
  • I-C3_ME
    I agree that these guys exist but it really makes me sad, I've got a good friend and he pretty nice and very inexperienced. Known him for a couple years now and he isn't the type of guy to make a move unless there is a clear sign (there never is, I've told him this many times). It just makes me sad that i know he'll get overlooked because of it and now girls might be even more cautious because he may seem "to nice".
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  • Hangry22
    I agree with everything especially the 5th one. At first it feels like i am teaching them about genitals and anatomy and stuff but as time goes, you learn that mothafucka knew all about it and more. Ya but all the nice fake guys i met were hot and not at all ugly. They had fuckboi features but they weren't
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  • JoshMacDonald
    As someone who is older, I won’t say old, that has younger friends do to my current geography; I have seen a lot of guys pretend to be super nice and then ghost a lady once they got what they wanted. Happened to a roommate of mine.
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    • Elsa143

      Ohh that's true

    • Due* sorry I was tired. My roommate came home crying and she’s 10 years younger than I am. We live in a tourist town where it’s very expensive to live so work provides housing. I had to calm her down and she asked why it happened. I told her exactly that.

  • Callsign_birddog
    I can absolutely agree with some of the things you've stated here. It can be very hard to sort out who is actually a genuine person, and who is just in it for the catch.

    However I do want to mention (it may have already been said) that there are women who do the same thing, but for different motives.

    There are also women out there who intentionally select or prey on men who have a low self-esteem and are generally considered to be unattractive. Some women may do this to get financial or social status, or simply because they're a bitter person.
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    • Elsa143

      Yes I've seen one ex friend of mine doing that and when her boyfriend asked me I told him everything that she is preying on a boy who's having feelings for her in our class.

  • Alexalex92
    That's an interesting post. It's the same with womens too.
    And how to spot someone fake? Just see how he acts generally to people and not to an attractive woman only.
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  • Iknowbestgirls
    There are guys out there with the intention of only being nice for a means to an end. Such as getting a woman in bed or trying to get something out of other people.
    It's not only guys. Girls can also lead boys on to get what they want out of them then completely disregard them after they get what they want.
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  • Bhavin2184
    Good take..
    But I have observe similar traits in girls too..
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  • Ryfyle
    Thought the whole "Nice Guy" Thing Died off in 2014. Who's still Falling for this shit in these dark times?
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    • No kidding. Also women normally shit on nice guys.

    • Elsa143

      Not everyone is of same age. There are mamy young inexperienced ladies and professional actors to fool them.

    • Elsa143


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  • Aakash_Hangargi
    Lol nobody gives fuck about nice guys they are like 2nd options for girls backup plan just in case something doesntf work out its like getting cheated by the bad guys and taking revenge on nice guys that's the way of girls has always been that's why they say nice guys finish last bc they are the later choice

    And if you are falling for fake nice guys then someone already has cheated or didn't work out so as using back up plan if this is not true then I wish all other girls a very best of luck and bright future with real nice guys.
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    • Elsa143

      It's the opposite in my case. I don't give a fuck to bad boys. I find them annoying.

    • Yup but in general its the way people are with few exceptions like you

    • Just out of curiosity, tell me honestly dod you ever date a bad guy? How did it go but there are chances a guy could be just a guy based on perceptions he might be good to some and bad to some

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  • dolidol
    Oh you know my ex boyfriend.😱 You described or so well 🤣
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    • Elsa143

      I described my ex as well and then I compared it with other fake nice guys. I found many common traits that's why wrote this article.

    • dolidol

      It is very accurate.

  • Hypnos0929
    These all seem like digs at men who aren't surface level about their entire personalities.
    1) This guy treats you nice and doesn't want to make people man so you're looking for a reason to hate him
    2) Everyone has different parts to their personality. You shouldn't expect one dimensional men to just exist for the sole purpose of being your non-threatening bestfriend. Yeah he wants to fuck you! Cut him loose or find out if your personalities are compatible. But don't pretend you don't see the signs until he tells you he doesn't care anymore.
    3) This point is literally everyone. No one wants to work for free, and you have zero ability to tell if he was always nice to fuck you or if he grew into that feeling. The difference between the "nice guy" and "bad boy" is the "nice guy" believes YOU can change your feelings. It's pathetic but so is excepting a boyfriend-lite.
    4) So what is it, is he clingy or is he detached? You clearly want him to leave you the hell alone but you're mad he chooses to get attention from more than just you? Your second bullet point in this section sounds like you want to be with him according to your convenience. If your in a relationship with one foot out the door don't expect anything more.
    5) OMG he doesn't want you to think he's a player so he lies about his sexual past...
    6) So self control is your issue with this template man you've created? You're mad he doesn't act like the person he doesn't want to be treated like?

    All these points show is that you aren't sure what you want until you're ready to end things or until you don't feel like they are dependent on you.
  • Shy_Steve
    The fact is Women think that a Guy is nice off first impressions but usually bad Guys or mean Guys act like that at first then show there true colours after a while and Girls wonder why he changed when he was not even a nice Guy to begin with.
    Majority of nice Guys or good Guys are simply not that confident usually, But you Girls usually like confidence so you end up with that Guy.
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  • worldscolide
    The same could be said for fake nice girls. In any case good take
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  • FrankAu
    nice guy has self respect will walk away if lady is giving no vibe, a fake nice guy is a grovelling simp
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