This is why I don't interact or try to meet people.

This is why I dont interact or try to meet people.

I wasn't going to write about this but it just pissed me off majorly.

Yesterday after work I needed some stuff from the store, so I put some music on and walked to the store. On my walk to the store some lady walks towards me and I can see she's saying something so I take my ear buds out and she's just nagging and yelling at me about catcalling her, which I don't do at all but seeing as I'm the only person on the street I can see how she'd think it was me.

I interrupted her and asked her if she thought I looked like a guy who gets nice responses when I approach a female, probably not so why the hell would I catcall a female, I know what I look like and I've been constantly told what I look like and I don't have a face that females want approaching them. I then told her that it's moments like these and people like her that are the reason I don't interact with people because they always make me want to kill myself. I have no faith in humanity because people are shit.

She goes to continue her telling when across the street a guy rushes on his balcony to catcall her, presumably the guy who did it in the first place and then rushes back inside his place.

I continued my walk to the store and as I passed by her I said people never apologize because people fucking suck.

This interaction bothered me so much I lost what bit of an appetite I couldn't sleep well over feeling way too depressed about the interaction. This is why I don't interact or try to meet with people.

People suck.

This is why I don't interact or try to meet people.
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  • genericname85

    lol i'd just be like "you think i got time in my day to waste to catcall bitches like you?" and just stick the plugs back into my ears. ain't nobody got time to be upset about that crap for a long time. and i'm sure she won't bother me any longer after hearing that.

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  • 2018life

    HAHAHA just say "sorry, what, miss karen?" if you were really irritated and couldn't help it lol or if you wanted to be polite you could just use your fanciest words so she thinks that ur super nice and smart and wouldn't do that

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  • Yaaten

    I can certainly relate to this. People really DO "suck" these days! It never used to be this way, not when I was young back in the 80's. Maybe social media is largely to blame, or perhaps the policy of deinstitutionalisation. Well, whatever the reason, I now stay at home as much as I can and avoid everyone, even though where I live has NO restrictions in place due to the CCP kung-flu virus.

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  • cnhinton


    I don't see how society can hold on for much longer with so many idiots.

    I'll hunker down and weather the storm.

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  • exitseven

    I try and ignore people. I am afraid that I will get in some physical altercation with somebody.
    I was in the supermarket a few weeks ago. I was standing in the 10 items or less line with a gallon of milk. I am standing behind this guy with half a shopping cart of stuff. I say "that's a lot of stuff" and the guy just ignores me. A couple of seconds later I say.,,"can't count to ten, huh?" he guy still ignores me. The girl at the register smiles at me. I just had to let it go. I could have followed him out in the parking lot and dumped his stuff all over the place but it would be stupid to end up in jail for something so stupid.
    Sometimes there are people that are miserable and just want to make everyone else miserable.

  • Anonymous
    This is why I don't interact or try to meet people.

    Life is full of irony as demonstrated by the picture you're not alone your ass needs to talk to somebody you know I'm saying you need to talk to somebody now do not play around on Mental Health it's time to be a man know what you're doing.

    • Anonymous

      I talk to a therapist and that's as far as I go talking to another actually person.

    • Anonymous

      Hey I hear that at least getting paid for a service